How to Change a Trimmer Line on a Huter Gasoline Trimmer

Before using a gasoline trimmer for grass, owners should make sure that the box is lubricated. In addition, for the proper use of this device, you should familiarize yourself with all the standards that are contained in the operating instructions. There are also safety standards, advice on ways and means of effective work, as well as proper care brush cutter.

When the user is familiar with all this, he can start the gasoline trimmer and start working in the device. It should be carried out during the first 3-4 hours of work. The hedge trimmer should be handled very carefully at this time. On soft grass, it is better to do it evenly. Under no circumstances should it be used in standby mode for more than 10 minutes. These periods should always be interspersed with breaks and pauses of 20-30 seconds. During this period, the adjustment and adjustment of the operating modes of the gasoline grass trimmer is also carried out. It will not be superfluous to have a spare line for the trimmer, that in the case of breakage or poor performance standard strip could be changed for a trimmer line on a more benign.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is necessary to say a little about the strengths of gasoline trimmers of the mentioned manufacturer. The basic can be called the following:

  • The presence of a two-stroke motor with just over three horsepower, having air cooling and electric ignition;
  • A tank made of translucent plastic, which allows you to know exactly how much fuel has been used during the work;
  • The possibility for a person to work comfortably. it turns out due to the presence of an ergonomic handle on the type of bicycle and a special mechanism to dampen various kinds of vibrations;
  • It uses a high-quality cutting set in the form of a cutting knife and a line of the highest strength;
  • Here is also used a wide grip when mowing. 25.5 cm, which makes it possible to perfectly and quickly mow grass, brushwood and other greenery;
  • Protective cover that protects a person from the ingress of grass clippings, pebbles and various debris;
  • A shoulder strap that allows the operator to work for a long time and not to feel sluggish;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation. the mechanism of operation and device models from Huter are very ordinary, that will allow you to simply understand their implementation, even a little-expert person;
  • Reliability. such a gasoline trimmer for grass can work for a long time without stopping, while it does not heat up due to the features of the air cooling system;
  • The ability to freely move around the site. taking into account that gasoline grass trimmers, unlike electronic, do not depend on the presence of a socket, which guarantees a person the freedom of movement.

At the same time, there are also a number of drawbacks, which can not fail to mention, and specifically:

  • Noise during operation. gasoline grass trimmers not only from Huter, and in general quite a lot of vibration and make a lot of noise, which makes uncomfortable working conditions;
  • Pollution of nature. the model, working on fuel, during operation produce a different kind of exhaust fumes, which is harmful to the environment;
  • The highest price. grass trimmers described the type have a higher price due to the fact that have the highest performance and good technical features.

How to remove the spool and replace the line for the trimmer

Trimmer owners, mostly beginners, get confused, bordering on panic, when it becomes necessary to change cutting tools or trimmer line in the reel. Very often when trying to unscrew the mowing head, users simply cause it to fail, unaware that it unscrews in the opposite direction. To prevent this from happening, if you need to replace the tool, it is recommended that you read the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Before you tuck the trimmer line into the reel, turn off the brushcutter engine or de-energize the electric grass trimmer to avoid injuries that may occur if the cutting tool accidentally starts rotating.
  • Unscrew the head attached to the gearbox shaft. To do this, the shaft must be secured by aligning the holes on the washer and on the axle, and inserting a metal bar or screwdriver into them.
  • Unscrew nozzle. Note that the thread on the shaft is left-handed. Therefore, you should turn the grass trimmer reel to the right, that is, in a clockwise direction.
  • Disassemble the mowing head. Head cap is most often locked in place with a retainer. To remove it, you will need to push these clips into the body by pushing off the edges of the cap. In case your trimmer has a semi-automatic mowing head, which has a button at the bottom, then the disassembly of the head should be done carefully, because you can lose the spring, which sometimes flies out when you remove the cover.
  • Cut the necessary amount of fishing line. It is usually 5 meters long. Use only as much filament as is shown in the instruction manual for the tool. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum line diameter as this will put more strain on the engine and increase gasoline consumption.
  • Find the center of the cord by folding it in half. You get a loop.
  • There are special grooves (there may be holes) cut into the inside of the reel. Insert the line loop in this groove.
  • Wind the line for the trimmer on the spool by turning it counterclockwise. Tighten the cord as evenly as possible so that it doesn’t overlap and has good tension. When you have finished winding it, leave about 20cm of free fishing line, and fix the ends in the grooves on the sides of the spool.
  • Assemble the mowing head. Before you finally assemble the head, do not forget to insert the spring and washer (if present). Install the spool in the housing, and thread the ends of the cord through the holes or eyelets.
  • Put on the cover and fasten it with the catches.
  • Screw the nozzle back onto the reducer shaft, also securing it with a screwdriver. Screw the grass trimmer reel to the left (counterclockwise). arrows).

The line for the trimmer does not lengthen automatically

If the grass trimmer’s line does not extend when you lightly hit the grass trimmer reel button on the ground, the reasons may be as follows.

Variant 1. a jamming effect occurs, i.e.е. the filament is caught between the coils. This problem usually occurs if the user has wound the line unevenly, with overlapping coils, or with insufficient tension on the line reel. In the latter case, if the mowing head rotates at high revolutions, centrifugal force causes the filament to be drawn in, which may result in a catch between the filament strands. To correct the problem it will be necessary to disassemble the spool on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, i.e. with even turns and good tension.

Option 2. Too short ends protrude from the head. the trimmer line may not come out when hitting the ground if the line ends sticking out of the trimmer head are not long enough (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough to pull the trimmer line. It is therefore necessary to stop the machine (turn off the engine or unplug the trimmer eletrical grass trimmer) and pull the line for the trimmer manually, pre-pressing the button.

Option 3. trimmer line is soldered inside the mowing head. This leads to the fact that the spool stalls and does not spin when the button is pressed. There are several main reasons for this: bad quality of the filament, overheating of the line during extended use, line striking against hard objects.

  • In the first case, third-party cords may be made from low-quality, low-melting-point materials that cannot withstand the mechanical and thermal loads. That’s why you should give preference to “branded” lines.
  • But, if you still bought a line for a trimmer of unknown quality, and it often solders during operation, you can follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord in the spool, wet it either with silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure is much less likely to solder the threads together.
  • Also, the line for the trimmer may meld if, during mowing, it bumps into a hard object (a rock, fence, dry twigs, etc.), or if the line hits a hard object.д.). As a result, it stretches a little and pulls back into the head at high speed. The friction heats up the cord, and its coils stick together. The only thing you can do to fix this malfunction is to open the grass trimmer reel and rewind the trimmer line.

Grass trimmer spool repair with their own hands

Lawn trimmer, whether it is gasoline or electric, is the only true solution for mowing grass in hard-to-reach places, which can not cope with a wheel mower. As a cutting tool in trimmers used metal knives or a special line for trimmer, which is tucked into the grass trimmer spool. But, unfortunately, trimmer heads in the course of use over time become unusable. Some faults can be repaired with your own hands, some require complete replacement of the mowing head.

Mowing heads for trimmers come in different designs. both simple and complex. The illustration below shows the semi-automatic trimmer head from a Husqvarna brushcutter (Husqvarna) disassembled.

This type of head is present in the package of the majority of gasoline mowers and electric trimmers, such as STIHL (STIHL), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The design of the mowing head is quite simple. It includes the following parts:

  • the base of the mowing head;
  • button for the semi-automatic cord feed;
  • bobbin (spool), in which the line for the trimmer is tucked
  • spring;
  • eyelets. the line for the trimmer goes out;
  • trimmer head cover;
  • line for trimmer (filament).

There are also simpler trimmer heads, shown in the following photo.

All these attachments do not allow you to change the length of the line in semi-automatic mode (after pressing a button). In case the cord breaks, you have to stop the mower and change it manually.

Instructions with a step-by-step description of how to wind the grass trimmer and lawnmower spool

To make sure you have the right line for your tool, you should first take the head apart and look at the side of the spool. This information is usually presented on the tip, which will not allow you to make a mistake with the appropriate tooling.

If the information on the spool is about what diameter line for the trimmer can be threaded, then this information can be clarified in the manual. Determined with the thickness or diameter of the tool, it remains to understand how to charge it. There are two ways to do this, but they are not all applicable. Consider both methods in detail, and depending on what models of brushcutters and trimmers you use, decide for yourself which variant is suitable.

Learn how to properly twist a wire from a grass trimmer coil and brush. Installation instructions

Private homeowners know how important this type of tool as a grass trimmer is. They can be gasoline-powered and electric, but differ in the design of the power unit.

For cutting grass in places with rocks, trees and other obstacles, a hair growth trimmer line is used as a cutting device.

This consumable material wears out during use, so when we roll up the grass trimmer reel, we take a closer look at the material.

What you need to know about the grass trimmer line

The line for the trimmer is a nylon consumable and is the cutting device.

With this equipment, the grass is mowed and the head of the tool rotates at a high frequency.

This material has different thickness depending on its use on the corresponding tools, low-power electric (1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 watts (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers with braids (2.4 to 3.2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the thicker the cutting tool should be. It affects not only the quality of grass mowing, but also the life of the material.

If you’re wondering how to wind the grass trimmer reel, it’s time to change the reloading tool.

As spring arrives, this problem is becoming more and more popular, so it’s time to understand the step-by-step instructions for replacing the hair growth line in the grass trimmer spool.

How to remove the spool from a grass trimmer and remove a hair

First, before you insert the trimmer fishing line into the grass trimmer reel, it must be removed from there. Reel or pick-up. This is a device that sits inside the mower head, spool or reel.

There are different types of heads (depending on the manufacturer), but the principle of changing the spool on the reel is the same for all.

First of all, we will understand how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the drum and rope out of it.

This is interesting! The tool can be replaced directly on the tool, but if you are doing it for the first time, it is still recommended to remove the head and study the detailed winding process. Once you have mastered this technique, you can perform a grass trimmer or shrub trimmer replacement.

The instructions for unwinding the hand-held grass trimmer are as follows:

  • Turn the tool upside down and clean off any dirt if necessary. Use two fingers of one hand to hold the catch latches (on the mowing head), which are positioned symmetrically to each other. Slightly push them inside, remove the protective cover from the drum
  • The fishing reel must be removed from the reel. It is mounted on the shaft without a mount, so it can be removed with one hand
  • The main part of the drum is secured with a screw, which should be unscrewed with a screwdriver with a suitable tip or chisel
  • To unscrew, hold the base of the drum with one hand and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise with the other.
  • You can then proceed with the disassembly. You don’t have to pull it hard and swing it slightly sideways, slowly pulling away from the metal shaft on which the drum is mounted
  • When reinstalling, place the head in the four-sided slots

This process is not complicated and you do not need to disassemble the entire head if you know how the replacement works. Keep the following points in mind when disassembling:

  • Periodic removal of the head is recommended to prevent corrosion of the threaded joint. If you never unscrew the screw, it will be difficult, if necessary, and sometimes impossible
  • If the screw has a four-sided hole in the head, you should choose an appropriately sized screwdriver or bit to turn it to prevent the surface from overflowing.
  • When reassembling the unit, treat the threaded seat with a lubricant, such as solid oil or motor oil.
  • If the sides of the screw are licked, you can unscrew it with special clamping pliers
  • There are reels that do not need to be disassembled. To disassemble them, take them and turn them counterclockwise.

Knowing how to disassemble the reel, you should continue to perfect the process of replacing the three-dimensional mowing line. The video below shows the detailed process of opening and dismantling the grass trimmer reel.

Depending on the manufacturer, heads differ structurally not only externally, but also internally. Most reels have a clamping spring inside (semi-automatic and automatic).

Above are the instructions for disassembling the grass trimmer head without a spring, that is, on a manual type head.

The principle of disassembling a semi-automatic head with a spring inside is almost identical to the above instructions.

The principle of the semi-automatic grass trimmer reel is as follows:

  • Inside the head is the spool, which sits on the slots, preventing it from moving freely
  • The reel is exposed to a spring that presses it against the holes in the cover structure.
  • Around the tip is wound a line for the trimmer, the length of which depends on the tool itself. Usually this length is 1 to 4 meters.
  • While doing the job, if you need to increase the length of the wire, the protruding part of the drum is clamped, causing it to pull away from the slots. In this case, the rod is wound on the drum, increasing the length
  • After releasing the desired amount of hair, you must release the press and continue the grass trimming job.

The advantage of the tool for hair growth mowing line is that this consumable does not need to be sharpened compared to metal discs. Also, if a stone or wood hits the track, the trimmer blade simply disengages without negatively affecting the tool’s gearbox and engine, as is the case with metal cutting blades.

Knowing the design and location of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, you need to begin the process of filling the mowing line into the grass trimmer spool. In fact, this is the point where most specialty tool owners have difficulty.

Step-by-step instructions for winding a grass trimmer reel and brush cutter

To avoid making a mistake in choosing the right fishing line for your tool, first take apart the head and look at the side of the spool. This information is usually indicated on the card, allowing you to avoid making mistakes with the right equipment.

What’s the best way to wind grass trimmer fishing line on a grass trimmer

Many, not so long ago developed factory trimmer fishing line by trimmer, trying to rewind the latter, but can not, because they can not win the trimmer line on the grass trimmer reel (spool). It is similar to the annotation, but it still does not work. Let’s try to deal with this problem in this article.

So, to rewrap your trimmer fishing line, you first need to remove the spool from your grass trimmer. It will be more convenient. The method of removal will depend on the type of grass trimmer.

How to wrap a trimmer line on a three-dimensional reel?

Answer the question after the previous video.

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Now, having removed and disassembled the spool, we proceed, in fact, to the winding.

Winding Process

If your reel is designed to work with only one antenna, it’s very simple.

You need to rewind 2-4 m of hair growth line (depending on the size of the spool), find the hole that secures the hair growth trimmer line inside the spool, stick one end of the line and start winding the hair line in the opposite direction to the grass trimmer spool.

On the bobbin is usually marked with an arrow, in which the side winds up the hair. After winding the cutting element, leave a small piece to open it.

We fasten this part in a special groove located inside the spool and designed to prevent the cutting element from unwinding during assembly of the spool. If there is no such groove, you will have to hold the hair growth trimmer line with your finger to keep it from unwinding during future reel collection. Then take the outer part of the spool and insert the outer part of the hair into the existing hole, assemble and install the reel back on the grass trimmer.

If there are 2 grooves, fold a 2-4 m piece of mowing line of hair growth, insert the loop obtained at the bend point into the groove between the two grooves and immediately wind both ends of the mowing line in your own way. groove. The steps below are similar to the previous version.

That’s all. How to replace a grass trimmer with a grass trimmer How to wrap a grass trimmer with a trimmer head. Successful winding!

Algorithm of winding a mowing line

The order of winding the fishing line is depending on the type of spool. with one or two tendrils, also with automatic cord charging.

Depending on the type of vegetation covering the garden plot (lawn) and requiring removal, the line for the trimmer changes to a disc. This is necessary because the cord is used only for grass of small height, and if you want to mow the tallest sprouts, shoots of trees or bushes, instead of the rope is better to use iron or plastic knives-discs. They are not difficult to install correctly, the detailed process is usually described in the user manual and is similar for different brands of trimmers, whether Al-Co, Oleo-Mac, Patriot, or other brands of equipment. What it will take for you to change the ruler to knives:

  • Lock the shaft and remove the bobbin by turning it clockwise;
  • Put the knife on the sleeve;
  • Install the locking cap and tighten the nut counterclockwise, then tighten with a wrench.

You can read thoroughly about how to change the spool of fishing line on the disk, in the annotation of the device.

The line for the trimmer is flying out

If a string comes out during mowing, it is another sign that the spring in the bobbin is loose or has lost one hundred percent of its force due to careless disassembly of the head. The cord will eventually not hold and pop out when you turn it.

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