Starter for a chainsaw

Starter is one of the most important mechanisms in the device of any modern chainsaw. The launch of the tool engine under any weather conditions depends on it. The starter for the chainsaw is released by a simple design, it is easy to serve and repair it with your own hands. However, in order to eliminate the breakdown, you must first find its cause. For this, most often it is necessary to completely disassemble the standard mechanism.

Most chainsaw starters have the same design. It is because of this that some stores offer customers universal start-up mechanisms that are suitable for installation on the model from STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner. Nevertheless, some differences from the majority have starters of domestic chainsaws Ural or forester.

In standard configuration, the starter of the chainsaw consists of a number of details.

A protective cover is installed on top of all the elements of the starter. The initial principle of work of most starting mechanisms is also almost the same. There is a pen that holds the cable in the special groove of the chainsaw case. With a sharp raising of the handle, the latter is understood. At this moment, a ratchet is triggered, which through the drum transfers an effort to another drum with slots located on the engine shaft.

How To Assemble A Recoil Starter System. Treestuff.Com Chainsaw Maintenance Video

When stretching the standard cable, the shaft of the chainsaw motor begins to rotate, which leads to the compression of the existing fuel mixture located at that time between the cylinder head and the standard piston.

With an increase in the volume of the ICE cylinder, the amount of fuel mixture consumed at the same time increases, which is required for its future ignition. Accordingly, the operator of a powerful saw needs to make more jerks than the owner of a household tool with low power. To increase the speed with which the drum returns to its starting position, manufacturers of powerful chainsaws use elastic return springs.

How to adjust the carburetor on Champion chainsaw?

If Champion chainsaw does not work when you press the gas trigger, its owner will have to adjust the tool carburetor. The factory package of absolutely every champion chainsaw includes 3 adjusting screws. The process of configuring the carburetor is as follows:

  • To adjust the proportion of air and the fuel mixture, it is necessary to use the screws “l” and “h”. Turning them clockwise, you increase the amount of air that enters the carburetor through the throttle. When turning the screws against the hand arrows, the amount of air, on the contrary, falls. Accordingly, in the first case, the speed of the champion chainsaws grow, and in the second they fall;
  • At the next stage, you need to use the screw “t”. To do this, with a launched tool of the tool, turn this screw along the clock of the clock until the chain starts moving along the bus. Immediately after that, turn it in the opposite direction until the chain is completely stopped;
  • At the end, you will need to check the correct settings of the Champion chainsaw carburetor. To do this, you need to connect a tachometer to its motor and check the number of the lowest and highest revolutions of the tool.

As a rule, Champion chainsaw does not need to be frequent to adjust the carburetor. The main thing is to comply with the rules of the “cold” launch of the tool and apply high.Quality motor oil for its refueling.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

With frequent launches of the chainsaws, some starter details are constantly subjected to dynamic loads. As a result, a cable may burst, several teeth of the ratchet chill, and the shaft will turn out at a much lower speed. Therefore, the audit and even the repair of the starter. Operations, sometimes carried out several times per season.

Replacement of the cord

When it is pulled, there is a constant friction of the cable about the starter case. For replacement, disassemble the hull of the node, and carefully lift the rattles in such a way as not to allow jumping from their nests of the return spring. It is better to do such work together: the assistant fixes the spring, while the cable is replaced. After fixing the cable in the handle and in the grooves of the drum, the cable is wound on the roller, and the case is assembled.

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Spring repair

If the material of the starter spring is poor.Quality, the spring bursts (usually at the place of its connection to the drum, where it forms a loop). Replace the spring in this case is not worth. Carefully clean its surface from dirt and traces of lubrication, gently polish the destruction place, and then release the spring at 600 650 ° C (the spring steel should purchase raspberry color). It is necessary to cool the spring slowly, and at 100 150ºС you can already carefully wrap its end in the shape of a restrictive protrusion on the inner surface of the drum (steel will acquire the necessary plasticity) and insert into place. The elastic properties of the spring will not change.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Placing a starter spring in the desired groove is not easy to do with an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the hub of the drum. The outer end of the spring is fixed for the restrictive ledge, and the external using the screwdriver should be placed opposite the holes in the lock. The loop at the inner end of the spring with a screwdriver is combined with the hole, after which the disk is lowered. The disk is checked whether the dog of the ratchet has become in place. Next is the assembly of the ratchet itself.

After installing the spring, it is necessary to adjust its tension. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove on a circle, and a return spring is twisted around it. After eliminating the slack, it is better to wind the spring at an additional several revolutions to guarantee the required part of the part.

Chainsaw Pull Cord Replacement

It is not recommended to carry out the repair of the ratchet mechanism itself at home, since many operations will require the use of CNC machine. It’s easier to purchase a new node in specialized stores.

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Repair procedure

Features of the operation of the starter imply a sharp and gross effect, which sooner or later affects the form of breakdowns. Fortunately, in this mechanism, there is nothing particularly to break and the instructions described further affect all possible causes of malfunctions. Starting with how to restore or how to insert a spring into a chainsaw starter, and ending with the installation of dogs with a flywheel film. Step.By.Step guides, sequentially, for each problem.

Restoration of the spring

The most popular case of breakdown is associated with the riding of the mounting ear of the main strip spring that reinss the cable. It is not necessary to search and buy a new spare part, since the procedure requires a minimum of time and tools. Only 2 things will be needed: source of fire (a gas burner or stove) and pliers.

Gently take out the spring from the body. You can put a slotted screwdriver.

At the site of a broken ear, you should make a new one by performing an ordinary bend of the tape. So that the metal does not burst, before the bend it must be heated red.Hot and bend it to cool (it is better to do this directly above the fire).

The shape and size of the bended part should be identical to the original in order to tightly fit the restraint to the protrusion. How to tuck a spring into a chainsaw starter and save your nerves, is described below. Before starting installation, wait for complete cooling.

How to install a chainsaw starter spring

The basic dexterity and standard dexterity of the hands, combined with simple technology, will reduce time costs, allowing the operation to quickly and almost naturally. The installation of a return spring begins with a fixing of the ear on the recess, in the direction counterclockwise (if you look at the inside of the spring body).

The tape is invested gradually, layer by layer. The already placed part of the spring adheres to the thumb of the right hand, while the finger of the left laid a new segment. Having put about 1/3 of the circle in the case, the tape is pressed with the thumb of the left hand, the right one is brought to it and the cycle is repeated. The entire installation process takes no more than a minute.

Even easier to insert a new spring purchased as a spare part for the starter. It can be in a fixing winding that is gradually removed when installing. The already twisted element is simply inserted into the case. The easiest option is a ready.Made kit with a strip spring in the case, which are put in place of old elements in one motion.

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Replacement of the cord

Cases of a cut of the handle cable are quite common and characteristic, both Chinese models and branded manufacturers. Since this connecting element is subjected to serious loads and periodically breaks, the process of cornering is extremely simplified. First of all, it should be determined how long the cord should be on the chainsaw. Depending on the size of the drum and the diameter of the cable, the value is located in the region of 120. 140 cm (necessarily with a small margin). Having prepared a suitable segment, you can take a cross screwdriver and proceed to the replacement.

Remove the starter from the chainsaw and unscrew the central screw on the ratchet.

We take out the drum and remove the old cord.

We spread a new cord through the hole from the inside of the drum groove (for convenience, the ends can be melted with a lighter).

We pull the end from the hole ≈ by 10 cm and tie it into the knot so that the cable does not fly.

Into a special recess under the drum, lay the knot and the remaining part of the cable. In order not to rest against the spring body, it is advisable to leave about 1 cm.

We install the drum in its place, combining the spring with the ear, and press the puck with a puck (do not wind the cord).

We spread the opposite part of the cord through the starter case and the hole in the handle, after which we make a fixing node at the end.

The cord winding is carried out due to the spring. Just slightly pull the cable from the hole in the drum to its edge, and holding it at this point, rotate the drum clockwise. The spring is strained, and when released, the cable itself wraps up. Repeat the procedure until the handle is tightly pressed against the body.

Replacing the ratchet

The main element that transfers rotation to the flywheel is subjected to serious wear in places of contact. The teeth of a plastic ratchet (pulley) resting on dogs (especially iron) have the property of rolling or washing, seriously complicating the launch process. The second problem relates to a ratchet with a lightweight start, connecting to the drum through a spring, which can break off at the mounting site. The strip spring can be restored by following the above instructions, and with a screw chip, the structure will have to be replaced. How to remove and install a ratio of a chainsaw starter is shown further:

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Place the spring in the appropriate groove is a rather difficult task. First of all, the detail will need to be twisted, returning it to the previous size. After that, it needs to be inserted into the cavity of the standard hub of the drum. To tie the spring into the starter of the chainsaw, you need to act in this order:

  • The outer end of the spring used must be fixed in a special restrictive ledge. In this case, the second end using the screwdriver will need to be installed opposite the standard hole inside the lock;
  • Further, the loop located on the inner end of the standard spring should be combined with the hole. To do this, it is better to use a screwdriver. At the ends of the ends, the disk will need to be lowered;
  • After installation of the disk, you need to check that the dog of the factory ribbon mechanism of the chainsaw stands in its regular place. Then you can collect a ratchet in the reverse order.

To wind the spring on the starter of the chainsaw, you need to take into account all the available holes and recesses. After installation, you need to pull the spring. As soon as the weakness is eliminated, the spring will remain at several revolutions. This is necessary to support the required tension of the installed part.

Repair of the launch mechanism

When examining the disassembled starter, it is necessary to inspect the following parts (nodes) for their damage:

Replacing the launch cord of the chainsaw

  • Drive pulley. The pulleys subject to high axial and radial loads should not have cracks and damage on the back. If there are such, it is required to replace it with a new part.
  • Starter spring. The main loads when starting the chainsaw are experienced by the spring. Made of high.Quality carbon steel and passed special heat treatment, it loses its properties over time. If cracks or impulses are found, you will need to install a new spring.
  • The launch rope. Made of synthetic wear.Resistant materials, the starter cord wear out over time. With its gusts, it is necessary to install a new rope on the pulley.

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The purchased spare parts must comply with the regulations of a specific chainsaw model.

After the repair work done, it is necessary to collect the launch mechanism in the reverse order. The pulley with a ratchet is installed on top of the spring. Before the final fixation of the chainsaw starter cover, it is necessary to wrap the rope and make several trial jerks.

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It must be remembered that the launch cord is previously tied through the hole in the lid.

Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

In the process of often operation, certain components of the chainsaws can be subjected to unchanged dynamic influences, due to which, for example, at the most inopportune moment can break, the shaft will begin to turn at where the lowest speed or the teeth of the ratchet will be chopped. Taking this into account, the repair and revision of the starter of the chainsaw can be performed by operations carried out not even once during the 1st working season!

A frisky launch of at least a chainsaw is not complete without a starter. In the process of the tool, thanks to the accelerated scrolling of the crankshaft, the fuel-air mixture is supplied to the engine, compressed and ignited. Based on this, an excellent selected starter for a chainsaw is able to guarantee the long and good operation of the entire mechanism!

Replacement of the cord

In the case of stretching the cord, the cable begins to rub on the starter case. The replacement of the cord begins with the analysis of the hull body, during which the rattling drum is neatly rises so that the returning spring does not slip from its own nest. Or rather, it is more convenient to do this together, where during the substitution the 2nd cable will hold the spring! After the cable is successfully fixed in the grooves of the drum and the handle, it is wound on the roller with the next assembly of the case.

Practical recommendations

In order to compare holes for fixing the cord in the pulley and the case, you may have to make a few more turns. A new rope is threaded into a technological hole and make a loop or knot: this will allow it to slip out of the pulley. The rope is taken to the side so that it does not interfere with further work. Next, it is necessary to fix the pulley.

First you need to install a smooth launch spring in place. It can be used the same if damage is not detected in it. Or new replacement if necessary. A starter clamp is installed on top of the spring, which is fixed with a special screw. He reliably fixes the clamp for a long time, avoiding its distort and swing. After that, you need to make a few turns of the rope and start it inside. The cover with the assembled starter is installed in place. With the help of screws, it is fixed.

After the repair and assembly is completed, you can start work. Independent repair of the starter does not take much time and does not require complex skills, but saves time and money if you perform such work in the service center.

It is necessary to approach the repair of the chainsaws responsibly and timely to carry out preventive examinations, monitor the quality of the fuel and oil used. These simple manipulations will increase the duration of the tool in working condition.

Chainsaw is a powerful tool with which you need to not only work correctly, but also care for it. This is the only way to serve any tool faithfully. Often, sawmills are faced with the situation of the starter, so there are difficulties with the launch of the motor. To start the motor, you will need to repair the chainsaw starter. Over, you can carry out repairs with your own hands, having given only time to read the instructions.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer for the grass of the starter

It is not difficult to determine the reason for the refusal of the starting device. There are several main options:

The specified information is given in the photo below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism will be accidentally broken. The consequences will be regrettable if the broken rope is wound around the engine flywheel: the spring bursts, the pulley will come off. But such cases when it is required to completely replace the starter node are extremely rare. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

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