Adjusting a chainsaw carburetor

Chainsaws are very popular gardening tools. They have gained a lot of popularity among gardeners and those who care for the territory in the yard. Construction or repair work can also be done without a chainsaw. chainsaws are even more important in a logging profession.

Every chainsaw requires a good amount of care, service and tuning before it can work. If you load the tool too much, it can lead to a shortening of its operating life and break the tool.

Today we will talk about that part of the chainsaw mechanism, which has the task of preparing the fuel before it enters the engine cylinder. This is the function of the chainsaw carburetor. It is the carburetor that will determine how well the chainsaw works and how much fuel it uses when it is running. If you see that the gasoline chainsaw began to work with errors, it may be necessary to adjust the carburetor.

How to properly run-in a new chainsaw Ural?

How to gradually start up the recently purchased gasoline-powered tool Ural will be explained in detail in its operating manual.

If it is not present, then you will have to act in this sequence:

  • At the beginning of the procedure, you need to move the throttle to the normal closed position;
  • Then it will be necessary to switch on the factory ignition system and press the button for fuel pre-pumping several times, if it is provided in the construction of the saw;
  • After that the operator will have to pull the regular starter rope 2─3 times until the characteristic sound;
  • As soon as the saw engine starts and stalls on its own, you need to move the throttle lever to the half-open position;
  • Then you need to pull the starter rope again. The chainsaw should start. At this point, you need to move the choke lever to the fully open position, disengage the inertia brake and sharply press the throttle lever;
  • The saw should then return to normal no-load operation.

Ural chain saw with the engine running should be left until the fuel tank is empty.

Mixture quality characteristics at the carburetor outlet

Directly in the carburetor is formed the working mixture, the composition of which can be adjusted in a sufficient range of operational adjustments. When the engine is run with an enriched mixture the fuel does not burn completely and this reduces traction and the engine burns less efficiently.

Poor mixture combustion is characterized by engine overheating, loss of power, deterioration of lubricating properties of the oil component of the fuel mixture, appearance of detonation phenomena unsafe for the power unit structure.

Correct Way To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

Factory settings of fuel equipment are made on the basis of averaged data, not taking into account the influence of external factors, including air pressure and temperature, the level of operating loads.

Periodic adjustment of the composition of gasoline-air emulsion allows you to maintain the traction characteristics of the power drive at a given level, stabilize the mode of economical consumption of fuel and engine oils.

Taiga carburetor chainsaw: installation and repair tips from BenzoZip online store

Before you buy a new carburetor. we advise to understand the reason for the failure of the tool, and if the problem is really in it, then before ordering, there are two more options for a small repair. The first is its adjustment, and the second. replacement of the repair kit, which includes gaskets and diaphragms. The most popular models of the tool are 214 and 245, on their example we will consider how to install the part, as well as the nuances of its structure:

adjust, carburetor, chain, ural
  • TAIGA chainsaw is presented to users with an integrated fuel pump, the structure of the unit is diaphragm-type, single-chamber. Traditionally, the air pulse from the carburetor drives the diaphragm of the fuel pump. All knot screws on the 214 model are adjustable.
  • The original carb on the 245 model is a sample of the float-free type with an integrated pump. Most failures, however, depends on the carburetor, that’s why it needs to learn how to adjust, and directly replace, as a chronological procedure described in more detail in our articles.

The assembly of the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw, in fact, does not differ globally from the same procedure of branded carbos. The only difference may be the inability to turn the high and low speed screws, while the idle speed screw on all models. necessarily subject to adjustment. Most saws today are ready to cooperate with high-quality counterparts spare parts from the manufacturer Walbro. these are worthy Chinese copies, we always give a guarantee on them, and the unit itself, with proper use and the use of quality fuel. Always works with efficiency. Inexpensive items like this can be found in our catalog. If you’re interested in the STIHL 180 carburetor, just follow this link.

Advantages: Very powerful in comparison with the modern chainsaws of Chinese manufacture. Simple design, but very maintainable. Works for a long time in the woods, does not stall or lose revs at any temperature, whether it’s summer or winter. does not matter.

Drawback: Quite strong vibration and heavy weight, but you have to put up with it, because all the parts are made of metal and there is no doubt in their quality.

Ilya Stepanov, Irkutsk, owner of a peasant farm, saw has been used for 12 years.

Advantages: Handy top-mounted horn handles. Swiveling gearbox that unfolds the saw bar. Very comfortable to saw in the winter when there is a layer of snow. Good fuel and oil tolerance. Powerful and almost nothing to break, cheap spare parts.

adjust, carburetor, chain, ural

Disadvantages: Sometimes the spark plugs burn out, you have to buy new ones. Perhaps the thing is not properly adjusted carburetor, because since the purchase, and it is more than 11 years no one adjusted it.

adjusting the carburetor on a chinese chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor on a Chineseman chainsaw.First, in order to start the engine, the throttle trigger should be turned all the way in and then unscrewed for 2 turns. First, to start the engine, turn the full throttle screw all the way in and then back out 1.5 turns. Once you have started the engine warmed up at medium speed and only after sufficient warm-up spend adjustment as follows: Adjusting the carburetor chainsaw carried out only on the warmed up engine, with the screws full and small gas.To adjust the carburetor, the following recommendations should be followed:1. The carburetor must be clean, that is, free of dust and dirt.It is recommended to disassemble it, clean it and then reassemble it. video for

2.Fuel Nets in carburetor.also clean, without accumulation of debris.3.The jets (small and full throttle screws) are unscrewed completely and blown with a bicycle pump.4.Reassemble the carburettor and put it in place. Pour gasoline and start the chainsaw.5. Without releasing the gas button, warm the engine at low and medium rpm, then by unscrewing and screwing in the nozzles for full and small gas make the adjustment and check the injectivity of the engine. To do this, sharply press the gas pedal button and sharply release it. The engine should not rock and should build up revolutions quickly and then, after releasing the gas button, reduce revolutions smoothly.

In the process of operation of chain saw Ural there are different problems with the carburetor, mainly because of the use of low-quality fuel or violations of operating rules.And in order to try to restore the performance, you need to know the structure of the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw.When adjusting the idle speed of the engine you should be guided by the following requirements:

a) The engine should idle stable and the chain should not run on the guide bar.b) When the engine is running, there should not be much smoke.c) The engine must have good injectivity, i.e. е. the choke control lever should be pushed hard and it should rev up quicklyr) idle speed regulation should be done in the following sequence. With the screw 3 (photo 4) set the minimum steady revolutions, at which the saw chain does not move on the bar. If the engine is smoking heavily (a sign of too rich mixture), partially turn the carburettor screw 1.

This will cause the engine RPM to SPEED and the exhaust smoke to decrease;

How to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw, if it won’t start at all

Quite a common problem in those cases, when in the settings is trying to get into the “master” from the “I know everything” series with his hands, not growing out of his shoulders. In a similar case there are standard positions of screws from which you can “dance” further. To begin with it is necessary to fully tighten both screws (do not be too zealous). Then unscrew the screw:

Adjusting the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw

◊ Adjusting the idle speed of the chainsaw engine.

Photo-4. Throttle control lever (bottom view):

Adjustment is performed by changing the quality and quantity of fuel mixture entering the engine cylinder. The amount of mixture is changed by the screw 3 (photo-4), which limits the rotation of the throttle control lever 1 in the direction of its closing.

photo 5. Controls for adjusting and controlling the choke

throttle valve control lever 1 (photo 4) which limits rotation of throttle valve control lever 1 in the direction of its closure. 1) Little throttle valve control lever, 2) full throttle valve control lever, 3) throttle valve control lever (shown in open position.) Quality of mixture changes with the carburetor control lever 1 (photo 5). When adjusting the idle speed of the engine, the following requirements should be followed:

a) The engine should run steadily at idle speed and the saw chain should not move on the bar. b) When the engine is running, there should be no heavy smokiness. c) The engine should have good injectivity, t. е. when the throttle control lever is suddenly depressed, it should quickly gain revolutions d) Regulation of idling speed is recommended to be performed in the following sequence:. start the engine and warm it up at low and medium revolutions. With screw 3 (photo 4) set the minimum steady RPM, at which the saw chain does not move along the bar. If the engine is smoking heavily (the sign of too rich mixture), partially turn the screw 1 of the carburetor.

In this case the engine RPM will be POWERFUL, and the smoke output will be reduced;

The engine should rev up quickly. If the engine stalls or fails to deliver power, i.e. е. slowly regains power (lean mixture) then partially unscrew carburettor screw 1. Engine RPM will decrease. To increase the idle speed the screw 3 must be partially turned. Check engine on revolutions again;

◊ Maximum power setting for the engine

This adjustment should be made after a 25-hour run-in period and after adjusting the engine idle speed. Adjustment is accomplished by adjusting screw 2 (photo 5) of the carburetor by leaning or enriching the mixture during engine operation. Partially turning the screw in weakens the mixture and loosens it. The most advantageous position of the carburetor screw 2 is determined experimentally by checking the chainsaw performance when sawing wood.

The following requirements for the chainsaw’s operation should be observed. a) The chainsaw engine must deliver enough power to provide high cutting performance with moderate smoke. b) The chainsaw engine should have good injectivity, should not overheat, run down and stop when cutting wood (overheating indicates a lean mixture and overloading the engine).

Due to lack of experience, there may be cases of complete razregulation of the carburetor, and the chainsaw ceases to operate normally, starting the engine is difficult. To restore normal adjustment it is necessary to set the screws of carburetor 1 and 2 (photo 5) in initial position in the following way: a) screw 1 to screw up to stop and then turn out on one turn; b) screw 2 to screw up to stop and then turn out on ½ turn. After restoring the initial position of the adjusting screws, make adjustments according to the above techniques. Continued article

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