Pneumatic stressed gaykoVert (air tightening fasteners)

Compact and light tools working from compressed air. Gained immense popularity in car services, industry and everyday life. Able to give out an impressive torque compared to electric counterparts, and at the same time is less susceptible to breakdowns, thanks to a simple, monolithic mechanism. In this article, we will tell you how the pneumatic gaykort works, what is tightening tightening, and we will also tell you what to pay attention to when choosing this tool.

Like any pneumatic instrument, pneumonskiword works for compressed air supplied from the compressor. Bypassing the hose connected to the Gaikovert, the air enters the device and begins to spin the rotor blades, which transfers rotation to the spindle (emphasis), the nozzle and finally on the fasteners. The reverse function changes the direction of the air flow in the instrument, as a result of which the direction of rotation of the rotor changes, and the nut is unscrewed in a few seconds.

By the type of work, pneumatic nuts are shock and unstressed. The presence of the shock mechanism in the Gaikovert increases its torque, but at the same time the risk of breaking the thread or hat of the bolt increases with this. Shock-revolutionary movement is created using a special hammer mechanism located in front of the spindle. Devices without shock function often give out less rotation strength, and are used mainly when working with fasteners up to 12 mm.

Deepening into the details, you can outline the device of the pneumatic gaykowert as follows. The back panel, a cylinder with a rotor and blades, a shock mechanism, and an emphasis are located inside the tool body. On the outer part of the housing is the launch button, a fitting for connecting a compressor, a reverse and a regulator (on most models).

Real or future owners, with the material where we tell and show how to conduct maintenance and repair of a pneumatic gaykort.

How to choose a pneumatic gaykort

Choosing a pneumatic gaykort, it is necessary to clearly decide in order to use it.

Corner or straight?

Corner Gaykowert is suitable for working with fasteners “on the side”. In this case, the tool case acts as a shoulder of the effort. It is easier to hold it in your hands when working with heavy fasteners. Models with a direct stem cheaper, more familiar and structurally easier.


This parameter determines the power of the pneumatic tool. The higher the torque, the more complex fasteners it is able to cope. The simplest gaywo verses for work will be enough torque at 80-100 nm.

Models designed to work with truck fasteners are required to issue thousands of Newton meters. Peak indicators are required only for unscrewing to disrupt the nut from the place. With screwing, huge efforts are not needed. On the contrary, the tattered bolt eventually easily bursts across, the thread breaks off.

And if such troubles do not happen to unscrew it next time, you will need more power.

The revolutions of the idle

It is believed that the speed of rotation of the spindle at idle is determined by the power of the pneumatic gaykort. In fact, the turns indicate only the design features.

So, a powerful tool can give up to 7 thousand. Rpm, but freight models are not important, but an effort.

For this reason, they have a large air consumption, but the idle speed is about 3 thousand. Rpm.

Working pressure and air consumption

The air consumption is directly proportional to the power of the tool, it can be different with the same working pressure in the pneumatic system. For example, at a standard pressure of 6.3 atmospheres, medium.Power models spend about 150 liters of air per minute. This indicator in “strong men” may exceed 800 liters.

It is desirable that the pneumatic system be equipped with a compressed air preparation unit. This will significantly extend the working resource of the Gaikrovert, and only the output pressure and the availability of lubrication will suffer the operator.


The parameters of the Gaikorte must correspond to the technical characteristics of the compressor. The passport for the tool always indicates the recommended requirements for the pneumatic system. The model is selected so that the compressor is able to provide normal working pressure with the declared consumption.

The planting size of the spindle (cartridge, square of the shank)

The power of the Gaikorte determines the landing size of the shank, which is customary to indicate in inches. The following standards exist: 1, ½, ¾ inch, and less common options. The more powerful the tool, the greater the diameter of the spindle.

This is natural, because a square of a small section at high power simply cannot withstand the load. It is important to draw attention to the fact that it will be difficult to find the heads under a non.Standard shank, you will have to additionally buy an adapter.

Shock mechanism

Due to jerks when unscrewing, the fasteners lends itself faster. In addition, half of the nuts are simply impossible to unscrew the instrument. Therefore, when choosing, the advantage is always given to shock nuts.

The ability to adjust the tightening force and the presence of a reverse

Almost all modern models are equipped with a return switch with a reverse. This function allows you to tighten the fastener with high effort and unscrew the old bolts. But there are also models without reverse on the market. Their spindle rotates only one way.

The function of adjusting the delaying moment is also common, but this is the first thing that fails of poor.Quality models.

It allows you to install the maximum force that will be applied to the fasteners. The accuracy of setting the moment even in expensive tools from branded manufacturers does not exceed 10%.

If the error must be reduced to zero, it is better to use a dynamometric key.

Dimensions, mass and ergonomics

The weight of the tool is reduced due to the use of light alloys of increased strength. There are models with a plastic case on the market, but their quality is initially dubious.

A heavy tool cannot work with one hand not only because of weight, but also because of a high torque. Therefore, such models are equipped with an additional pen.

For the convenience of work, pneumatic gaywo vests are equipped with rubberized overlays on the housing and handles, as well as a rotary nozzle for air removal. The tool is used at different angles, and an escaping air flow directed into the ground raises dust. Garbage falls into the eyes and lungs. The ability to regulate the direction of the air nozzle will be an additional bonus.

Best shock pneumatic gaykovert

The INGERSOLL Rand 631L model is the best in functionality. It is designed to work in workshops, production workshops and automobile services.

This gaykowert can easily cope with highly loaded compounds due to an impressive torque and a powerful shock mechanism.

Additional handle provides comfortable maintenance of the tool.

INGERSOLL RAND 631L is equipped with a 4-speed power regulator, capable of cope with fasteners of size to M42. For ease of work, it has a main pistol.Type pistol.Type handle.


  • Cartridge. 1 inch;
  • Pressure. 6.2 atm.;
  • Torque. 4.3 kNM;
  • Air flow. 426 liters per minute;
  • Rotation speed. 3.5 thousand. Rpm;
  • Mass. 16.6 kg.

The advantages and disadvantages of the pneumatic nut

The scope of the use of the pneumatic nutrition covers tires, garage workshops, car services, production enterprises, mechanical engineering. They facilitate the work of mechanics and significantly increase performance. With their help, to unscrew or twist the mounting element, it takes an average of 5 seconds.

Gaikovita pneumatic from the compressor works. When pressing a trigger lever, compressed air from the system enters the instrument and makes the rotor rotate. He will move the torque to the spindle, providing the screwing process. When using the reverse function, the direction of the air flow changes and the opposite action occurs. The unscrewing of the fastener element.

The advantages of a pneumatic nuture over network and battery

The batteries in the vast majority is a low.Power instrument that does not always allows for optimal tightening. It is best suited for domestic use. Convenient to use in open areas, without the possibility of access to power sources. Pneumatic Gaikovitors, by converting the energy of compressed air, allows us to achieve optimal results in work.

Compared to the network, the pneumatic tool also has several significant advantages. The first is its weight. With equal performance, the first will be much harder. The second is the absence of an electric motor and connecting to the network. This allows you to safely perform work in rooms with high humidity, next to flammable materials, on the street in the conditions of rain or snow. Third. In conditions of intensive operation, there is no engine heating, which leads to a breakdown of the tool.

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Shock or unstressed

If you want to buy a Gaykovita pneumatic for daily operation, you need to accurately decide on its characteristics. Competent choice directly depends on your needs. The impact of an impact or unstressed nutsor vary on the principle of influence on the mounting element.

When using the shock mechanism, the rotation process is accompanied by rhythmic blows. This allows you to cope with “cooked” or strongly rusted elements, fasteners of large diameter. It is optimal for use on tires, STO, service centers.

An unstressed tool is used in carrying out subtle work, in which it is important to minimize the risk of thread breakdown. They are most often used in assembly workshops or small private workshops.

Attention to technical characteristics

When choosing a Gaykovita pneumatic, it is important to pay attention to its technical characteristics. They must comply with your daily needs. For tire fitting, they are alone, for a car service. Others. And when servicing freight transport and agricultural machinery. Third. This will avoid errors and inappropriate expenses.

An important characteristic is a tightening moment. With a low indicator, it is impossible to ensure the quality of the spinning of the joints, and with too high, there is a threat of damage. Depending on the model, it varies from 30 nm to 300 nm. Consider the example. The stranding standard for the threaded connection on the wheeled nut is 100 nm. This means that for a safe and effective work with this element, the indicator of the gaykovrta must be no less than this value. Select the tool guided by the norms prescribed for your type of activity.

The second critical indicator is the speed of the rotation at idle. Here is the scales from 3,000 to 8000 revolutions per minute. The higher this characteristic, the larger you can tighten the elements. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the diameter of the spindle, which is measured in inches. It also affects the size of fasteners, the maintenance of which will be available to this tool.

In most cases, manufacturers provide the relationship of all technical characteristics.

For example, the pneumatic-controlled Rotake RT-5277 1492NM has a torque of 1492 Nm and the idle speed of 8800 revolutions per minute. The maximum size of the nut that it can tighten is 36 millimeters. This means that this equipment is suitable for servicing cars, including SUVs, minibuses, commercial vehicles.

IMPORTANT! Choosing pneumonskanikovs, it is necessary to take into account the working resource of your compressor, which is a power source for the tool. The working pressure and performance of the unit should be not lower than the equipment consumed.


There are two options for models of a pneumatic nutcress. Pistol and cylindrical (direct). The former are more widely used due to their universality and ease of use. When buying such a pneumatic ministry, pay attention to its ergonomic landing in the hand. Well, if the handle is rubberized or has an anti.Slip lip.

Direct.Shaped pneumatic carcasses are used in hard.To.Reach places where it is difficult to get with the help of classic. It allows you to work with one hand.

If it is difficult for you to decide on the choice of a pneumatic nut, do not hesitate to ask questions to specialists. So you definitely won’t throw the money down the wind and buy exactly the equipment for the repair and maintenance of a car, which is relevant for you.

Features of shock models

Pneumatic gaycroverts were primarily used to work on mechanical assembly lines of industrial enterprises and car service. Unscrew the nut in size of 18-25 mm on the wheel hub manually-quite hard work, unscrewing the fasteners of 45-50 mm without a gaycorta turns into a complex and unsafe attraction with uniform heads and huge levers.

Small tricks for the convenience of working with a pneumatic gaykoVERT

The most common models of shock pneumatic nuts are pistol or hammer type, weighing 2.5 kg to 10 kg, with a tetrahedron or hexagonal extension cord. A bar and a joystick of a pneumatic hose connection. It is very inconvenient to work with such a device with one hand as an electric screwdriver, so manufacturers of a pneumatic tool use some tricks:

  • Almost all shock nuts, with the exception of the smallest models, are equipped with an additional adjustable and reinstalled handle for the second hand, the position of which can be adjusted in the most convenient way;
  • For pneumatic shock nuts intended for constant work with one type of wheels, hooks, brackets or stands are used, with which you can catch on the disk or lean on the rim, and thereby unload your hands during operation;
  • The reverse system allows you to change the direction of rotation of the shaft of the shock gaykowert with one movement of the pneumatic valve rod with one hand. Experts call the reverse of the pneumatic drummer one of the most convenient and reliable technical solutions among all types.

Pneumatic hoses are necessarily performed with a spiral twist, like a telephone cord. It is convenient to hang the tool on a rack or a mounting ramp hanging from the ceiling, you can even drop it from a small height, this will not lead to injuries or a breakdown of a gaykort.

The presence of a torque adjustment system makes the operation smooth and safe, you can not be afraid to cut off the thread or injure your hands. Often, to tighten the nut of the wheel hub, it takes the moment 200-300 nm. This means that on a manual manner an effort of almost 100 kg should be attached.

The use of compressed air makes the process of turning or twisting the nuts in a stress way as safe as possible. Cliff of the drive, the puncture of the pneumatic highway do not pose a threat to the life and health of the employee.

Important! The design of the pneumatic drive has a tool to keep the tool. While the Gaikovert is in the hands, the air regularly rotates the impeller. If the tool burst out of the hands, the machine will block the air valve.

Advantages of pneumatic shock gaycroverts

The archaic, at first glance, pneumatic drive system in practice showed itself one of the most convenient and safe in work. The system of shock pneumatic instruments has been used in mechanical engineering for more than a hundred years, and a real alternative that can replace the pneumatic shock drive until there is.

Electric gaywortens on lithium batteries or with power supply from the network are used mainly for assembly work, in threaded connections, where you need to quickly wrap a wrap of 8-12 mm in size. The manual electroga.Overt does not represent significant competition for the pneumatic tool, since the presence of a planetary gearbox and expensive batteries make a gaykowert too heavy and expensive to maintain and replace consumables.

Note! When wrapping nuts on the wheels of an ordinary passenger car, the drive of a shock pneumatic gaykort at the final squeezing stage is able to develop power to 15 kW.

Shock pneumatic nuts were created primarily to turn off the rusted couplings and nuts. In this matter, the air-making scheme of turning out a large diameter nut was out of competition, only severe hydraulic gaycowrts can compare in effectiveness, developing an effort of rotation 10-20 times more than a light tool with pneumatic drive.

In the line of pneumatic nuts, unstressed models with a gearbox and a ratchet are widely developed and widely used, which makes it possible to very accurately regulate the tightening moment. They use pneumatic gaybortes for the assembly of particularly critical parts and buildings, when repairing the transmission and individual parts of the chassis. The maximum moment of rotation on the shaft of an unstressed Gaikovert does not exceed 120-150 nm, but the accuracy of the attached force is withstanded up to 1NM.

How the pneumatic gaykowert works?

Pneumatic gaywo verses are convenient tools used for various home projects and automobile works. Gaikovert creates a solid fixation on the subject, therefore, gives a greater mechanical advantage. Some gaywo verses use electricity for work, while others can manually be controlled. Pneumatic version uses compressed air. The following are several advantages of using the device.

You can enjoy increased efficiency in your work due to the high level of torque. The device supplies air under extremely high pressure, which leads to a powerful blow. Higher torque turns are useful when you have to do hard work. This allows you to work both efficiently and quickly. With the help of a pneumatic gaykowert, you can perform a wide range of work. Most models have a flow regulator that allows you to adjust the air flow in both directions. This increases the overall effectiveness. A feature of the air compressor makes a pneumatic gaykowert with a universal device.

The technique has a characteristic small size. It is also easier than most other similar devices. This is partly due to the fact that the power of the pneumatic key is in the air compressor. However, the pneumatic gaykoVert has an engine and other components assembled in one bulky block. A smaller, lighter tool allows you to work with greater ease. You will experience less fatigue or muscle stress. Complete weight allows you to work for a long time. It also allows you to move with greater maneuverability, especially where it is about uncomfortable angles. Thanks to a convenient small size, the gaykowert does not take up much storage space. Pneumatic Gaykowert. Durable tool. It is also a device with low operating costs. This is partly due to the fact that he has fewer moving components than other tools. It also does not have a motor characteristic characteristic of electrical tools. Instead, it relies on an air compressor to drive it. Tools with engines, as a rule, have a high wear rate, especially with intensive use. This requires frequent repairs and substitutions that increase the total costs.

Rules for applying lubrication

If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to install a lubricator on your unit, then from the situation you can get out in the following way.

  • Immediately before starting the gayword, it is necessary to unscrew the hose from it and drip into the instrument fitting from 3 to 5 drops of grease.
  • Next, you should return the hose to the same place and turn on the unit for a short time (there will be enough thirty seconds). Thanks to this operation, an uniform distribution of oil will occur along all movable nodes of the device.

Lubrication in this way must be carried out before prolonged storage of the tool. When using the unit in intensive mode, the oil should be instilled into the fitting every 3-4 hours.

Although this method helps to extend the service life of the Gaykowert, it is very inconvenient. We have to interrupt the work and spend time cleaning the tool from pollution in the area of ​​the fitting area, to prepare lubrication. Also, during the procedure, you should carefully ensure that dust does not get into the unit. It is for these reasons that it is recommended to install a lubricator in the system, which will always serve a lubricant in the tool in a timely manner.

Gaykowert pneumatic cargo. How to choose a device according to needs?

Do not rush to buy the most expensive tool in the calculation that it will justify itself in production. The choice of a gayc guard should not be held on the principle of “road is the best”, because the best apparatus will be the one that meets the needs and is used 100 %. Ask a question. You will have to tighten or unscrew the nuts? The question is very correct, because in different tools, torque can be focused either for twisting or unscrewing. So, for the assembly line, the moment of tightening is important, while both operations will be important for a car service or for a construction team.

Number of revolutions. You should not focus on this special attention. The higher the speed, the more difficult it is to control the situation and avoid the hauling. In addition, sometimes you just need to plant fasteners to avoid the distortion of the material in different directions. If you are buying a watering tool, pay attention to whether it has a fast stop function. Will you change the heads for different dimensions of the nuts? In principle, all nuts can work with several nozzles, but the larger their list, the higher the cost. If you work with one or two sizes, you will have enough tool with standard nozzles.

If the dimensions are relevant up to 10 mm (marked from M1 to M5), then it will be much more convenient for you to use pneumatic purelings, if the dimensional row is from 10 mm to 27 mm, then you should purchase a tool with a landing square ½ inch. Planting square ¾ inch should be purchased for shock heads up to 46 mm. For large sizes, gaybortes with a square from 1 inch are used. The size of the landing square should correspond to the torque. For the smallest, on average, 500 nm is enough, but for cargo tools, the moment of tightening can reach 5000 nm.

The tightening moment is another stumbling block when choosing a tool. If you are important to a tool with a precisely verified puffing moment, you only need to buy products from well.Known brands. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that the error of pneumatics in this case can reach 10 %, if you need great accuracy, you will have to pay attention to hydraulic gaycortenses. In this series of tools, the error can reach only 2 %. The mass of the gaykort. Pneumatic models are much lighter than the same electrical nuts, except for the mass of the hoses.

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However, with constant work, even several hundred grams of excess weight can affect human performance. Therefore, keep in mind that modern tools from composite materials can be easier than metal ones by almost 2 times! Do you need a compressed air preparation unit? The long time of the tool depends on the correct answer to this question. The use of preparation blocks increases the resource of the pneumatic storage many times, therefore it is extremely desirable for an enterprise or car service, it is extremely desirable to use them in work.

Pneumatic GaykoVert with adjustment of the tightening moment

Most of modern shock gaykortes are equipped with a tightening control function. The main task of this function is to prevent fasteners from tugs, breakdown or hat. The adjustment will be useful for tightening relatively small nuts and bolts, a tool with a high torque. The fasteners on the M8 will most likely be spoiled if it is twisted with a tool without a regulator, with a maximum torque of 1000 nm.

The principle of operation of the pneumatic gaykorte with adjustment is to limit the supplied air, as a result of which the torque decreases. For example: if the Fubag pneumatic control is 900 nm, set the number mode, its torque to decrease to 450 nm, which will confidently tighten the fasteners of M14. The number of modes on various tools may vary, but on average there are from 3 to 5. Information about the operating modes is indicated in the documentation attached to the tool. Each separate device has its own characteristics of adjustable capacities.

The choice of a gaykort

When you choose one or another version of the pneumatic tool, be sure to keep in mind how intense the work. In particular, devices of a professional type are used for regular, but not long work. But cheaper models can be used infrequently. No more than 1-2 times a week.

When choosing, be sure to take into account such an indicator as the maximum diameter of the nut or bolt with which your tool can work with. In particular:

  • Budget models working with diameters up to 25 mm are designed mainly for small tire fitting, as well as small, passenger or commercial transport;
  • Up to 32 mm carvings is suitable for medium commercial transport;
  • Threads for ups up to 50 mm (in particular, super.Powerful type) are used for heavy industry, agricultural machinery and heavy trucks.

Pneumatic gaykortes have universal use and are of different types. How they are arranged and correctly used, was considered in this material.

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