STIHL MC 180 disassembly and assembly

Dismantling the starter to replace the cord for an experienced user does not create problems, but the plastic case in most cases, can not be repaired. Chinese chainsaw assortment in the majority is a copy of the most popular European models, so we disassemble the Chinese chainsaw according to the standard scheme.

Worn parts on the saw headset cannot be repaired.

  • A new chain can be shortened at home to fit a shorter bar.
  • The life of a genuine bar accessory equals the life of three saw chains.
  • This may be substantially reduced by incorrect choice of chain pitch or heavy wear of the drive sprocket crown.


Technical specifications Setting
Operating volume of the cylinder 31.8 cc³
Capacity 1,5/2 kW/k.с.
Sodium power 2,7 kg/kW
Idle speed revolutions 2.800 rpm.
Number of wraps Pmax 1) 9.000 rpm
Tire length 35 cm
Rating 2) 4,1 kg
Tank capacity 0,25 л
Lancelength 3/8 ” P
Lancet (standard) modification PICCO MINI 61 PMN
Vibration level left/right 3) 6.6/7.8 m/s²
Sound power level 4) 110 dB(A)
Sound pressure level 4) 98 dB(A)
K-coefficient according to directive 2006/42/EC 2

1) Fraction of wraps for which maximum power output is attained 2) No flammable or combustible mixtures and no torchature 3) K-value index according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s² 4) K-value index according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB(A)

Unboxing and Assembling STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw in 2 minutes. Bob The Tool Man

STIHL reserves the right to make changes to models, specifications, features, fittings and prices.


Features and specifications of STIHL MS 180 (11302000483) may be changed by the manufacturer without notice. Check the specifications (specs) of the product without any doubts on the site of the return store before ordering.

List of recently added products in the catalog “Gasoline and electric saws. Compare the STIHL MS 180 (11302000483) with the latest models, select the products you are interested in and click “Compare”.

Light domestic lopper. It is convenient for cutting branches in the garden. A lot of cheap Chinese spare parts. Can be repaired “on the knee”

Intercepted reliability. Almost all owners do not use the saw for its intended purpose. This is a domestic lopper. That’s why the piston and carburettor have already been replaced by 2.4 years is guaranteed if you cut down even garden trees. After replacing the original spare parts on the Chinese. the saw is “not the right one” anymore

I use more than 11 years. Such a saw is needed as 2 in the household. For sawing branches from trees. Sawing thin wood. As the main saw already after 20-30 seizures begins to break down. Do not listen to the stories of salespeople about the universality of the saw. The saw is not designed for medium and heavy loads.

Air filter. After upgrading all is fine) Plan to replace the standard filter on the paralonovyy oiled like a motorcycle equipment)

Hto work with wood in the sphere of construction, or work at home and not cutting oak;) with hemp is an ideal saw. It is necessary to be able to use an over file with a bar for sharpening the chain. Do not go to the market to the man to sharpen the tool. And then the oak hornbeam and other hardwoods will rip like oil.

assemble, stihl, chain

I had a chance to work with this chainsaw. And compared with ordinary Chinese lighter, quieter and much more economical: the firewood machine. Three liters of gasoline, when the Chinese need 10 liters. So in comparison with the Chinese is not enough power: poplars 30 cm in diameter. it already slips (it can actually cut solid wood up to 25 cm long and hard wood up to 20 cm long). All the pluses are in the quality of construction: when the engine was idling the gasoline tank leaked and the chainsaw shut down, and all this on a fairly new saw. That is why I can not recommend the STIHL MS 180, considering the price policy and low quality of construction. If only the quality of work was at the appropriate level and the price would be at 80 USD (not as it is now 173 USD) for saw STIHL MS 180 would buy (due to the fact that economics is high). P.S. I do not understand people who buy this chainsaw for making firewood. This chainsaw is for cutting: cut a small piece of wood, not more. Why is such low power? Everything appears very simple, you only need to look at the official specification: The cylinder volume is more than 32 cubic centimeters, while most Chinese are already 45, and therefore you should buy an analogue of STIHL MS 250 for your home. True, the STIHL MS 250 costs so much for this money you can buy ten Chinese with a capacity of two or three cars each (for the calculation takes that each machine is 8-10 cubic meters of wood). Doubly doubtful that the resource in the STIHL MS 250 will last for 20-30 cars with the current quality of the assembly (though perhaps the quality of the assembly is better than the STIHL MS 180 who knows).

So, you can buy three Chinese ones instead of one MS250, for example 28.09.2019 MS250 on a special offer costs 8589 UAH, the Chinese 2500, in your feedback ni a word about the safety of the lanceum brake low-bright chainsaws, and the most important thing for which must be thought about when selecting a chainsaw of any manufacturer, China is not a manufacturer of this product which is copied from the world manufacturers, this “product” comes to Ukraine without any certificates of safety and quality, and the passage of test inspections for safety. That is why reading your feedback I recommend you to think about your health and life, the lances are a terrible thing, I do not want to experiment with low-quality artisanal ³”goods³”.

On the items: 1) “So, you can buy instead of one MS250 three Chinese, for example for 28.09.2019 MS250 on action costs 8589 UAH, Chinese 2500” Price of 999 UAH.(Not in Kyiv), and in Kyiv 1092 UAH.(For 1200 USD outdrawn configuration: three chains in a set, rather than 1), and if in the expanded configuration is worth long air filter (a copy of a carburetor Walbro). Japan), then that’s what you need. 2) “Not a word in your statement about the safety of the lanceum brake of low-end chainsaws, which is the main thing you need to think about when choosing a chainsaw of any manufacturer, China is not a manufacturer of these products, which are copied from the world manufacturers, these “goods” come to Ukraine without any certificates of safety and quality, as well as the passage of test inspections for safety. Tomu reading your vidguk pokupyatsyam radzhu think about their health and life, lantsyugiv Tse dreadful speech, not radzhu experimenting with nizhko-yakisnym homegrown product. over, the Chinese chainsaws were copied from the Japanese HITACHI chainsaw of the 80th century, so problems with the lanceum galm in these saws does not spostereetsya. The lance can be cut on any saw and nobody is immune to it.

Let me remind you that STIHL invented their first chainsaw back in 1927 and the electric saw in 1928., that was the beginning of serial and certified production, patenting in the world and so on, the models were changed outwardly and increased in model range. All manufacturers of chainsaws and electric saws were based on STIHL, all without exclusion, and the Chinese copies of the two halves of the boat is not an exception. A few words about your words (copy of Walbro carburetor). Japan) is not a copy but a rough production from silumine which costs 3 kopecks in China. I hope our government will come to the fact that will control and punish the sellers who do not bear any responsibility for certification of safety and quality, selling forged products.

The good tool for home and garden.

The STIHL MS 180 is a handy, inexpensive chainsaw for anyone who wants a lightweight but robust, inexpensive chainsaw. Easy and convenient starting is provided by the ElatoStart system and allows you to start the chainsaw in different climates.

Bought my STIHL MS 180 more than a year ago and have no regrets. Almost always starts on the first try, reliable. The saw itself is positioned as a household saw, i.e. е. You don’t want to overload it and you don’t want to work for more than 40 minutes a day.

Technical characteristics:

Class of product household
Power, kW 1,5
Power, l.с. 2,0
Chain tension side
Chain pitch/type 3/8″ P Picco Micro Comfort 3
Busbar length, cm 40
Number of links, pcs 55
chain thickness, mm 1,3
Saw chain Oilomatic
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,25
oil pump automatic
Engine displacement, cm 3 31,8
Sound pressure level, dB(A) 2) 98
Sound power level, dB(A) 2) 110
Vibration level left/right m/s² 3) 7,6/7,4
RPM at max. engine torque, rpm 9.000
Oil tank capacity, cm³ 145
Weight (without fuel, without guide bar and saw chain), kg 4,2

STIHL chain saw MS 180 C-BE with 40 cm bar. is an improved version of STIHL‘s most popular chain saw. This model features easy starting with ErgoStart. That means every user can start the engine effortlessly. This makes the chainsaw more convenient to use, but it remains high-performance, safe and lightweight (it weighs 4.2 kg). The STIHL MS 180 C-BE chain saw is ideal for making firewood, clearing brush, limbing, thinning and felling in garden and DIY applications.

Special features:. ErgoStart easy starter system. The spiral spring between the starter rope coil and the crankshaft compensates for peak forces, so you can hardly feel any jolt on the rope. The result: STIHL ErgoStart has half the effort and a better starting speed than conventional starters. by about two-thirds.

Our application specialists are at your disposal to help you find the STIHL chain saw that best suits your needs, with all the necessary advice, instruction and startup assistance you might need.

Do-it-yourself carburetor adjustment for the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw

To adjust the carburetor, STIHL MS 180 saw operators can do it in this sequence:

  • The settings are set in the beginning. To do this, turn the screws marked H and L slowly in the direction of the hand of the clock to the very end. After that, the metal screws must be turned out alternately for 2 full turns in the opposite direction;
  • Then it is necessary to adjust the operation of the motor in the low rpm mode. To do this, turn the handwheel slowly in the direction of the clock until the motor stops. Immediately after that the built-in metal screw must be turned a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction;
  • It is possible to stop the chain rotating on the bar by alternately turning the screw S in different directions;
  • To adjust the motor at the maximum allowable rpm you need to connect a hand tachometer to the saw. Next, by turning the screw H, one should reach such a speed at which the readings of the device will be identical to those indicated in the instruction manual of the saw.

The STIHL carburetor has been properly adjusted, and when the throttle trigger is pulled smoothly, the engine will rev up quickly. Otherwise it will be necessary to repeat the adjustment.

Carburetor, muffler and ignition coil

To remove the carburetor, you need to have a head for 8 and an extension cord, with which it is convenient to unscrew the nuts fixing the carburetor and air filter. Before dismantling the carburetor, you must disconnect the ignition wire and the choke rod from the engine control lever and remove the lever, only after that remove the air filter and carburetor.

STIHL 180 muffler is fitted with two nuts and can be removed very easily by unscrewing them.

The ignition coil is fitted with two screws, to remove it just unscrew them.

To reassemble the chain saw

To assemble your STIHL chain saw use the following procedure:

  • Find the arrow on the piston, it should point in the direction of the saw. Install the piston;
  • Put the piston in the cylinder. This must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the cylinder walls or the piston itself;
  • Install all the little things on the crankshaft in this order: bearings, oil seals, snap rings. Dip the resulting assembly into the cylinder;
  • Now install the crankcase. use a special chemical to degrease the crankcase and its seating. Use sealant on the crankcase and crankcase seating. After that you can install the crankcase. Tighten the four mounting screws.

The motor is installed and now you just need to follow the instructions to disassemble the saw in reverse order. It often happens that inexperienced users forget to connect the ignition wire or install rods on the carburetor. Carry out the assembly carefully so that you do not have to perform the same procedure again.

At the first time such manipulation with the saw may seem difficult, but after doing it 1-2 times you will never have problems with assembly or disassembly again.

Features of saw circuits

The chain is the saw’s cutting mechanism. Production of saw chains is done with special technology:

  • The cutting element is made of high-carbon steel, and the use of chrome plating or the application of a tungsten carbide layer on the cutter. The more complicated the production process, the higher the price of the chain.
  • Hinge bore is ground to reduce friction and increase durability.
  • Only hardened rivets are used.
  • Marks are laid on the teeth to check for wear and to make sure they are evenly sharpened.
  • After joining the links to the chain, the chain is stretched to keep its size during use.

Intelligent automatic chain lubrication system increases chain life. New saw blades must be chosen according to the specifications in the instruction manual STIHL chainsaw chain

Please note that chains with pobedite coating are 3 to 5 times more expensive than usual, but it is almost impossible to sharpen them yourself while repairing the STIHL 180 chain saw. often it is used by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

To get the long service-free period, it is necessary to use oil recommended by the tool manufacturer. Special mineral composition used, prevents the chain from galling. It is not acceptable to use STIHL saw oil in gasoline.

People often ask how you can make longitudinal cuts with a STIHL 180. Powerful enough to cut through wood only crosswise.

The reviews on STIHL pruning saws are generally very good. There are complaints about the tool’s lack of power. The saw has to be tailored to the job. The lightweight, affordable STIHL 180 chain saw is built for repetitive use. There are special products for felling and limbing work. Not a viable option for your home. The tool is much heavier and not very handy for cutting small boards.

assemble, stihl, chain
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