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The carburetor is configured on a warm engine. If the engine does not work, the carburetor, which is stuck, can cause excess gasoline in the mixture. To remove the part, you need to unscrew the fasteners, turn off the ignition and the stem from the engine control lever. Then the lever is removed. Then you can remove the filter and carburetor.

The muffler is fixed with two nuts. You need to promote them and pull the muffler to yourself. Then the coil screws are unscrewed and dismantled. For STIHL saws in a carburetor is 1 blanket adjustment screw. If the idle speed is broken, then the carburetor needs to be repaired. This is a complex process and it is difficult to do it yourself. Contact the repair shop.

Repair yourself or give to the service center

It should be understood that not any problem can be solved independently. Not every owner of the chainsaw has a compressometer at home or a special device that allows you to create a vacuum and the right pressure, for example, to check the crankcase for tight. In this case, you just can not do from contacting relevant specialists.

If you are sure that you can collect a chainsaw after disassembly, then a screwdriver in your hands. To establish the true cause of the problem, it is necessary to analyze the condition and features of the saw behavior.

The design of the chainsaw

All chainsaws have the same design, regardless of which device, domestic (Ural, cedar, Patriot 3816, Carver are Russian production with Chinese partners) or foreign (Stihl, Husqvarna), for example, repair of the Patriot 3816 benzoPy will be the same as well as repairing a foreign device. The main components of the tool:

The general principle of operation of the chainsaw is simple. The master abruptly pulls by the cord, which starts the engine, and he, in turn, is the saw canvas. Sometimes, in the operation of the device, failures arise to eliminate them, you will have to dismantle the saw. Problems that may arise with a chainsaw:

The main problems that arise are associated with engine malfunctions (fuel supply, exhaust system, cylinder-piston system and ignition), or smaller problems (problems with a chain, lubricant, tire, seal)

It is important to consider each problem in more detail

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If the chain simply ended, then it should be replaced with a new. Problems with the solution of this problem should not arise. Repair of other parts of the saw can occupy up to several hours.

No matter how trite it sounds, if the chainsaw is not started, then you need to check the tank for gasoline. If there is fuel in the system, then perhaps a saopun is clogged, leveling pressure when fuel supply. Sapun can be cleaned with acute awl or needle. Candles turn out with candle key and cleaned with sandpaper. You can also damage the combustion chamber. After these procedures, the saw should start.

If the saw turns off automatically, then, most likely, the trigger mechanism is faulty. But sometimes it happens that it is not about it. In this case, you need to turn out the candles and carefully inspect them. If traces of fuel are visible to them, then it means that the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted. The candle must be cleaned and placed back, after blocking the fuel supply.

If black soot is visible on the candles, then the case may be in low.Quality oil, a poorly established carburetor and an incorrectly calculated ratio of oil and gasoline. In this case, you also need to clean the candle and place it back.

When checking the candle, you need to consider the distance between the electrodes. The optimal gap is a distance from 0.5 to 0.65 mm. The gasket used must be changed to a new.

It is also important to check the device for a spark. This is easy to check: you need to connect the candle to the ignition cable, using the pliers, connect the cylinder and a candle nut and then observe the presence of a spark

If it is not, the candle needs to be changed. If when changing the candle it turned out that the other does not give out sparks, then the problem may consist in non.Working contact with a candle or high.Voltage wire.

Chain chain

Many rural residents, as well as summer residents, farmers and owners of large household farms have a Russian or imported chain chain chain in their arsenal. This is a simple and reliable tool, equipped with a single.Cylinder two.Stroke carburetor engine, which can be used both during construction work and to harvest firewood or to care for wood plants. The design of the chainsaws is purposefully made extremely simplified so that users can independently carry out regulatory and repair work, being far from large cities and official service centers. In addition to many other important operations, such as replacing and adjusting candles, cleaning the fuel filter and muffler, maintenance and repair of chainsaws include lubrication or replacement of bearings

Since they play one of the leading roles in ensuring the work of the chainsaw, this aspect of service has to pay close attention

Bearing breakdown and how to replace it

The system of cylinders and pistons in the chainsaw is quite complicated. The breakdown in this node is considered serious. The cylinder, piston can be worn out here, scuffs appeared on the plane of these parts. The crankshaft bearings became unusable. They need to be replaced, since all these breakdowns affect the pressure of the cylinder, power is lost, the engine does not start.

We determine the state of spare parts in the cylinder-piston group.

If you remove the muffler, you will see the side surface of the cylinder itself in the window that opens. There will not be a very good review, but you can make the main opinion.

The engine compression must be measured. This will help you with the device compressometer, which is placed in the candle hole.

To specifically find out the condition of the piston system along with the bearings, you will have to disassemble the engine. If the bearing has become unusable, you see the visually wear of this part, replace it with a new.

Common breakdown is also the problem in the lubricant system of the circuit. That is, the oil does not get to the chain, or they flow. When you saw a dry chain, it is necessary to clean the channels where the oil goes into the tire. These channels are often clogged, it is necessary to do their regular cleaning.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw Patriot 3818, 4518, 5220

On the chainsaws Patriot 4518 and 5220 are similar carburetors. The only difference in performance. T.E. They allow you to work with a larger engine saw.

As for adjusting the carburetor on them, then everything is simple, it passes similarly to the model 3816. You can safely use the instructions described in the article.

The presence of a primer and a light start system Easy Start on models 4518 and 5220 facilitate the launch of a cold engine. Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to verify their serviceability.

In general, Patriot chainsaws due to their average cost and quality are equipped to the best of reliable carburetors, which you need to set up only in extreme measures. If you are not confident in your own abilities, then we strongly recommend entrusting this procedure to the specialists of the service center, t.To. Still, there is a risk of failure, as a result of incorrect tuning the maximum speed of the chainsaw.

How to remove clutch from a chainsaw: detailed report

The process of repairing the clutch coupling is composed of such operations:

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  • Dismantle the chain headset, the airfilter shutters and the clutch itself;
  • Stop the crankshaft. For this it is enough just to unscrew the spark plug;
  • Unscrew the clutch with a special key with strong movements of software or counterclockwise (different models of saw can have either the left and right threads). Usually, a tool in order to remove the coupling is included in the completeness of chainsaws;
  • Proceed to the disconnection of the drum and stars;
  • If, when examining the clutch couplings, one or more cracked springs were found (there may be several, for example, the Husqvarna chainsaws. 3.). We need to replace the spring that failed, with a new one;
  • Collect clutch on a chainsaw, put it in place and screw it up. Do not forget that the crankshaft should still be motionless;
  • Aggregate the removed parts in the sequence, reverse disassembly;
  • Fix the coupling. Send the handle of additional braking forward, start the device and carefully remove from the inertial brake.

A malfunction of the uncertain category

In some cases, the owners of the chainsaws have to solve more complex problems to fully restore the functionality of their cutting tools.

Chainsaw does not develop full power

In addition to the problem considered above with a lack of admission to the cylinder of gasoline or air, the cause of the weak power may be a clogged muffler.

If you do not perform periodic cleaning of the muffler combined combustion products, then the problem of poor engine power may not be the only.

Carburetor depressurization and nozzle blockage

Over time, the screws fixing the carburetor lid can weaken or gaskets become unusable. A clogged filter or its unskilled replacement can lead to the formation of a blockage of nozzles. All this also negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and reduces the life.

In order to prevent this with periodically examine the saw and, if necessary, evenly tighten the screws.

Basil does not hold idle speed

It often happens when, after prolonged transportation and constant use of a chainsaw, he refuses to work evenly at idle. As a rule, this problem is eliminated by the adjustment of the carburetor.

You can find out how to correctly debug the carburetor from this

Chinese Chainsaw, bar oil pump, replacement.

If the carburetor is rebuilt like a clock, then you must check:

  • Fuel system. Start more logical from the fuel pump.
  • Muffler. It is likely that due to the abundance of accumulated soot, the engine cannot function normally.

Chainsaw loses power under load

If in the process of work the power of the saw disappears somewhere, then the problem should be sought in the following places:

Malfunctions of the Chinese chainsaw: review of popular and ways to solve them

Buy cheap chainsaw of China’s production is not particularly difficult: in the markets, construction hypermarkets and online stores, a huge number of gas-tools from the Middle Kingdom are presented. However, at a low price, poor quality is almost always hidden.

The most popular malfunctions of Chinese chainsaws should be attributed:

  • Poor lubrication system. Clogged oil channels are cleaned, and if the oil pump is out of order, then replacement is necessary.
  • The starter cable is torn.
  • Basement of the plastic axis of the starter. An ordinary metal bolt is suitable for replacing it.

change, chainsaw

In the case of the slightest suspicion of incorrect operation of the chainsaw, it is worth immediately making a complete diagnosis of the tool. Only with proper operation and timely maintenance can one count on a long time for using the chainsaw.

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