Adjustment of the Huter chainsaw carburetor

It is necessary to perform the periodic setting of the carburetor with a sharp drop in engine power, increase the volumes of emitted gas, as well as an increase in the number of fuel to refuel.

Before starting the adjustment of the fuel node, you need to carefully inspect it. The operator must first clean all the filter saws available in the design, as well as clean the standard spark plug from the car. You also need to carefully check the fuel hoses. If cracks appear on them, then the damaged tubes must be replaced.

The procedure for setting up a built.In carburetor should be as follows:

  • Previously running the saw must be drowned out and wait for it to cool. After that, all 3 adjusting screws must be turned alternately along the clock, and return them to 1/4 turn in the opposite direction;
  • Next, you need to start turning the screw L until the HUTER ICE of the saw begins to work as harmoniously and without shooting sounds;
  • If after this the chain arbitrarily rotates on the tire in idle mode, then the operator must find the position of the screw t, in which the chain will stand motionless;
  • After that, you need to connect a tachometer to the engine cylinder. Turning the screw h, you need to find its position in which the indicators of the manual device will coincide with the instructions in the instructions for the operation of the HUTER saw.

To check the operation of the tool, you need to start its engine and start to press the standard accelerator smoothly. If, as a result of this, the motor quickly gaining momentum without creating failures, then the adjustment of the built.In fuel unit was successfully performed.

Important addition: Pilled ICE Pilled

When purchasing a new saw, it is necessary to run it correctly before the start of operation. Operation of a gasoline unit without preliminary running will lead to early failure of the device. Models are being developed to each other.

During the run.In process, the user can master the main methods of working with the tool. Launching, shutdown, refueling skills will be needed with subsequent operation. For those who have acquired their first saw, these skills will be very useful.

Attention! Do not save on fuel or oil. You need to use only certified combustible materials

How to adjust/tune a Poulan chainsaw carburator

Repair in the event of a breakdown is much more expensive, and, perhaps, the tool will have to be thrown away.

For dosing of oil and gasoline, it is advisable to purchase special measuring containers. They have marks for each component. First, gasoline is poured to the average mark, and then oil is added to the upper. Shaking, mix the ingredients.

Attention! Before starting the engine, the presence and level of oil in the tank that ensures the lubrication of the saw chain is checked. If you place a working saw over a clean paper sheet, then a clear oil trace will form a refueling tool.

The minimum duration of the runaway at idle mode is 3 hours. Another hour you need to work in different modes, putting the chain in motion.

After running in, you may need to adjust the carburetor. If there is no adjustment skills, then you need to contact the service center.

Carburetor device

The preparation of the working mixture supplied inside the internal combustion engine occurs in the carburetor. The fuel mixture should contain on one part of the fuel up to 13 15 parts of air. Then there will be a complete combustion when the spark is submitted.

  • In the case of a decrease in fuel concentration and an increase in air, a poor mixture is formed. The combustion process is slower.
  • The pressure of the gases on the piston during the working move will be lower, which will lead to a decrease in torque.
  • Quite often the engine overheating is observed, since the burning occurs in the release phase.
  • The rich mixture is characterized by increased fuel supply and reduced concentration of air charge.
  • Due to the lack of oxygen for complete combustion, soot is formed. It is deposited in the graduation tract, clogs the muffler. Causes overheating of the engine.
  • The formation of black smoke is observed on the exhaust.

Sustainable work is possible only with the optimal ratio of components of the combustible mixture. Achieve by regulating the position of the regulatory needles in the carburetor. The manufacturer supplies the device with a jackler, a calibrated hole is drilled in it, through which the fuel is supplied to the diffuser.

Carburetor scheme: 1. Fuel supply fitting; 2. A channel for supplying air pulses on the gas pump membrane; 3. Fuel intake valve; fuel pump (membrane); 5. Fuel release valve from a gasoline pump; 6. Filtering element for the fuel mixture; 7. Air damper, overlapped during the start of the engine; 8. The main throttle flap that regulates the operating mode of the engine and its powerful indicators; 9. Fuel supply channel for mixture; 10. An adjusting screw of the idle speed (OKH); 11. Needle in the fuel supply system; 12. Idle nozzle; 13. Membrane; 14. Fuel accumulation chamber in the carburetor; 15. The main nozzle of the carburetor; 16. Diffuser, the main evaporation of fuel occurs here; 17. A screw for supplying fuel supply through the main nozzle.

How to set up a carburetor on a chainsaw?

Adjusting the carburetor consists in setting up a jacket and air damper so as to obtain an optimal ratio of the amount of air and fuel in the fuel mixture.

If the fuel mixture has a lot of air and the lack of fuel is the mixture, so the engine power is reduced.

If there is a lot of fuel and lack of air. The mixture is oversaturated, incomplete combustion of fuel occurs, which leads to smoke, soot on the piston and in the exhaust pipe and increased fuel consumption.

How to adjust the carburetor correctly?

Consider as an example, the adjustment of the Partner chainsaw carburetor.

For adjustment, you need to have a slotted screwdriver and a device. A tachometer that allows you to measure the engine speed.

Settings are carried out in the following sequence:

  • Setting up a gasopyle carburetor at low speeds;
  • Adjustment at maximum speeds;
  • Accurate setting to work at idle;
  • Checking a saw in all modes.

It is necessary to start after the engine works and warms up.

The adjustment of the chainsaw is performed using three adjusting screws on its case:

If the carburetor is completely resolved and the engine does not want to start, put the screws L and H to the standard setting position: first tighten them completely, then unscrew them by half a turnover.

Run the engine and let it warm up, then proceed to adjust low speeds using the screws L and T.

To do this, the screw L should be twisted until the maximum engine speed is reached, and then screw it on ΒΌ turn, and the rifle t with the idle speed.

Further, to configure at maximum speed, slowly twist the screw n, achieving according to the testimony of the tachometer of the maximum speed.

After the end of the adjustment, it is important to check the engine operation in all modes. To do this, you need to drown it out and let it cool.

adjust, huter, chainsaw, carburetor, regulate, yourself

Then start the saw in the cold launch mode and follow the engine operating in idle mode. If the gas is smoothly added and reduced, and the circuit does not move, the adjustment is performed correctly. Next, you should check during sawing. If there is a loss of power, the adjustment is repeated.

DIY carburetor repair

The carburetor is easily disassembled, so the repair of the gasopyle carburetor can be done yourself. For example, if necessary, it is quite possible to do the following operations with your own hands:

  • Replace the gasket under the lid of the main camera;
  • Rinse or replace the fuel filter;
  • Replace the needle valve and fuel pump diaphragm.

Before proceeding with the disassembly of the carburetor, it is necessary to clean the dirt from the surface of the case, since it can get inside the carburetor and clog the holes of needle valves and a jack.

Next, you should plug the control rods of the air and throttle damper, dismantle the air filter and remove the lid of the main chamber, unscrewing the mounting screws. After that, you can start replacing the mentioned details.

Very often the reason for the blank of the saw may be defects in the ignition system, in particular, candles due to the following reasons:

  • Nar on a candle. Indicates poor.Quality oil or improper adjustment of the carburetor;
  • Fuel of the candle with fuel. Incorrect carburetor adjustment.

To check the condition of the candle, twist it with a special key from the cylinder head.

adjust, huter, chainsaw, carburetor, regulate, yourself

The soot on the candle is removed using a needle or awl, and if necessary. A skin, then put it in place and try to start the engine.

We wipe the flooded candle with a rag, dry, put in place and try to run the saw.

In some cases, the engine smokes and stalls at high speeds. The reason may be clogging of the silencer with the products of the exhaust, so you need to remove the muffler, rinse the crust with gasoline, wipe, dry and put in place again. While the muffler does not stand still, the exhaust hole should be closed with a rag so that the dirt does not get.

How to adjust the carburetor with your own hands?

After washing and completely cleaning the carburetor, it is assembled and proceed to adjustment. First of all, you should understand the appointment of adjusting screws. The instruction will help, but some general points should be considered immediately. The following designation of the screws is most often found:

  • H. Adjusting the state of the main jail, t.E. Sets up the maximum speed of rotation of the engine shaft;
  • L. Sets up the idle jacket (is responsible for the minimum speed of rotation of the shaft);
  • T. Regulates the operation of the motor at idle. Can also be designated by the letters LA or S, on some models of carburetors it is completely absent.

The rotation of the screws h and L clocks the fuel-air mixture clockwise, and enriches the clockwise (the amount of gasoline increases). When the screw T rotates, the speed of rotation of the shaft at idle. It increases clockwise, and in the opposite direction. Decreases.

Figure 2. Carburetor adjustment mechanisms

Before proceeding with direct actions, you should find and carefully study the information about the position of the adjusting screws (the size of the rotation angles during configuration). This information is available in the instructions for the chainsaw. Then you need to prepare the workplace. Lay the saw on an even horizontal plane, directing the chain to the opposite side of it. Disconnect all the covers, remove foam rubber and air filter. Preparatory operations are considered completed on this, you can proceed to the main part of the work.

  • Twist the screw h and l in a smooth motion. Act carefully so as not to break the screws. This will cause a complete loss of the carburetor.
  • Unscrew both screws for one and a half turns.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes and warm it up. This is a necessary moment, since on a cold engine it will not be possible to correctly configure the carburetor.
  • Turning the screws h and l, alternately regulate the rotation of the shaft at maximum and minimum speeds.
  • Adjusting the position of the screw t (or it may have a different designation), the idle stroke of the chainsaw is configured. It is necessary to achieve even and stable engine operation. It is important to monitor whether the chain moves at idle or not. If moving, a little more turn the screw counterclockwise.

Important! The adjustment of the screw h is better not to produce. If it is incorrectly configured, at the maximum speed, a decayed air-fuel mixture will be supplied to the cylinder combustion chamber. This will lead to accelerated wear of the piston group.

You can check the operation of the engine visually and by ear. Too enriched the mixture causes the appearance of thick smoke from the exhaust hole. When feeding the mixture during the operation of the saw, a whistle is heard. Excessively economical mode is harmful. If the screw L is configured to “poor” fuel, there will be problems with the start of the engine. When installed on a lunch mixture of the screw h, the saw will noticeably lose power. You can determine the correct configuration by the following signs:

  • At idle, the engine does not stall, and the chain is motionless;
  • During operation of the engine, there is no excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • The engine demonstrates good acceptance (quickly gaining momentum when pressed on the accelerator).

A detailed description of the settings is available in the instructions that goes along with the tool in the delivery kit. It should be carefully studied, since some features or specific requirements established by the manufacturer and related only to this saw model are possible. If all requirements are observed exactly, the performance of the chainsaw will be restored to the original state.

DIY carburetor repair

The fact that the carburetor needs to be repaired can be determined by the following signs: unstable operation of the motor, excess fuel, engine power, clap.

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment | How to Tune ‘Correctly’. By Craig Kirkman

Huter chainsaw is not considered a difficult tool in disassembly, therefore, in the presence of the initial skills of a locksmith. Mechanics, improvised tools and desires, to replace the details yourself will not be difficult.

What can be replaced in a carburetor without addressing a specialist:

  • Fuel filter (flushing or replacement). When jerking the engine and sneezing;
  • The needle valve. If the needle jams in the valve or floods;
  • The diaphragm of the fuel pump. Wear;
  • The gasket under the lid of the main camera is not tight.
  • Disassemble and rinse the carburetor, when clogged with an air filter;
  • Twist the bolts, with their loss of fixation due to intensive vibration of the chainsaw.

Walbro produces expanded repair kits for self.Replacement, including, almost all the parts of the carburetor (fuel inlets, rocking axle, rolling axis, filter nets, membrane).

An important recommendation to avoid a malfunction of the carburetor: do not leave the fuel mixture, in an invalid saw for more than 12 hours, such negligence can lead to blockage of the channels.

How to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw

The most common problem encountered during the operation of chainsaws is the incorrect work of the carburetor, which leads to the excess of fuel and reduce power, so any user should know how to set up a carburetor on a chainsaw.

adjust, huter, chainsaw, carburetor, regulate, yourself

Carburetors of the chainsaws are also arranged as automobile and therefore everyone who is familiar with the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine is able to cope with the adjustment of the carburetor and can configure it with their own hands.

New saws are supplied with a adjusted carburetor by the manufacturer, but in the process of work, standard setting is violated and the saw requires re.Configuration. The documentation attached to the saw describes how to regulate the carburetor.

Carburetor adjustment is needed when the following symptoms appear:

  • At idle, the saw works at high speeds;
  • When working greatly smokes;
  • It is poorly launched both in a cold state and in heated;
  • Works at low speeds and with reduced thrust.

Features of configuration of Chinese chainsaws

Chinese chainsaws, especially new models, may have some nuances of carburetor settings. Here are the main features:

  • To adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw, you first need to set the idle mode so that the chain does not move along the tire;
  • A smoky exhaust may appear in average speeds, it is removed by turning the screw of the poor mixture;
  • You can not exceed the maximum number of roller rogues of the chainsaw (use a tachometer);
  • If you adjusted the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw correctly, when discharging gas to a minimum, the device will not stall, and will also quickly develop speed.

Video about adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw

Video about adjusting and setting up a gasopyle carburetor

In order for the chainsaw to work properly, you need to carefully perform work on adjusting the carburetor in the exact correspondence of their priority. If there are any violations in the functioning of the device, it is necessary to independently carry out its full disassembly. In most cases, it is required to replace any details that have become unusable.

When constant checking the quality of the carburetor settings and the implementation of timely actions, to improve its work, problems with the chainsaw do not arise.

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