Minors’ work in Germany

In Germany, many teenagers, barely graduating from school, begin to work. Sometimes you have to combine work with study. German youth is very independent and seeks to gain financial independence early. Read also about how much German parents spend on their children. Here.

German legislation allows adolescents of a certain age to get a job, for this category of employees there is a special registration procedure, as well as the reduced duration of the working day.

Collection of labor protection instructions for DOW staff

The package includes 35 instructions with changes for March 1, 2022 in the DOC format, which is completely compatible with all the main text editors: Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, Libre Office Writer.

Instructions do not contain links to extraneous resources, are placed in a separate file issued in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.97-2016 and fully prepared for printing.


Given the rating for 2018, the best trademarks of the Trimmers are recognized:

How To Have CLEAN EDGES in a LAWN. Trimmer SECRETS Revealed

    with quite wide functionality. The characteristics that deserve attention include: the presence of a bilateral blade to eliminate hairs up to 5 cm in length, equipping the device with 4 nozzles for cutting hair and beard in different ways, cleaning the working head in a moist (dry) method, the presence of a built-in battery for the device for operation Autonomous. This is an ergonomic, stylish, easy.To.Operate trimmer for grass with the possibility of using a professional device when exit from a shower. In arsenal. 1 working nozzle. The trimmer for the grass did not differ in high functionality, but is able to remove the hairs up to 21 mm in length. In the configuration. A working head with the ability to work in 1 of 7 modes, taking into account the length of the beard, the battery capacity to ensure uninterrupted operation in autonomous mode. This is a simple device with the presence of an energy.Intensive built.In battery affordable, reliable, inexpensive trimmer for grass for beard. Deserved the recognition of the brand BT 320. The components include: a working nozzle with exhibiting up to 20 different positions, the ability to cut hairs up to 10 mm from different parts of the face due to the easy settlement of the working head, giving the right position. The machine is weightless, comfortable when holding in your hands. Equipped with sharp blades. The work of the device is possible in wet, dry mode. With deduction on the 4th line of the rating, thanks to a high.Class device. E875E brand device is classified as a professional class. In the configuration. A working head with the ability to install in 15 positions for cutting hair up to 5 mm in length with removal in hard.To.Reach places. The device is made of plastic. The device is cleaned in dry mode.

  • Rowenta, in particular the TN-3600 brand device with a waterproof body. In the configuration. A rotating working head for haircuts of hair up to 5 cm in length. The device has an excellent device with impeccable work in 4 modes, up to 4-5 hours in a row, the presence of wear-resistant strong blades with a titanium coating. The device is convenient to care for, operation. One of the best trimmers with standard nozzles, a device for use as shaving of a beard and hair haircuts, regardless of length, can be used at the time of acceptance of the shower.
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Options for the power source

Since the voltage is much lower for the operation of an electric screwdriver than in a centralized network, an electric adapter is required for a network tool. A power supply that will convert 220 variable volts to 12, 16 or 18 volts of constant value. There are several options for a power source.


Pulsed devices. Inverter system. Such power supplies first straighten the input voltage, then it is converted into high.Frequency pulses that are supplied either through the transformer or directly. Stabilization of voltage at the expense of feedback is achieved in two ways:

Such a power source, as a rule, has a fairly high efficiency. About 98%. Impulse blocks provide for short circuit protection, which ensure the safety of the device, as well as blocking in the absence of a load. Among the obvious disadvantages, the main one is lower power compared to the transformer option. In addition, the action of the device is limited by the lower load limit, that is, with a power below the permissible level, the power supply unit will not work. Users also note an increased level of complexity of repair compared to the transformer.


Transformers are considered a classic option for power supply. Linear power source is a symbiosis of several components.

  • A step-down transformer. The winding of the power device is designed for voltage on the network.
  • Rectifier, the function of which is to convert the alternating current of the network into constant. There are two types of rectifiers: single.Sulfur and two.Sulfur. As part of the first 1 diode, in the second-a diode bridge of 4 elements.

Also, the scheme may include other components:

  • A large capacitance capacitor necessary for smoothing pulsations located after a diode bridge;
  • A stabilizer that causes a permanent output voltage, despite any jumps in the external network;
  • Protective block from short circuits;
  • High.Frequency filter to eliminate interference.

The popularity of transformers is due to their reliability, simplicity, the possibility of repair, lack of interference and low cost. Among the shortcomings are only cumbersome, large weight and low efficiency. When choosing or self.Assembly of transformer power supply blocks, it should be borne in mind that the output voltage should be slightly higher than the tool necessary for the work. The fact is that part of it is taken by a stabilizer. For example, for an electric screwdriver with a 12 volt power supply, a transformer power supply is chosen with a voltage value at the output of 12-14 volts.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer?

Using an electric lawn mower or a trimmer for grass for mowing wet grass or raw weather is strictly not recommended. Moisture entering the device can lead to a short circuit.

Trammers for grass, electric cos and motorcycles consist of a rod. An elongated part, at one end of which there is a benzo or electric motor, and at the working end. A rotating cutting work head with a fishing line or a knife.

Earnings for a minor in “McDonald’s

Very often, adolescents complain: “Why does the legislation indicate how many years you can work for children, but in fact, none of the employers want to take them?»Indeed, one.Time offers are found, for example, to spread water in the game, put up ads, spread newspapers, but they pay very little for this, and sometimes employers can offer this type of activity once in the summer.

The presence of free places for schoolchildren has long been famous for McDonald’s. There is an opinion that even adolescents at the age of 14 work there. However, this is possible only with the consent of the parents and if the work schedule does not interfere with school at school. Many people have a question. How many years you can work at McDonald’s without the permission of parents and guardians? From the age of 16, a teenager can already make a decision, sign an employment contract and start earning to expenses, but at the same time the employer does not have the right to detain a minor at the workplace for more than 4 hours.

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Until how much you can make noise when repairing

For longer work, written consent of the neighbors is necessary;

Regardless of the arranged redevelopment of the dwelling, the supporting walls, as well as the partitions between the apartments should not suffer; The use of a passenger elevator for the transportation of building materials, as well as garbage without special packaging is strictly prohibited; It is not allowed to use peorators, drills and jack hammers when repairing an apartment if their noise potential exceeds forty decibels;

Make repairs in your apartment. Does not mean to cause inconvenience to everyone.

The issue of landscaping a house in an apartment building always causes disputes. In order not to bring the matter to the scandal, you need to negotiate with neighbors on the following issues:

much, work, trimmer, grass

The new law of traffic rules on the transportation of children in the car

First of all, to the fathers and mothers of families with the text of. 22.9 current editorial office of traffic rules.

This block contains the fundamental features of the transportation of children with vehicles, depending on their age. Over, changes in the rules of transportation of a child affected all types of vehicles.

Therefore, below we will analyze in detail the new law of children’s seats, depending on their age groups and the place of planting the child in the car.

We’ll say right away that children can be in both front and rear seats. But here there are their own characteristics.

Transportation of children in a car in the front seat

The new law on the transportation of children in the front seat of the car is said that it is necessary to use certified equipment, such as the car seats, auto.Louds, booster we mentioned.

You can place a child on the front seat without chairs if he is already 12 years old. But with this option, the child must be fastened, however, this applies to adult passengers.

And also transported in the front seat on traffic rules is allowed without car seats in relation to children under 12 years of age, when the child is simply not placed in the holding device of the set standards in its parameters. Height or weight.

Rules for transporting children 7 years old in a car

According to the law, even infants can be taken in the car. Therefore, the main requirements of the Law on Car Seats for children under 7 years of age are reduced to the following.

much, work, trimmer, grass

The child should be transported in a special chair. It is produced in several types depending on both age and body weight of the child.

In addition, if a child is not recommended for a year to purchase an auto.Lover that is installed against the movement.

  • Auto.Lumps are used, as a rule, if the child is under the age of one year, and provide for its placement in a lying position.
  • Car seats are suitable for children who have already turned one year old.
  • Bosterers can be used in case of transportation of a child from 3 years and older.

However, the SDA makes Accent that the holding device (that is, special equipment for transporting the child) must comply with the standards operating in the territory of all states included in the Customs Union.

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The rules for transporting children in a car under 7 years of age do not prohibit placing a special chair in the front seat. However, in this case, you will have to turn off the option for a pillow of safety (after all, its trigger can injure a child).

Transportation of children from 7 to 12 years old

The new rules for transporting children in a car under 12 years of age suggest several options.

So, if the child is planned to be put on the front seat, then the car seat is still necessary. With the exception of situations when, by virtue of his physical data, he simply does not fit in a car chair.

When the child is located on the back group of seats, he just fasten him with car seat belts provided for by the factory design of the vehicle. Recall that earlier car seats were required for this case.

And also you can not carry a child under 12 years old in the back (passenger) sitting of a motorcycle. Traffic rules are unambiguously prohibited.

Transportation of children after 12 years

Here the rules of the Law on Car Seats for children over 12 years old say that the use of equipment of this purpose is a purely voluntary matter for the driver.

That is, special tools in the car can not be installed. However, in any case, the teenager should be fastened with equipped car seat belts.

Leaving the child in the car

According to the amendments made in the SDA (paragraph 12.8) The ban on leaving the child in the car spreads in relation to children who are not 7 years old.

How to Use a String Trimmer. 10 Skills to Master

Thus, they should definitely be in a car under the supervision of one or more adult citizens.

Be sure to say a few words about what may be a fine for leaving the child in the car.

Judicial practice has not yet been formed on this subject, since the legislative amendments have been valid for less than a month. However, the owner of the car needs to be prepared for two options for the development of events.

The minimum amount of the sentence is five hundred and it is supposed to be violated by the procedure for moving passengers (paragraph 1 of Article 12.23 Code of Administrative Offenses).

At the same time, the closure of a child in a car of one can quite calmly interpreted as a violation of the rules for transporting children. And in this case (p. 3 tbsp. 12.23).

much, work, trimmer, grass

Therefore, it remains to wait for explanations from the traffic police or courts. We are sure that they will certainly appear in the very near future.

What work is forbidden to take adolescents

This is, firstly, work related to harmful and dangerous working conditions (for example, underground work; labor related to carrying weights). That is, a loader at 15-16 will not take.

Secondly, these are works that can harm health and moral development (gambling business, work in night cabareties and clubs, production, transportation and trade in alcohol, tobacco products, narcotic and other toxic drugs, and erotic content).

A full list of works that minors cannot be involved is established in the government of the government of February 25, 2000. N163.

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