Gasoline to oil ratio for grass trimmer table. First start and running-in of the lawnmower

Hello! I bought a Prorab 8406 1 grass trimmer. How to dilute petrol with oil correctly and in what proportions? I could not find the original Prorab oil, so I bought Hungsvarna HP oil. In the manual to the trimmer says of third-party oils can be used class SAE MIF\4, API TC-TB. The fuel mix ratio does not change if you use a different oil. The standard ratio of the mixture is 1:25. But in a specialized store, the “expert” who sold me the oil Hungsvarna HP strongly advised to dilute it 1:50 (as it is written on the oil). The actual question: if the manual says dilute oil to 1:25, and on the oil is recommended 1:50, then in what proportion dilute? And 1:25 is how much? 40 ml? I won’t block the engine if I divorce it to 1:50? 2. How to Properly Run-in the Engine? There’s nothing in the manual except for startup and shutdown. Maybe you don’t need a running-in period? I read that there are grass trimmers that you can work with immediately after purchase.

Do you need to lubricate the gearbox before work or is there factory grease already there? I hope for your help, thank you!

1) Gasoline is ALWAYS diluted with oil in the proportion indicated on the oil can! With two-stroke products (gasoline trimmers, chain saws, etc.) the blade should cut through the grass.) You can use any oil for two-stroke engines, except boat two-stroke engines. Preferably use oil from normal stores where there is minimal chance of buying fake oil. It is better to take Husqvarna or STIHL oil. STIHL oil must have a sealed neck. Beware of knockoffs. There is a risk of ruining the piston immediately. 2) The two-stroke machine does not run-in! REMEMBER THIS PLEASE! All two stroke products are high speed and like to run exclusively at full throttle! No half throttle is allowed! This causes incomplete exhaust and deposits deposits of oil on the piston rod wall. Piston scuffing is the consequence. So full throttle and every 25-30 seconds throttle down for 1-2 seconds to give the product a break and return to normal temperature. 3) Gearboxes on direct driveshaft brushcutters must be relubricated every 20 hours. Oil flows out naturally during operation. This is to keep dirt, dust, etc. out of the oil. д. So if you don’t want to get into gearbox replacement. fill up with special gearbox grease every 20 hours. It is not complicated and the whole operation takes no more than 3 minutes. tubes with grease are sold in every garden equipment store and cost from 100 to 300. 1 tube is enough for 3 years- Running-in means running the tool under partial load while it is running out of the first two or three barrels of fuel. For example, when mowing sparse, low grass or sawing dry, undersized wood. Never run the tool in idle for several barrels of fuel. This kind of running-in results in the formation of carbon deposits on the cylinder windows, piston and muffler, which negatively affects the engine’s service life.

A grass trimmer, or lawn mower, is a tool you can’t do without in the home. There are many factors that influence its reliability, efficiency and long service life.

For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the grass trimmer, observe the proportions when adding it to gasoline and the rules for filling the device.

How to correctly run in a 4-stroke engine?

Running-in occurs during operation at 50-75% of maximum power. Take a break every 20 minutes of work and let the engine cool down for 15 minutes, then repeat the cycle. In this mode should work for about 5 hours, then do oil change.

Cutting duration Gasoline grass trimmers allow for longer cutting time. On average, you can work up to 40-60 minutes, or until the fuel runs out. In any case, the break should not be less than ten minutes, and better if all twenty.

Inspecting the lawnmower gearbox and lubricating it

Checking the gearbox before starting the gasoline grass trimmer should be created on a permanent basis. Lack of lubricant or its small amount increases the friction of the gear reducer gearing, working at a fairly high speed. As a result, overheating occurs and the gears. Gearbox on the brushcutter fails. It helps to prevent this kind of damage during use and continuous inspection.

If it is found before starting the petrol grass trimmer that the amount of lubricant is missing or that there is no lubricant in the gearbox, “LITOL” should be put into the housing. To do this, unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and fill it with “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

Working with a gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8 to 10 hours add grease to the boom gearbox.

A few more tips when working with a brushcutter

Mowing. Hold the grass trimmer head directly above the ground at an angle. The work is done by the end of the line. Allow the brushcutter to run at its own speed. Do not press the trimmer line against the area to be mowed! Doing so overloads the motor and mowing head. they can break down or melt!

Cutting. Grass trimmer is ideal for cutting such grass, which is difficult to reach, using an ordinary lawnmower. Keep the string parallel to the ground while cutting. Avoid pressing the grass trimmer head to the ground, as you could ruin the lawn and damage the tool.

Trimming with a blade. Make mowing in a pendulum motion from side to side, the movement from right to left will be working, and from left to right will be reversing. The blade should cut the grass with its left edge (between 8 and 12 on the clock face).

What’s the right way to run a new lawnmower

And so, if you wonder where and how to run-in a lawn mower correctly, the best solution is to follow exactly the instructions that conscientious manufacturers supply together with the general instructions for use of the lawn mower. But before you perform this event on the running-in properly and accurately, you should prepare a special fuel mixture containing high-quality gasoline and oil, the brands of which are specified in the instruction manual used for the grass trimmer. The best effect is achieved if:

  • the octane rating of the gasoline must be at least 95;
  • Only oil of the right consistency should be used;
  • Run-in and fine-tuning of the grass trimmer is carried out in a comprehensive way, taking into account the total time of operation, forced breaks and start-up.

It’s also worth remembering that the STIHL brushcutter and other famous brands’ series of brushcutters do not protect the unit from preventive maintenance, carried out every six months.

Today there are many video reviews of the running-in of a petrol brushcutter, explaining the following steps:

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  • Using brand-name gasoline and oil, mix them in a clean bowl in a 1:25 ratio, where per 100 g. Oil (e.g., 2-stroke) goes 2.5 liters of fuel.
  • Check the lubrication of the lower gearbox and add oil as necessary.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 5 minutes, then every 20-30 seconds pump it up. Do not use half the output without a sudden surge in power. Total process time. up to 15 minutes.
  • Allow the tool to rest for 20 minutes.
  • Turn the power on and let it run idle for 5 minutes, then every 20-30 seconds pump it up. Half-power without sudden feeds. Total duration of the process. up to 15 minutes.
  • Let the machine rest for 20 minutes.
  • After filling the mower with the necessary line diameter in the reel, run the bottom gearbox by mowing soft grass for 5 minutes, with pauses of 5-10 minutes. Perform 4 repetitions.
  • If everything was done according to the instructions, the gasoline trimmer is ready for operation.
  • If necessary, every 2-3 hours of operation, additional lubrication is introduced into the lower gearbox.
  • Total run-in time. 3-4 hours.
much, running-in, lawn, trimmer

When running in, remember to observe the time for mowing and resting so as not to overheat the engine and gearbox. In this case, it is recommended to arrange the operation mode in the ratio 15×15 min. In high heat. 10×20.

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How to prepare the right fuel mixture: Fuel = Gasoline Oil

Oil. high quality two-stroke oil for high-speed equipment (10-15 thou. RPM, about 200 rpm). Do not use motorcycle oils (low engine speed) or oils for water vehicles (different cooling system). their use does not provide the necessary lubrication of the piston group and parts of the entire engine! You could use e.g. oils from the manufacturers Husqvarna, STIHL or Champion.

Gasoline. any pure high-octane gasoline (number 92 or higher, density within 750-770 kg/m3). The purity of gasoline must be:

How much chain oil to put in chain saw?

You need twice as much oil: 40 g oil to 1 litre of petrol. Add a full container of oil for the chain lubrication.

What kind of oil to put in your chainsaw?? It is strictly forbidden to use the same oils that are used in car engines. you need a special two-stroke oil for chainsaws, recommended by the manufacturer.

How to dilute gasoline 1 to 25?

For example, to prepare a mixture in the proportion of 1:25 you will need 1 liter of oil for 25 liters of gasoline. It is important not to confuse! Quite often the stated proportions are perceived by users in the opposite way. For example, 1:50 is understood to mean 50 milliliters of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

On average, one liter of gasoline is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. STIHL and Husqvarna, for example, recommend taking 100 ml of oil to 4 liters of gasoline.

lawn mowers are a fairly common technique for controlling weeds on countryside plots, in homesteads, roads and housing. These devices have two other names. grass trimmer and lawnmower. These units differ in their engines. The more expensive of them have four-stroke engines, all others. two-stroke. Of course, the latter is the most popular among the population, as it is both simpler in design and lighter in weight, and much cheaper than its four-stroke competitors. However, two-stroke models are inconvenient by the fact that the fuel mixture for them must be prepared manually, maintaining a strict dosage between gasoline and oil. In four-stroke counterparts, the mixing of these components is automatic, you only need to fill the gas tank and oil tank with the appropriate substances. Let’s consider the question of the correctness of charging exactly two-stroke brushcuts, because it depends on this, how effective and long will be the work of such a unit.

Working in a gas trimmer

Most often the run is used in a lawnmower (gas grass trimmer). Breakdown. It is the work of the engine at low revolutions, without load. First you need to start the mower and let it run. It is best to mow the first one with a fishing line, because mowing grass provides less load on the engine than when working with hay or bushes.

There is no need to develop the entire time resource at the first start of the engine. After idling, it is best to mow the lawn for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the machine and let it cool down a bit. Use the hedge trimmer carefully, without sudden movements, to avoid hitting hard objects (stones). A rock bump can adversely affect the operation of units that have not yet been started. In some cases, play, noise and hum appear during work. This can be easily avoided if the grass trimmer is started correctly.

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