How to change a trimmer line in a STIHL trimmer

It is very easy to wind the line for trimmer on the spool with one tendril. Depending on the brand of grass trimmer, these designs fit between two and five meters of cord. The edge of the line in the bobbin has to be tucked into a hole or groove and then the line is wound in the opposite direction to the bobbin’s rotation while working.

Tip! To figure out which way to wind the line, you should look at the bobbin case usually has markings indicating the direction of the bobbin’s movement when working.

After the line for the trimmer is wound, it is necessary to leave a small piece (15-30 cm), put it through the bobbin outlet and reassemble the head.

Reel with a single spool pin

The easiest option and uncomplicated sequence of operations:

  • The size of the bobbin and the length of the original factory winding determine the recommended length of fishing line for winding. 25 m.
  • One end of the line is inserted to the fixing technological hole inside the bobbin.
  • line for the trimmer is wound on the reel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the bobbin on the trimmer product. as a rule, on the inside of the reel an arrow indicates in what direction the winding is conducted.
  • A small section of fishing line is left free for its withdrawal outside. it is fixed in a specialized groove on the inside of the bobbin, designed to hold the winding when assembling the bobbin in working condition.
  • The leftover end of the line is threaded through the hole on the outside of the spool.
  • Assemble the halves of the bobbin and put it on the trimmer’s boom.

Cut line of the trimmer to the right length

To replace the line for the trimmer in the trimmer, unwind and cut the necessary amount of line. The required length depends on the diameter of the particular line for the bobbin and the features of the design, so you need to refer to the manual.

Insert half the length of fishing line into the slit on the bobbin’s bulkhead. Now wind both parts of the fishing line onto the grooves of the reel, leaving 15-20 cm of length. Insert the remaining length of line through the holes and wind it carefully so the coils do not overlap.

Reel with two working tendrils

In this type of bobbins, you should find the number of grooves for winding the line lying on the inside of the spool:

Use 2-3 m of trimmer line for both cases. In single-cable spools the line for the trimmer is pulled through the through hole, its ends (tendrils) are put together and aligned, and then spooled in the opposite direction to the bobbin rotation direction on the rod. inside there is usually an arrow showing the correct spooling direction. In the presence of fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are pushed through them or held by fingers of free hand, pushed through the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the bobbin is locked and fastened to the rod of the trimmer product.

The difference of winding the line in the double-channel reels is that initially a piece of line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the loop of the fold is inserted in a special groove between the grooves. Both tendrils of fishing line winded each in its own groove, fixing tendrils and spool assembly is similar to the above version with a single groove.

The first execution of this procedure can be, and seems long enough and labor-intensive, but with time and experience, this problem will be solved more quickly and easily.

change, trimmer, line, stihl

The video below will clearly show you how to tuck the fishing line into the grass trimmer spool and wind it correctly. this operation is nothing complicated and with some patience is sure to succeed:

How to tuck a trimmer line into a grass trimmer: a few simple tips

Thanks to modern power tools, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce manual work. These innovations include grass trimmer, which greatly facilitates the process of mowing the grass and lawn care. This device reduces the time for gardening work, turning difficult physical labor into entertainment. A trimmer line is used as a cutting tool. It’s highly tensioned, so it can mow grass at practically any height. Controlling an electric tool is easy enough, but the problem occurs when the cutting material runs out. Not everyone immediately understands how to tuck the line for the trimmer in the trimmer for grass. Although it is a simple operation, but a person who encounters this task for the first time, it is not always clear how to properly wind it on the spool. The more so that the manual sometimes does not contain information on how to choose and replace the trimmer line for the trimmer.

When you understand how to change the cutting material, further use and care for the electric trimmer will be greatly simplified. To wind the line for the grass trimmer trimmer, you should perform several operations, namely:

  • Unscrew the nozzle by turning the drum to the right side. You will have in your hands the head with the remains of the old thread. Open it with a screwdriver or squeeze the latch and turn the cover in the direction of the arrow. This operation must be carried out carefully, because there is a spring inside that, when unscrewed, could eject all the internal parts of the drum. To change the line for the trimmer in the trimmer, you need to take out the spool and remove the rest of the material.
  • Take 5 meters of new thread and fold it in half. In the middle of the spool there is a hole in which you need to insert the material. There is also an arrow there, indicating the direction to wind the line for the grass trimmer. It is important to take a few things into account. If the spool has two holes, half of the line for the grass trimmer should be tucked in one direction, and the other in the opposite direction. When you finish inserting the material, it is better to leave 15-20 cm free.
  • Assemble the drum, install the spring and washers in place. Then, while holding the reel, tuck the ends of the fishing line into the holes on the sides of the nozzle. Then put the head in place, pulling the cutting material.

As a rule, you need to change the line for the trimmer in the trimmer once a whole season. However, if the mowing area and grass height is large, this consumable will have to be installed more often. If you need to tuck the line for the trimmer in the trimmer for grass TM “Makita” or other manufacturer, you can buy it in the online store “Toolparts”.

How to wind a line for a trimmer on a grass trimmer spool. 1 way

Unwind about 4 meters of fishing line for winding. To determine the exact amount of material you need, wind the line for the trimmer from the reel on the spool, the final result should not exceed the diameter of the spool and overstep the edges.

  • For convenience, fold the thread in half, make one end longer than the other by 10-15 cm.
  • The bobbin has a separating rim in the center. There is a cavity on it, where you need to insert the line for the trimmer. To do this. squeeze the bending point of the thread more forcefully and wind the loop in this cavity.
  • Important. you need to determine exactly in what direction to wind the line for the trimmer, to do this, find the inscription “Wind Line” on the spool, near it there is an arrow indicating the direction of winding. If there is no such arrow on the spool, look for an arrow on the mowing head body, you need to wind in the opposite direction.
  • Wind the trimmer line carefully on the spool with the thread as taut as possible.
  • When you are finished, take the shorter end and insert it into the blade on the reel body that corresponds to the diameter of your fishing line. In this job, thread is spun into a paddle marked 3.3 mm.
  • Do the second end in the same way, but put it in the opposite blade to the previous one. Secure the two ends, leave an allowance of 5-10 cm, cut the rest. The allowance is necessary so that when you insert the spool into the head, the thread will not unwind.

Advantages and purpose of each type of trimmer line.

  • Professionals use mostly round cord cord. It is considered universal for mowing all types of vegetation, fits well (without jamming) in the trimmer head.
  • Cord with a square cross-section or sprocket cord is used for mowing over-ripe and coarse grass. Square cord and “star” cord are considered to cut the grass more effectively because of its facets.
  • Twisted cord is also widely used by professionals. it makes less noise (for example, Husqvarna cord cord Whisper makes 50% less noise than round cord). valuable in continuous operation.
  • For especially hard grass (bogweed, burdock) it is better to use reinforced line for trimmer.

Cord cords are made of various diameters. The standard diameter range is as follows: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.0 mm, 3.3 mm.

  • 1,6 mm. is mainly used in electric trimmers and battery-powered mowers, power up to 0,7 kW.
  • 2.0,5mm. used for electric trimmers with power output above 1 kW.0 kW and gasoline-powered trimmers up to 0.9 kW. The most popular and durable shunts :STIHL grass trimmer cord 2mm 15,3m braided. Cord (silent) 2 mm 62m. line for grass trimmer (cord cord cord) 2 mm 15,2m
  • 2,4 mm. used in medium power brushcutters up to 1.4 kW. Twisted or round cords of this diameter are the most popular. Best selling products: Cord (line for grass trimmer) 2,4mm 15,2m. line for grass trimmer and cord cord cord 2.4 mm 44m STIHL cord square. Cord Cord for brushcutter 2.4mm-100m STIHL brushcutter
  • 2.7mm used on semi-professional brushcutter. Most popular images: line for trimmer for grass trimmer (cord cord) 2,7mm 10,7m, cord cord (silent) 2,7mm 72m. STIHL 2,7mm round cord 2,7mm 72m. Corded wire for brushcutter 2,7mm-215m round. STIHL brushcutter line 2,7mm358m square, STIHL brushcutter line 2,7mm240m STIHL sprocket head
  • 3.0mm Used with heavy-duty professional brushcutters. Best selling and durable products: Mowing line 3.0mm15m star. STIHL cord cord (square) 3mm 55m. Cord Cord for brushcutter 3mm-280m STIHL round cord. Cord (square) 3mm 174m. Cord for brushcutter Husqvarna 3mm-240m braided. Cord (silent) 3mm 200m and Cord (round, reinforced) 3mm 60m
  • Cord for trimmer with 3″ diameter.3mm. High-strength polymer string is used only on high-powered professional models. It has a round cross section. Sold in large coils. Example: Bow trimmer line for brushcutter 3.STIHL 3mm-591m round cord


It is a common misperception that thicker cords last longer, even on brushcuts with low power. I want to draw your attention to the fact that using a thicker cord than recommended by the manufacturer increases the load on the engine and does not allow you to use the brushcutter at the necessary speed.

Another tip from the pros:

To make the cord last longer, soak it in water for 24 hours before use. This makes the cord cord cord more flexible and less brittle.

In case you do not yet have a brushcutter, with an article on the choice of this equipment here.

Testimonial: STIHL FSE41 Electric Lawn Trimmer. Can a woman replace a man in a household?? If necessary. yes. Master class on the electric trimmer.

“Mow the grass while the dew: the dew. out, grass trimmer. home”. I’ve known this saying since I was a kid, but it’s a different story these days. The thing is that STIHL trimmers (Germany) should mow in dry weather, without dew.

Summer brings warmth, crops, and if you have your own piece of land, it brings a lot of worries. One of them. lawn care. During the season I have to mow 5 to 6 times, depending on the weather. Grass tends to grow faster than cucumbers and tomatoes))

In this work, in addition to me, actively participate: the mower (about her. next review), grass trimmer and “junior attendant”. A sickle, a small secateurs, even old tailor’s shears.

And here is the “guest of honor”. The subject of today’s topic:

My helper helps me to remove excess grass near beds, by the fence, around trees, under bushes.

change, trimmer, line, stihl

It’s noteworthy that among other positive features the manufacturer distinguishes the fact that even a woman can work with this tool! (Men, wake up! Women do not grab, they are forced to do it! I have been asking for a “ladies'” hammer in the store for a long time).

Indeed, the grass trimmer is light. A little over two kilograms. Handy handle at the top. And the location of the motor in the lower part of the device makes it possible to hold the grass trimmer with one hand, if necessary, although not for a long time.

Here, in the upper part of the grass trimmer, there is a special device inside the handle for securing the power cable, which prevents it from being unplugged from the outlet. Very handy.

At the bottom of the tool is the AutoCut mowing head with a bobbin, which does all the work. A line for a trimmer, tucked into a bobbin, with two ends rotating with great speed around an axis, cutting everything she comes across “under the hand”. Spacer (in the photo on the right) prevents excessive approach to the limits. trees, walls, asphalt edges.

change, trimmer, line, stihl

I’ve been using this electric trimmer for three seasons now. However, the bobbin itself did not have to do it, used the services of a neighbor. But lately I’ve been wanting more independence. I searched the Internet for information, and. I was almost able to do it by myself.

First, I cut the line for the trimmer, five meters. I folded the bobbin in half and inserted each end into the holes in the bobbins, aligned the ends. Next, each end wrapped in its groove, one way. The important thing here is to keep the winding direction. It has to be opposite to the movement of the reel when it’s working.

How to determine which way the device rotates while working is difficult. I’ll have to try it both ways. If the line for the trimmer is not tucked in correctly, it will unwind, and therefore will not mow.

The way the coil is shown in the photo above. I hold it in my left hand and my right hand winds the line for the trimmer on itself.

The remaining ends are fixed in special notches on the bobbin, opposite to each other. (In the photo above this is not respected, I later changed it).

I put the bobbin inside the spool, pre-passing both ends of the fishing line through the special holes. I press it as far as it will go.

I put the cover on top. Its protrusions easily get into the right holes.

By the way, to remove the bobbin, you need to press these protrusions in the wells, on both sides simultaneously.

The trimmer line wears out during use. To lengthen it, it is necessary (in working mode) to tap lightly on a hard surface, for example, on the asphalt. the trimmer line is automatically lengthened.

But I soon run out of it. And I have to go for a new pack. That’s the one I buy, branded, 1.6 mm in diameter:

And here’s the finished job. You can’t do without a grass trimmer in these places.

Although this is where the “junior service staff” worked:

That’s the beauty of it all. Only at the beginning it all seems difficult. The truth is written by the manufacturers, even a woman can do it.

STIHL grass trimmers

Good power, solid build. I have no regrets about upgrading from the gasoline model to this one. Worked for a season with regular use without breakage. Too bad it weighs a lot, but the shoulder strap makes it easy to work.

I bought a weed trimmer for the grass to go with my mower. I liked the model for its lightness and compactness. Mowing in hard to reach places the mower can’t reach. The battery lasts about half an hour. enough for my purposes. All in all, I am satisfied with my purchase!

When working with professional tools it is important to keep safety in mind and the famous Husqvarna brand gives you that opportunity.

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