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How the Lifan engine works with automatic.

The Chinese company Lifan (Lifan) is a large corporation that combines many industries: from small.Blood.Cubatic motor vehicles to buses. Over, it is a supplier of engines for a large number of small firms producing agricultural equipment and small motor vehicles.

According to the general tradition of Chinese industry, instead of their own developments, there is a copy of any successful sample, usually a Japanese.

The widespread engine of the 168F family, which is installed on a large number of motoblocks, cultivators, portable generators and motorcypts, is no exception: when creating it, the Honda GX200 motor was the sample.

General description of the Lifan device

LIFAN motor engine with a power of 6.5 liters.With., Depending on the modification, it has a classic layout: it is a single.Cylinder carburetor engine with a lower camshaft and a barbell drive (OHV scheme).

Its cylinder is made by one with a cards of the engine, which, despite the theoretical possibility of replacing a cast.Iron sleeve, significantly reduces its maintainability with the wear of the CPG.

lifan, unoa, tractor, works, device, walk

The motor has forced air cooling, the performance of which is sufficient when working in hot climate even at high loads.

Ignition system-transistor, during operation does not require any adjustments. A low degree of compression (8.5) of this engine allows it to work on commodity gasoline of the AI-92 brand of any quality.

In this case, the specific fuel consumption in these engines is 395 g/kWh. T.E. Per hour of work at the rated power of 4 kW (5.4 liters.With.) at 2500 rpm, with the correct settings of the carburetor, 1.1 liters of fuel will be consumed in an hour.

At the moment, the 168F engines family includes 7 models with various configuration options and connecting dimensions that are the following characteristics:

  • Cylinder dimension (diameter/move): 68 × 54 mm;
  • Working volume: 196 cm³;
  • Maximum output power: 4.8 kW at 3600 rpm;
  • Nominal power: 4 kW at 2500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 1.1 nm at 2500 rpm;
  • The volume of the fuel tank: 3.6 l;
  • The volume of motor oil in the crankcase: 0.6 liters.

Malfunctions in the launch process

If there is moisture on them when examining the candles (fuel comes), and the motor does not want to work, you should pay attention to the following points.

Perhaps the problem is to refuse the ignition system:

  • On the electrodes of the candles, a characteristic fog is formed (clean them with sandpaper, rinse with gasoline and dry);
  • The gap between the electrodes is too large or small (changes by bending by bending);
  • The insulators of the wiring, spark plugs are deformed (replaced);
  • The “Stop” button is closed to the mass;
  • Contacts in candles are violated (put them in order);
  • There are defects in the starter of the ignition system (replace the part).

Perhaps there is depressurization of the compounds between the carburetor, spark plugs, their heads or cylinders. Check the tightening of fasteners and the integrity of the gaskets.

Lifan 168f-2

The cheapest equipment with an annexing shaft size is 19 or 20 mm.

In more detail about the operation of the Lifan 168F-2 engine, see

Lifan 168F-2 7A

An engine option equipped with a lighting coil capable of enveloping consumers up to 90 watts. This allows you to use it on a variety of equipment requiring the presence of lighting devices: motorized carriers, light swampers and so on. The landing diameter of the shaft. 20 mm.

Lifan 168f-2 ignition scheme

The power unit has a conical shaft output, differs from the basic model only with a conical groove of the crankshaft toe, which provides a more accurate and dense landing of the pulleys.

Lifan 168F-2L

This engine has a built.In reducing gearbox with a 22 mm output shaft.

Lifan168f-2r motor

The motor is also equipped with a lowering gearbox, but with automatic centrifugal clutch, and the size of the planting of the secondary shaft of the gearbox is 20 mm.

Lifan 168F-2R 7A

As it is clear from the marking, this engine option, in addition to a lowering gearbox with an automatic clutch mechanism, has a seven.Firing light coil, which increases its price to 16500.

Lifan 168FD-2R 7A

The most expensive engine version of the price of 21500 differs not only to the reducer’s output shaft increased to 22 mm, but also by the presence of an electric steamer. In this case, the rectifier necessary to ensure charging the battery is not included in the set of delivery.

Repair and adjustment, speed setting

The engine repair will sooner or later expect any single tractor, let it be Caiman, Patriot, Texas, the Prost, Viking, Forza or some other. The procedure for disassembling and defecting is simple and does not require any specification.

It must be taken into account that the manufacturer does not indicate the specific limits of wear for defecting any engine units, so the dimensions below are indicated by analogy with other four-stroke air cooling engines:

  • Drain the oil from the crankcase and the gearbox (if installed), turning the drain plugs, and the remaining fuel from the gas tank.
  • Remove the fuel tank, muffler and air filter.
  • Disconnect the carburetor attached to the cylinder head with two hairpins.
  • Remove the mechanism of the manual starter and the fan casing.
  • By fixing the flywheel with an improvised instrument so as not to damage the fan blades, unscrew the nuts attaching him.
  • After that, a three.Haired universal puller compress the flywheel from the landing cone.
  • If the cause of the disassembly was poor starting and reduced engine power, check if the key groove is broken, since in this case the flywheel will shift and the ignition angle is changed, determined by the magnetic mark on it.
  • Remove the ignition coil and lighting winding if it is on the engine.
  • By unscrewing the bolts of mounting the valve cover, unscrew the four bolts of the cylinder head attachment located under this lid, and remove the head. To check the tightness of the valves, turn the head of the combustion chamber up and fill it with kerosene.
  • If kerosene does not appear in the intake or exhaust channel of the head for a minute, the tightness of the valves can be considered satisfactory, otherwise they need to be wiped with abrasive paste to the saddles or (if a fabric is detected) replace it.
  • On models equipped with a gearbox, remove its lid and remove the secondary shaft, and then fill the leading gear or asterisk from the crankshaft (depending on the type of gearbox). Gears having a noticeable production of the tooth, replace.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the back cover around the perimeter, and remove it, after which you can remove the camshaft from the crankcase.
  • Having released the space in the crankcase in this way, unscrew the bolts connecting the bottom lid of the connecting rod to its body, remove the lid and crankshaft.
  • Protect the piston with the connecting rod to the crankcase.
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Lifan Unoa Tractor: What equipment does the consumer receive and be able to fix it on his own

Motobobes are common means of small mechanization, they are often used in private agriculture. Where it is impossible to go through a large or even small tractor, there is no need to order plowing with a horse and there is no desire to dig a shovel, a reasonable solution. Plowing with a motorcycle unit. They cost relatively, they are very simple, in terms of design.

Design features

The engine, of course, plays the largest role: the more powerful it is, the greater the territory of your land ownership you can process such a walk.Behind tractor. Today, there are many companies specializing in motoblocks, in their production, as well as in the creation of attaching equipment for them. In this material, we will focus on such equipment for agriculture as Lifan’s one.Based tractor.

To begin with, let’s tell you what the 168F-2 engine installed on the LIFAN TRAINED ONE-ON CLASSIC.

lifan, unoa, tractor, works, device, walk

  • Volume of 6.5 liters, one cylinder, lower camshaft.
  • The manufacturer puts a bar valve drive on it.
  • The cylinder is executed in such a way that it is combined into one as a motor card. Because of what its maintainability is reduced, despite the fact that a cast-iron sleeve can be replaced (in theory).
  • The motor is cooled by air flow forcedly. This kind of cooling is effective with serious loads even in severe heat.

A little more about what technical characteristics the Lifan one.Based tractor has. He has a ignition built on transistors. During operation, the ignition system does not need any adjustment. Since the degree of compression of the engine is low, the unoic tractor is quite capable of working on 95 gasoline, despite its quality. As for the specific fuel consumption, for an hour of operation of the engine at 5.4 horsepower, about 1.1 liters of gasoline will be consumed. Provided that the number of revolutions per minute will be about 2500.

If you need engine repair

If you have a sufficient idea of ​​independent repair of internal combustion engines, then you should know one important thing: the manufacturer of such a device as Lifan’s uno-based tractor does not indicate for your products any specific limit of wear of motor components.

The process of disassembling the engine is as follows.

  • Oil must be drained from the crankcase.
  • We also drain the oil from the gearbox, although it is not installed on all models.
  • We drain the fuel that remained in the tank, after which the gas tank is removed, and behind it is also a filter (air) and a muffler.
  • We dismantle the carburetor. It must be disconnected from the cylinder head, to which it is attached with two studs. The next you need to disconnect the hand starter and the casing hiding the fan.

Disassemble is not a problem

Regarding the fixation of the flywheel, then it is carried out so that fan blades were not damaged during dismantling. Unscrew the nut with which it is attached, and go to the next point. Namely: Flaim compression with the help of a universal three.Fingered puller. If you disassemble the engine to understand what caused the incorrect launch or lower its power, then you should check if the key groove has damage. In this case, the flywheel will either be displaced or the ignition angle of the focus is changed. The latter will be clear by the displacement of the magnetic mark. The ignition coil must be removed, as well as the lighting winding (if there is one on the engine).

When you unscrew the valve cover mounts, take care of the bolts with which the cylinder head is attached, and remove it itself. Turn the head upside down so that it is a camera up, then fill it with kerosene. This is necessary to check the head for the tightness of the valves. If after a minute kerosene does not appear in one of the channels, then the valves are quite sealed. Otherwise, the valves should be wiped to the saddles. For this, an abrasive pasta is used.

When you unscrew the bolts from the back cover, you can get to the crankcase and remove the camshaft from it. As a result, the space in the crankcase will be freed and it will be possible to unscrew the bolts from the bottom cover of the connecting rod. Before collecting everything back, the rubbing parts should be lubricated with motor oil, and the inside of the combustion chamber is cleaned of the carbon monoxide.

Internal combustion engine

The malfunctions arising in the operation of the engine are one of the most often manifesting problems, since it is he who is subjected to critical loads during the work of the walk.Behind tractor. The motor in the device is a typical internal combustion unit. Recently, four.Stroke devices have been used in the design of the motor.Cultivator. The engine includes the following parts:

The action of the engine is based on the processes that occur in its cylinders, which determine the transformation of thermal energy into mechanical work. During the four.Stroke cycle, two full crankshaft turning occurs, accompanied by tacts: intake, compression, expansion and release.

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At the time of starting the engine, the piston makes movement from the upper point to the lower. Camshaft cams release the valve. A fuel mixture with an admixture of air enters the cylinder through the valve. Further, the piston again begins to move up, squeezing the mixture, while its temperature increases.

The spark that occurs in the spark plug sets fire to the mixture and gases are created. The gases that have arisen pushing the piston, performing useful work. This mode is called a working move. As soon as the piston drops down again, the release valve closes, and then when raising it begins to squeeze the gases from the cylinder. The spent substance goes through the exhaust valve and, passing through the filters, is thrown out.

Breakage arising due to malfunctions of the engine is usually divided into two states: the first-the motor does not start, the second is the launch, but the work is unsatisfactory.

Lack of reaction to launch

Such an event is not necessarily associated with the direct damage to the engine, so the repair begins with the general inspection of the product and its cleaning, after the completion of which they are convinced of the continuous supply of fuel and the performance of the spark plug.

For this, the candle is twisted and inspected. If it is dry, then this suggests that the fuel does not enter the cylinder. The present.Up is eliminated by a mechanical way, a knife and an awl are used as a tool. The candle wipes, and then, after blocking the fuel supply, the starter starts. Such an operation allows you to dry the combustion chamber, cleansing it of the residues of diesel or gasoline fuel. If when checking it turns out that the spark does not appear between the conclusions of the candle, then it is replaced with a deliberately working.

The sequence of actions is best performed according to the instructions designed for the Zubr motornote, but this does not mean that it cannot be applied to other manufacturers of the device, for example, Agros, Tarpan, Lifan, Mole, etc. P. The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • The motor position is checked. If necessary, it is aligned.
  • The presence of fuel in the tank is established.
  • At the next stage, the tank damper is checked. In the event of a blockage, it is eliminated.
  • The hole in the fuel tank cover is examined on the possibility of an obstacle to air passage.
  • In the absence of fuel supply, the entire supply system is cleaned.
  • The state of the generator coil is studied. Magneto. In case of suspicion of its inoperability, it is replaced.
  • An increase in the heating of the cylinder walls indirectly indicates the depressurization of the combustion chamber. Therefore, the piston ring is checked and, if necessary, replaced.

It is necessary to remember the need to check the starter. Its repair, for example, as in the Centaurus motornote, consists in restoring the clamping force of springs. Sometimes you need to replace the starter cord. In the case of an electric starter, you will need to check the nutrition elements. The winding of the windings is practically not found, but the cost of brushes is possible.

Causes of problems during work

When the engine starts, but after a while begins to work with interruptions or stall, then first they clean the carburetor and fuel supply system. In addition, it will not hurt to evaluate the condition of the crankcase cuff. She can have severe wear and need to replace. The accumulated burning in a silencer or cylinders clogs the path of passing the gases, and the contaminated air filter does not allow to get a mixture of the desired composition, as a result of which the engine begins to work with interruptions.

A complex and responsible operation is the repair of a motoring carburetor used to remove the fumes and the formation of a fuel-air mixture. Its breakdown is associated with clicking jackets or air filter. Therefore, it is so important to clean the filters in a timely manner. Dismantling of the carburetor is performed independently: for example, in the Zirka motorblock for this will be needed:

  • Drain the remaining fuel, at the same time check the fuel supply valve.
  • Check the condition of the camera with a float and its adjusting tongue.
  • Unscrew gas control screws.
  • Remove the upper part of the casing, and after unscrewing the bolts. And the lower part.
  • Rinse and blow the elements, and then let it dry.
  • Collect the device in the reverse order.

After assembling the carburetor, it must be adjusted. Typically, the process of adjustment itself is simple, but requires accuracy. Instructions for the correct configuration of the carburetor can be studied in specialized books, for example: “Motoblocks like MB (Oka, Neva, Cascade, Salute)” or the same type.

Earth cultivation by the Lifan motorblock

The main task is to quickly and efficiently process the soil for further actions. This unit is a wonderful assistant in the processing of medium area. The plowing is not deep, but the upper layer will plug it out. Since a large assortment of attachments is provided to choose from, it becomes possible to carry out various work on Earth. Changing “accessories”, the name and the possibilities are changing. So in winter it is excellent to clean them snow, in the fall. Leaves. In standard set. Cutters and wheels. But you can purchase an additional configuration. The power is large, so the processing of virgin lands will be a simple task.

It does not differ from the care of other units of a similar purpose. This is done to preserve the device intact, avoiding breakdowns. On a regular basis, it is necessary to change the oil, clean all the details, adjust the valves and monitor the cleanliness of the fuel tank. If you follow the requirements, the device will last a long time. It is important to choose the right oil, and which one, look in the instructions.

Technical characteristics of the Lifan motor block

The lineup is large, so there is something to choose from. New engines are installed on cultivators. As an example, consider the Lifan 1WG1100C unoic tractor unoic. Weight is 110 kg, but at a power of 6.5 liters.With. Manual launch and 3 gears This minus is not so important. The depth of the furrow is small. Only 150, 200 mm, but for processing the beds this is exactly what every gardener needs.

Necessary tools

To adjust the valves of the carburetor, a minimum list of shares is required:

Using these simple means, you can adjust most carburetors.

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People invented snowmobiles that allow you to travel on snowy roads as quickly as possible, while without much effort. Ermak snowmobiles are quality, speed and reliability.

Garden business, caring for plants and trees have always been considered one of the most difficult types of work, as they required considerable time and effort. Sprayer Marlex. An ideal solution for your garden.

Time.Intensive garden work can now be performed using a walk.Behind tractor. Here you will learn about how to plant potatoes with a motor block.

It is important to understand that the valve adjustment involves the installation of the optimal clearance, which is directly registered in the instructions for operation to each specific model.

Lifan engines on motor blocks have proven themselves really well, because they are not expensive. In addition, they do not require large investments during operation, unpretentious in maintenance. With all this, engines have good indicators and are reliable.

Their development is mainly the achievements of Japanese engineers. Chinese industry rarely develops something of its own, new. Most often they simply adopt the experience of their counterparts, taking a good copy as a sample. It is worth noting that such engines are often used in portable generators, for which the main criterion is precisely the reliability of the installed engine. Some even use motoblocks as local transport on which you can transport sand, firewood or something else.

Engine stop

If the Lifan Unoa Tractor suddenly stalls when working or starting, this may be the result of one of the three main reasons, namely:

  • Failure of ignition system. You need to adjust the ignition.
  • A malfunction in the fuel supply system. To identify the cause and eliminate.
  • Violation of compression. Replace worn parts, adjust the gap or repair the valve.

According to users in the Lifan motorblock, these malfunctions are most often found. However, engine repair is not difficult and can be carried out independently with an elementary set of tools.

Foton Lovol Tractor Parts Front axle Assembly

Safety instructions

Caution to ensure the safe operation of the engine

The sparkling may not be included in the set of this engine. In some areas, working with an engine without this device is considered illegal. Check out the local rules before starting work.

For models with an electric steamer

Connection of the battery and ignition lock (for models with electric power)

If the battery is 12V and gives a voltage over 18 Ah, connect a positive contact to the electromagnetic coil, and the negative. To the engine mounting screw. Place the screw so that it is grounded with the engine.

The battery can distinguish flammable gas. To avoid ignition, provide the necessary ventilation of the room and do not put easily igniting objects close to the engine.

The battery contains electrolyte. Its entering the skin or eye can cause serious burns. Dress the protective shape and glasses.

If the electrolyte enters the skin. The injured area must be washed with water. If the liquid gets into the eyes. Rinse your eyes with cold water for 15 minutes and call an ambulance.

Electrolyte is poisonous. When swallowing it, drink a large amount of water or milk, and then take a suspension of magnesia or vegetable oil and call an ambulance.


Do not pour water supply water into the battery instead of distilled.

lifan, unoa, tractor, works, device, walk

This can significantly reduce the life of the battery.

Do not pour distilled water above the upper level of the electrolyte into the battery. Otherwise, the electrolyte will spill and damage the engine parts. If the electrolyte still spilled, rinse the engine parts with water.

The battery is connected correctly, otherwise a short circuit will occur.

Bypass Fuel Solenoid. Riding Lawn Mower Fuel Problem Disabling. NO START FUEL SHUT OFF LEAKING

Installation of a cable (additional equipment)

The holes in the handle of the throttle and throttle are used to install hard cables that are not included in the main set of delivery. In Fig. 2, 3 and 4 shows how to install a hard and woven cable. When choosing a wicker cable, you should additionally use a return spring.

When you control the throttle with a cable, you need to loosen the nut of the throttle handle (rice.3).

ATTENTION. The engine comes without oil.

Oil is a key factor that provides engine operation. Do not use oil with additives and oil for a 2-stroke engine, t.To. They do not contain enough lubrication, which reduces the life of the engine.

Check the oil level by installing the engine on the horizontal surface.

Recommended oil: SAE- 30 years old, SAE- 10W-30 all-season (rice.5) since the viscosity changes depending on the temperature of the region, the lubricant should be selected in accordance with our recommendations. Cm. Rice.5.

One.Install the engine on the horizontal surface.

Insert the probe again into the neck of the oil crankcase without twisting the lid! Measure the oil level.

If the oil level is low, share the recommended engine oil.

If you pour oils, unscrew the drain plug, drain excess and measure the oil level.

½ reducing gearbox with centrifugal clutch

Check the oil level in the following sequence (rice.7).

Unscrew the probe of control of the oil level 0.5 l and wipe it.

Insert the probe again without wrapping the lid, measure the oil level.

If the oil level is too low, share the recommended oil to the upper mark.

1/6 reducing gearbox:

Measure the level of motor oil in the gearbox;

3) tightly tighten the bolt of the flood neck;

Use engine oil the same as using for a gasoline engine.


In the case of an excessive amount of oil in the gearbox, during operation, the oil can splash through the bolt of the flood neck. To install the required oil level, use a drain neck bolt.

Two.Element filter type (rice.Eight)

Remove the filter cover and check its filter element, make sure that it is clean and not damaged, otherwise clean or replace.

Cyclone type (with a vacuumber) (rice.Nine)

A) Remove the filter cover and inspect its filter element, make sure it is clean and not damaged. Clean or replace if necessary.

B) Check the presence of dust inside the vacuum cleaner. Defend dust if necessary.

Half.Dry type

A) Remove the filter cover and check its filter element, make sure that it is clean and, if there is dust and dirt, clean it or replace it.

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