How to install a cupboard on a single tractor

Hellets are devices that are used to cut the furrows so that agricultural crops are possible to plant. Using these devices, you can put the soil. How to correctly configure the cupboard on the walk.Behind tractor you can find out below. A good example of these actions can be seen on the agricultural center YouTube channel, which publishes reviews for agricultural equipment, as well as tips on how to use it correctly. To get acquainted with the video, follow the link.

First, the cigns must be aggregated with the walk.Behind tractor itself, then it is necessary to configure the distance between the cupboard buildings and their width. It can be regulated by breeding and narrowing of the wings. The width of the capture is controlled due to the weakening of the bolts and the rearrangement of the hull body. After they are installed at the right distance, it is necessary to securely fix them.It is important to remember that after the adjustment of the case should be located at a symmetrical distance from the axis. Otherwise, the same.Based tractor will go aside, which indicates the impossibility of continuing the work.Before use, you need to attach the cupboard to the walk.Behind tractor. This will need a clutch. After that, the angle of inclination and the distance between the disks (when using a disk ciger) should be adjusted to get a furrow of the desired height. For this, special bolts are used in accordance with the instructions of manufacturers. The recess of discs into the ground is carried out after you click on the handle of a walk.Behind tract during its movement.If necessary, the angle of inclination and disks can be adjusted, as well as the distance between them during the work.

Production of a hand.Type manual cigarette light

When starting work, first the drawing of discs of the disk type should be made, guided by a detailed assembly scheme and putting down the exact dimensions.

The following tools will be needed for the manufacture of such a device:

  • Gas cutter. For cutting parts of sheet metal and steel profiles;
  • Gas welding post. For connecting parts with welds;
  • Gas burner. To heat the areas of metal parts before bending them;
  • Vise and other locksmith tools;
  • A powerful drill and a set of carbide for metal;
  • An angle grinding machine (angular grinder). For stripping welds;
  • Pipe bend. Preferably, but not necessarily.

Manual disk crap assembly scheme

Earth with potato sprouts; 2. Disks. 2 pcs.; 3. Cam type. 2 pcs.; 4. Bracket. 2 pcs.; 5. Stand. 2 pcs.; 6. Scraper. 2 pcs.; 7. Bridge beam. 1 pc.; eight. Stop bolt. 2 pcs.; nine. Gryadil handle-1 pc.

The bridge beam is made of a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm with a wall thickness of at least 2.5 mm.

Sleeve. 2 pcs. Thick.Walled steel pipe with a diameter of 45 mm (45×6.5);

Jumper. 1 pc. Steel pipe with a diameter of 32 mm (32×2.5):

Sleeve. 1 pc. (steel pipe 45 × 6.5, 120 mm long);

Communication. 2 pcs. (steel pipe 21 × 2.5, 1400 mm long);

UKOSINA. 1 pc.(steel pipe 21 × 2.5, 700 mm long);

Handle. 1 pc. (steel pipe 21 × 2.5 length 450 mm).

Disse hipper capture adjustment scheme

Description of the assembly process

The main structural element is the interconnected two metal disks of a concave shape with a diameter of 370 to 700 mm with pointed edges. They should be from a steel sheet with a thickness of at least 2 mm. Craftsmen solve this problem in different ways, someone even adapts the covers from the failed large pots. Others cut off the bottom and upper part of the heating tank of the old boiler, you can remove the wheels from the seeder that served its term. It is permissible to use old saw.Diameter saw discs. But it is best, of course, to make stainless steel disks and give them the desired shape in production.

The simplest option is to fasten the wheels with the help of bushings cooked together (two pipe segments with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 50–80 mm). In this case, the distances between the lower points and the angles of inclination of the disks always remain unchanged. The discs rotate due to the sliding of the axes in the bushings full of lubrication (for the axes they select bolts of suitable diameter and length). With a similar design, the width of the aisles will have to be made equal to this distance.

If you weld the hubs to the discs, in each of which two sliding bearings will be installed (203, a single ball), and the axes of the disks are combined with racks using homemade fist mechanisms, the wheels will be able to rotate freely, which will greatly facilitate the work. The steel scraper mounted on the axis on the concave side of each disk will clean it while working from adhering land.

Several through holes with a step of 50 mm are drilled on the bridge beam to adjust the distance between the disks to the size of the row. With such a mechanism you can work alone, but easier and more convenient. Together. It is advisable to make the front and rear thrust. Then there will be one person to push the device behind, and direct and pull forward. Partner.

In Fig. 6, 7, 8, respectively, it is shown how the vertical racks are arranged and how the handle-gryadil looks like. In Fig. 8. Fixing disks and methods for their adjustment.

Installation of a homemade cumber on a single tractor

The hip installed on a single tractor must be equipped with a clutch unit with the unit. It needs to be made, given the connecting sizes of the response part, and provide pins that will firmly connect the attachment equipment with the unit. All parts of the clutch node should be made of a sheet of high-carbon steel with a thickness of at least 5-7 mm. As pins, you can use bolts of suitable diameter and length.

A circuit of a disk cigarette light designed for installation on a mechanical or electric cultivator

In order for the possibility of adjusting the corner of the disk rotation, two talreps are installed on the beam (see. Rice. Ten). To change the distance between the discs in the beam, a number of holes for bolt compounds are drilled. The design should be completely symmetrical, otherwise it will be difficult to withstand the movement in a straight line during operation, the cupboard will begin to go to the side.

In Fig. 10 shows the location of talreps and special bolts (B and C), with which the position of the disks is adjusted.

How to spill up a disk cercketeer

When working with a disk cigarette light, the same.Based tractor will move the same, as in the case of a two.Row cigarette light, above one row of potatoes. It is this series that will be spent, the rest will not be affected at this moment. Thus, it is overlooking the disk walkway in time longer than a two.Row plug.Shaped perch, since you have to drive away the unoic tractor above each row, and not as with a two.Row. Through one. However, the quality of hilling with a disk cigarette light is considered higher than the plug.Shaped recognition.

Disk perch

adjust, cupboard, walk, tractor

Hill potatoes with a walk.Behind engineer

To increase potato yields, it is necessary to hide the plant several times a season. Enchanting lies in the fact that the earth is poured to the grown potato bush, and as a result, an earthen hill is gradually formed around it.

Due to the fact that in the ridges of potatoes grow in soft land, its number and dimensions of tubers increase. The loss of moisture by the bush is also reduced, the roots of weeds are cut during hilling, and the site is clean.

Wagging is usually carried out two to three times a season. First time. When plant height is not more than 10 cm. The second time-3-4 weeks after the first time. Last time. After flowering the potato bush. If the stems of potatoes are strongly stretched, then the hilling is carried out more than a number of times.

When the plot is small, you can pour the ground with a trap. But if you need to spill many bushes, then it is quite difficult to manually do it.

For this purpose, special mechanisms are used, which are called perch.

Do.It.Yourself hill

Making a home.Made enliver for a walk.Behind tractor is not so difficult. It will consist of such main nodes such as 2 disks, 2 racks, 2 screw adjusting tarlets, T-like rod for attaching the structure.

Before starting work, prepare the necessary blanks:

  • Metal sheets for the manufacture of discs (or already finished wheels);
  • Square metal profile for the manufacture of the bar;
  • Details for the manufacture of tarlet adjustment.

The photo below shows how exactly with the help of tarpleps the adjustment of the vertical axes of the cummer will be performed. The letter “B” indicates the adjustment screws, the letter “C”. Racks:

In the presence of the necessary blanks, the manufacture of the cigop should be made according to the drawings below. Do not forget to adhere to the specified sizes to obtain a quality product.

They will join the motor block with a bracket, the leash, in turn, is attached to the bracket with stopor bolts.

We also offer to familiarize yourself with the video, which tells about the intricacies of the manufacture of a home.Made crap for a walk.Behind tractor:

Such a cupboard will be compatible with such models of motoblocks as Neva MB-1, MB-2, Agro, MTZ, etc. D.


This is the simplest design that does not provide for adjustment of the cigarette light on the walk.Behind tract. The width of the furrow is fixed. The device consists of two wings connected at an angle and slightly extended. Typically, ready-made devices of this type have a capture width of 25-30 cm, which is why they are not the highest popular among users. Often, land owners who choose this design make it on their own, but taking into account the features of the technology for growing potatoes, which requires a distance of 50-60 cm for aisle.

The working part of the device is attached to thin racks, which reduces the load on the unit when immersed in the ground. In addition, often the device is assembled from wedges that are not direct, but a concave shape. This prevents excessive turning and drying of the earth.

Methods of planting potatoes

There are several ways to plant potatoes using a walk.Behind tractor:

  • A traditional method using a shovel and rake;
  • The use of the cigarette lights;
  • The use of special attachments (factory or homemade);

Planting potatoes with a cultivator

Before planting potatoes, you must first prepare and process the soil. If earlier, this was mainly performed manually with shovels, which took a lot of time and physical forces, now farmers and summer residents can do this with a cultivator. For high.Quality soil processing, it is necessary to follow the trail that the other was laid by one milling cutter. With this method, the soil will be processed to a depth of one bayonet of a shovel, which is optimal for planting potatoes.


After the site is prepared, you can start planting seed material. To do this, the cutivator cutters must be replaced with soil.Bearing, installing special extension cords in advance on them. On the Neva motornote, you need to remove the wings and central emphasis, putting the coupling in its place. Further, a two.Row perch should be attached to the hitch, putting a 650 mm distance before that.

Homemade marker for groove marking

Before proceeding to cutting the furrows, we first mark them with a marker, which can be easily done on your own. To do this, you need to take a stalk from a shovel or rake, fasten the cross.Member, on which screw 3 short pegs at a distance of 650 mm from each other with screws. The marker is ready and you can start marking.

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Having placed a groove with a home.Made marker, you need to fit the cupboard by the beginning of the first row and start cutting the strip. If necessary, you can increase the depth of the cut using the adjustment handle. Having reached the end of the intended strip, we turn around and perform the same operation, but in the opposite direction.

By cutting several rows, you can start planting seed material, withstanding the distance between the tubers-35-40 cm. After the potatoes are planted, it must be covered with the soil. To do this, it is necessary to increase the width of the capture on the ciga, pushing the dumps to the limit, which allows the design of the equipment. Install the unit opposite the first strip at the lowest speed, start the cover of potatoes with soil.

Potato planting with a walk.Behind tractor

Regardless of the method of planting potatoes, it is necessary to first prepare the soil accordingly. After the site is prepared, you can start sowing planting material. To do this, on the cultivator, it is necessary to replace the milling cutters with soils and install the plow to create a furrow and turn the soil. It is very important to go the first row as smooth as possible, for which it is better to mark in advance.

It’s good if all potato planting operations will be carried out at least, two people. One controls the unit with the cigns, and the second throws tubers into prepared soil. After the root crops are laid in the first furrow, it is necessary to expand the unit and install it with the right wheel in the trench, which needs to be held at low speed so as not to damage the potatoes. In this case, the new furrow is as smoothly laid as the previous one, and the former is covered with soil.

The use of motor blocks for planting potatoes greatly simplifies this difficult process. Over, this is the most laborious operation. For example, the planting of potatoes in a section of 5 acres in the old fashioned way, manually, will have to work hard all day. At the same time, thanks to the use of a walk.Behind tractor or cultivator, this whole operation will take a couple of hours. Despite the variety of models of motoblocks and attachments, the methods of planting root crops are almost identical.

Potato planting with a motor block with a plow

Before planting potatoes by the Neva by the Neva, you need to purchase and install the following additional equipment:

In the event that it is necessary to plant large areas with potatoes, then it is better to do this with a walk.Behind tractor with appropriate attachment equipment. As in the first case, to begin with, the soil should be prepared:

  • Using the plow to dig a plot installed on the uniform tractor;
  • Perform harrowing so that future shoots can in sufficient quantities to obtain the necessary oxygen and moisture;
  • Moisturize the soil if possible.

Next, it is necessary to cut the furrows. The potato.Resident has a bunker, special furrows, a mechanism for supplying seed material to prepared holes and a disk perch, which falls asleep with earth. Thanks to the design of the potato.Resident, it became possible to perform several operations at the same time. To cut the furrows with a plow, lay potatoes with a special mechanism and immediately fill them with soil. Before starting work on the potato.Resident, wheels with primers are put on, attach it to the same.Based tractor, for example, “Neva”, and perform the necessary setting.

Each landowner should decide how to sow potatoes on his own, however, planting potatoes with a motor block is the most optimal solution. When choosing a method, you should take into account the size of the site, the presence of assistants and finance. The indisputable fact is that the use of the Neva motornote and potato.Resident significantly facilitates the performance of heavy operations and allows you to qualitatively process large areas, which means to hope for a decent crop.

Helpers: types, purpose, features of use

The cakes were originally used exclusively to hill potatoes. But then the enterprising owners of the sites adapted them for other types of work:

Scrunctions improve productivity and reduce labor costs for processing and care for crops planted in rows, and there are always many of them in areas.

  • Lister, they are also eared and arrow.Shaped. They look like an elongated triangle, the sharp nose of which effectively breaks into the ground, and the wings, the capture of which reaches 35 centimeters, pour the soil under the plants;
  • Disk. They have a higher efficiency, you can work where the beds are close to each other, the soil is poured under the plants high.

According to experienced summer residents, having worked with a disc cake, I do not want to return to Lister. The disadvantage of this form is that wet earth quickly sticks to the wings, you often have to stop the work and clean the tool.

Disk cakes are traditionally paired, one disk simply will not be able to effectively bury the beds. But the lyister can be the simplest. Single.Row, piece. They are suitable for manual processing of small areas.

The simplest cigns are manual, arrow-shaped-one-row or consisting of two discs.

Such censors do not have the opportunity to adjust the width of the soil, so the owners have to adapt and plant the ranks of vegetables precisely to the dimensions of their tools.

There are manual cercers that you can work alone, have a requirement of the second person. It looks like this. One pulls by the handle of the plow, the second presses the back, providing the right deepening of the cigarette and the soil.

Lister and disk cakes are much more convenient in work and effective, in which the working parts can be moved by fastening-one, adjusting the width of the capture.

In this case, the owners will be able to adapt the tool to work on the aisles of various widths. This is important for cigns with two, three and four working units.

They process several rows of plants at once, accelerating the processing process.

In addition, modern leaflets have the opportunity to change the wings width, adjusting the capture. And the most advanced Dutch cumberrs allow you to regulate the wings not only in width, but also in height. As a result, the bottom cut repeats the contour of the ridge, the tool can be adapted to a different type of soil for more efficient operation.

As the RMNT portal has already written.Ru, most often cummeners act as a useful and convenient attachment equipment for walkways. Therefore, when choosing a device for cultivating the Earth, you need to focus on the characteristics of your technique. Fastening of the cigarette lights should be suitable for the walk.Behind tractor and meet its characteristics.

Important! Experienced owners of the sites advise using the cupboard simultaneously with the primrose so that the working part is constantly in the ground.

adjust, cupboard, walk, tractor

We state: for owners of six acres, a manual cigarette light, one.Row leaflet or two disks will be enough for owners. For more spacious areas with numerous rows of potatoes, you should choose a hinged cake for a walk-behind tractor, two- or even three-cereal.

As for prices, they will be very different. From 500 for the simplest hand.Shaped perch to 15 thousand for three.Row models with the ability to adjust the width of the soil capture. Bomet, Patriot, “Centaurus”, Wirax, Forza, Mobile K ”are popular curtains of manufacturers.

The hillock to the walk.Behind tractor

The cigns is one of the most effective assistants for planting potatoes. This attachment device is used on various types of motoblocks and allows you to bring the process of planting potatoes to automatism. Claisles for potatoes for a walk.Behind tractor need to be purchased separately, but some craftsmen prefer to make equipment with their own hands. Below we consider how to make homemade envelopers, and what will be needed.

Do.It.Yourself hill

For the manufacture of this equipment, you need to adhere to clear rules and if possible use the drawings. This will allow you to correctly and quickly install all the details, so as not to subsequently redo the work. You can independently make models of a lyister (classic) or disk type.

Creation of a leather cigarette light

Such an enchanter for a walk.Behind tractor is a traditional unregulated device used most often. To create it, you need to draw or use ready.Made drawings on which all the work will be very simple.

  • We make the base from a metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. It will meet the resistance of the Earth, so it should be as strong as possible.
  • The bracket is made from a steel strip with a width of 4 mm, the part must be tempered.
  • The field board is made of metal with a thickness of 5 mm, it is hardened in several stages using a gas burner.
  • The rack is made of metal with a thickness of 8 mm, since it is the element on which the entire load falls.
  • We create wings for the cunning of steel 2 mm thick, they must correspond to the size of the selected scheme, because this is how they can be converted with the base.
  • Then they are slightly bent and welded to the base.

If you need an adjustable perch, it is necessary to fix the wings to the base using hinges, the rods for adjusting the angle are installed in the tail of the base.

You can also make a two.Row perch, thanks to which the speed of work will double. In this case, you need to add traction devices to the finished design, and the fasteners make it mobile, which will allow you to adjust the width of the rows.

Production of a disk cercketeer

Creating such a model, special attention is paid to disks to formulate. For them, spent cuts from seeders or disc saws, which are attached to the bearings with seals, are well suited for them.

  • Disks need to be installed at an angle, withstanding the distance between their lower points. Also an important condition is their symmetry, otherwise the unoic tractor can lead a little in different directions.
  • All elements must be connected by welding or bolts, the discs are connected by adjustable adapters.
  • Screw tarlets, leash and racks are also fixed.
  • Next, you need to use a beam with wings to fix the tool on a walk.Behind tractor.

An equally important point is the correct selection of the angles of inclination and the depth of immersion, for which mobile elements with bolt fixation are planted on the bracket.

Production of propeller cakes

For work you will need high.Quality thick metal, corner grinder and welding machine.

  • First, the axes are made that need to be adjusted to the walk.Behind tractor.
  • Then you should make a rack and base, which are welded by arc welding.
  • Immediately select the distance between the nozzles, the shape of the soil.Spaces and the installation angle, which will allow the maximum effect of loosening the earth.

For convenience, you can make several bushings with brackets and different sets of blades, which will make various types of hilling.

In order to correctly make a cupboard for a walk.Behind tractor, you should also watch a video in which you will find a full.Fledged instructions for creating a cigarette light.

How to install a cupboard on a single tractor

Installing the cigarette light on a single tractor requires proper adjustment of the angle of attack and the depth of immersion, which should be less than that of the plow.

Before working with the cigns, the following work should be done:

  • On the uniform tractor, the wheels and the hitch should be installed, then attach the cup.
  • The same.Based tractor is placed on an equal surface, and the cupboard is lowered to the ground and fixed to the coupling.
  • When installing the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the perch.Rod stand stands vertically, which will ensure the setting of the desired angle of attack.
  • Further, the equipment is lowered to the ground level or slightly deepens into it so that it turns out to be below the supporting surface of the soil.

A test hilling should be carried out and see: if the equipment deepens into the ground, reject the rack forward, raising a little toe slightly. In the case of leaving the ground, the stand deviates back by lowering the sock. It is important to consider the width between the rows, adjusting the active parts of the installation.

Which cumberchina is better for a walk.Behind tractor

Wagging by a motornote will be effective if the attachment equipment was correctly selected. There are several types of cigns that are presented on the market in a large assortment.

Lister (with a fixed width)

Equipment can be used on units with a capacity of up to 3.5 liters. With., It is suitable for processing narrow aisles (width 25-30 cm). The design consists of two special wings, which are motionlessly fixed. The stand of the model is very thin.

Do.It.Yourself cun

As mentioned earlier, you can make a cupboard on the uniform tractor Neva with your own hands. Such an aggregate in functional features will not differ from the factory. Making it is quite simple. The main thing in the design is the clutch of the cupboard body with the Neva motornote.

To do the work, you will need a welding machine, a sheet of a metal with a thickness of at least 3 millimeters and an angular grinder. Polughllles are cut out of metal. Когда детали нужного объема вырезаны, их необходимо согнуть и обработать края угловой шлифмашинкой.

The distance between the two half.Wings is fixed with a steel crossbar, and a metal pipe with several holes inside is welded from the inside. These holes allow you to install the unit to the desired depth in the ground. Then it is necessary to weld another metal pipe to the rack, which will connect to the walk.Behind tractor.

You can also try to make a home.Made disk hill for the Neva walk.Behind tractor. To do this, you need to have drawings at hand.

This device can be done yourself

Important! Making a disc hiring hill is much more difficult than a lyister, since this will need the skills of completing calculations and drawings.

So, first of all, you need to buy concave wheels. Two pieces. You will also need two talreps, two racks, and a T-shaped leash.

Когда все необходимые детали подготовлены, устанавливаем диски на нужном друг от друга расстоянии и под требуемым наклоном. You can do this with welding or bolts. Talreps are necessary for us to adjust the disks vertically. When performing construction yourself, monitor the location of the disks, they must be placed symmetrically. Otherwise, the one.Axle tractor will. The edges of the disks, as in the case of half.Wings, are treated with a corner grinder. The finished device is fixed on the beam and only then a leash is installed on the cupboard on the uniform tractor Neva.

Then the disk cigarette fracture is set for a single tractor. Such a device has a number of advantages, one of which is that any summer resident can make it, in the presence of appropriate drawings.

Potatoes are a rather popular culture, so many summer residents are engaged in cultivating culture. However, the productivity of the plant depends not so much on planting, but on further care.

Nowadays, few of the summer residents perform these procedures manually, since such work is characterized by laborious and duration. Most gardeners use a single.Based tractor with appropriate attachment equipment for these purposes. You can make a perch on a single.Axic tractor Neva yourself, the main thing is to correctly adjust the parameters.

In this article, we told not only how to make a cupboard on a single tractor with our own hands, but also how to configure it and properly operate it.

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