STIHL 180 piston replacement with your own hands video

The main faults on the STIHL ms 180 chain saw are related to the piston group. Let’s look at the main reasons why the piston needs to be replaced. We will give you the piston characteristic and the algorithm for replacing it.

When to replace the piston

There are many reasons why the piston must be replaced, but it can also be driven entirely by the piston, but these can all be divided into natural and those resulting from improper use. Naturally this is wear and tear from prolonged use of the STIHL STIHL 180.

CPG should be diagnosed if the STIHL ms 180 suddenly loses power or does not start until the tool starter is cranked. If the starter motor is turning but the saw does not start, there is a spark and the fuel flows correctly into the cylinder, you should check the compression in the engine.

If you suspect there is a problem with the CPG, we recommend that you contact an authorized STIHL service center, because they are the only ones which can accurately diagnose the problem without a complete analysis and, if necessary, perform a quality repair.

9,5. 11 atm. It is normal for a STIHL chain saw to regularly start and deliver maximum power. If compression is lower, the piston-cylinder group is likely to be affected or worn. In any case, with reduced compression for further diagnosis, it is necessary to completely disassemble the dust.

You can remove the muffler and visually inspect the visible part of the piston to determine if there is a piston crank and a broken piston ring, and the rings can be checked for elasticity by pushing on them with a small screwdriver. There will be little movement on the working rings, a piston ring with a defect or pinch will not go.

The chain will not turn

Why the chainsaw chain does not rotate when the engine is running even at full speed?

  • The drive sprocket. Either it’s stuck, or the crown is so worn that it won’t touch and the chain won’t turn on the chainsaw. In any case, you need to disassemble the sprocket to find out the exact reason why the chain does not rotate. If the crown is worn. The sprocket needs to be replaced (or the crown itself if the sprocket is of a collapsible design).
  • The brake chain is jammed. As a result, the sprocket is blocked by the brake mechanism when the engine is running. You need to turn off the engine and release the brakes. If it happens under load, the brake mechanism will have to be replaced as a sprocket, because many elements can melt and overheat because of the high temperature.

We have examined the STIHL ms 180 chain saw and its main causes and malfunctions, in which the cylinder head needs to be replaced. But usually in each particular case, the prerequisites can overlap, and the correct repair requires a complete approach to the problem. Putting the latest piston saw on the saw doesn’t always mean the problem is solved. It is imperative to remove the preconditions of the fault, and the tool will serve for a long time without faltering and the need for repair.

The main malfunctions of the STIHL ms 100 eighty chain saw are related to the piston group. Let’s look at the main prerequisites for piston configuration. Let’s give a characteristic piston

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One of the not uncommon breakdowns of the saw is also an open circuit in the working chain. But this does not apply to problems that occur when the motor system. Changing piston rings, please tell me how to change piston rings. Usually the repair of a broken chain comes down to replacing it with the most.

Finding the fault that led to the failure of the chainsaw is done in the following order. The gasoline level in the tank is checked first. If everything is okay with the level, you should move on to a review of the starter. A description of common defects in the STIHL 100 eighty chainsaw and the air filter. If the trigger shows no signs of breakage, you should direct your attention to the spark plug.

If, after a thorough inspection and check the correctness of the gap will be found that the spark plug is quite serviceable, then the carburetor can be a cause of problems that force the repair of a chainsaw. STIHL 100 eighty chainsaw repair requires a complete replacement. Piston rings and. A great popularity of STIHL chain saws is to replace the old and piston rings. It’s not uncommon for this device to get clogged.

But if the old spark plug is replaced with the newest, carburetor is 100% cleared, and chain saw still does not start, or, having earned, rapidly seizes, it may be blamed faulty cylinder piston group (CPG). What to perfectly check the entire group, you have to spend some time, in fact one hundred percent disassembling the intended system. Here the technical condition of the cylinder, piston and piston rings are checked.

And now we will look at each malfunction in a little more detail.

STIHL repair ms 180 with his own hands replacing the piston

In detail: repair STIHL ms 180 with his own hands replacement piston from the real master for the site

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw repair: malfunctions and troubleshooting

The STIHL STIHL MS 180 chain saw is considered one of the most rugged machines in its class. But machinery is machinery, and from time to time there are malfunctions, which may require repair of STIHL ms 180.

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Read more about repair units, you will learn by reading the article.

The first question you face when you have a STIHL 180 chain saw and it no longer operates correctly for any reason is. The answer is definitely not possible. The answer is yes, but is it really necessary?? It is naturally more expensive to have your chainsaw repaired in a service center than to try to fix problems with your own hands, but by using the services of professionals, you get guarantees and assurance that your chainsaw will be properly tuned and adjusted. The pump can only be replaced if you have a STIHL 180 chain saw. In general, the choice is yours.

Another small aspect of the choice to repair without assistance or not, is that to diagnose the chainsaw and its upcoming disassembly and repair, you need to have some special tools and a certain knowledge of the design of the saw. If not, you can’t even unscrew and remove the flywheel without damaging it.

Carrying out self-repair saw, very often break duralyte fan blades, located on the flywheel. This happens because during disassembly do not use a special crankshaft stopper, and try to fix a screwdriver between the body of the saw and the flywheel blades, which leads to sad consequences. Handwheel nut has a tightening torque and the blades are brittle and can not withstand that kind of force.

In order to carry out a relatively high quality repair of the STIHL mc 180 chain saw without any help from others, you will need to have:

Only with these tools repair chain saw STIHL 180 with their own hands, can be made fairly well.

To the all-prevalent faults on the STIHL chainsaw can include:

  • Breakage of starter cord;
  • Wear of the drive sprocket;
  • Leaks in the oil supply system for chain lubrication;
  • Wear of the worm gear of the oil pump;
  • Sucking air through the glands in the crankcase of the motor;
  • Lack of spark on the spark plug;
  • Lack of fuel supply with defects in the carburetor (we will not dwell on them, because the repair and adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw, the question is quite broad and will be considered in a separate article);
  • Breakage of the lug of the seat under the engine control lever.

Now we’ll look at the faults in more detail and begin with the repair of the oil pump.

If there is no oil supply to lubricate the chain, you need to diagnose the entire system and find the reason why the oil is not supplied. There may be several main circumstances:

  • Oil filter or oil system clogged;
  • Lack of threads in the oil pump worm gear;
  • If the pump itself is clogged or defective;
  • Leaks in the oil system (there are oil leaks on the bottom of the chainsaw).

To check the thread in the oil pump worm gear drive, you will need to remove the chain saw sprocket and unscrew the clutch. Disassembly of a STIHL STIHL chain saw 180 The spark plug is unscrewed and the piston retainer is inserted in its place, thereby safely securing the crankshaft of the tool against turning.

Next, remove the cover on the bar side of the STIHL 180 chain saw, use a screwdriver to remove the circlip that holds the drive sprocket and then remove the sprocket itself.

Do the same with the STIHL 180 chain saw and change the chain sprocket as necessary.

The clutch is unscrewed with a 19 head and a screwdriver. Unscrew the clutch clockwise, t. к. left thread. There is a deflector plate behind the clutch and it too must be removed. Next part is the oil pump worm drive. Having inspected and found absence of plastic thread, it is safely possible to throw out a detail and to establish the newest t. к. its restoration is unreal. Reassemble the STIHL 180 chain saw in the reverse order.

How to easily and quickly replace the oil seal on chain saw and shown tool for it How to easily and quickly replace the

STIHL, shtil, MS180, STIHL, STIHL chainsaw / STIHL 180 chain saw startup video.

If the gear is in normal condition, disassemble the saw, for this purpose, corkscrews are removed from the shock absorbers, unscrew the rear handle and disconnect the throttle control rod, after which the handle assembly is removed from the shock absorbers with a strong slotted screwdriver.

To access the base plate where the oil pump is mounted you need to remove the handles.

In the next step, the oil hose from the oil tank is removed from its seat on the housing and the line is checked for blockages by blowing air through the oil hose into the oil tank housing. If you find a blockage it must be cleaned, if this is not possible the defective hose must be replaced.

Then the oil pump is removed from the STIHL 180 chain saw and rinsed in gasoline.

STIHL oil pumps are generally seldom in a state of disrepair and need to be replaced. Usually the reason for the lack of oil supply is clogged, so after flushing and checking the pump gear for rotation you can be sure that after reassembling the STIHL 180 chain saw the oil supply problems will disappear.

Reassemble the STIHL 180 in the reverse order. An important point is the sealing of the oil hose at the point of installation, in the seat on the housing. Crankshaft oil seal replacement, chainsaw repair is a very common disease. It is necessary to wash the hose and the hole for its installation with gasoline, then blow out with compressed air until completely dry and coated with oil-resistant sealing compound, and then installed in place.

Handwheel Removal

The STIHL 180 chain saw flywheel is screwed in tightly, so a metal collar and a screwdriver are needed to remove it. The nut that holds the flywheel is unscrewed with a 13 head.

To block the crankshaft from turning, you need to unscrew the plug and through the spark plug hole install a piston stopper, if it does not exist, you can use an old starter cord, with knots tied to it and immersed in the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

Strictly prohibited to keep the flywheel from turning by installing between the ribs and the body of the power screwdriver and other tools, with this method of blocking against rotation, the flywheel blades can not withstand the load and break.

Once the piston in the cylinder is locked, you can unscrew the flywheel nut. The threads in the nut are common, so you have to twist to the left side. the nut does not need to be completely unscrewed, it is enough to unscrew it until its upper edge is level with the tip of the shaft, and then place the soft metal punch on the nut and make a sharp blow on it. So the flywheel pops off the shaft and can be easily removed without any tools.

When the piston needs replacing

Occurrences in which it is necessary to change the piston, as in general, and a hundred percent piston, for you like a lot, but our customer remains broken on the natural and surrendered after the end of the wrong work. Naturally, it is wear and tear caused by long-term use of the STIHL 180 chain saw. Artificial is not common yet, for example

You need to diagnose the CPG if the STIHL ms 100 eighty has lost power suddenly, otherwise it won’t start unless the tool starter is returned. If the passage, if the starter is returned, unfortunately, the saw does not start, with all that there is a spark and the fuel enters the cylinder correctly, it is necessary to measure the compression in the engine.

If you suspect a problem with the CPG, it is better to contact the service center authorized by the manufacturer, as only there are options, accurately diagnose the problem without a complete analysis and, if necessary, make high-quality repairs.

9,5. Eleven atm. Is the general rule for a STIHL chain saw that fires properly and produces more power. If compression is too low, the cylinder group may have faults or the piston group may be badly worn. Under all circumstances, if compression is too low, you may need to disassemble the dust particles to get a diagnosis.

It is possible to detect the presence of smokers on the pistons, also piston ring rupture, if you remove the muffler and make a visual inspection of the visible part of the piston, with a small screwdriver to check the rings for elasticity. There will not be much movement on the working rings, a faulty or wedged piston ring will not move.

How to change the piston on a STIHL 180 chain saw

When you need to change the piston and install a new one you need to know how to do it correctly and follow a certain process. Also need to have a small slotted screwdriver, a special STIHL combination wrench, a power screwdriver, a hammer, a mallet of soft material, a compressor and a stopper for the STIHL piston.

Before you get down to work on the piston or piston unit. clean your chain saw as thoroughly as possible and keep it free from dirt. Next, the work is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • The top cover is removed from the saw and the spark plug is unscrewed.
  • The side cover is removed.
  • Using a power screwdriver, the stoppers are removed from the chainsaw shock absorbers, after which its handle is disconnected from the body.
  • Next, you need to remove the drive sprocket and the starter.
  • Install the piston stopper in the spark plug hole and unscrew the flywheel nut and the clutch.
  • Remove flywheel, clutch and oil pump worm drive mechanism, which is located behind the clutch.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the carburetor and air filter. To remove the filter, throttle, and carburetor on STIHL chain saws.
  • Remove ignition coil and muffler.

STIHL 180 chain saw What is the Compression

in STIHL MS180 and POULAN 2250 chainsaws.

STIHL MS180 and POULAN 2250 chain saw compression.

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How to measure compression on a chainsaw? Useful tools for this. electronic drill with reverse function and the highest speed of about 2500-3000 rpm, auto compressometer, a flexible shaft to transfer the rotation from the drill to the chain saw crankshaft and, in fact, the very test benchmarks chain saw STIHL MS180

andPoulan 2250. It is worth mentioning that STIHL is fully operational saw (in the repair given to change the starter cord), but Poulan with a predestroyed piston.

On both chainsaws for measuring accuracy the carburettors were dismantled (the resistance on the inlet pipe should be as low as possible), the starter caps were removed (to be able to put the flexible shaft with a 13 head on the flywheel nut fastening), the spark plugs were unscrewed and the cutout buttons are in the off position.

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STIHL 180 chain saw does not start. Measure compression in the cylinder.

STIHL 180 piston ?? STIHL 180 spare parts ??How to measure compression in a chainsaw.

STIHL 180 engine compression

How many barometric pressures should be measured when measuring the engine?

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