How to properly adjust a chainsaw carburetor

During the operation of the tool, there are situations when it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw. Within the framework of the article, we will figure out when to set up on how to do it correctly and whether to regulate it yourself, or is it better to give it to a specialized service. Carburetor. An important node, the service life of the saw depends on how correctly it works.

New chainsaws are supplied by the manufacturer with adjusted carburetors. This is called standard adjustment. But for the normal passage of the running.In process, it is necessary to reduce the maximum engine speed, adjust the carburetor. After running in, the chainsaws need an accurate setting to achieve maximum engine efficiency.

Also, the signal for cleaning and adjustment is increased fuel consumption, which negatively affects the work of the exhaust system. Simply put, the chainsaw begins to smoke strongly and the muffler clogs with a carbard, which in turn will lead to a decrease in power.

With excess fuel in the mixture, engine parts are poorly lubricated, and premature wear occurs. Also, a high-quality mixture can cause the engine jamming due to overheating (this is one of the reasons why the chainsaw is not started).

This is what the jammed, overheated piston looks like a disassembled chainsaw with an incorrect carburetor.

Adjustment is necessary when the engine does not hold idling, stalls or does not develop full power. Carburetor tuning should be carried out with clean air and fuel filters. We also recommend reading an interesting article, which describes in detail about the main reasons why the chainsaw is started and immediately stalls.

Features of chainsaws

In general, this is a lineup with standard qualities and characteristics in its price category for the modern market. By design and declared characteristics, they are comparable to expensive chainsaws of well.Known brands. But they lose to them by reliability and durability.

The difference in price is 3-5 times playing a large role. For short and infrequent work, budget chainsaws are a rational choice.

Of the three options, the Model 4518 Farmer has the greatest differences. It is much heavier, which is characteristic of many Russian.Made products:

  • A larger margin of safety due to strengthening and increasing the size of the nodes.
  • Noise when working, which is atypical for foreign products with the tendency of the struggle for ecology and silence.

Review of the main models

Consider the main models of chainsaws of this brand and their features.

Model Hooper 3816

Equipped with a 2-stroke engine, whose power was 2 horsepower. The engine volume of such a power unit is 38 centimeters of cubic, a chamber of 0.55 liters. The guide tire of this tool in Dina is 40 centimeters. This is a device that can be attributed to classic everyday. In the collected form, this brainchild of the company “Khoper” weighs 4.85 kilograms.

This model is confirmed by the fact that the Volgograd manufacturer uses modern technologies in the development of power units, since in Hope 3816:

  • The Quick Start system has been implemented (the device has an additional spring in the starter system), as well as a special pumping fuel pump, due to which it is easy and simple to start the saw;
  • Modern fuel saving technology has been implemented (the system reduces fuel costs, but this does not affect the productivity of the tool), reducing toxic exhaust gases;
  • The cylinder is covered with chrome, wear.Resistant material, which is used by all leaders manufacturers of power units of different classes (even premium);
  • There is a vibration suppression system (possibly due to springs on the handle and special linings).

Additional plus hopper 3816. Fast operation of the inertial type brake. This will protect the operator with a reverse strike.

To access the filter of this unit, additional tools do not need to be used.

Hope 4518 chainsaws (3.3 horsepower), has a more voluminous engine (45 centimeters of cubic) and an elongated guide (5 centimeters longer than that of the previous model).

This tool is weighty (in collected form weighs 6.3 kilograms). Like other power units of this company, the model 4518 has a heat.Resistant case, which means that with prolonged operation the device will not be heated much.

It is not difficult to start such a saw due to an improved starting cable, which is associated with an inertial spring, as well as a manual primer (this is a special fuel pump).

Also, be sure to pay attention to the popular and very similar chainsaw of the SD-master 4518. In terms of characteristics and other parameter, it is identical.

An important distinguishing characteristic is the presence of a decompression valve in the second most important saw node. When buying equipment, take into account, regardless of its dimensions and performance, you will not feel fatigue with a long work with the tool, thanks to the amortization springs built into the chainsaw handle (extinguish vibration harmful to the body). If you take into account the reviews of the owners of the tool, the system is one hundred percent effective.

Additional pleasant bonus. To get to the air filter, you do not need to disassemble the device with a tool, just use the rotary roller.

In terms of power, the model is identical to the previous one, but the volume of its main node is much larger (for as many as 7 centimeters of cubic). In addition, the power unit can be used to cut large diameter wood, since the guide tire is elongated (50 centimeters). The entire unit weighs 4 kilograms (without all sawing set).

To manufacture the device case, heat.Resistant plastic was used. Additional pluses:

  • The handles have special springs that extinguish vibration;
  • A rapidly triggering chain brake, which will protect the operator from the reverse return;
  • Simplified access to the air filter;
  • Simple access to the chain brake;
  • Innovative technology of fuel consumption (due to which the amount of harmful exhaust is also reduced, which enters the atmosphere when the saw);
  • A quick and simple launch system (an improved starter, thanks to which the tool will start even with a lot of frost);
  • Decompression valve;
  • The presence of a high.Quality coating on the cylinder (wears out slowly, so that, you will not have to worry about the frequent replacement of the knot).

How to cut a chainsaw on boards. How to cut a log onto the boards of a chainsaw, make the boards the video themselves

Also, if you consider the chainsaws of domestic production, look at the review of the models of the chainship of the taiga.

You can put into operation the chainsaw of the Hope Farmer by using universal setting instructions.

Hoper chainsaw is a cutting tool designed for rolling small trees and their subsequent saw. Among the main advantages of chainsaws from this manufacturer can be distinguished:

  • Reliable device case;
  • Easy access to all structural elements for repair work;
  • Simplicity of maintenance;
  • Low fuel fluid consumption compared to similar models;
  • Light starting system;
  • Low level of emissions into the atmosphere;
  • High level of performance.

There are several modifications, for example, models 4518 and 5220. They differ from each other in appearance and technical indicators.

Hooper 4518

Hooper 4518 chainsaw is a small.Sized tool equipped with a powerful power unit and a guide tire. Using this model, you can harvest firewood, process lumber for wooden construction, take care of small shrubs. The case is made of high.Quality orange plastic.

There are handles with anti.Vibration coating for convenient control of the tool. This allows you to remove part of the load from the hand of the operator and increase the duration of the work. The free sliding of the saw chain mechanism is provided by transferring the oil fluid to the guide tire.

Step.By.Step settings instructions

Adjusting the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw, and not only, should always take place in 2 stages:

This is not easy, but with the help of this approach, the best result of adjustment is achieved. We will analyze.

Stage 1. Idle

Steps, photo Description

Run the engine and warm up at medium and small speeds for 3 minutes.

Step 2. Installing minimum revolutions with a screw T

We install the minimum stable speeds with a screw, in which the saw chain does not move along the tire. If the engine smokes strongly, then this is a sign of an overly rich mixture, so the screw L should partially wrap. In this case, the engine speed will increase, and the smoke will decrease.

Now we check the engine’s acceptance in the following way. We sharply press the gas, the engine should quickly gain speed and work steadily. If the engine is slowly gaining momentum, or there are failures. This means that the mixture is poor and it is necessary to turn the screw l. While the engine speed will decrease. The revolutions of the idle will also decrease, so you need to partially wrap the screw T and again check for the receipt.

It happens that the first time it doesn’t work out, so you need to repeat steps 2 and 3 until the engine operation will comply with the 3 rules described at the beginning of the article.

Stage 2. Maximum power

The adjustment of the chainsaws for maximum power is carried out only after running out the chainsaw, as well as after adjusting the idle.

Maximum power adjustment is carried out by rotation of the screw H, turning it, we either impoverish or enrich the fuel mixture. With partial screwing. The mixture is launched. When unscrewing. Enriched. The best position of the screw is determined by experimentally when checking the sawing of wood. When conducting a check, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • The engine should develop power that provides high sawing performance with moderate smoke of release.
  • The engine should have good acceptance and should not overheat. Must also drop speeds, and the chain must stop.

Attention! The engine overheating is the first sign of a very poor mixture and a large overload of parts. This increases the wear of the cylinder. The piston group and as a result can cause a complete failure.

We also recommend reading articles on how to adjust the carburetor on the following chainsaws: Carver, Partner 350, Ural 2 Electron, STIHL MS 180,

Carburetor adjustment

After running in the saws, only thin tuning of the UPT is performed. For this, a tachometer and technical documentation for the sawing tool is required to be required. The fact is that the manufacturer has already installed almost optimal settings. Just for running the engine and grinding of other mobile parts of the motor.Opila, the carburetor is configured to prepare a little more enriched than the estimated optimal, fuel mixture. Due to this, the maximum speed of the speed is slightly lower than a constructively laid by the manufacturer and plus the motor is better lubricated to this. Thanks to this, the engine running.In and the production of other mobile parts are held in sparing mode.

Therefore, if there is no tachometer and/or reliable information (passport data) about the maximum speed of revolutions and at idle, then you should not change the factory settings after running in, since this cannot be done correctly. Anyway, it is not necessary to perform thin adjustment in this case. The chainsaws will work perfectly and at the available basic settings. And if you do it, it is better in the service center. It is recommended to entrust the jewelry tuning of the carburetor with a very new tool.

Thin adjustment

Before independent subtle adjustment, it is strongly recommended as accurately as possible to note the previous position of the setting bolts. This will allow in case of an unsuccessful attempt to return them to the place. To the basic factory settings. We start the regulation from the bolt “h”. After setting maximum revolutions, we check the idle. If they differ from normal, set them first with the help of “l”, and then “s” (“la”, “t”). At the same time, we are guided by the rules and principles set forth in the second chapter of this article. But we turn the regulatory bolts, focusing on the testimony of the tachometer. Then we continue to configure the carburetor, as indicated in the same chapter. We twist the screws, following the testimony of the tachometer.

How to set up a Chinese.Made saw?

The design of the carburetor on Chinese chainsaws does not fundamentally differ. The order and principle of configurations also have no differences and are executed in the same order. The only difficulty that can arise during the performance of the work is the determination of the purpose of the adjusting screws. Typically, the screw T is located on top, and H and L are located in the lower part of the carburetor body. There may be another, additional screw.

Figure 3. Location of adjusting mechanisms

Usually their purpose is determined experimentally, slightly changing the situation and following the result. After the purpose of the elements is clearly defined, further setting is not difficult and is carried out by the usual procedure.

Setting up a chainsaw carburetor is an important and necessary procedure, which periodically has to be performed to restore the normal performance of the tool. This process does not create fundamental complexity, but requires accuracy, attention and compliance with the safety rules from the user. The chain of chainsaws is usually not removed, because you will need to observe its position. Therefore, it is important to constantly remember the possibility of starting it and show the necessary caution.

Adjustment must be made smoothly, in small changes in the position of the screws, so as not to cause too sharp changes in the rotation mode of the shaft. The result depends on the attentiveness and thoroughness of the user, and the correctly configured carburetor will allow you to extend the life of the tool.

The lineup of the chainsaws

Actual models of chainsaw Hoper:

Chainsaw Hope 4518 Farmer of Boopee Hope 5220

Tools for Cutting Brush on the Homestead. The Right Tools for the Job. IMOUM Mini Chainsaw Review

The power of the chainsaw is in the range of 2-3.5 liters.With. Purpose: domestic.

The “Farmer” series is more new, the power of the usual model and the new is identical.

Available to purchase a series “Farmer” and ordinary models.

Advantages of gasoline and electric saws Hoper:

  • High reliability of work, accessibility of service centers located throughout Russia, as well as in other countries;
  • A housing made of heat.Resistant plastic;
  • Easy access to the air filter;
  • Simple maintenance of both gasoline and electric tools;
  • There is a fuel pump that facilitates launch;
  • Effective fuel consumption without overrun (gasoline saws);
  • Environmental friendliness and the ability to work even in closed rooms (electric saws);
  • Worthy technical characteristics that are not inferior in their list for more expensive models from Swedish or German manufacturers.

How to adjust the chainsaw. Advice to beginners

In most service centers, the adjustment of the chainsaw is performed using special equipment. Each model has its own optimal values ​​of the angles of rotation of the screws. As a rule, chainsaws do not require frequent adjustment of carburetors. However, they may be required in certain cases:

  • With a strong wear of the piston of the motor. This is what causes why the chainsaw shoots;
  • When the blockage is formed inside the carburetor as a result of the use of poor.Quality gasoline and the failure of the air filter. In such cases, not only adjustment will be required, but also the washing of the node;
  • In case of damage to the protective cover. Often this is the reason why the chainsaw is gas.

There are a number of signs directly indicating the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • The engine does not work on idle or the chainsaw does not start at all. The reason lies in the poor fuel mixture;
  • The fuel consumption and the volume of exhaust gases have increased sharply. This is a consequence of the oversaturation of the carburetor with a fuel mixture.

Carburetor configuration scheme may differ for different models of chainsaws. But, despite this, the general principle remains unchanged.

  • L. Is deciphered as “LOW” and is used to adjust low revolutions;
  • H. It matters “High”, and is responsible for working at high speeds;
  • T (s, la). Used to adjust the idle.

Before adjusting the chainsaw, you should make sure that the cutting chain of the tool is directed in the opposite side of you. The chainsaw must be installed on a flat surface so that its chain does not touch other items.

Before adjusting the chainsaw, carefully study the procedure specified in the operating instructions. The setup of the gasopyle carburetor consists of two stages. The base, in which the engine is not edited and the final, when the chainsaw motor is heated and works. The procedure is as follows:

  • Slowly wrap the screws l and h clockwise until it stops, and then turn them a half turn on the clock;
  • Make the motor and leave the chainsaw for 10 minutes to work at low speeds;
  • Next, proceed to the final setting. Before adjusting the idle speed of the chainsaw, you will need to turn the idle screw towards the clockwise direction until the engine speed is minimal, the engine will work steadily, and the circuit will stand in place. If the screw stalls in this position, then the screw must be turned clockwise. If the adjustment of the idle stroke on the chainsaw has led to the fact that the circuit is spinning at idle, then the screw must be turned a little counterclockwise;
  • Then you need to check the chainsaw for accelerating the motor. To do this, smoothly press the gas lever. If the revolutions are gaining slowly, then you need to slightly turn the screw L countdown;
  • Next, set the maximum engine speed. You can check them by the presence of failures in the ignition system. If they are, then the screw h must turn counterclockwise;
  • After setting up acceleration and maximum speed, you need to check the operation of the chainsaw at idle again. The fact that you did everything correctly will be indicated by the lack of movement of the circuit at idle and the stable operation of the motor will,

Having completed all of the listed actions, you can continue to work with the tool. In order not to adjust the carburetor again in the near future, use only high.Quality fuel and motor oil, and try to work with the chainsaw as neatly as possible.

CORRECT WAY To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

Alexander Trofimenko, 33 years old, Chernihiv region

“Guys, I have a chainsaw 270. I have been working with her for two years, but for some time, trabes and breakdowns have begun. For a long time I could not understand what was the matter, then it turned out that the settings of the carburetor had flown. I took it off, dismantled it, cleaned, washed, collected, put up gaps, manually adjusted. Then he went to the neighbor, lent the tachometer from that and it turned out that he was mistaken at 1,500 revolutions. So hearing is good, and the device is better in such matters.””

Alexey Ivanov, 47 years old, Tver

“After winter, the chainsaws have become poorly started, the engine works unevenly. Changed the candle to Champion, flooded fresh fuel. It did not help a gram. I rackled my head for a long time, why this happens, then I realized. The whole reason is in the fuel supply. My carb was littered. I had to blow it up and adjust it for a new exhibit. I spent three days and two tanks of gasoline on this business. Maybe it’s funny for you, but I got the experience and I tuned my chainsaw. I will not get enough.””

Sergey Akimov, 51 years old, Primorsky Territory

“I’ll tell you my sad story. Why sad, and therefore you should not get into the factory adjustments idle if you do not understand anything about it. In short, I bought a chainsaw, started, works fine. Everything is through. I decided to cut the oak, 50. 55 centimeters in diameter. And it seemed to me that the relics were not enough. Well, since there is not enough, then I need to add and I climbed to the screws. Twisted them, and the chainsaw works worse and works worse, and then did not start at all. Spent a bunch of nerves, time, and then money. Then they made adjustment in the workshop and consulted with their crooked hands no more to the screws not to touch. The log is not sawn.””

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