Features of electric chainsaws bar and chain maintenance. how to dress, lubricate and sharpen the chain

Electric chainsaws have taken one of the main positions in the gasoline and electric tools market in recent years. They are lighter than their gasoline-powered counterparts, run more quietly. An electric motor does not require as much maintenance as a gasoline engine, so electric tools are much easier to use. But the most important part of an electric chainsaw. the cutting chain. requires constant care.

Special lubricants have been developed for this purpose.

Electric saw oil must always be present in the friction zone.

In modern devices the lubrication is done automatically from a special reservoir. Older chains are lubricated by hand, by periodic dipping in oil, smearing with a brush or spraying.

For all electric saws the lubricant is the basic consumable. Its quality also greatly affects the life of the tool. This is why the choice of lubricant is important.

Why do you need to lubricate your chainsaw chain?

Lubrication of the chainsaw helps to reduce friction. No extra heat build-up in the tool when it is in contact with each other. The friction force is smoothed out. Chain lubricant for chainsaws prevents the chain and bar from breaking down.

Sometimes working with your power saw requires extra effort when cutting. This is an indication that low-quality lubricant was used, or that the lubricant quantity is insufficient. Then the oil level in the reservoir must be checked immediately. In addition, it is possible to lubricate the chain of the electric saw itself to finish the job.

Applying the right chain oil and applying it on time makes your chainsaw much easier to operate. It also helps to keep the tool safe. Lubricating the machine prevents breakdowns and malfunctions.

Chain oil for electric chainsaws

If you compare an electric saw to a chainsaw, the former requires little maintenance. A chainsaw has an engine that needs constant lubrication, because if the lubricant runs out, there can be very unfortunate consequences.

Chain oil is used to lubricate the chain of your chainsaw. Without lubrication, it needs more effort to get the job done. Without it, the chain will get very hot during sawing and the links will become dull. The end result is that the chainsaw and guide bar simply fail completely. That’s why you should always keep an eye on the lubrication level.

Modern electric saws have a built-in oil pump. But you can still find some models which don’t have this device. To do this, you periodically need to stop the work and dip the chain into a bucket with a lubricant. If you don’t do this, it will be very difficult to work.

Electric chainsaw oil is poured into a special reservoir that has a screw cap. Experts recommend to fill it to 75% of the total capacity. Many electric chainsaws have a special transparent window through which you can monitor the level of lubricant.

It can happen that oil is not being supplied to the chainsaw chain. You first need to adjust the tension. Modern models of saws have a special device with which it is easy to make tensioning. The chain should be tight, but not too loose: if you can lift it about 0.5 cm off the bar, the tension is good.

Check for traces of lubricant on the chain. If there is no oil in the chainsaw, you have to let the machine idle for about 20 seconds. Then check again.

How to Change Chain Oil for Chainsaws

Chain oil for chainsaws. What chain oil to use for chainsaw chain?

Chainsaws are a popular tool for people who have to do a lot of housework without help from others. They can be used for different purposes. for making firewood, to cut off dry branches But for the device to serve as long as possible, you need to properly care for him, making a good choice of different compositions. Chain oil for chainsaws plays a special role, depending on the mechanism of the tool and its features.

What to consider?

Lubrication of the saw chain should be given the utmost attention. Chainsaw chain oil / domestic solutions. First you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. It also makes sure that the self-lubrication system works well. A chain also needs proper storage, in other words dipping it in oil and if it’s worn out don’t try to revive an old chain, it’s better to change it. What chain oil for chainsaws that is safe and meets all requirements??

Types and Composition

Choose a particular oil depending on where and how the chainsaw is used. Mineral compositions are suitable for summer and warm seasons. What chain saw oil to use? It is necessary to use oil to lubricate the chain and to mix it with gasoline. In other cases it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. When chain lubrication is needed, you don’t have to use waste oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel system, and then to a severe tool breakdown.

Chainsaw chain oil must be thoroughly cleaned so that the lubrication is done well and accurately. If you use a bad oil, there will be no contact between the chain and the guide bar, sparks will fly, and the moving parts of the saw will be worn out.

How to choose?

Any chainsaw has a carburetor two-stroke engine and two tanks: one is filled with gasoline, the second with oil. When choosing the composition for lubrication, zoning plays an important role. it must be small. Another important parameter is resistance to low temperatures: the oil must not congeal in extreme cold to make the whole tool work properly.

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How to determine the correct level

For reliable operation, it is important to know not only what oil to pour into the chainsaw to lubricate the chain, but also what its level should be in the tank. As a rule, the manufacturer of electric models puts special marks on the tanks and gives the appropriate recommendations in the technical documentation.

The gasoline counterparts have a simpler device. In most modern models, the volumes of gasoline and oil tanks are proportional to each other. This means they are consumed at the same rate as you work. That’s why it’s best to fill them up to the top immediately before use, so that you don’t have to refill one or the other during strenuous work.

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If you use too much chain oil for your chainsaw or its gasoline variation, the only disadvantage is that you overfill. Lack of lubrication is another matter. The result can be serious consequences of the following nature:

  • Tire breakage.
  • Rapid wear of the guide bar.
  • Jammed and worn drive sprocket.
  • Boring, resetting or chain breakage.

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How to choose chain oil for your chain saw

Improper chain saw oil increases wear rate by up to 10. And these are not the only negative consequences. Tool use itself becomes less efficient. Inadequate performance levels result in underlubrication in the friction points, which in turn leads to poor smoothness and ease of movement when sawing.

Therefore, the selection of chain lubricant should only take place in accordance with the recommendations of the tool manufacturer.

You should not trust the advice of some experienced “chain-smiths” who recommend you use ordinary motor or gear oils instead of specialized products. They are not adapted to the chain’s operating conditions and do not provide the chain with the necessary protective properties.

It is an even bigger mistake to use waste oil for chain lubrication. It contains dirt and abrasive particles, which will only accelerate the wear process.

Normal household vegetable oils are also unsuitable for chain lubrication. Of course, they provide a short-term lubricating effect, but they have the properties of “drying out”. This leads to sluggish movement of the chain and reduced ease of movement.

The optimum choice is still specialist oils which contain adhesive additives. They prevent grease from being brushed off the chain as it rotates.

In most cases the machine manufacturer recommends brand-name oils. material of the same brand as the saw. These products have been designed with the saw’s design and operating conditions in mind as much as possible.

However, such lubricants are not always readily available, so materials from other manufacturers (preferably well-known brands) can also be used. Always read the information on the label carefully and check that all the parameters of the oil correspond to the equipment to be lubricated.

Principle of chain and tire lubrication

The main organ of the chainsaw fuel system is the oil pump. When the engine speed begins to increase, the worm gear pinion gives an impulse to the pump shaft and it begins to move. The shaft rotates, creating pressure inside the oil mistral. In this way, under pressure, the oil moves along the mistral to the tire.

The oil channel ends where the chainsaw crankcase makes contact with the guide bar. There is a longitudinal groove in this section. When the bar is fitted to the chainsaw, the oil channel is in line with the groove. The groove regulates the flow of oil to the chain saw bar, and the amount of oil has nothing to do with the tensioning of the chain.

What oils to choose for a chainsaw engine

Not sure what kind of oil to use for your tool, then it’s time to figure it out. You only need to use a special 2T oil for the motor, and you can buy it at a special store for gasoline equipment. This is a special substance that is used as an additive to gasoline for air-cooled units. In terms of composition, these substances come in the following types:

We recommend using synthetic oil in your chainsaw, even though it’s more expensive than mineral oil. The main advantage of synthetic is that when it is mixed with gasoline, it does not form soot in the cylinders. The absence of soot has a positive effect on the long service life of the engine. The red, green or blue color of the fluid is a special coloring agent that manufacturers add in order to determine the presence of lubricant in gasoline.

This is interesting! Machines that run on synthetics have a longer life than those that use mineral lubricants.

Two-stroke lubricants for chainsaws

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It is better to dilute petrol with synthetic, but if you used mineral before, you should not switch to synthetic at the same time. Mineral oil for two-stroke engines promotes the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinders after 100 hours of operation. If you change from mineral to synthetic, the soot will be washed out and spread around the engine. It will cause damage to internal parts.

The tool manufacturers give recommendations in the datasheets on what is best to use. If only quality materials are used, the tool life and productivity will be high. It is forbidden to pour car engine oil into a two-stroke chainsaw engine, because it has different characteristics and density.

In addition to the type of oil, you also need the right proportions of lubricant. The standard petrol to grease ratio is 1:50, or 20 ml of oil per liter of petrol. The documentation for each tool specifies the appropriate proportion. This ratio depends on such a factor as ambient temperature. If you plan to work with a chainsaw in the winter, more lubricant must be added. For more information about the ratio of these substances for two-stroke engines, see this article.

Recommendations! It is impossible to store the prepared fuel mixture for a long time, so in the winter, when the tool is not used, it is necessary to drain the gasoline from the tank. Permissible storage time of the fuel mixture with different types of oils, are indicated on the packaging, so before buying, it is recommended to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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