How to check the oil seals on a chainsaw

The leap chainsaw crankcase is an inevitable breakdown and the failure of the piston group cylinder, so if you see that your chainsaw has increased and idle speeds, immediately contact the service center for a comprehensive check of the saw in order to avoid expensive repair!Checking the tightness of the Husqvar chain of the chain of the chainsaw is shown how to check the crankcase for tightness in any chainsaw, and what problems new saws meet!

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Very intelligible! Thanks for the info. And what is the speed of falling vacuum and pressure allowed? After all, ideal seals are probably not? I made a homemade device from a syringe of two check valves and a vacuum on.0.1MPA. Rearranged the arrow in the center of the scale and received a manovacueter by 0.05 and.0.05 MPa. T.E Plus, minus 0.5ATM. I checked my saw (began to spontaneously accelerate from idle to increased speeds and then stall) and vacuum and pressure fall about the same in 3 minutes from 0.05 to 0 MPa. Tell me please.

Good afternoon! Tell me what for the plugs you used? Otherwise I bought such a set into the service, and I realized that a lot of things are missing there. If there are plug numbers I will be grateful

Hello really needs your help. I bought 3 days ago Makita DCS4630 chainsaw and there is a problem from the muffler black resin and black candle flows.And the head of the piston too. I changed the oil to the mannol for the calm (Germany) did not help tell me what the reason might dilute 50: 1 for the passport thanks

Stihl Chainsaw Chain Oiler Not Working? Check This First To Fix Oiling Problems!. Video

Tell me because of the air leaks may not be started a saw? If you splash gasoline, it starts up and immediately stalls. The carburetor is clean. The primer pumps gasoline. And the cylinder does not suck it (((

Good afternoon! Please explain to the fool. I won’t understand how exactly the leek Carter affects the work of the CPG? I will be grateful for any reasoning Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

I serve it through the dam. I think so more effective.

Be sure to be settled with a vacuum? The pressure is not enough? How much do you download on a vacuum?

What pressure and vacuum is enough? 0.5 bar? How much should you keep? How to check a membrane carburetor in a similar way?

Tell me where you got such a device, if you throw a link from the Internet please

Do not tell me why, when starting a Chinese saw, the starter hits the return. What is the reason and how can this be eliminated?

Where to get such a pressure apparatus tell me

Hello. But tell me what is the name of the eetot miracle device.

And why did you drink 240 Khusvarnov only on the suction and it does not work for a long time for 1-2 minutes or sec 30-40 when you start sawing and immediately stalled that the candle is constantly wet gasoline already with exhaust compression 8 atm what to do?

Tell me where I bought such a vacuum. In which shop.

Sergey Khaba and you remove the suction, before pressing the gas. If you press gas on the leak, saw and must be stalled.

Few.Chinese saw for 60 baks worked more than thirty tanks.Shchi, a problem was drawn at the load, how to stall.This is already a kayuk or maybe Shoto Pomelochi.Fozdukhan checked, the carb of adjustment is non.Absorbed.If it is not difficult, tell me briefly possible reasons where to look.

Hello everyone on the new Husqvarna saw, the problem on the crankcase bolts appeared oil drops who will tell you what the problem

I also thought so at the beginning, but the bolts are not from the side of the chain, but from the side of the starter in oil. This is what is strange from the side of the chain is just dry. I tell me, I cleaned these bolts with ear sticks to dryness and began to follow and found it. That was the saw on the floor, I raised upwards I look from below at these bolts. Dry. Then the bed of the chainsaw on the right side and look at these bolts from the side of the starter and I see how about one a drop of oil appears on one. Well, where does it come from

Damn and this is on New Huzvarn. Not expected. I had to work with saws very much. Good tool.

How to change the crankshaft oil seals for VAZ-2109

There are a lot of components in the car, in the design of the joints of which, seals are used. The most important role, this seal plays in the crankshaft Val Motor. During operation, the seals lose their elasticity. Due to the decrease in elasticity and insulating characteristics, the lubricating material leaks, which worsens the engine performance and creates a lot of problems to the owner. Replacing the omentum is a rather complicated procedure that requires knowledge of the constructive features of the engine and the presence of certain skills. The procedure for replacing the rear and anterior crankshaft oil sewn differs and has several nuances due to the design features of the power unit.

The design of the crankshaft oil seals

The oil seal is a special sealing element that is used to create a tight connection between the moving elements of the car engine. It is made in the form of a ring with a hard outer surface and an elastic inner edge. To exclude the slightest leak of oil out, a special spring is provided, which squeezes the shaft, providing increased tightness indicators. In the process of work, the seal itself does not fit enough to the surface of the shaft. In this case, the compaction of the parts is realized due to the created discharge using special notches. In this article, we will talk about how to replace the crankshaft of the VAZ-2109 crankshaft in the garage with your own hands. One of the main advantages of this procedure is that its implementation does not require special equipment or installations, which are available only in professional service centers.

The speed and quality of repair automobile works in most cases depends on the preparation. Any technical operations require the availability of appropriate tools, consumables and the preparation of the machine itself. Before starting the operation, it is necessary to wash the engine compartment and take care of the presence of a clean vetosha, with which it will be possible to easily remove the pollution. For the most convenience, it is also advisable to place the car above the observation pit, so part of the stages will require manipulations under the machine. From the tools you need to prepare a full set of keys, hammer, screwdrivers, as well as mandrels for installation of seals. To change the front seal, you will need a key for 27. Replacing the rear crankshaft oil sewage oil sewn is impossible without a pipe segment or another object with an external diameter of 9 cm. In addition, you need to purchase new gaskets (seals) for the oil pump. If the rear seal is replaced, new holders will be needed. It is worth remembering that when replacing any failed nodes, it is necessary to replace all sealing gaskets without fail. If the crankshaft of the VAZ-2110 crankshaft is replaced, then you need to remember that the rear and front seals are completely different. They differ both in size and in design.

Change the front oil seal

The front oil seal compared to the rear seal is easier to change. This is determined by constructive features.

How To Fix A ChainSaw If It Won’t Oil The Bar And Chain

This element is installed at the end of the crankshaft, where the timing gear is mounted. The entire replacement procedure is divided into the following stages:

Dismantling of the main nodes. First you need to remove the timing belt lid and protection of the motor (subject to its presence). Then it is necessary to put the piston of the 1st cylinder on the clock stroke-VMT. After performing these actions, weaken and remove the timing belt. For the next stage, you need a jack, with it lift the car and dismantle the front right wheel. Then remove the generator drive belt.

Dismantling pulmonary and drainage. With the help of 2 screwdrivers, it is necessary to remove the crankshaft pulley and immediately remove the key. Now you can drain the oil, any clean capacity is suitable for this. The oil seal is inside the oil pump, which is why the first must also be unscrewed. The old seal is extracted by screwdriver.

Installation. Use 27 key for the installation of a new omentum. The assembly and installation of all segments is performed in the reverse order. Professional masters perform this procedure without removing the oil pump body. This allows you to save time well, but there is a big risk of making a mistake and put a string with a distort or damage the internal elements of the crankshaft.

Replacing the rear oil seal

Replacing the rear crankshaft oil sewage oil seal is a more complex procedure. It will require deeper knowledge of the car to execute it. If you do not have the necessary qualifications, you need to use the help of a more experienced auto mechanic. The rear oil seal is hidden behind the clutch system. To replace it, it is necessary to dismantle the above knot and flywheel. Unlike the front oil seal, the rear seal has its own body, fixed on 8 bolts. You can remove the last two bolts only from the bottom of the car. To do this, you need an observation pit. In conclusion, we remove the old part and install a new. To press the rear oil seal, you need a segment of the pipe or mount with an external diameter of 9 cm.

The general principle of operation of the chainsaw is simple. The master abruptly pulls by the cord, which starts the engine, and he, in turn, is the saw canvas. Sometimes, in the operation of the device, failures arise to eliminate them, you will have to dismantle the saw. Problems that may arise with a chainsaw:

The main problems that arise are associated with engine malfunctions (fuel supply, exhaust system, cylinder-piston system and ignition), or smaller problems (problems with a chain, lubricant, tire, seal)

It is important to consider each problem in more detail

If the chain simply ended, then it should be replaced with a new. Problems with the solution of this problem should not arise. Repair of other parts of the saw can occupy up to several hours.

change, seals, chainsaw, malfunction, other, systems

No matter how trite it sounds, if the chainsaw is not started, then you need to check the tank for gasoline. If there is fuel in the system, then perhaps a saopun is clogged, leveling pressure when fuel supply. Sapun can be cleaned with acute awl or needle. Candles turn out with candle key and cleaned with sandpaper. You can also damage the combustion chamber. After these procedures, the saw should start.

If the saw turns off automatically, then, most likely, the trigger mechanism is faulty. But sometimes it happens that it is not about it. In this case, you need to turn out the candles and carefully inspect them. If traces of fuel are visible to them, then it means that the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted. The candle must be cleaned and placed back, after blocking the fuel supply.

If black soot is visible on the candles, then the case may be in low.Quality oil, a poorly established carburetor and an incorrectly calculated ratio of oil and gasoline. In this case, you also need to clean the candle and place it back.

When checking the candle, you need to consider the distance between the electrodes. The optimal gap is a distance from 0.5 to 0.65 mm. The gasket used must be changed to a new.

It is also important to check the device for a spark. This is easy to check: you need to connect the candle to the ignition cable, using the pliers, connect the cylinder and a candle nut and then observe the presence of a spark

If it is not, the candle needs to be changed. If when changing the candle it turned out that the other does not give out sparks, then the problem may consist in non.Working contact with a candle or high.Voltage wire.

Chain chain

Many rural residents, as well as summer residents, farmers and owners of large household farms have a Russian or imported chain chain chain in their arsenal. This is a simple and reliable tool, equipped with a single.Cylinder two.Stroke carburetor engine, which can be used both during construction work and to harvest firewood or to care for wood plants. The design of the chainsaws is purposefully made extremely simplified so that users can independently carry out regulatory and repair work, being far from large cities and official service centers. In addition to many other important operations, such as replacing and adjusting candles, cleaning the fuel filter and muffler, maintenance and repair of chainsaws include lubrication or replacement of bearings

Since they play one of the leading roles in ensuring the work of the chainsaw, this aspect of service has to pay close attention

Replacing the crankshafts of the chainsaw Husqvarna auramm.Ru

All malfunctions of the chainsaws can be divided into two main groups: problems of the motor with all its nodes and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and malfunctions of other nodes (circuit brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc.).

Engine malfunctions

  • The engine does not start;
  • Starts, but stalls;
  • It works unstable;
  • Does not develop power, t.E. It works normally at idle, but stalls under load.

When repairing the chainsaws with your own hands, it is necessary to act as an exception. To inspect alternately all the likely prerequisites for the malfunction, starting with those, the verification and elimination of which takes the least time (about the device and operation of a two.Stroke motor, see here).

Ignition system. Almost all types of engine malfunctions listed above may be called the ignition system failures. Replacement of the crankshaft (complete analysis) 2580. 5560: replacing the chainsaw seals consists of. Therefore, when they occur, it makes sense to start searching for a malfunction from the candle. This is all the more justified that the state of the latter can give useful information about the operation of the fuel system. So, when a problem occurs, you need to turn out the candle and inspect it.

The wire is disconnected, and the candle is twisted with a special key.

change, seals, chainsaw, malfunction, other, systems

If the candle is dry, this means that the problem is most likely not in the ignition system, but not admission to the fuel mixture cylinder. You can wrap the candle back and take for the fuel system. If the candle is strongly sprayed with the fuel mixture, then there is its excess. This can happen from the dilution of the carburetor or violation of the launch rules. The candle is wiped and dried, the cylinder is drained, blocked by the fuel supply and working with a starter. To exert a combustion chamber and remove excess fuel. Then set the candle in place and repeat the launch.

The presence of a large amount of black carrier also indicates malfunctions in the fuel system.

The ratio between oil and gasoline in the mixture may be disturbed, the carburetor is not adjusted or poor.Quality oil is used. The candle is washed in gasoline, cleaned with a needle or an awl from the carbon, clean the electrodes with a small skin and installed in place.

In all these cases, it will not be superfluous to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. Depending on its brand, it should be in the interval of 0.5-0.65 mm. Replacing bearings and crankshafts of the Chinese chainsaw replacement of the oil seals. You need to check the sealing of the candle. With its worn out or damage, the tightness of the combustion chamber may not be ensured, which leads to a decrease in compression in the cylinder and problems in the engine operation.

Even if in the case of checking the candle there is large reasons to believe that the malfunction is in the fuel system, you need to check the candle for the presence of a spark. At least in order to be sure that everything is in order with this. For this:

  • Put on the spark plug on the candle;
  • Using pliers with insulated handles, apply a thread or a candle nut to the cylinder;
  • Pull the header’s handle and look. There is a spark or it is not.

In the absence of a spark, you just need to replace the candle. If the new candle does not have a spark, you need to check the condition of the high.Voltage wire for the presence of a cliff and contact with the candle.

The reason for the lack of a spark can be a faulty ignition module or a disruption of the gap between it and the magneto pipeline of the flywheel. It should be equal to 0.2 mm. The disruption of the gap becomes especially probable if before this was the disassembly of the saw from the filming of the flywheel and the ignition module. The gap is exhibited with a gasket with a thickness of 0.2 mm placed between the boss of the flywheel and the ignition module. Repair of the Echo chainsaw replacement of crankshaft oil seals and rings in the chainsaws of Husqvarna 137. Failed ignition module should be replaced.

By checking the ignition system in this way and without finding a malfunction, you can proceed to the fuel mixture supply system.

Fuel supply system. If the candle with a candle was established that the fuel does not enter the cylinder, you need to consider all the possible causes of this. It can be:

  • Not the intake of the fuel from the tank due to the clogged hole in its lid (sapuna), while a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents fuel from flowing;
  • Pollution of the fuel filter installed in the tank;
  • Non.Admission or insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder.

To diagnose the first two reasons, it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel flows from it or not. If it flows with a full stream, the sappan and the filter can not be checked, if it does not flow or flows weakly, we can assume that the cause of the malfunction is found. The sapun is cleaned with a needle. The fuel filter is extracted through the flood hole of the emptied fuel tank, with a wire hook, along with the suction hose, from which the filter is disconnected and cleaned or replaced by a new. Mastery manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 3 months.

Husqvarna chainsaw repair. Replacing bearings and crankshaft crankshafts by rogojin

This video is the second in the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw cycle, in it we will demonstrate you to replace.

Husqvarna.It works badly.Crankshaft oil seals and increased idle

Crankshaft oil seals. How they affect compression in the cylinder.

Insufficient intake of the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinder or a violation of the correct ratio between fuel and air mixed in the carburetor can occur for several reasons: due to the air filter, unexplored carburetor, clogging its channels or mesh-filter.

As a rule, the repair of the chainsaws is not complete without cleaning the air filter, since it is polluted quite quickly. When this happens, the flow of air into the carburetor decreases, the fuel mixture at the exit from it is too enriched, which violates the normal operation of the engine. Husqvarna chainsaw repair. Replacing bearings and crankshafts of the whorejin back. Removing a dirty filter for cleaning must be carefully so that the dirt from it does not get into the carburetor. The filter should be cleaned or washed in water with some detergent, dried and installed back.

Carburetor malfunction

If all the actions described above did not lead to success, perhaps the cause of the unemployment of the chainsaw lies in the malfunction of the carburetor.

In this case, it is checked and adjustable. However, if you do not have experience in performing such work, then you should find through friends or by the announcement of a specialist who knows how to do it. Otherwise, you risk being left without a saw. A carburetor is a device consisting of many parts of a very small size, which, with inept disassembly, can simply fall out and get lost.


“Rich” or “poor” fuel mixture sooner or later will cause breakdown. Perhaps even expensive. To prevent this from happening, it will be useful to regularly check the filter for the presence of scuffs, as well as to break through the filtering canvas itself.

change, seals, chainsaw, malfunction, other, systems

How to check the fuel filter and replace

To check the current state of the fuel filter, the following actions must be performed:

If gasoline acts unevenly and with jerks, then it is time to put a new filter element. This is done quite simply:

  • The fuel tank cover is unscrewed.
  • Using a tweezer or any other device, the filter itself is extracted.
  • Having disconnected the old filter, it is necessary to put a new one and lower it in the fuel tank.

How to clean an air filter

With non.Receipt, a sufficient amount of air, the fuel mixture becomes too enriched, which leads to a violation of the normal operation of the engine. Regular purge of the air filter, and in particularly advanced cases, washing in soapy solution will avoid such problems.

Please note that flushing in acetone, gasoline or other aggressive solutions is not allowed. This can lead to a violation of the integrity of the filter element.

Malfunctions of the Chinese chainsaw: review of popular and ways to solve them

Buy cheap chainsaw of China’s production is not particularly difficult: in the markets, construction hypermarkets and online stores, a huge number of gas-tools from the Middle Kingdom are presented. However, at a low price, poor quality is almost always hidden.

The most popular malfunctions of Chinese chainsaws should be attributed:

  • Poor lubrication system. Clogged oil channels are cleaned, and if the oil pump is out of order, then replacement is necessary.
  • The starter cable is torn.
  • Basement of the plastic axis of the starter. An ordinary metal bolt is suitable for replacing it.

In the case of the slightest suspicion of incorrect operation of the chainsaw, it is worth immediately making a complete diagnosis of the tool. Only with proper operation and timely maintenance can one count on a long time for using the chainsaw.

STRACTION adjustment

The circuit brake often does not work due to clogging with lubrication or sawdust of the brake tape and space under the lid. All parts from blockages should be cleaned. Perhaps the tape simply worn out, then it must be replaced.

The operation of the brake of the backup is restored using mechanical cleaning

Some parts of the chainsaw wear out faster than the rest. These include the leading star, tire, chain, anti.Vibration elements. It is better to always have at hand for quick spare replacement at hand. Do not neglect the sharpening of the chain.

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