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STIHL gasoline grass trimmer how to refill your trimmer line. Changing the line for the trimmer in the trimmer (lawnmower)

Polyethylene thread thickness depends on the model of equipment and varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. It can be:

  • with a round section. this is the strongest material for mowing herbaceous plants;
  • curved section. used for mowing soft plants;
  • coiled. used for thin grass;
  • professional type, not suitable for all models of equipment.

To change the trimmer line on a lawn mower, you need to buy a cutting line that will be perfect for one type of mower or another.

You can soak the thread in a basin of water for a few minutes to increase elasticity and strength.

How to wind a line for a trimmer on a grass trimmer spool: how to wind it on and what to do?

Any owner of a garden plot knows how quickly weeds can flood the area. A grass trimmer will help you defeat them without too much effort. This indescribably useful device. an indispensable assistant in trimming and mowing grass. It’s no secret that an ordinary lawnmower can be used far from everywhere. In contrast, the trimmer under force to treat even very difficult areas. This is especially true for those tools, in whose role as a cutting element is not a knife, and Trimmer line

Hand-held petrol mower. Changing the line on the spool.

In this video I show you how to wind up the line for trimmer on the spool of manual trimmer without any help.

How to remove the spool from a grass trimmer and retrieve the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you tuck the trimmer fishing line into the grass trimmer spool, you need to remove it from there. The reel or lead is a device that is located inside the mowing head, reel or drum. Heads come in different types (depending on the manufacturers), but the principle of replacing the line on the spool is the same in all. First of all, let’s understand how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the reel with the fishing line out of it.

This is interesting!The harness can be replaced directly on the tool, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it’s still recommended to remove the head and learn the detailed winding process. Once you’ve mastered the technology, you can do the replacement work on your trimmer or gasoline-powered brushcutter. The instruction on how to unwind the manual head on the trimmer is as follows:

    Turn the tool upside down and clean it if necessary. Grasp the cover retainers (on the mowing head) with two fingers of one hand, which are positioned symmetrically to each other. After lightly pressing them inside, remove the protective cover from the drum

This process is not difficult, and as you understand, there is no need to remove the entire head, if you know how to replace. Keep in mind these nuances when disassembling:

  • Periodic removal of the head is recommended to prevent corrosion of the threaded joint. If you have never unscrewed a screw, it can be difficult or even impossible to do so, if necessary
  • If a screw has a square drive head, a screwdriver or suitable size bit must be used to unscrew it so that the facets on the drive head do not slip
  • When reassembling the system, the threaded joints should be coated with a lubricant, e.g. grease or machine oil
  • If the facets on the screw have slipped off, you can use special clamping pliers to unscrew it
  • There are reels that do not require disassembly. To remove them, take hold of it and rotate it in the opposite direction of the clockwise direction

Once you know how to disassemble the reel, you should go on to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer’s fishing line. The video below shows a detailed process on how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

What to do:

Before you disassemble the trimmer head, be sure to shut off the gasoline grass trimmer engine or unplug it if the grass trimmer is electric. Turn the grass trimmer upside down, placing it on the handlebars with the trimmer head “looking up” for easy disassembly. Press the latches on the sides of the trimmer head and remove the cover.

Remove the drum (spool) from the trimmer head and remove any residual fishing line (a piece of fishing line may remain there) and clean the cover, body and spool of soil and grass.

Buy your trimmer line for your trimmer head at your dealer’s service center, in a store, or at the market. The diameter of the line, the shape of its cross section, and the recommended brand cm. See your trimmer’s owner’s manual for the grass trimmer and price level.

Measure and cut the desired length of line from the coil you bought (see the Owner’s Manual of your trimmer, usually 15 m). (see the user manual of your trimmer, usually 15 m). Find the middle of the fishing line by folding it in half.

With the loop formed, hook the line for the trimmer into the notch on the inside of the drum and wind one half of the line onto one side of the drum first, and then the other half of the line onto the other side of the drum. To prevent the line from unwinding, secure the ends of the lines by inserting them into the notches in the drum edges of the trimmer head.

Insert the drum in the previously removed cover trimmer head and take out the ends of the line through the holes provided in the cover (usually these holes have a metal trim, as during operation have a strong shock and abrasion effects from chopping grass and constantly moving line). Insert the cover with the wound up reel on the base of the trimmer head and snap into place.

Pull the ends of the fishing line with both hands until it stops. If the working ends of the fishing line will be longer than normal, they at the first turns they will be cut on the cutting knife, which is usually located on the plastic protection grass trimmer.

How to wind the trimmer line on the grass trimmer reel. 1 way

Unwind about 4 meters of fishing line for winding. To determine the exact amount of material you need, wind your trimmer line from the reel onto the spool, the final result should not exceed the diameter of the spool and should not protrude beyond the edges.

  • For convenience, fold the thread in half, make one end longer than the other by 10-15 cm.
  • The spool has a separating rim in the center. There is a cavity where you need to insert the line for the trimmer. To do this. the place of bending the thread squeeze more forcefully and get the loop into this cavity.
  • Important. you need to determine exactly in which direction to wind the line for the trimmer, to do this, look for the inscription “Wind Line” on the spool, near it there is an arrow indicating the direction of winding. If there is no such arrow on the spool, look for an arrow on the mowing head body, you need to wind it in the opposite direction.
  • Wind the line for the trimmer onto the spool gently, pulling the thread as taut as possible.
  • When you are finished, take the end that is shorter and insert it into the blade on the spool body that corresponds to the diameter of your fishing line. In this job, thread is threaded into the blade labeled 3.3mm.
  • Do the second end in the same way, but insert it in the opposite blade from the previous one. Secure the two ends, leave an allowance of 5-10 cm, cut the rest. The allowance is necessary so that when you insert the spool into the head the thread does not unwind.

How to correctly change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer

The grass trimmer is a handy and easy-to-use tool for mowing grass and trimming small bushes and trees. As a cutting element, it often uses a line for the trimmer (string, cord), because it is cheaper than knife-discs and is safer to use. With intensive use of the tool over time you will need to change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer. This process is similar on mowers from different manufacturers, whether Husqvarna or Huter, with possible minor differences.

There are 2 versions of the handle available:

T-handle is available on models with auto-reeling line. The work is carried out by 2 hands placed on either side of the boom. This position is convenient for mowing large areas of vegetation. Cutting is carried out on the principle of a grass cutter. from one side to the other. Such a variant is not distinguished by maneuverability, it does not work well on a difficult terrain. Bicycle handlebars can be equipped with control buttons. Domestic types of grass trimmers have the start buttons installed on the boom.

Classic grass trimmer with double-sided handle with control buttons

Gasoline trimmer with a D-shaped handle is more maneuverable, it is convenient to mow grass in areas with difficult terrain. This tool has one arm above the other. The disadvantage of the handle. it is difficult to hold it, the management of such a device is more complicated.

Handle in the form of an English letter “J” is the most uncomfortable, so it is rare.

Safety precautions

For a quick and safe line change on the mower spool safety is essential. Before removing the spool to wind the line for the trimmer on the lawnmower, it is necessary to disconnect the technique from the power supply (if the mower runs on electricity). Here we want to mention the rating of electric lawnmowers on reliability, which will help you choose a safe helper.

Another important safety rule to follow is to press the locking button. You can find out its location on the machine by referring to the instruction manual. You can find, for example, the manual gasoline lawnmower operating instructions here.

Do not forget that the cutting element must be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the body of the machine. If the process does not start automatically and there has been a loosening of the thread tension, then the button is clamped, and the line for the trimmer is pulled with force from the spool.

It should be remembered that the replacement of the line in the lawnmower is an important process that requires responsibility. It is necessary to perform everything step by step, and only a special polyethylene line for the trimmer should be inserted into the spool. This is not suitable for iron wire, some high quality wire or even reinforced line for trimmer.

Preparing to change

The mowing head (bobbin) was removed from the brushcutter for clarity. To change the line it is not necessary to remove it, everything is done on the spot. It does not take much time.

Disassemble the grass trimmer bobbin, it is locked with clips. Remove the cover by pushing on the latches. If you do not have enough force with your hands, use a screwdriver.

change, line, stihl, lawn, trimmer

The bobbin consists of the following:

The procedure is as follows. Pressing the button, the bobbin presses against the spring and comes out of the retaining grooves in the bobbin lid. Holding it in this state, you can twist the reel, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the housing spring returns the bobbin to its original locked position.

On the bottom of the spool there are a few holes for different line diameters. This may vary from trimmer manufacturer to trimmer manufacturer. In some cases (like here) they are signed, in others they are not.

These holes are needed to fix the line when changing it. After winding a fishing line on a reel, the line ends are inserted. It is necessary to prevent the line is not unwound at the moment of installation of the reel in the body of the grass trimmer. In other words, it makes it easier to change the line.

Models may be available without specifying line diameter. Then in order to find out what is the maximum line diameter that can be used, it is tried on according to the holes of the line output from the body of the grass trimmer bobbin (see the figure below). figure below).

The reel has two sections for the line, separated by a partition. There may not be any. They are needed only for distinction and easy winding of the consumable.

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