Russian chainsaws: bison and special BBP-4520, reviews of owners about domestic, Russian production are saw manufacturers

Such an instrument as a chainsaw is a simply indispensable assistant. After all, she easily copes with the harvesting of firewood in the winter, cutting of branches of fairly large sizes, sawing logs and other agricultural “tasks”. Therefore, without exaggeration, we can say that this kind of tool will be quite useful in any direction of country work. To date, Russia’s industry produces equipment of this nature in a variety of assortment. Specialized stores provide a wide range of chainsaws that came out from under the machines of Russian manufacturers. It is for this reason that it is quite difficult to opt for one model. It is necessary to compare absolutely all the characteristics and parameters, and only then determine. So that it is easier for you to make your choice among exclusively Russian production, we will provide an overview of the most unique and best models of chainsaws. Do not hesitate to choose what.

Busy Zadrezopili

This trademark is the property of the Russian Organization CJSC OVK, which supplies a huge range of various kinds of tools, equipment and direct material. A feature of this manufacturer is that they have a powerful motor mechanism intended for work anywhere and regardless of weather conditions.

Chainsaw Fuel Line Repair. Husqvarna Model 141

Over, such devices are equipped with an anti.Vibration system, an auxiliary and main brake (inertial) instant action, a targeted, which is integrated directly into the tool, which has a smooth nature, a pump for direct pumping of the fuel, as well as the function of which is the task of air purification. The company annually produces a huge number of chainsaw models, which meets a high level of quality and safety. Undoubtedly, the spectrum of its products is huge, but still in this list there are a couple of the most in demand among consumers and unique models:


Is a world.Famous trademark. The main area of ​​its activity can rightfully be considered the production of power tools of domestic nature intended directly for various directions of work. It can be work with a certain type of metal, concrete, woodworking and other work. Over, it is worth noting that all the products of this manufacturer fully meets all the necessary norms and quality indicators for direct manual household electrical equipment. The main thing is to monitor the condition of the tool.This is especially true for gasoline-oil mixture (always use oils for two-stroke chainsaw engines), which you fill directly into your “favorite”.Be sure to read how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw.

assemble, patriot, chainsaw, fuel, filter

In addition, the manufacturer, in addition to household technology, has developed and began the release of a unique series of power tools of a professional direction called Zenit Profi. The main advantage of these products is that the manufacturer in its creation applied a certain kind of nodes, which are wear.Resistant, thereby guaranteed to provide its products with higher resistance to large loads and operation, which is continuously. This kind of novelty has higher reliability, through the use of modern developments, during the production of components and components for this kind of series. Over, the manufacturer installed bearings that meet the increased kind to the requirements regarding the accuracy of manufacture and reliability (find out which chainsaws are reliable) for this product). It is worth noting the most unique and high.Quality models of the company that have already managed to earn a reputation of the highest level, so the chainsaw of Russia’s production:

“Special” is a trademark of the “personification” of the equipment of power and power tools that fill the expanses of the market of our country.

The manufacturer provides a wide range of high.Quality products, which is a gas tools, power tools, diesel generators, charger, chainsaws and much more.

Absolutely every product is a high.Quality creation based on modern technologies. The most popular chainsaw models are:

Caliber. Technical characteristics and quality of chainsaw production of Russia

For the first time, this manufacturer provided his products for public display in 2001, while receiving a huge number of positive reviews from both buyers and specialists of this field. To this day, the company holds Mark and has been on a leading position for so many years.

It is worth noting that this manufacturer in its activity primarily puts direct Accent not on external data of the chainsaw. Such as a design that should correspond to the last “squeaks” of fashion, namely, to correctly choose a wide range of high.Quality power tools, as well as directly equipment. And most importantly, this product line must meet time.Tested security technologies and quality. Among the most popular models of domestic chainsaws are:

There are other well.Known Russian manufacturers that are not written about in this article. Russian manufacturer of chainsaws is very popular. And for example, a firmica has established itself well for 30 years.Ural chainsaws. Reliable and practical, at affordable prices.

How to start a chainsaw on a cold?

To correctly start a stihl chainsaw. Makita. Partner. The following actions must be performed:

  • Put the saw on a flat surface so that the tire and chain do not touch anything. In no case should you start a saw on weight.
  • After that, it is necessary to take the brake handle, transfer the ignition switch to the necessary position.
  • Then it is worth putting the air supply to the closed position, as well as the throttle lever in the “Start” position.
  • After that, it is necessary to grab the front handle of the saw with the left hand and press the tool to the surface, step on the protective shield of the right handle.
  • Then you need to pull the starter handle on yourself.
  • When an outbreak occurs in the engine, it is worth opening the air damper and starting the chainsaw again, transfer it to idle.
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How to assemble a starter correctly

The nuances of the design and interaction of the details of the mechanism determine the complexity of its maintenance. Manual starting of a chainsaw consists of a minimum set of components, whose work is built on an extremely simple principle, intuitively understandable during the first, thoughtful analysis. You can explain how to assemble the starter of the chainsaw, you can very briefly, a couple of the following sentences:

The strip spring is invested in its case and is installed with it on the starter. The drum with a fixed cord is placed on the spring, clinging to her ear. The design is pressed with a screw with a puck through a hole in the ratchet.

This runaway excursion reflects the main assembly steps. A more detailed description of each movement, with the nuances of various models, the process of tensioning the cord and replacing dogs, is clearly presented in the above instructions. Choose the topic of interest to you, read, see and implement.

The Patriot model range, overview of the most popular chainsaws

The Patriot lineup consists of domestic chainsaws. They are not intended for daily, many hours of operation. Patriot positions some tools in the line as professional and semi.Professional, and so, remember, in the lineup there are neither those nor others. None of them can withstand a large load, t.To. They simply are not designed for this. If you need a professional tool, it is better to pay your attention to saws such as Stihl 880 or Husqvarna 365.

Based on the review of customers and sales statistics, the best.Selling Patriot chainsaws are: PT 3816, PT 4518, PT 5220.

Consider each of them in more detail.

Patriot Pt 4518 chainsaw

I drank a household segment. On sale is found under two names: Patriot Pt 4518, Patriot Pt 4518 Imperial. These are exactly the same chainsaws, they have no differences in them. The appearance of several names is associated with the marketing moves of the company.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting a powerful 2.1 kW engine. The working volume of which is 45 cubic meters. Cm. To launch a volumetric engine, engineers provided an easy launch system. Easystart. It significantly reduces the effort during starting, thanks to an additional spring in the starter.

Of the shortcomings. Weight. Without refueling and sawing headset, the weight of the tool is 6.5 kg. This is a lot for the domestic class.

According to numerous reviews of real owners, the chainsaw calmly copes with the cut of wood of large diameters.

You can read more about the tool in a detailed review on the Patriot 4518 chainsaw, published on our website.

For visual operation of the chainsaw, we recommend that you look at the interesting

Patriot PT 5220 semi.Professional chainsaw

The word semi.Professional. Does not mean that it can be used for 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. This only means that powerful chainsaws and from time to time can calmly saw trees of large diameters. Than 40-45 cm.

A 2.5 kW engine is installed on the chainsaw (3.4 liters.With.), 52 cubic meters. Cm. As well as 4518, it has an EASYSTART system for lightweight launch. The manufacturer claims that this system reduces the load during launch by 60%. Time showed, with all its power, the engine has a reduced resource and high fuel consumption.

In standard configuration of chainsaws, 20 inch sets are equipped with a 20.Inch. The chain is high.Quality, for a long time holds sharpening.

Weight. Weight. 9 kg without fuel, oil and headset! For a long time you will not work with such a weight, your hands will get tired quickly.

Earlier on our website, a detailed review on the Patriot Pt 5220 chainsaw was already published.

Patriot Pt 3816 chainsaw

Patriot 3816 is considered a chain of domestic class, which is great for performing simple tasks:

The tool is not suitable for firing trees of large volumes, but if you want, it is quite possible to tie a tree with a diameter of up to 1 meter.

Patriot 3816 chainsaw has gained popularity thanks to a good price ratio for quality. It is not whimsical, fuel consumption is low, consumables are not expensive and available in any spare parts store.

Their important characteristics should be noted a 38 cubic engine engine. Cm., 2 l.With. (1500 watts.) and tire 40 cm long. The tire and chain of Oregon are immediately supplied with a chainsaw.

Earlier on our website, a detailed review on the Patriot Pt 3816 chainsaw was already published.

In addition to these three whales, there are even less popular Patriot chainsaws that require attention.

Patriot Pt 554 Pro

A 50 cm long tire and a 2.5 kW motor power, allow you to effectively use it for home needs. Suitable for the harvesting of firewood, cuts of branches, not large trees and other small works. One of the serious minuses is heavy, weighs 5.1 kg. Appetite moderate for such engine power.

Patriot Pt 555

Of the pluses. Engine power 3 horsepower. Weight. 7 kg. The chainsaws are really powerful, it can be sawed by large trees, positioned by the manufacturer as professional, although it is not such. The engine parts are not designed for permanent operation, the chainsaws are suitable for those who need to cut something massive from time to time.

For easy work, Patriot PT 555 is not suitable due to its large weight.

assemble, patriot, chainsaw, fuel, filter

Patriot PT 2512

Basil for tourists. The case is made in such a way that it can be kept even with one hand. Tire length is only 30 cm. Engine power. 1.3 liters.With. And weight. 2.9 kg. For adjustment of the chain tension, no additional tools are required.

Identification of malfunctions

If the chainsaw stalls for no apparent reason and it is not possible to install even possible problems, then it is worth passing in series for all possible reasons. There are certainly typical, standard malfunctions of which we will talk about below, but so far we are walking step by step!

One.Check the fuel mixture.

Firstly, it must be prepared according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and using high.Quality components. Secondly, produce the tank completely or drain the fuel mixture before prolonged downtime or conservation between seasons. Read more about the fuel here:

2.Clean the air filter or change it.

Polluted air filter does not allow the supply of air to the volume to which the normal operation of the chainsaw is designed. That is, if the carburetor, which mixes the air and the fuel mixture was adjusted with one amount of the accumulated air, then when contaminating the air filter, the amount of air decreases, and the settings remain the same and as a result we get an enriched working mixture.

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3.Check the candle.

There may also be several subparagraphs. The first step should be unscrewed the chainsaw candle and check if it flooded during attempts to launch. This occurs especially often when the chainsaw is launched by inexperienced users who do not comply with the sequence of launching the saw to the cold. In this case, you need to dry the candle or screw the new one and repeat the attempt according to the instructions. The tip of the candle can fail. You can check this by twisting the candle and putting it into the tip put on the block and pull the launch cord a couple of times. If there is a spark, then both the candle and other electricians are in order.

Another step in checking the candle is to check the gap on the candle and for the presence of soot. See the clearance in the recommendations of the manufacturer. As a rule, this is from 0.5 to 0.65 millimeters. The soot from the candle is cleaned with fine.Grained sandpaper or metal brush. Read more about candles here:

4.Check the fuel filter.

As with an air filter, the situation with the fuel filter leads to a change in the composition of the working mixture. Only if the air is polluted, then the mixture becomes richer, and with contamination of the fuel, on the contrary, the more poor. The engine of the chainsaw will not work with insufficient fuel in the working mixture. In addition, with a clogged fuel filter, uniform fuel supply to the carburetor is disturbed and further into the combustion chamber. This is especially noticeable when the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas.

5.Check the bacon.


Capun is a check valve, which is located in the gas tank of the chainsaw and prevents the occurrence of a vacuum in the tank. If it is clogged, then instead of the used fuel mixture does not enter the air and the fuel pump cannot cope with the supply of fuel.

Often there is a situation when a primer (pump for preliminary pumping of fuel) fuel was pumped into a carburetor-chainsaw started. After the fuel supply in the carburetor is spent, and in view of the clogging of the saapun, the fuel is not supplied, the gas stalls stalls.

assemble, patriot, chainsaw, fuel, filter

6.Carburetor check

In 50% of cases, if not more than the reason that the chainsaw is stalling is an incorrectly configured or failed carburetor.

What malfunctions can be hidden by a carburetor?

  • Nozzles, nozzles, filter, channels clogged. With the “quality” of domestic fuel, the fuel filter often does not cope with the duties assigned to it to clean gasoline from dirt, debris, impurities. In this case, the nozzles are clogged, and the fuel is either supplied in an insufficient volume, or is not supplied at all. Often, the chainsaws are noticeably losing in power. It is necessary to disassemble and clean the carburetor. Remember that the carburetor consists of small and very small details! Therefore, before disassembling it, prepare a place in advance!
  • The needle of the accelerating pump is sinking. Often, as a result of wear or hit by foreign objects, an accelerating pump needle can “sink” the needle. In this case, the chainsaws may simply not start, unstable to work or stall for no apparent reason at any time.
  • The check valve needle does not fit the saddle. In this case, the candle will fill, the saw will work unstable or stall at the load. It is very difficult to wipe the needle to the valve saddle! It is often easier to replace the carburetor.
  • Wear or damage to the rubber cuff in an accelerator pump. If cracks appeared on the cuff or it was damaged, let’s say during the analysis, then an additional air flow (“suction”) will begin. This, in turn, will first lead to an increase in revolutions, and then the chainsaw will simply stall. It is only required to replace the cuff.
  • Sometimes it happens that the air from under the gasket of the carburetor begins to “suck” the air. To determine exactly where the “suction” goes is often very difficult and in this case, perhaps, you will have to change all possible oil seals and gaskets.

assemble, patriot, chainsaw, fuel, filter

7.Checking hoses, seals, gaskets

One of the most common problems due to which the chainsaws stall or not start, is an air leak. Subscribing the air of the saw can in many different places. Check in order:

  • Fuel hoses. Often from time to time or when using low.Quality materials in fuel hoses, micro, and not micro, cracks can form. They can be identified in most cases by visual inspection. It is also worth examining the location of the hoses. If the hose adjacent loosely, then there may be a sucker place.
  • Basils. Even the highest quality oil seals can lose tightness under the influence of time and during operation. In this case, the quality of the mixture and the saw are disrupted either work unstable, or starts and stalls. How to check the chainsaw oil seals? There are only two of them and both are installed on the crankshaft. In order to check their tightness at home, I know two options: 1. Check them by supplying air under pressure. This can be done using a compressor, better stationary, but you can use a car. It is necessary to drown out all the holes. Namely the output from the muffler and the input from the carburetor. We unscrew the candle and supply air under pressure. If the pressure is not created or you just hear a hiss, then this is a clear sign that the oil seals must be changed. 2.You can check with a special device. Details on
  • Gaskets can also be the cause of air leaks. Most often they are damaged with unskilled rosopila repair. If you recently collected, analyzed your saw, then it is very likely that the air leak arose precisely as a result of damage to the gasket, or its incorrect installation.

Repair of the starting device

Dismantions of the starter for replacing the cord for an experienced user do not create problems, but the plastic case in most cases is not subject to repair. The Chinese chainsaw assortment for the most part is copies of the most popular European models, so we analyze the Chinese chainsaw according to the standard scheme.

Worn details of the saw headset are not restored.

  • At home, you can shorten a new chain for installation on a shorter tire.
  • The resource of branded components of tires is equal to the resources of three saw chains.
  • This indicator can be significantly reduced by the wrong choice of chain step or a large wear of the crown of the drive star.
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Carburetor, muffler and ignition coil

To remove the carburetor, you must have a 8.Head and extension cord, with which it is convenient to spin the nuts of the carburetor and air filter mounting. Before dismantling the carburetor, it is necessary to disconnect the ignition wire and the craving of the air damper from the engine control lever and remove the lever, only after that the air filter and the carburetor are removed.

The stihl 180 muffler is attached with two nuts, promoting which you need to pull it over, it will easily withdraw.

The coil is attached to two screws, you just need to spin them to remove.

The algorithm for calibration and safety precautions when eliminating the malfunctions of the carburetor of the chainsaw

Calibration or accurate adjustment of the carburetor should be carried out strictly as the manufacturer of the chainsaw itself recommends. Often this procedure has already been done at the assembly workshop stage. However, the repair of the chainsaws sometimes includes the tuning of the carburetor. This is due to its incorrect work for technical reasons, the failure of the settings, etc.

Accurate adjustment is performed using three bolts:

  • Bolt “L” regulates fuel supply at low speeds;
  • Bolt “H” regulates the highest fuel supply to the engine;
  • Bolt “T” regulates the fuel supply in idle.

There are two types of carburetor settings:

First, the bolts “h” and “l”, which regulate the supply of the fuel mixture at large and low speeds, respectively, are twisted to the stop counterclockwise. Then they turn them for one and a half turning clockwise. It is advisable, before the start of the procedure, to mark the initial position of these bolts with a pencil or felt.Tip pen, in order to subsequently return to the position in which they were before if there are problems with the adjustment. The fact is that with an unskilled approach to adjustment, there is an opportunity to finally kill the engine.

Further adjustment takes place on the engine heated to the desired temperature. It is left for working for 10 minutes. Then the accurate setting up the idle speed adjustment is already carried out. It is turned until the engine (its revolutions) is reached the most minimal values. The engine should work stably, while the chain should remain in place (do not rotate).

Then you should check how quickly the speed is gaining. To do this, they slowly turn a low.Speed bolt for another eighth turn. The maximum possible revolutions can be set using a tachometer and adjusting the bolt “h”. Next, you should once again check the carburetor operation at idle.

Nikolai Smolyaninov, 47 years old, Chuvashia

If there is a chainsaw in the house, then there will be order in the garden, and you can prepare the firewood in the bank of firewood. I purchased the Interskol saw in 2014 for 5,000. I use it infrequently. In the spring I cut the trees, but I harvest a little firewood. There were no special shortcomings. At first, a few minutes after the factory stopped the engine. Changed the candle. The problem has disappeared. I think in the first tanks of fuel there was low.Quality gasoline.

Victor Orlov, 37 years old, Voronezh region

I bought a chainsaw when I planned to build a new barn and a bathhouse. Interskol coped with the set tasks without problems. Starts in any weather, holds the momentum, a rather economical engine. There is not as much noise from her too as expected. The saw is suitable for domestic use-this is not a professional tool, although I poured it with a diameter of 35-40 centimeters, and cut off the ends of the beam. Requires high-quality oil, flooded somehow: instantly, the oil pipeline clogged.

Mikhail Kuzminsky, 51 years old, Novgorod region

I operate the Interskol chainsaw PCB-16/38l Fourth season. I immediately note that the tool is suitable only for home use. With intense loads, it quickly heats up. I use a saw for sawing medium.Sized trees on chocks, care for the garden. Most of all, it came in handy for me when repairing a barn. Of the problems I will note the unsuccessful design of the chain tensioner. It constantly weakens.

Advantages: reliable engine, high.Quality tire, price, modern design.

Disadvantages: an unsuccessful design of the tensioner, the motor is heated at loads, requires high.Quality oil and gasoline.

Bought a chainsaw? First, make sure if the declared equipment of accessories corresponds to the True tool. The kit should have a tire, a chain and a special key for tensioning the circuit. Be sure to read the instructions that step by step describes the assembly process of the chainsaw.

Several advice of experts will help you understand the intricacies of preparing the tool for work.

The most important part of the assembly of the chainsaw is the correct installation of a saw set. To get started, pull the handle to the click, turning off the circuit brake. Now unscrew the bolts holding the clutch cover.

Before setting up the chain on the tire, put on protective gloves. Such a simple precaution will help you avoid possible cuts about sharp teeth. Passing the chain on the tire, follow the direction of the edge of the teeth. She should go forward along the upper edge of the tire.

The saw set is ready for placement on the leading asterisk. To control, roll the direction of the teeth of the chain with the pattern on the case. Return the clutch cover to its place. You can twist the nuts manually.

Completion of the air filter of the chainsaw

The final stage of assembly of the chainsaw. Tension of the chain using a special key. The quality and safety of working with the tool depends on how the chain is stretched. The dumber chain can fly during sawing, and a tight tension will entail the early wear of the mechanical part of the device. The optimally stretched chain can be raised above the tire, but not more than 1 cm. Check if the chain rotates well and tighten the nuts with the key.

You have collected a chainsaw, now it remains to refuel, and you can start work.

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