How to get a bat from an electric screwdriver

What is an electric screwdriver? In fact, this is the same drill, however, an electric screwdriver differs from it in that it has a lower speed of rotation of the cartridge and, at the same time, a larger torque.

Another difference. If the speed of rotation can change smoothly on a drill, then on an electrical screwdriver, as a rule, “fixed” rotation speeds of the cartridge are set. This is due to the function of “slipping” the cartridge of an electric screwdriver: when the screw is twisted, the cartridge ceases to rotate, although the engine still works. This function allows you not to tear off the slots and not “drive” the screw inward.

Different types of speeds are designed for specific types of work and materials, as well as the “Drilling” mode. Like a drill, an electric screwdriver has a reverse function. Features of the design of an electric screwdriver allow them to perform a wide range of works: twisting and unscrewing of screws and screws, screws and nuts, drilling soft materials.

The use of electric screwdriver, for example, in the production of drywall partitions or when assembling furniture, increases the speed of work by several times. Therefore, electric screwdriver is rightfully considered one of the most common tools in the set of any master.

The designs of all screwdrivers are approximately the same. They are light enough and have a “pistol” handle designed to work with a tool with one hand.

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Drill device. What you need to know about the tool?

The jamming of the drill in the cartridge of the drill or electric screwdriver took place at least once with all the owner of the tools. In order to realize what this happens from time to time, it is necessary to figure out how the drill is arranged. Such a tool converts electronic energy into mechanical, which for you thanks to an electric motor promoting the shaft. Through the gearbox, the rotation is not transmitted to the fasteners, in which the drill is not recorded.

And at the moment we will see the operation of the electronic drill from the back, in the circumstances that the drill was assigned incorrectly or not strong enough. The fluctuations that arise during work will lead to deviations in the direction of drilling, at the end you will receive an uneven hole. Vibrations from the oscillation will not be transmitted to the gears not a gearbox, the shaft is not engaged in the engine itself. This is not threatened to break down, but a decrease in the life of the tool is guaranteed to be guaranteed! Often negligence when fixing the drill does not lead to its jam. When jamming, it ultimately occurs by slipping the drill from the drilling point. To avoid this, use the spring cherner to make the member excavation for the drill.

In addition to jamming, a loosely fixed drill can jump out of fasteners, as is already fraught with quite severe injuries for a person working with an inventory, not surrounding, taking into account the speed of the revolutions of modern devices. Therefore, never strengthen the drill in a hurry, always turn off the drill for this purpose for you from the current to avoid random launch of the drill.

Drilling mode

If you decide to use the screwdriver as a drill in order to drill holes in a tree or plastic, then in order for the hole to be high.Quality, you must slip under the objects that you drill, an even piece of wood. So it is possible to avoid cracks and chips when drilling.

Drilling holes in the metal involves compliance with certain rules. The place of the coming hole must be tap. This will help to avoid sliding the drill on the surface of the metal. Having selected drilling mode in the screwdriver, do not forget that when the metal is drilling, the core at the output of the metal often breaks. To avoid this, try not to burn very much in the screwdriver during the drilling process. If the drill is stuck, then turning it off to turn the screwdriver to the twisting mode. If you drill a small part, then in order to delay it, use a vice.

How to remove a bat from an electric screwdriver

Those who work with the tool need to know how to remove the bat from an electric screwdriver. To take out a bat or drill, an electric screwdriver is switched to a reverse. It is necessary to fix the cartridge and turn on the tool. Fists will flash, the bat will be freed and it can be removed.

Cloth the clamping device in any model of the Metabo, Interskol, Hitachi, Dewalt and others electrical screwdriver. Bit can get stuck for a number of reasons, one of which is the use of the largest drill. The fists of the cartridge have to be pushed to the limit value. And then it does not manage to squeeze them out. If they are unevenly compressed, then they will not be able to unclench in order to pull out a jammed drill or bit.

To bite lips, squeeze the bit due to free move during compressing and unclenching. This happens if the figures of the fists fall:

Когда случаются такие ситуации, работать инструментом, хотя он и исправен, невозможно. You can try to fix it yourself, and if it does not work, then contact specialists. Almost all models of screwdrivers are the same, so the methods that allow you to extract a jammed bit, the same.

The first thing to do is add a lubricant to the jammed cartridge so that it open. For this purpose, WD-40 lubricant is perfect. It is poured so much that the liquid flows through each fist. Lubrication is left for 15 minutes. After the fabric, fists are carefully tapped. Most often after such a procedure it is possible to solve the problem. But if the cartridge has not gripped, it can be a little warm with a hairdryer.

Some pull out the bat using divorce keys. After the cartridge is lubricated, the base is clamped by one, the others should carefully twist its upper part. As soon as it is possible to get a stuck bat, an electric screwdriver must be cleaned.

For ease of work, the bit is magnetized

Magnetization and hardening of nozzles

If the master purchased nozzles that were made in China, and not by manufacturers of the type of Vosch (Bosch), Deko, whirlwind, Dewalt, Hammer, Makita, Metabo, Interskol, they will eventually begin to lose shape. If there is a desire to extend their life, it is worthwhile to harden the nozzle. In the course of work, you will need to use:

  • Wrap the wire on the bit.
  • Oil is poured into a container, and gas is set on fire in the burner.
  • The bat is heated until the moment it turns red.
  • The nozzle is lowered for a few seconds into oil and heated again to red. The process is repeated 2-3 times.

The service life of a hardened bit is much longer than the usual.

To make it convenient for the master to work in hard.To.Reach places, it is worth taking care of the magnetization of the nozzles. To do this, you can use one of the methods below.


In a specialized store, you need to buy a device that allows magnetization and demagnetize screwdrivers. You need to insert a bit into the step window of the device. Soon it will be magnetized.


The insulated wire is wound in 3 rows per pipe made of plastic. Inside, insert a bat. The tips of the wire are attached to the terminal terminals. For magnetization, 1-2 minutes is enough.


To use this method, you will need to take the magnet and rub the nozzle on each side for 1-2 minutes.

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Conducting this process allows you to achieve good magnetization of fasteners by nozzle.

How to use a screwdriver?

It often happens that you can’t do without an electrical screwdriver. Electric screwdriver is an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of a suspended ceiling, installation of drywall. Repair work is complicated if there is no electrical screwdriver at hand, which can easily tighten screws and fasteners. In the household sphere, he is not less in demand than in professional activities.

However, how to use an electric screwdriver correctly, not all tool owners know about this. There is nothing difficult to have, the main thing is to adhere to some rules and recommendations for beginners.

Tool varieties: characteristic features

Electric screwdriver can be classified for the following varieties:

The principle of operation in tools is similar to each other, but still there are differences in functionality.

Drill-electrical screwdriver is able to not only tighten the screw, but also drill a hole. Gaikovert specializes on bolts and nuts. The third representative. The battery is designed exclusively for twisting/unscrewing the mounting elements with a cross.Shaped hat. The latter type is characterized by low power, unlike the above.

What is the electric screwdriver consist of? Settings of the device.

In the plastic case there is a engine and a gear mechanism that drives a bat, which is installed at the end of an electric screwdriver. The device is provided for by the presence of a start.Up starter, direction of direction and speed speed, diode illumination and tightening time regulator.


The principle of activity of the tool is very simple. The nozzle, previously fixed in the cartridge, moves using a shaft, which starts moving from the work of the motor through the gearbox. Before using an electric screwdriver, you should find out if the battery is charged, and whether the nozzle is installed correctly.

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Immediately before the work, you need to look after such a nozzle so that it corresponds to the self.Tapping screw or screw hat.

To install the desired nozzle, you should choose it by the size of the hat of the fastener and fix it in the magnetic holder of the cartridge. First, the cartridge with the coupling must be removed from the device, and after fixing the bat, the cartridge must again be fixed to the body of the electric screwdriver.

Bosch IXO Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

Then it is required to assign a suitable bit speed of the bit. Settings are performed by means of a special regulator. The required mode is set in the disconnected state of the tool.

Before using the power tool, it is necessary to adjust the depth of screwing the fastening element. After some time, the need to replace the magnetic holder may arise. To change it, a cartridge, magnetic mount and coupling is removed. Next, the cartridge with the coupling is fixed back to the block-box of the electrical screwdriver.

How to change/insert/pull the nozzle (bit), drill

After the necessary nozzle (bat) for the drill is selected, given the value of the screw hat and the configuration of the recesses (straight, cross), it must be installed in the very center between the open fists, and fixed in the cartridge through the turnover of the sleeve on the hourly. If a key type cartridge is selected, then the key is set into a recess on the cartridge, and then turned along the time run until the nozzle is fixed. The end of the nozzle is placed in the groove of the screw. Before the device is launched, check the accuracy of the installation of the rotation direction, the focus should coincide with the twist of the screw.

Increasing pressure on the start button regulates the optimal rotation speed. When the screw is completely immersed, the mechanic of restriction of the force is activated, and then the drill stops.

How to work with a screwdriver

After all the settings are completed, you can undertake to use the power tool. Having studied the instructions for the operation of an electrical screwdriver, it is possible to prevent possible malfunctions in the process of handling the device, thereby increasing the life of the tool.

It is not allowed to configure the frequency and the direction of speed of the nozzle in the included state of the device. You can not touch the power tools to ground objects, otherwise a person can hit the current. You should not use the device for a long time, since it can burn out.

A room in which it is best to use an electric screwdriver should be well lit, and the power supply network is constant, without jumps, this will avoid equipment malfunctions. The work should take place in specialized clothing and only with good tools.

Is it possible to use a drill as a screwdriver

Electric screwdriver can be used as a drill. The mechanism of the cartridge makes it possible to firmly fix the drill with a cylindrical tail. To start work, you need to install a drill in a clamping cartridge.

Be careful, since the design is not provided for making holes, especially for solid wood, metal or concrete, because there is a high probability of breakdown of a planetary gearbox.

Service of a screwdriver

There is nothing remarkable in maintenance, since today modern models have increased strength and withstand even falls from a small height. The cartridge should be regularly lubricated and cleaned. Avoid moisture, sand dirt in the middle of the tool. Follow the overload of the electric screwdriver if you feel that the electric screwdriver begins to work with an effort, lower the speed of speeds.

Hard case

Well, it happens that the cartridge does not want to turn away, which means that it does not pull it out of it and the drill. This should not happen on serviceable cartridges, so if under what conditions the cartridge does not spin, this may indicate its malfunction.

Usually this does not happen sharply. The cartridge begins to click before it clamps so that it does not unfold.

In such a situation, you can resort to two methods. I immediately want to make a reservation that after that the cartridge will need to be changed. In this case, the drill needs to be done in order to save this very drill, well, and also to make the opportunity to remove a faulty cartridge from an electric screwdriver. With a stuck drill, this cannot be done.

  • The first method is quite humane. You need to squeeze the drill in a vice and try to crank the entire electric screwdriver around it. You can sprinkle in the WD-40 cartridge to facilitate the task. It can turn out to crank the entire electric screwdriver with the cartridge only if its device is such that the cartridge is rigidly linked with an electric screwdriver and it is not possible to crank it, otherwise by clicking on the start button. However, not all models are provided with the poet, you can rotate the cartridge with the help of a gas key. The plastic part of it will deteriorate. If the drill succumbed, then you need to rotate the cartridge back and forth and gradually pull it off the drill.
  • If the drill is not amenable, then you will have to resort to the “vandal” method. We take a corner grinder and just cut the cartridge. Only you need to cut it so as not to damage the spindle of an electric screwdriver and the drill itself, if you need it whole. Not a single drill can resist such a technique.

These are the ways of pulling the drill from an electric screwdriver. If you have a second case, then excuse me, but I don’t know a more humane way and think that it is not. At least I got the drill just like that. And I finish this article. Until new meetings!

Tool varieties: characteristic features

Electric screwdriver can be classified for the following varieties:

The principle of operation in tools is similar to each other, but still there are differences in functionality.

change, electric, screwdriver, battery

Drill-electrical screwdriver is able to not only tighten the screw, but also drill a hole. Gaikovert specializes on bolts and nuts. The third representative is a battery, designed exclusively for twisting/unscrewing the mounting elements with a cross.Shaped hat. The latter type is characterized by low power, unlike the above.

Tips for working with a drill. Electric screwdriver

Before starting work, you should make sure of the serviceability of all parts of the tool;

After a long break in the work, the battery is still discharged, in this case it should be recharged;

It is necessary to make sure that the electric cable does not pass in the places of drilling and the pipes of water and gas pipeline are not laid;

When working the tool, it is necessary to avoid frequent braking of the electric motor, this can disable a battery;

Carefully take the polarity check when connecting to a charger;

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