Rating of the best gasoline trimmers in 2020

Gasoline grass trimmer is often purchased for mowing grass in areas with more than 10 acres and in cases where there is no possibility to connect the tool to the mains. Internal combustion engine trimmers usually have a fairly powerful engine and high output. That is, you can mow faster with them than with electric. In addition, models with a gasoline motor do not tend to overheat quickly and cope better with large amounts of work.

Advantages of petrol trimmers

Good for working on areas from 10 to 20 acres

Weeds, thick-stemmed perennial grass and even bushes can be mowed effectively

Can work for a long time without interruption

Greater choice of models than in the case of electric trimmers

There are disadvantages with petrol-powered trimmers, too. They cost more, weigh more, are noisy, need careful handling and maintenance. However, if you often need to mow thick grass or work long hours away from home, equipment with a combustion engine is the best choice.

Petrol models from leading manufacturers are equipped with motors with power from 600 to 2500 watts. powerful engines are sometimes equipped with inexpensive equipment from companies that export their products from China. Their productivity bonus is not much, but the vibration level is much higher. The width of mowing with a fishing line in different models is from 37 to 45 centimeters, when working with a knife. 25-26 cm.

How to mow grass with a garden trimmer

The grass must be mowed from right to left because the cutting part of the grass trimmer rotates counterclockwise.

Mowing technique for tall grass. Mow high grass in both directions: right to left and left to right. Counter-movements mow in two stages and even very high weeds can be handled.

Chainsaw sharpening school.Your saw will cut faster after this video

Large area mowing technique. Level and large areas should be mowed in squares, moving from the outer areas to the central ones.

Hill mowing technique. Mow hilly areas in parallel stripes. If there are obstacles in your path, use a spool of fishing line to mow around them.

Break-in period for engine and gearbox

much, interruption

Mating moving parts are lapped in a limited speed range (from idle to ½ maximum). It takes 3-4 hours with 15 min. breaks every 20-30 min. (for cooling and refuelling).

Do not start cutting (even after a long period of storage) without running-in. Because the excessively rapid change in temperature to which the motor grasshopper is exposed prevents proper polishing of the piston ring faces and cylinder walls; microcracks in the housing castings appear. In addition, the noise of a loaded drive can override the grinding of dry gears and the howling of seized bearings.

Optional equipment and operating rules

Before you go to clean your garden or homestead, you should make sure that all the necessary equipment is present. You will need:

  • The canister is metal or plastic;
  • measuring vessel for mixing oil and gasoline in the required proportion, or a medical syringe;
  • A protective cover on the cutting part;
  • A funnel for easy pouring of fuel.

Reviews show that the lawn mower is a safe tool if you follow the safety rules. Use safety glasses and noise-dampening headphones. It is not allowed to work without a protective cover. Scythe is driven smoothly without jerks.

Gasoline grass trimmer: types and principle of operation

Gasoline grass trimmers, depending on the scope of application are divided into:

Grass trimmer of the first kind is used exclusively to meet domestic needs, that is, it is in the household of the dacha owner. Advantages: low weight, small size, the presence of a two-stroke motor, maneuverability, which provides a flexible shaft. Disadvantages: impractical, inconvenient operation due to the irrational location of the control panel and buttons, designed for small amounts of work, the minimum period of continuous operation.

Professional trimmer for grass is a device with the maximum improved technical characteristics. Advantages: reliable; high motor power; can mow grass, bushes, thick weeds; equipped with anti-vibration system, which reduces the load on the hands; usually includes a shoulder strap; easy to use. Disadvantages: high fuel and lubricant consumption, requires careful maintenance. This is a grass trimmer,

Universal grass trimmer is ideal for working on countryside plots, and its technical specifications are between the domestic and professional types of the device. This is the middle ground, so to speak. Advantages: medium price, versatility of use (grass removal, mowing grass to a certain level). Disadvantages: Requires a high level of service; short continuous operating time.

The best grass trimmer in the range of petrol trimmers. lawnmower. It can handle even the most serious tasks flawlessly: eliminate shrubs or young tree shoots. Advantages: high power ratings (from 3 “horsepower”), multiple attachments, ease of operation, long continuous operation time, equipped with an anti-vibration system and a shoulder belt.

Lawn mower. grass trimmer,

Running in the petrol grass trimmer

The most common starting procedure for brushcutters (gasoline grass trimmer). Running in is designed as running the engine at low rpm with no load. To run in, you need to start the brushcutter and let it idle for a while. The first mowing is best done with a fishing line, as mowing lawn grass puts less strain on the engine than mowing hay or bushes. The working load is to be increased gradually, step by step by increasing the engine speed. If you start at high engine speeds, the engine may not run in properly and this will have a negative effect on the rest of the brushcutter’s working life. It is not a good idea to run out all the time when the engine is first running. It is best to mow the lawn for 10-15 minutes after working at idle speed, then stop the machine and let it cool down a little. Use your brushcutter carefully and without sudden movements to avoid hard objects (stones). Hitting a rock can have a negative effect on the operation of nodes that have not yet broken in. In some cases play, noise and hum occurs. This can easily be avoided by correct running-in of the weed trimmer.

Some experts recommend using a trimmer line when mowing under hay, but this is not always correct. Usually the grass in this area is taller, and also the grass base is denser and more mature. Using a fishing line will increase engine wear, because it will have to work at higher engine speeds. Of course, this will also affect performance. Secondly, a line for a trimmer simply is not designed for such loads. By using this material you run the risk of not only the line itself, but also the entire mower. The optimum choice is a disc designed for bushes. it is designed for higher loads. Besides, tall grass is coarser at the base and is cut more productively with a blade than with a line designed for soft, silky lawns.

It is necessary to mow 1 hectare urgently and have a supply of knives with finger splinters, otherwise you can find a stone in the grass and smoke up to the full

Working ten hours a day can mow a quarter of a square kilometer before having to go back and start over. If the entire territory of the Vatican were covered with English ryegrass outside and indoors.[3] ↲Probably as a result of an unsuccessful course project by UIUC students.↳ it could be kept neatly trimmed by about half. And with Benedict XVI’s Pensioner, you can mow an entire area at once. This result can be improved by getting a bigger and faster mower.

If to put a rope instead of a fishing line without possibility of its release, it is better to fix reliably two ends of a rope and to cut them off by welding (a drop of the melted metal will keep a rope from dissolving). Grass this tool cuts through at a moment’s notice. It cuts down brush to about a finger’s thickness. It is not as afraid of stones as a disk. There is, however, a problem: wire slices break off during wear and these twisted wires remain on the mowing site. If you step on it, you could hurt yourself.

But that’s half the trouble. the bits of wire left in the field. A line for a trimmer, breaking off, weakens dynamic impacts on the transmission and engine, a cable does not give such an opportunity. The result is wear and tear on the brushcutter.

You should also remember that a piece of rope, untwisted by centrifugal force during the rotation of the trimmer head, flies like a bullet. Imagine hitting someone in the leg or in the eye?

Using a cord, wire or multi-strand cable instead of a fishing line causes the grass trimmer to break down very quickly. It is also a direct violation of safety precautions!

Experienced users recommend to buy a line for trimmer with a “star” profile. It cuts much better than a round saw. a 3 mm trimmer line easily cuts thumb-thick stems and consumes less power.

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