Repair of the starter of the chainsaw

Chainsaw is an indispensable tool for the construction and harvesting of firewood. Proper operation with moderate work provides a long life of the tool without breakdowns. However, troubles can arise completely unexpectedly and the serviceable chainsaw is losing performance, and the malfunction can be completely trifling.

The repair of the starter of the chainsaw is presented after a breakthrough of the launch cord. Without a starting cord, a chainsaw becomes completely inoperative. And there is no other way to start the tool. Repair is considered by the example of the chainsaw Partner P350S. The cunning reliable launch of this saw requires at least 4-5 times to pull the launch cord. And this was the first malfunction of the saw. A break of the cord. The cord does not break right away. First, a protective stocking of a cord thread breaks off. This lump interferes with the launch of the saw. It is better not to wait for a cliff of all threads and fix the cord in advance. Do not need to invent anything. Repair should not cause difficulties. True, accurate compliance with the assembly conditions is required. Step.By.Step instructions with a scheme of actions with photos and videos are given below.

Dismantling the starter of the chainsaw

  • Unscrew three screws of fastening of the starter cover. The key with a screwdriver is suitable for this process, but apply a normal tool.
  • Remove the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a smooth start mechanism, it is located above the coil with a cord.

Installation of a new cord and assembly of the starter

  • Cooking a suitable diameter cord 1.2-1.3 meters long. For repair, a nylon linen rope was used :).
  • We melt the ends of the rope on the fire so that it does not bloom.
  • We tie a complex knot at one end. The knot is required large in diameter. But when installing in a coil should not protrude outside.
  • Twist the cord into the coil hole. We do not wound the cord!

Repair of a ragged or damaged cord when using step.By.Step instructions will take 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than contacting the Center Service. In my case it is for sure. Watch the video of the repair.

change, lace, chainsaw, wear

Pourquoi Avez-Vous Besoin de Remplacer l’Astérisque ?

Vous Devez Retirer Un Pignon Usé Pour Les Raisons Suivantes:

  • Avec un Vieil Astérisque, La Chaöne de Scie S’étirera Très Rapidement. Après Quelques Applications, La Chaîne Se Bloquera et la Tension N’Aidra Pas;
  • Si Vous Mettez Une Nouvelle Chaöne Sur Un Ancien Pignon, La Douceur de la Chaley Diminuera, La Qualité de la Coupe Se Détériorera, La Chaönera Lors de La Couch Latérale;
  • L’Usure générale de la tronçonneus s’accélérera, l’Util peut tomber en Panne à tout moment;
  • La Chaöne Peut Se Casser Ou La Chaöhney Se Coincer Pendant le FonctionNement (Dangeux de Blasures Aux et de Dommages au Corps de La Scie életrique, Tronçonneus);
  • Le Pneu Chauffera Plus Rapidement, CE qui Entraînera une Surchauffe Rapide de la Tronçonneuse;
  • La Charge Sur Le Moteur et la Carrosserie augmentera.

Important! Ne Modifiez Pas Les Tailles de Pignon à votre Propre Discrétion LARS de La Réparation, Utilisez la Norme Du Fabricant. Unn autorisé Entraînera une détérioration des Performance de la tronçonneuse ou électrique.

Vidéo sur la façon de Changer un Astérisque sue tronçonneuse:

Are there any ways to extend the resource of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the working resource of the leading star of the chainsaw:

  • Use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the circuit worn intensive work. Operation alternately three chains will save the resource of the sprocket and delay its replacement;
  • High.Quality maintenance of the bearing of the leading star. This detail plays an important role in the functioning of both the drive star and the engine. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. The stars bearing is not constantly involved, but only at idle, so it needs periodic lubrication. You can use a tire grease, for example, standard lubrication from Repsol or Husqvarna.

Chain chain

Many rural residents, as well as summer residents, farmers and owners of large household farms have a Russian or imported chain chain chain in their arsenal. This is a simple and reliable tool, equipped with a single.Cylinder two.Stroke carburetor engine, which can be used both during construction work and to harvest firewood or to care for wood plants. The design of the chainsaws is purposefully made extremely simplified so that users can independently carry out regulatory and repair work, being far from large cities and official service centers. In addition to many other important operations, such as replacing and adjusting candles, cleaning the fuel filter and muffler, maintenance and repair of chainsaws include lubrication or replacement of bearings

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

Since they play one of the leading roles in ensuring the work of the chainsaw, this aspect of service has to pay close attention

How to fit a replacement chainsaw chain

Is it possible to repair a saw with your own hands?

This is the very first question that arises before the owner of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, which for some reason ceased to function normally. To answer which will definitely not work. It will be correct to say: it is possible, but is it necessary? Of course, it is more expensive to repair the chainsaws in the service center than to try to fix the problems with your own hands, but using the services of specialists, you will receive guarantees and confidence that the chainsaws will be correctly configured and adjusted. In general, the choice is yours.

Another small nuance regarding the choice of repair independently or not is that for the diagnosis of a chainsaw and its further disassembly and repair, it is necessary to have some specific tools and certain knowledge of the construction of the saw. Otherwise, you will not even be able to unscrew and remove the flywheel without damaging.

Conducting independent repair of the saw, very often break off aluminum fan blades located on the flywheel. This is because during disassembly they do not use a special stopper of the crankshaft, but try to fix by installing a screwdriver between the saw case and the flaps of the flywheel, which leads to sad consequences. The flywheel nut has a serious tightening moment, and the blades are fragile and are not able to withstand such efforts.

How to remove a star from a chainsaw: independent replacement

Today, almost every resident of a country house or summer residence has its own chainsaw. You can’t do without it during regular logging, gardening and municipal work. Demand for chainsaws does not fall, but even grows due to the fact that you do not need a lot of knowledge and skills to work these devices. The only thing you need to do regularly. This is technical inspections.

Like any tool, chainsaws require careful personal care. It is necessary to constantly check the supply of oil into the circuit, the chain tension, the operation of the brakes, ignition systems and other things. Fortunately, almost any malfunction can be decided at home on your own.

Replacing a sprocket on a chainsaw with your own hands

In the process of regular operation of the gas station, the star shown in the photo is under a strong load, and therefore it often fails. Asterisk or another clutch drum. An important and integral part of the chainsaw, which transfers rotation from the drive to the circuit.

Given the safety of the drive star and chains of the chainsaw, there are two ways to work:

Read how to lubricate a sprocket on the tire of a chainsaw

In the first case, the chain can be controlled until completely abrasion. However, there are a number of shortcomings here. Using only one chain, it is problematic to control its condition during intensive work. The blow with nails or other metal details forces to adjust the chain, but since it is alone, the work slows down.

In the second case, chain duty allows you to even wear out both stars and circuits.

In addition to the wear of the star itself, do not forget about its bearing, which works in idle mode. Therefore, very often they do not pay attention to it and forget to lubricate.

Usually, when replacing a leading asterisk, they immediately try to replace both a bearing and a chain. This is done due to a change in the length of the chain step as a result of intensive work.

Action order to change the star on a chainsaw with your own hands

There are a lot on the Internet, clearly demonstrates how to replace the clutch drum (star) of such well.Known brands as Stihl, Husqvarna, Druzhba, Ural and others. They are easy to find.

Each type of chainsaw has its own design features, but the principle of their work is the same, so the general idea comes down to the following actions:

The brake cover is removed. In this case, the brake should be pulled to you so that the brake strip does not contact a clutch cup. Next, a couple of nuts that hold the lid are unscrewed. Removes the tension of the chain, allows you to completely remove the lid. The tire is removed with a chain, along the way, any dirt is removed. Now you need to fix the piston in the cylinder. This is done using a special traffic jam and a latch, but you can use a regular rope. Rotating the clutch, it is necessary to identify the moment when the piston reaches the outlet. The rope is lowered into the hole for the spark plug and the piston is fixed. For convenience, several nodes are tied on a rope. The rope will need to be removed after replacement, so do not let go. After that, you can start unscrewing the clutch nut

It is important not to forget that there is a left thread, that is, it must be twisted clockwise. Using a chisel with a hammer is unacceptable

This will damage the nut. Now you can remove the clutch and drum of the drive wheel. Replacing the clutch drum. Collection of all parts together in the reverse order.

During the replacement of the stars, some features of different pollen should be taken into account. For example, a stihl chainsaw can have a puck between an asterisk and an engine. It is necessary to remember its position, remove and repeat the provisions when drawing up.

Also, some oil drives of the chainsaws are equipped with a wiper spring to transmit rotating energy from the sprocket to the pump. If, when compiling a saw, a mustache does not enter its groove, then the oil will stop getting onto the saw chain, which can lead to sad consequences.

To avoid most breakdowns, including the leading star, you need to monitor the technical condition of the saw, regularly inspect, lubricate and the like. You also need to make sure that nails, concrete, stone and other obstacles leading to early wear of parts are not found on the path of the chain.

As for the replacement of a drive star, you should use information about the design features of the saw (Husqvarna, Stihl, Ural, Druzhba and others), which can be found in the attached to the saw.

Replacement of a worn.Out chainsaw star

The leading star of the chain chain or electric saw is one of the most important parts of the saw apparatus. The main function of the chainsaw star: transmission of the torque of the engine to the saw chain.

This transmission is carried out through the centrifugal clutch coupling. By type of sprocket can be divided into professional and domestic, as well as chains.

During the operation of the chainsaw and sawing of wood, the leading star, like the chain, gradually wear out.

Husqvarna leading asterisk

Let’s learn in more detail why you need a replacement of a worn sprocket of a chain chain or electric saw and when it is better to perform such a replacement.

change, lace, chainsaw, wear

The main signs that the sprocket needs to be changed:

  • The chain was replaced on your chainship (one of the current operating rules of the chainsaw and electric saw. With frequent and active operation, the tool after two chain changes should be replaced by the leading star);
  • The quality of sawing worsened, the chain began to more often need tightening;
  • You have installed a new chain that the old leading star does not fit (this part is not universal, and also has its own step, in addition, the steps of the leading and driven chain stars should match, otherwise the tool will not work);
  • You use another bus, shorter or longer.

Why replace an asterisk?

You need to remove a worn star for the following reasons:

  • With an old star, the saw chain will stretch very quickly. After a few applications the chain will hang, and pulling will not help;
  • If you put a new chain on an old star, the smoothness of the chain move will decrease, the quality of the cut will deteriorate, the chain will lead when the cut to the side;
  • The overall wear of the chainsaw will accelerate, the tool can fail at any time;
  • A rupture of the chain may occur or the chain will be jammed during operation (dangerous by hand injuries and damage to the housing of the electric saw, chainsaw);
  • The tire will heat up faster, which will lead to rapid overheating of the chainsaw;
  • The load on the engine and the case will increase.

Important! You can not replace at your own discretion the size of the stars during repair, use the manufacturer’s standard. Unauthorized replacement will lead to a deterioration in the technical indicators of a chainsaw or electric saw.

Are there any ways to extend the resource of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the working resource of the leading star of the chainsaw:

  • Use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the circuit worn intensive work. Operation alternately three chains will save the resource of the sprocket and delay its replacement;
  • High.Quality maintenance of the bearing of the leading star. This detail plays an important role in the functioning of both the drive star and the engine. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. The stars bearing is not constantly involved, but only at idle, so it needs periodic lubrication. You can use a tire grease, for example, standard lubrication from Repsol or Husqvarna.

What tools are needed to replace the stars

To replace the drive (leading) stars, you will need such tools and components:

change, lace, chainsaw, wear

  • A special key to removing this part (usually comes with expensive branded chainsaws, cheap saws are not equipped with such a key);
  • A gap made of aluminum or copper (only from soft metals and only in the absence of a key);
  • A hammer (for striking on a grooved in the process of unscrewing the asterisk);
  • The screwdriver is flat for twisting the nut;
  • Lubrication for bearing stars.

Structural problems, differences of different models

Brand chainsaws have a special design that does not allow you to replace a worn.Out drive without dismantling the clutch and other parts of the chainsaw. That is, the saw needs to be disassembled almost completely. Modern models of expensive chainsaws are always equipped with a special key.

Replacing a stars on a chainsaw

Also, the owner of the chainsaw may encounter such a nuance: on Chinese imported chainsaws or electric saws, an asterisk on the clutch mechanism can be located unusual. On old models, with the wear of the teeth of the chain, you need to unscrew and change the drum, solid with the drive. For newer models, you can replace the sprocket separately.

Algorithm for independent replacement of the clutch drum with an asterisk

How is the replacement of the leading sprocket on an electric saw or chainsaw. Then about this in detail.

For the procedure for replacing the stars, you need to do the following actions:

  • Remove the cover cover cover and pull it over (avoid contact of the brake tape with clutch details);
  • With the help of a wrench, weaken the nuts that hold the tension of the chain and the chainsaw cover;
  • Remove the chain, and then the tire, removing the garbage and sawdust from the mounts for fasteners;
  • We fix the piston in the cylinder using a conventional lace, but if possible, you need to use a piston stop or a special latch;
  • The clutch begins to rotate and do this until the piston touches the exhaust hole;
  • After that, a lock or lace is lowered in the candle opening and fixed there, tying several nodes (the lock is fixed itself);
  • Unscrew the clutch nut (pay attention. The thread of this nut is left, consider this when unscrewing);
  • It is forbidden to use hard tools so as not to break the soft metal of the clutch nut;
  • Next, the clutch is removed;
  • After remove the gear itself, the stars;
  • Replace the old star of the new;
  • In reverse order, the assembly of the structure is assembled.

How to change a clutch on a chainsaw?

The owners of the chainsaws probably asked more than once. How to change the clutch on the chainsaw? On most models of chainsaws, dismantling and clutch replacement can be easily performed manually by the owner himself, on a small number of models, unscrewing the drum can only be done in the workshop (such chainsaws include, for example, Husqvarna 137 or Partner 351).

In this review, we will learn how to independently remove and change the clutch on a chainsaw, when to do it and what tools may be needed.

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Answers to “Repair of a chainsaw with your own hands (repair of a Chinese chainsaw)”

At the factory, the fuel mixture flies out of the carburetor, the engine certainly does not start, why this is happening who knows who knows? I read that there is some kind of inlet valve that does not allow to squeeze out the fuel from the crank chamber to the carburetor. Maybe he broke, and where he is nobody writes.

Hello. I’ll tell you a little about the repair of the chainsaw with your own hands, t.E. About its seven.Year experience of communication with the Chinese chainsaw “GoodLuck”. I bought it as soon as they appeared on the market. The number on the chainsaw is present. It is applied by engraving, which means that it is brought to the country as a chainsaw (Tobish is collected in the Middle Kingdom at the factory), and this is a huge plus. Those chainsaws that sell without a number they get together in spare parts and gather somewhere in the basement, and this is a minus. Further. I rolled Hado oil and I still use it. Repair of a Chinese chainsaw. About your malfunction of the chainsaw I can say the following. Of course, I will not say special (but from the point of view of banal erudition): on those Chinese chainsaws that came across to me never there was never a reverse petal valve between the cylinder and the carburetor. And there is a inlet valve in the carburetor itself. If, during the repair of the chainsaw with your own hands, remove the lower cover of the carburetor (at the same time be sure to remember, and better when photographing each operation in order to then collect everything), we will see a rubber membrane with a metal washer in the middle of the middle (during operation) one part valve. The principle of its work is as. Когда поршень в цилиндре двигается то под поршнем создается то давление, то вакуум и эти перепады через определенный канал (дырочку) передается в камеру карбюратора где стоит эта мембрана. She moves from pressure drops. Thus, crushing on the rocker, it opens it, then closes the inlet valve that supplies a certain part of the fuel to the carburetor through the nozzle (hole) that opens and closes the valve attached to the other end of the rocker. So. If in this hole, something hit and hooked (stuck), then the valve does not close and this is why it turns out then. That the fuel constantly flows into the carburetor (underdated) and it falls a lot. So that it even flies back through the carburetor. Accordingly there is a lot of fuel, floods the candle and the saw does not work. DIY chainsaw repair, t.E. How to eliminate. If you are confident in their abilities, it is necessary to disassemble and clean (non.Metallic objects) and then rinse with gasoline and blow the entire carburetor. Put everything back (collect) check the tightening of all connections and their tightness. Further. Turn the candle turn the saw with a candle hole down (with the ignition turned off) and glue the saw with a starter with a time so 15 in order to remove gasoline accumulated from the chamber under the crankshaft. After that, tighten the candle and you will be happy. If you are not 100 % sure of your abilities, then my advice to you: contact a specialist. Chinese technique is not so bad as they talk about it. Tested by personal experience. Repair of a Chinese chainsaw. All the best to you.

About repairing a chainsaw with your own hands. Forgot the most important thing. It is necessary to fill in pure gasoline (filtered through a net that does not pass water) and it is necessary to compact the junction of the air filter with the carburetor so that there is no fine chips leaks to the carburetor. I put an additional rubber ring of suitable diameter in the filter groove. Now it is tightly pressed by a nut that on the lid. I found the elastic band on the market, on the layout.

Hello. Chinese Binzopila Taiga, Kikstarter broke, set a new one, after the hour of work, the clutch spun, put it in place, with a second factory the clutch scattered into pieces, put a new clutch, checked the candle. It was flooded, dried, cleaned up an air filter and muffler and muffler and muffler and muffler and muffler. He doesn’t start again, sneezed, clamped the gas and tried to get it, pulling the starter’s cord goes smoke, he pulled the clutch with clamped gas, twisted it, twisted it, turning it with my hand during the back of the silencer.

DIY chainsaw repair. What do you mean saying that the clutch has “spun”? It twisted on the thread from the crankshaft shaft ? If we are talking about one clutch. I think about the clutch that stands on the right side and the leading star stands on it. It should not (in principle) when working a chainsaw is unscrewed. Because there should be left thread. Tobish during operation this knot should be delayed, not unscrewed. If the reverse occurs, then there is some kind of marriage. Ask more about the repair of the Chinese chainsaw. How can I.

A rare metal ringing appeared in the chainsaw.Somewhere something was unscrewed somewhere.But she worked.And yesterday during work it rang strongly and the chainsaw was stalled.

Hello! The Chinese chainsaw of the STIHL MS 280, the problem is that the hole of lubrication of the chain is very quickly clogged (immediately at the beginning of work) and thereby not lubricated the chain! How to eliminate the malfunction of the chainsaw I don’t know.

What kind of hole ? If the fact that on the tire itself is clogged with fine chips, then the advice is as follows: when starting to saw the log, then immediately add the gas, then saw off the piece and only when it disappeared to drop the gas into idle. If, for any need, it is necessary not to finish to the end, then the gas is not dropped until that time until the whole tire is removed from the cut. This is necessary so that small chips do not fall under the teeth of the chain. The chips are correct and everything flies out only at maximum speed. And further. Each time you finished sawing and going to leave the saw alone for at least a few days, you must remove and clean the air filter and remove to clean the tire inside the chips. If this is not done, then the chips from the oil swells and blocks the correct access of the oil lubrication of the chain, which is why it may be required to repair the chainsaw with your own hands.

Hey! The saw did not start, there was no discharge in the pipe from the crankcase, the clutch oil seal was torn.After replacement, the saw is started poorly and only with a completely open throttle, it works only at large speeds, you begin to set normal quantities, stalls. Carb, changed from the working saw, put a new ignition unit.Both new seals, gasket under the cylinder is new paranite, what else to do?

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