How to remove the star from the chainsaw and replace with another (instructions with photos and videos)

One of the most loaded nodes of the mechanism, subject to the fastest wear. The leading star (gear), located on the clutch of the motorcycle, transfers rotation to the chain, resting against its links at a huge speed. Together with the serious resistance of the material in which the canvas “bite”, the gear assumes maximum pressure, which gradual grows the metal of the teeth.

How to Setup A Petrol Chainsaw

As it is worn, the asterisk begins to play, causing extremely unpleasant consequences. Fortunately, this element refers to budget consumables, even for chainsaws of professional brands. How to determine the time for replacing the stars, do it with your own hands and extend the service life for a new one, tell and show in this article.

Types of leading stars

There are two types of drums, depending on the purpose of the chainsaw, professional and household. The frequency of replacement of the asterisk depends on this: if the household saw is used much less often professional, then replacing consumables, such as an asterisk, bearings or a crown, requires less often.

In their design, leading stars are of two types:

    Solid or non.Vegetable type. As follows from the name, this is a single design, where the clutch plate and the drive crown are firmly cooked or compressed. If necessary, the detail changes entirely.

After you have determined the type of your saw and sprockets to be replaced, you can proceed to the process of updating the mechanism.

The causes of inaccuracies and how to determine the need to replace

The wear of the teeth of the leading star can occur for several reasons:

  • Natural wear together in the teeth of the chain;
  • Accelerated wear as a result of excessive tension or lack of lubrication of the chain;
  • Incorrectly selected chain;
  • Technological defect.

Metal wear can be determined visually when examining the asterisk without removing it from the saw. Dents and chips on the surface should not exceed 0.5 mm.

The need to replace is determined by increased noise when the chain moves, but this is characteristic only in the presence of deep potholes. It is difficult to notice shallow production during work, but the chain will wear out hard. With the breaks of the teeth, the chain can move in jerks, which is especially good during operation.

When to change the star of the chainsaw?

If the chain glues at low speeds, the saw is operated for a long time on one chain and the leading star, and during its inspection defects are established, its change is mandatory.

Outwardly the condition of the asterisk is determined by its teeth. They are considered worn if on them:

  • There are small chips or furrows from the guide;
  • Their width is disproportionate;
  • The corners between teeth and cavities are different;
  • Hub with bullying and other deformations due to lack of lubrication.

In each of the above options. The asterisk is subject to repair.

The design of the leading star of the chainsaw

The construction of the chainsaw has not only a leading, but also a driven star. The leading star of the chainsaw is in the design of the tool, and the driven is located at the end of the tire. The purpose of the driven device is to align the tension and direction of moving the chain device.

Leading devices are whole and prefabricated. Whole products consist of a hub with a sophisticated gear crown. When replacing, the entire mechanism is dismantled, since the gear structure is indiscriminate. With whole gears, chainsaws of many well.Known brands are equipped with whole gears.

What does a whole gear on the chainsaw look like

Collapsible products are more advanced, since the process of replacing them is simplified through the simplest design of the mechanism. Only one crown is changing, the cost of which is 2 times less than the prefabricated mechanism. You can determine the corresponding wear of the gears of the gear according to the following signs:

  • The presence of large radii in the places of transition of teeth
  • Uneven tooth width
  • Detection of chips and chips of metal on the upper part of the teeth
  • Bullying and risks on the inner surface of the holes in the hub
  • When starting the tool, the chain is revealed

With the wear of the leading device, it is necessary to replace it. You can do this yourself, for which the tool is initially disassembled, and the option of the installed device is determined. If an indispensable gear is installed on the tool, then instead of it you can install the national mechanism, which is more rational.

Distinguish between two varieties of installation of leading stars on chainsaws. The first method provides for the location of the gear on the outside. Such designs are the most common Stihl brand on the chainsaw. The design of such a device is displayed in the photo below.

A product of a non.Vegetable type on the tool

The second option is inherent in Chinese tools. The teeth of the gear are not located on the outer, but from the inside, that is, the device is located the opposite.

Star design on a Chinese chainsaw

Depending on the design of the tool, the process of dismantling the products in question will differ.

How to replace a leaking oil seal

It is interesting! To extend the service life of the lead gear of the chainsaw, you must definitely run the instrument, and do not overload it when working, which depends on the purpose (household, semi.Professional or professional). A domestic tool can be cut down a tree, but the saw is not intended for this, and its frequent use with overloads will lead to wear of composite parts.

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  • First of all, a saw’s headset is performed, a universal key is used to unscrew the nuts on the tire cover. The lid is removed, after which the tire and chain are removed.
  • Air filter is removed.
  • With a universal key, a candle of the device is unscrewed. A piston stop is temporarily installed in its place, thanks to which you can perform piston fixation of the piston in the cylinder.
  • The puller is installed in a universal connector. After that, the resulting device allows you to freely unscrew the clutch clutch. Fulfillment of all actions is carried out clockwise.
  • We delete clutch clutch, this will free access to work with internal details. Next, a star is removed (clutch drum).
  • Based on what type of drum is installed in the unit, we examine it and check the crown. We replace the stars or crown with a new part. When replacing them, it is necessary to check the state of adhesion in the separator. You need to check the springs in the centrifugal mechanism and fists especially carefully. If their strong wear is detected, then these parts must also be replaced.
  • In the event of a satisfactory state of these elements, all the details of the chainsaw are assembled in the reverse order. Initially, it is necessary to twist the piston stopper, pull out the starter cord, and screw the stopper again. Thanks to such complex actions, you can squeeze the centrifugal mechanism on the crankshaft.
  • Using a universal full.Time key, it is necessary to make clutch compression counterclockwise.
  • Having completed these actions, you can continue to screw the rest of the parts to your former place.

In order to correctly and without defects, replace the sprocket with a chainsaw, it is necessary to do all the work in high.Quality and accurately. If you do not have special devices for repair work, then the process of replacing the drum may fail, since there is a chance of a breakdown of not only stars or centrifugal mechanism, but also a saw chain.

The information presented above gives a clear idea of ​​how to remove the star from the saw. Thanks to this, no difficulties should arise and the task can be successfully performed completely independently. Having carried out such an operation at least once, you can re-carry out it without any problems when the need to arise in this. For a more clear understanding of this procedure, we recommend watching a video on the analysis of the chainsaw and removing the star.

Replacement of a worn.Out chainsaw star

The leading star of the chain chain or electric saw is one of the most important parts of the saw apparatus. The main function of the chainsaw star: transmission of the torque of the engine to the saw chain.

This transmission is carried out through the centrifugal clutch coupling. By type of sprocket can be divided into professional and domestic, as well as chains.

During the operation of the chainsaw and sawing of wood, the leading star, like the chain, gradually wear out.

star, removed, chainsaw, method, crown

Husqvarna leading asterisk

Let’s learn in more detail why you need a replacement of a worn sprocket of a chain chain or electric saw and when it is better to perform such a replacement.

The main signs that the sprocket needs to be changed:

  • The chain was replaced on your chainship (one of the current operating rules of the chainsaw and electric saw. With frequent and active operation, the tool after two chain changes should be replaced by the leading star);
  • The quality of sawing worsened, the chain began to more often need tightening;
  • You have installed a new chain that the old leading star does not fit (this part is not universal, and also has its own step, in addition, the steps of the leading and driven chain stars should match, otherwise the tool will not work);
  • You use another bus, shorter or longer.

Why replace an asterisk?

You need to remove a worn star for the following reasons:

  • With an old star, the saw chain will stretch very quickly. After a few applications the chain will hang, and pulling will not help;
  • If you put a new chain on an old star, the smoothness of the chain move will decrease, the quality of the cut will deteriorate, the chain will lead when the cut to the side;
  • The overall wear of the chainsaw will accelerate, the tool can fail at any time;
  • A rupture of the chain may occur or the chain will be jammed during operation (dangerous by hand injuries and damage to the housing of the electric saw, chainsaw);
  • The tire will heat up faster, which will lead to rapid overheating of the chainsaw;
  • The load on the engine and the case will increase.

Important! You can not replace at your own discretion the size of the stars during repair, use the manufacturer’s standard. Unauthorized replacement will lead to a deterioration in the technical indicators of a chainsaw or electric saw.

Are there any ways to extend the resource of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the working resource of the leading star of the chainsaw:

  • Use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the circuit worn intensive work. Operation alternately three chains will save the resource of the sprocket and delay its replacement;
  • High.Quality maintenance of the bearing of the leading star. This detail plays an important role in the functioning of both the drive star and the engine. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. The stars bearing is not constantly involved, but only at idle, so it needs periodic lubrication. You can use a tire grease, for example, standard lubrication from Repsol or Husqvarna.

What tools are needed to replace the stars

To replace the drive (leading) stars, you will need such tools and components:

  • A special key to removing this part (usually comes with expensive branded chainsaws, cheap saws are not equipped with such a key);
  • A gap made of aluminum or copper (only from soft metals and only in the absence of a key);
  • A hammer (for striking on a grooved in the process of unscrewing the asterisk);
  • The screwdriver is flat for twisting the nut;
  • Lubrication for bearing stars.

Structural problems, differences of different models

Brand chainsaws have a special design that does not allow you to replace a worn.Out drive without dismantling the clutch and other parts of the chainsaw. That is, the saw needs to be disassembled almost completely. Modern models of expensive chainsaws are always equipped with a special key.

Replacing a stars on a chainsaw

Also, the owner of the chainsaw may encounter such a nuance: on Chinese imported chainsaws or electric saws, an asterisk on the clutch mechanism can be located unusual. On old models, with the wear of the teeth of the chain, you need to unscrew and change the drum, solid with the drive. For newer models, you can replace the sprocket separately.

Algorithm for independent replacement of the clutch drum with an asterisk

How is the replacement of the leading sprocket on an electric saw or chainsaw. Then about this in detail.

For the procedure for replacing the stars, you need to do the following actions:

  • Remove the cover cover cover and pull it over (avoid contact of the brake tape with clutch details);
  • With the help of a wrench, weaken the nuts that hold the tension of the chain and the chainsaw cover;
  • Remove the chain, and then the tire, removing the garbage and sawdust from the mounts for fasteners;
  • We fix the piston in the cylinder using a conventional lace, but if possible, you need to use a piston stop or a special latch;
  • The clutch begins to rotate and do this until the piston touches the exhaust hole;
  • After that, a lock or lace is lowered in the candle opening and fixed there, tying several nodes (the lock is fixed itself);
  • Unscrew the clutch nut (pay attention. The thread of this nut is left, consider this when unscrewing);
  • It is forbidden to use hard tools so as not to break the soft metal of the clutch nut;
  • Next, the clutch is removed;
  • After remove the gear itself, the stars;
  • Replace the old star of the new;
  • In reverse order, the assembly of the structure is assembled.

Why do you need a stars of a chainsaw

Stars for chainsaws are parts of the clutch baskets intended to rotate the chain. On the chainsaws, the type of centrifugal.Type drive is used, the operation of which is automatically, which depends on the speed of the engine itself.

The device of the centrifugal mechanism is such that when the chainsaw is idle, the asterisk does not rotate. This is due to the fact that the elements of the adhesion basket have the degree of freedom. This freedom is ensured by friction linings and springs. As soon as the number of revolutions increases, the centrifugal force increases the force of the springs, as a result of which elements with friction lining are displaced. In this case, the torque is transferred to the drum and an asterisk, which in turn, drives a saw chain.

star, removed, chainsaw, method, crown

This design of the clutch mechanism is due to the fact that when the circuit is jammed, it is slipping. Thus, it is possible to prevent the jamming of the internal combustion engine, as well as avoid its premature failure. The regular use of the saw leads to the fact that the crown wears out, and there is a need to replace it.

How to replace a star on a Chinese chainsaw yourself

If you are faced with a tool where the star is placed on the thread (fixed instead of the bracket), then the replacement process will be somewhat laborious. Consider the sequence of actions in order:

  • Initially, you need to remove the casing, as well as the tire and chain, as in the first case
  • After that, a protective pad is dismantled, under which the air filter and the spark plug are located
  • The spark plug should be removed. You need to screw it into the cylinder either a special plastic insert, or stick the cord. This is done in order to block the movements of the piston. The cord is used by woolen without sticking wire. The best option for such purposes is a wire from an iron
  • Preference is given to the second option, since plastic inserts can damage the design of the piston. The cord is sat down in the cylinder, when the piston will not reach 2-3 mm to VMT
  • When the movement of the piston is blocked, you should use a special key that is usually equipped with a tool. If there is no such key, you can use the one that is designed for the Bulgarians or the usual rye on “19”
  • You need to rotate the device aside by the watch. As soon as the mount is weakened, you can display the device manually, dismantle the gear with a replacement, and similarly install all parts per place

At the end, when the star is fixed, the cord is extracted from the cylinder, and the candle is installed in place. A detailed description of the dismantling process is presented in the video.

After the work done, you will need to adjust the tension of the chain, and resort to the verification of the tool in action. The replacement process can be considered complete on this. How the stars of the chainsaw is replaced, and what this procedure is, is described in detail in the material. If you are faced with various problems, then seek help from specialists who will help to understand the situation free of charge.

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