Oil seals for power tillers

Agricultural machinery, such as a single-axle tractor, regardless of manufacturer, consists of many parts and components. Each of these, even the most seemingly insignificant, affects the quality of the power tiller as a whole. That’s why it’s very important to regularly inspect the machine and replace worn parts.

Glands for power tillers are a kind of consumable parts that are located in most nodes and systems. Such as engine, gearbox, transmission, bearings. The role of the oil seal, despite its small size, is very great. it is responsible for the presence of oil or other lubricants and technical fluids, and for the absence of leakage. So when the stuffing box packing is worn out it does not properly fulfill its purpose and leaks. If it is not detected in time. it is possible failure of the entire system, which replacement will cost significantly more than a new packing.

Assortment of glands for power tiller in the online store Agroteh. In the Internet-shop Agroteh you can find original and quality parts from leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In the catalog you can find oil seals on a single axle tractor, the following type:

  • Valve seals, crankshaft seals, and axle shaft seals;
  • Sets of oil seals;
  • Oil seals on the gearbox of your motor-block;
  • Shock absorber oil seals, etc.д.

To quickly find the necessary parts on the website, simply type the name of the part in the search bar. Or you can use the rubricator, for example, if you are looking for a particular brand of equipment. The same applies to oil seals for the power tiller, especially when it comes to the gearbox. Each manufacturer may have its own design features, and this must be taken into account when selecting parts.

Replacing the gearbox oil seal on a power tiller

If the oil seals of the Cascade motoblock gearbox device have become defective, it is recommended to replace them at the first opportunity, before all the oil from the gearbox leaks out.

If you are wondering how to replace the gear oil seal on a Cascade motoblock with your own hands, then follow these instructions:

  • First of all, remove the cutters from the shaft and wipe them of dirt and accumulated dust;
  • It is necessary to unscrew the bolts fixing the top of the cover and remove it from the device;
  • install a new oil seal and, if necessary, apply a special sealant to the connector.

So you can replace the oil seal with your own hands.

Gearbox for motoblock with your own hands

Many owners of motoblocks often wonder how to make a gearbox with their own hands. It is not as difficult as it may seem. For the work you need to prepare a number of tools. You will need:

The order of making a reducer for a motor-block is as follows:

  • First of all it is necessary to make the body of the mechanism. To do this, take several steel plates and weld them together in the form of a box. To save time you can also take the body from the motorcycle shaft “Ural” and slightly modify it;
  • To make the reducer you will also need gears. They can be taken from an old Druzhba chainsaw. The main thing is that each gear has a whole tooth, otherwise the homemade mechanism will not work;
  • Cut a lug in one of the shafts and drill a hole;
  • On the other side of the gearbox, install the second shaft, and attach the cage and bearings to it;
  • At the end, the output shaft will need to be connected to the pulley.

Homemade gearbox for power tillers has a simple design, so you can repair the mechanism in 20-30 minutes.

Design and repair of OKA cinder block

The second point, “Changing the Oil” is equally important. The first change is made after the running-in of the power tiller. After every 25 hours of work check the oil level in the gearbox, if necessary the fluid is topped up. Change oil in the transmission every 50 hours worked.

Scheduled inspections should be done after the first 100, 200 and 500 hours and it is recommended to perform a complete oil change, both in the engine crankcase, gearbox and transmission.

It is recommended to fill the engine of motor-block “Oka” with the following engine oils:

We suggest watching a short video, which shows changing the oil in the gearbox of the Oka motoblock:

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 16

Putting the motor on its side with the oil is not good, don’t?

Do not start it up immediately. What terrible thing can happen with it??

Once you have done it, the oil poured out of the plug so much that it poured out of the hole in the plug. Motor of course not the same as the Cascade, cylinder is horizontal

How much oil do I put in the gearbox?!Not the most complicated solution

In my opinion, in these gearboxes from the factory is a wide gland 20-25 mm special or if the gearbox is very old used gland packing and bronze bushings. Before you, someone here has already modernized everything and installed two short glands 10-12mm wide one inside the other outside. So do not get excited, it is not long as my experience shows.

Why is the oil seal upside down??

I put it in the same way as it was at the factory, with the notches inward

How much oil to put in the gearbox?

If there is a question about the amount of oil to fill, it is worth following a simple algorithm:

  • The single-axle tractor must stand on a level surface with the wings parallel to the ground;
  • Oil dipstick can act as a wire, a length of 70 centimeters or more;
  • The wire when bent should resemble the shape of an arc;
  • A wire is slipped down to the bottom of the tank to check the oil level.

If the lubricant for 30 centimeters of wire, it is no longer topped up. If it’s dry, you need to pour in at least two liters of grease.

Mounted equipment

Like any farm machine, the Plowman family has its own additional mechanisms for working the ground:

  • cutter set;
  • plough for plowing;
  • various mowers;
  • rake;
  • potato planter and digger;
  • Rake shovels;
  • snow shoveling device;
  • shovel blades.

For your information! Attachments for power tillers are not cheap. Many owners of such means consider the option of creating additional devices, guided by the schemes and drawings, widely available on the Internet.

Cost of LANDER MKM-3 power tillers in 2020

As of 2020, there are 9 modifications of the compact light motor-blocks “LANDER MKM-3”. The manufacturer’s selling for them are as follows:

  • with a 36,690 Mobil K 168FB engine;
  • with a Dinking DK170 engine. 37,390;
  • with “Loncin G200FA” engine. 38,590;
  • with BriggsStratton RS950 engine. 42 850;
  • with Subaru EX-17 engine. 47,990;
  • with “Kohler CH270” engine. 49,990;
  • with “Honda GP200” engine. 46 690
  • with the engine “Honda GX200”. 49,990;
  • with Subaru EX-21 engine 51,990.

change, seal, gearbox, your

Lander MKM-3″ model is poorly represented at the secondary market of small agricultural machinery. However, judging by individual proposals, a used single-axle tractor in technically sound condition can be purchased in the range from 18 to 25 thousand.

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