How to assemble mills on a single tractor correctly

The same.Based tractor is a truly universal machine, which is an excellent assistant for a farmer, the size of the economy of which has not yet reached the size so that there is a need to purchase a tractor. In addition, the same.Based tractor is much more compact. Depending on the installed attachment equipment, it can replace many individual units, saving a lot of funds to the owner. Frasure is one of the most important types of “hitch”. Therefore, many owners puzzle over how to assemble mills on a single tractor and how difficult it is to do it yourself.

One of the most important processes when cultivating the Earth is its cultivation. During this work, plowing occurs, but there is no layer turnover. That is, the lower layer is not carried out to the surface. The technique (in this case, the one.Based tractor) performs passages of a given depth and at the same time loosening and crumbling the upper section. Outwardly, the field looks tied. The rhizomes of weeds are also cut at the same time. And then you can apply fertilizers. Cultivation also has other advantages. Improving air access, acceleration of the heating of the earth, saturation of the soil with useful elements, and the flag is held. To perform this operation and you need a mill.

Installation of cutters

The process of installing the cutter on the uniform tractor is quite simple, but before starting work, you should carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions and understand the installation features. The standard cutter design includes a rotor axis, a finger equipped with a special latch, several knives and fasteners. The installation of this equipment should be done so that the milling cutter rotates counterclockwise. Soil mills are self.So.Reached tools, which greatly simplifies the process of their use. In other words, it will not be necessary to constantly disassemble the structure to sharpen the knives.

It should be noted that in the process of installing cutters, problems may arise, so experts do not advise installing installation on their own. It is best to get an assistant in advance. The installation of a saber.Shaped cutter deserves special attention. The fact is that it is not a monolithic design, so first you have to properly assemble the product. The main thing is to establish the right direction of rotation, since without this the device will not fulfill its tasks.

It is quite easy to assemble a similar element with your own hands for a walk.Behind tractor, because it is a task that is quickly mastered, but at first it is better to study the functions that will have to perform the unit. Before starting a home.Made assembly of the saber.Shaped cutter, you need to carefully deal with the drawing, and after installation it is necessary to check the unit for performance. Usually the first time it is not possible to accurately configure the equipment, so you have to make some adjustments to its work.

Thus, cutters represent one of the most important elements to ensure the efficiency of a walk.Behind tract. They can be bought in almost any specialized store. A large selection allows each person to choose the best option depending on the model and other features of their walk.Behind tract. The process of installing mills is also quite simple and requires only attentiveness and assistant.

About how to make cutting mills for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, watch in the next video.

Motoboblock cutters. Operation, independent manufacture

Frases to the walk.Behind tractor are one of the most common types of additional equipment for soil processing. It is a set of special knives fixed on the axis. With their help, you can quickly and easily get rid of weeds, cultivate the soil on the site. In order to choose the optimal type of milling cutter for your walk.Behind tract, you should classify them a little.

Classification of mills

By the location of the milling cutter, there are side and hinged. The side are installed on both sides on a single tractor, work from drive shafts of wheels. In fact, with a similar arrangement, these cutters replace the wheels and drive the equipment in motion.

Change Blades on a Rotary Cutter

The second type is a milling cutter operating from the power shaft, is located behind the unit and does not participate in the movement. Motoblocks of brands virgins, Neva MB-1 and MB-2, MTZ have just such a milling device.

Two types of mills are distinguished by the design of the knives. Saber.Shaped (active, standard) and the so.Called goose legs.

Active cutters

Active cutter consists of a set of four powerful knives installed at an angle of 90 ° relative to each other. Such sets on one axis can be from two or more. The amount of additional milling cutters, as well as their knives, depends directly on the performance of the walk.Behind tractor. The knives of this milling cutter in the form of curved stripes, bent alternately in different directions. Their design and strength allow you to process the virgin soil without fear, as well as areas where stones and roots come across.

Goose legs

The second constructive type of milling. Goose legs. The product received its name for an unusual shape of cutting elements resembling the paws of the goose. They have the shape of a triangle and are located on the edges of the racks. The number of cutting elements and the size of this module also depends on the power of the walk.Behind tractor. The more racks with knives, the better the processing.

This mill can process heavy virgin and clay soils, but in areas with increased vegetation and roots, most likely the product will be clogged.

How to assemble mills on a single tractor correctly?

The assembly of the cutter can cause some difficulties, especially if you do this for the first time and alone.

First you should familiarize yourself with the structure of the cutter.

The drawing below indicates its main components:

  • Rotary axis (there are different lengths, can be solid and detachable);
  • Finger with a latch;
  • Knives (right and left);
  • Structural elements (nuts, washers and bolts).

Also do not forget to take into account the fact that the movement of the knives during operation is directed counterclockwise. Be careful when assembling the module. Any deviation in the design will lead to the fact that the balancing of the axis will be violated, the unit will be entered during operation.

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We also offer to familiarize yourself with the video that describes in detail about the process of assembling milling to the walk.Behind tractor:

Installation of milling on a single tractor

It is better to install cutters on a single.Axic tractor with a partner to avoid injuries, falling or damage to the unit. Before starting installation, lift the one.Axle tractor. You can use improvised means as a support. If there are no such objects nearby, set up two boards of cross in the middle. The steering wheel received the steering wheel. Make sure the one.Axle tractor is worth it. After that, you can remove the wheels and install mills in their place.

Homemade cutters for a walk.Behind tractor

In order to create a cutter to the walk.Behind tractor, you need to stock up on such tools and blanks:

  • Metal pipe (with a diameter of not more than 42 mm);
  • Harvesting for cutting cutter elements (any unnecessary spare parts or pieces of metal are suitable. For example, you can use old automobile springs);
  • Welding;
  • Corner grinder.

The cutting elements are adjusted to the required dimensions and, if necessary, are hidden. Then they need to be welded to the pipe in the corresponding order.

Experts recommend not making cutters with a diameter of more than 50 cm, since the risk of its breakdown during operation will decrease. Below is a detailed drawing for the manufacture of cutters of type goose paws:

When using milling plants, do not forget about the safety and operation of the product of the product. Before starting the cutters should be above the surface of the soil, and their immersion in the soil should be slow and smooth.

Which mills are better for a walk.Behind tractor?

Each type of milling has its drawbacks and pluses. When choosing a mill for a walk.Behind tractor, its power should be taken into account, as well as operating conditions.

For example, saber.Shaped soilofrez is very durable due to its design and material from which it is made. This type of cutter has integral knives, and they are made of high.Carbon hardened steel. It has universal functionality, as it can work in any conditions and on different soils. It is also easier to repair knives of this milling cutter. Just install and fix a new cutting element to install and fix.

Cleaves of type crossbars are also suitable for processing heavy soils and for cultivation, but areas with turf or roots will be difficult to overcome for it. The equipment will clog on them and work badly. Also, due to the features of its design, it is more often susceptible to breakdowns, and repairs are usually carried out using welding, which is more long and unprofitable.

As you can see, each of the sets of milling is not devoid of advantages. When choosing, rely on the technical characteristics of your unit and on the features of upcoming work.

Is it necessary to sharpen mills on a single tractor?

This question cannot be given an unequivocal answer. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the walk.Behind tractor, soil and conditions of use. For example, for processing heavy soils with a powerful walk.Behind tractor with reinforced cutters, sharpening is optional. You will not see the tangible effect of this procedure, just spend your strength and time.

To process the site with a lighter walk.Behind tractor with small cutting, sharpening is a good option for improving the quality of labor. But there are also minuses. Firstly, sharpening is enough for only a few hours, then the procedure will need to be repeated, and this is a long and time-consuming process. Secondly, sharpened knives contribute to crushing the roots of weeds, and this in turn can only accelerate their reproduction.

How to assemble mills for a walk.Behind tractor

Motobogloks and motor cultivators of the Aurora company, and, in principle, as in many other manufacturers, are delivered with cutters in disassembled form. Often, for owners of new technology, the process of assembling milling plants becomes some problem. In this article, we will describe from the details of this quot designer to collect working mills. For the technique of Aurora, depending on the model, cutters are available on the axes, two sizes. The diameter of the axis for light equipment is 23 mm, and for a heavy 32 mm.

Mills for light motoblocks and cultivators gather quite easily. To do this, install the blades in special installation nests and fasten them with bolts. It is necessary to pay attention to the direction of the cutting edge of the blade. She should look in the direction of motobog. In addition, each blade has a marking. If the letter quotrquot is indicated, it means deployed to the right side, respectively quotlquot in the left.

Each next section is fixed from the previous one by means of a pin and blocked by a hairpin. The cutting disk must be fixed with a bolt. Depending on the power of the equipment, the amount of milling plants will be different. Their number can be 24, 32 or 40.

The number of blades can also differ and can be three or four per section. This is due to the number of fasteners on the axis. If the axis of the milling cutter is straight, without displacement relative to each other, then the number of blades will be three. For models with displaced. Four.

Four.Petrost cutters gather sequentially, one left, one right. It will be easier to assemble mills if at the very beginning to divide the left and right blades into two parts, for the left and right mills.

Three.Lobed gather differently. The first blade is installed on the axis and fixed with a bolt. In the future, this bolt will have to be removed to fix another blade. If the first was installed outside the plate, then the remaining two should be mounted from the inside of the fastener plate. For three.Lobed cutters, the QUOTLQUOT and QUOTRQUOT marking are installed separately for each side.

Varieties of milling cutters

Sable.Shaped mills

Sable.Shaped nozzles are the most purchased, since with their help you can do many different soil work. In the factory production for the manufacture of this type with the best form of cutting elements, steel of the highest strength is used. The design of each model can be disassembled. Due to this, the process of assembly, installation, operation and maintenance is quite simple.

Goose cutters

Not so long ago, goose cutters for a walk.Behind tractor appeared in stores. Due to their design, they can process arable land of any complexity: solid soil, virgin. For their manufacture, carbon steel is used, which is not so durable. Therefore, in terms of strength, such cutters are inferior to saber.Shaped. They have a single design, due to which they perfectly cope with weeds and provide high work indicators. It is convenient to operate them, if you need to replace spare parts yourself. Factory milling knives for the walk.Behind tractor are part of components. They are the most popular among buyers in the market. Depending on which design they have, select collapsible and prefabricated models. During the purchase of special equipment, pay attention to this. If a collapsible type is used, then when damage and replacement you will have to buy identical, another type of model will not work. The type of cutter may differ in different manufacturers. Usually the milling cutter consists of several sections interconnected by bolts. When buying a Chinese.Made unit, purchase additional nozzles, since the manufacturing material can be fragile and the cutter can break down when the soil is first processed.

About elements

They are needed when cultivating the soil. Therefore, the quality of processing and the complexity of the procedure itself depends on the model: the load on the motor, the ease of control and the complexity.

As a rule, the milling cutter is included with the walk.Behind tractor. But this may not be enough. Sometimes an increase in depth or width of processing is required, so the device can be supplemented by other products. This solution also allows you to improve the process of moving the walk.Behind tractor forward. In addition, this will increase the service life of the mechanism.

If the earth is clay, then it is better to use two pairs of milling cultivators. And even if the soil is light and has already been processed earlier, additional elements will not become an obstacle.

Changing the depth is possible due to the adjustable coupon. It is a strong element located in the coupling of a walk.Behind tractor vertically. And the diameter of the cutter-cultivator is influenced by the final depth of loosening.

If there is a desire to make cutters for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, it is worth starting with the definition of their types. Two types of structures can be distinguished:

The last option is the most popular, it can be called standard. After all, such types of products are tested by time: their effectiveness is quite high. They have the optimal shape and material. Knives are made of high.Quality steel high strength. Additionally, the material undergoes a thermal cutter and processing with a high.Frequency current.

It should be noted that cultivators have a collapsible design. This feature is caused by the fact that the material does not perceive welding. As a result, before installing the product on a single tractor, its preliminary assembly is required.

As for the products “goose legs”, such products are used for solid soils. They have a continuous design, non.Vegetable. Due to this, their strength is high.

Such products are effective in combating weeds and processing virgin. However, their disadvantage. Manufacturing material. Carbon steel. This affects the strength of the products: therefore, the target must be processed very carefully so as not to bend the product. However, this allows, firstly, to perform welding, and secondly, repair.

It should be noted that the milling cutter is an instrument of a self.Soothing. Additional manipulations in this direction are not required.

Video assembly of milling mills

In this video, we collected soil cutters in an obvious but in sure way. Also, below. Text description of the assembly process.

At the end of the article you can find a video with a quick alteration of this configuration in the correct. Looking ahead: the difference lies in the direction of one knife in each section.

How to collect cutters on the unoic tractor correctly?

DIY cutters assembly should be carried out as correctly as possible. And here it is especially important to ensure that the active part crashes into the ground when working. For this, it is initially recommended to study drawings, and then proceed to the manufacture of equipment.

The following tools are required to create a milling device:

  • Rotor axis of the required length. It can be divided into two parts, if you need to collect a cutter of two blocks.
  • Short axis.
  • Reducer with fixators.
  • Left and right knives.
  • Bolts, washers, nuts.

The construction of the structure does not take more than an hour, but it is important to install knives so that they do not interfere with rotations.

  • A long rotary axis is equipped with knives at an angle of 30 degrees.
  • It is necessary to combine four knives on one block, fixing them to gearboxes.
  • Next, the correct design is checked and all fasteners are pulled up.

This design is very reliable and can withstand quite high loads.

Assembly of a milling cutter for a diesel motor block centaur with your own hands

Time work takes about about an hour, but you should act according to a clear leadership in order to avoid problems during the assembly process. You can get acquainted with detailed instructions further (assembly of the milling, unoic tractor, diesel unoic tractor, etc.E).

Those who do not know how to assemble mills for a walk.Behind tractor with their own hands should watch the next video.

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