What oil is poured into a motor block box?

The gearbox is not filled with motor, but a special transmission oil. For different models of motoblocks, there are different recommendations, respectively. For example, for Neva MB-1 walk-behind engines, such types of oils as TAD-17I, TAP-15V are suitable. For the Neva MB-2 motornote, GOSTs recommend TEP-15, TM-5, SAE90 API GI-2 and T oils.

It is recommended that the service of the Neva motoblock gearbox after every 100 hours of operation or is a narrow.Zone, depending on which stage will come earlier. For pouring into a gearbox, it is recommended to use only transmission oil.

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The gearbox is a special device included in the design of any walk.Behind. It is this detail that is responsible for the transformation and transmission of torque, which is formed from mechanical transfers. In fact, the gearbox and drives the same.Based tractor, forcing it to work.

On its quality, as well as on the correct lubrication of its components, the operational period of the entire walk.Behind tract, as well as its normal functioning, will depend.

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Depending on the model of the walk-behind tractor, whether Caiman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, the foreman or some other, gearboxes may differ in some design features. Conditionally, gearboxes can be divided into several types:

  • Gear gearboxes. In this case, the transmission of the gearbox acts as a certain intermediary between the engine and the wheelchant wheelbase.
  • Reducing gearboxes. These units achieve an increase in power indicators, reducing the total number of revolutions. Such gearboxes are most preferable, because in their design there is an air cooling system that allows you to work at maximum loads.
  • Reverse gearboxes. The main advantage of such gearboxes is the possibility of the rear block of the walk.Behind tractor. However, units equipped with this type of gearbox do not show high working indicators and speeds.

Regardless of which gearbox is used in the design of the walk.Behind tractor, all of them consist of almost the same components:

  • Shaft;
  • Gearbox body;
  • Flange and its fastening;
  • Pulmonary pulley (or chain);
  • Ball bearing;
  • Stars;
  • Drain plug;
  • Steel washer and nut;
  • Input shaft.

These components traditionally form the reducer device itself. Their performance and service life will depend on how well they will be lubricated.

Otherwise, with insufficient lubrication, the details will wear out strongly, because they come into contact with each other in the process of work, and the friction that arises negatively affects their surface.

The order of oil replacement

The replacement is as follows:

  • Launch and warm the motor.
  • Put the unoic tractor exactly on the stands or the surface raised above the ground.
  • Substitute an empty container for waste oil under the drain hole and open the cork.
  • After the full drain of the oil, close the drain hole tightly.
  • Pour fresh grease into the upper hole, controlling the level of the probe. How much to fill in oil into the motorblock gearbox depends on its volume. Usually a dry gearbox requires about 2 liters. The exact number is indicated in the operating instructions.
  • Wipe both holes to remove lubrication residues.

In what cases you need to change the oil:

  • If the gearbox is repaired;
  • If the oil level is extremely low;
  • If a new lubricant is used;
  • If the replacement period has come according to the operating instructions.
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This is a fairly simple operation for which you do not need to go to the service. High.Quality transmission lubricant is not cheap, but you can save on work to replace it.

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The exact frequency of the replacement of lubrication and other technical fluids is indicated in the instructions. On most models of motoblocks, this operation is carried out after the first 25 hours of operation (on new technology or after replacing the gearbox), in the future. Every 250 hours of work, that is, on average once a month during daily work or once a season with episodic use. Work on replacing lubricants should be immediately after work, measure the level. Before it starts.

Oil level

How to find out if it is necessary to add oil:

  • Put the unoic tractor exactly on the ground or a strong platform so that it is convenient to open the gearbox and pour lubricant fluid. For this, the gearbox should be in an inclined position.
  • Check the lubricant level. To do this, a probe is inserted into the hole on the gearbox or any metal rod suitable in diameter 65–70 cm long. If the measurement result shows that in the gearbox is at least 30 cm of liquid, do not need.
  • If the liquid is not enough, it is added to the desired level, checking the probe.

It is advisable to check the oil level before each working shift, as well as inspect the gearbox body for flows. After work, the measurements are not carried out, since part of the liquid is on the details, and the result will be inaccurate. Do not neglect this simple operation: the lack of lubrication can lead to a breakdown of parts.

Which oil is better to pour in the engine engine

There are a lot of disputes which oil should be poured into the engine of the home walk.Behind box. Who considers their point of view correct, others refute it, but only one thing can resolve these disputes. The instructions for the device created by the manufacturer of the equipment. Each of the manufacturers in it indicates the exact amount of the flooded oil, the method of measuring this quantity, and even the type of oil that is used.

What all of their points of view converge is that the oil should be intended specifically for the motor. There are two types of oils. Oils for two.Stroke engines and oils for four.Stroke. Both of these options are used for motoblocks depending on which engine is installed in the model. Mostly motoblocks have 4-bed engines, but to determine the type of engine, it is worth viewing its factory marking.

Both types of oils are divided into 2 types in composition. This criterion allows you to select semi.Synthetic and synthetic oils, or as they are also called. Minerals. There is an opinion that synthetic oils are more universal and can be used constantly, but this is not so.

The use of oils is divided according to the seasonality of the use of the walk.Behind tractor. So, some models can be operated in the winter season, and due to thickening natural components sensitive to a decrease in temperature, semi.Synthetic oils cannot be used in winter. But the same oils are successfully used in the summer and reliably protect the technique.

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So, the oil is used as not only a lubricant agent for the components of the engine, but is also an environment that effectively holds the soon produced in the process of burning fuel, and metal fractions that appear in the process of washing the parts. That is why most oils have a thick, viscous structure.

What kind of oil to pour into a gearbox

Typically, manufacturers indicate the necessary information and give the recommended mixtures in the passport. Also, data care data can be found in the service documentation or on the company’s website. If there is no access to data, the selection should be performed based on the points.

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Typically, motoblocks are operated exclusively in the warm season. For this reason, only summer or all.Season liquids should be chosen. You should also take into account the working temperatures of the environment. For summer heat, lubricants with high resistance to shift and temperature oxidation are suitable.

If you select lubricants according to European standards, you need to build on the SAE J306 table. Here, fluids of type are considered optimal for the middle strip:

Chips fry then tractors fly!

Of the domestic options, you should choose oils according to GOST 23652-79.

The basis

Three varieties of the basics of gearboxes are presented in the market 2021. For this class of technology, mineral or semi.Synthetic mixtures are usually used. Fully artificial lubricants are not in demand due to their high cost and the lack of the need to use such a high.Class formula.

What oil is poured into a motor block box?

The gearbox is not filled with motor, but a special transmission oil. For different models of motoblocks, there are different recommendations, respectively. For example, for Neva MB-1 walk-behind engines, such types of oils as TAD-17I, TAP-15V are suitable. For the Neva MB-2 motornote, GOSTs recommend TEP-15, TM-5, SAE90 API GI-2 and T oils.

For 4-clock engines of motoblocks, cultivators and other garden equipment, oil products with SAE-30 labeling are excellent, having high viscosity and intended for summer use.

Competent maintenance and operation of a walk.Behind tractor or cultivator helps to extend the life and improve the characteristics of the technique.

Motobobok gearbox. One of the most important structural elements. What oil to pour into a motorbone gearbox or cultivator and the frequency of its replacement, volume. This is the data that every owner of such a technique needs to know.

The most faithful recommendations will be those that are offered by manufacturers of motor vehicles. Let us turn to the user managers for well.Known brands and try to summarize the data.

Motobobok brand Type of oil for motor block gearbox
Neva MB-2 Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5 ° C to 35 ° C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5 ° C to.25 ° C) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international system of classification of motor oils according to the viscosity of the SAE90 API GI-2 and SAE90 API GI-5, respectively. The volume of refueling l., 2.2
Neva MB-1 Transmision oil according to GOST 23652-79 (TAD-17I, TAP-15V and others.).
MKM-3 Mobile-K (Lander) TAD- 1711 GOST 23652-79. It is allowed to replace the oil with SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 according to the classification of the API GL-4, GL-5. Refueling volume 1 liter
Salute 5 salute 100 TM 5-18 (TAD17I)
Belarus 08N-09N In summer (above 5 ° C), motor oils: M-10V2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 (duplicate. M-BZ M-BZ/10V GOST 10541) in winter (below plus 5 ° C) Motor oil M-8g2, GOST 8581 (duplicate. Motor oil M-4Z/6V1 GOST 10541)
MTZ.05 M-8B1, M-8V1, M-8G1, according to GOST 10541-78
Cascade MB6 Cascade MB6-62 Transmission oil in accordance with GOST 23652-79MASICE GELLS GOST 23652-79 or Aviation oil MS-20 GOST 23652-79
Ugra NMB-1 TSN-10 GOST 23652-79 or any other transmission oil corresponding to SAE: 80 85W API: GL3 GL4
Oka MB-1D1 (2) m transmission oil TAD-17I, TAP-15V and others according to GOST 23652-79
Zeleeen MB The manufacturer at the manufacturer, your uniform tractor is seasoned with the Ravenol transmission oil 80W-90 API GL-5 allowed the use of SAE 90 GL-5 transmissions
Tarpan Transmission oil TAD-17I or analogues of the SAE 90 SAE 75W/90 categories API GL-4, GL-5.
Favorite MB. 3, MB. 4, MB. 5 TAD-17I or MS-20
Agate TAD-17I; MS-20
Motor Cich oil for lubrication TAD17I, TAP-15V, TEP-15, TSP-15k, TSL-14 according to GOST 23652
Vario Oil in Vario transmission must be changed every 2 years or every 100 hours using 80W90
Patriot Garden Oil 85W90
Zubr (bison) Recommended oil tap 15
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All data are taken from instructions for walk.Behind engines and the table shows quotes or accurate excerpts from these manuals for users. You can download all the instructions on the page of the Pahalka site “Instructions for walkways” or on pages with characteristics of motoblocks

For a gearbox, not only a brand of oil is important, but also the frequency of service. Several recommendations for frequency and the procedure for oil replacement in the motorblock gearbox from leading manufacturers:

Motobobok brand The recommendation of the manufacturer for the frequency of oil change in the motorblock gearbox
Favorite (ZID) Oil replacement in the engine gearbox and the motorblock gearbox is carried out after the first 25 hours of operation.Subsequently, the oil is replaced in the engine gearbox and the motoring gearbox is carried out after every 250 hours of operation.Oil change is recommended to be carried out immediately after work, t.E. When the oil is still warm. Drain the oil through the oil sapeline. Fill fresh oil through the filling hole.
Virgin lands Make the first change of oil after 50 hours, subsequent replacements. After 200 hours of work
Ugra, Oka (Kadwi) With daily maintenance, replenishment of replenishment with then every 100 hours of operation, storage of oil replacement once a year
Agate Oil replacement every 100 hours of work
Belarus 08N-09N (MTZ) every 250 hours of work
Vario Change the oil every 2 years or every 100 hours
Neva Reducer maintenance after every 100 hours of operation (except for the engine). Carry the oil immediately after the work of the walk.Behind tractor for this: 1. Install the one.Axic tractor in a vertical position.2. Substitute a capacity of at least 3 liters under a gearbox.3. Turn the plow plug, clean it from pollution.4. Turn the oil drain screw, drain the oil from the gearbox.5. After draining the oil, plunge the oil drain screw with the gasket, tighten the screw. Put the oil to the reception point of waste oils.6. Pour fresh transmission oil of 2.2 liters of the brand of the corresponding operation temperature through the hole under the cork-scan.7. Plunge the plug-slide.Eight. Clean the axis of the tension lever of the drive belt and the sleeve from the pollution.Nine. Lubricate the axis of the tension lever of the drive belt and bushings with motor oil.Ten. Check the operability of the clutch mechanism, adjust the tension of the drive belt.Eleven. Lubricate the clutch cable.12. Lubricate the cable of the mechanism of separation of the axes of the wheels, for which apply a few drops of any motor oil into the gap between the cable and the shell from the side of the lever.

Is it possible to pour diesel oil into a gasoline uniform tractor?

It is not recommended to pour diesel lubricants in the gasoline engine only because. They do not like high speeds, have greater alkalinity, and contain completely different additives that will not work effectively at high speeds and ignition from the candle.

In any motor vehicle equipped with a two.Stroke engine, it is strictly forbidden to use a lubricant intended for four.Stroke units.

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