Is it possible to charge a car battery with an electric screwdriver

An electric screwdriver with an autonomous power source is definitely one of the best inventions of mankind, and it greatly facilitates the life of almost the entire male half of the world’s population. Collect furniture from IKEA, install a shelf in the bathroom for toilet supplies or squeeze the screws in the car, all this can be done using this power tool. And the most important charm of the battery electrical screwdriver is that it does not require, somewhere nearby an electric outlet, since it is equipped with a portable battery. But the power element that is equipped with this device should sometimes be recharged after intensive operation of the device. Just for this, there is a special charger with this manual power tool, which sometimes can break at the most inopportune moment. And when such an annoying misunderstanding happens, the unfortunate owner of a discharged tool has an relevant question in this case: is it possible to charge an electric screwdriver with automotive exercises and how to do it in principle not to damage its battery finally and irrevocably.

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Is it possible to charge an electric screwdriver when not at hand of its standard charging

If it happened, so an electric screwdriver was urgently needed, and its battery is discharged and there is no charging device that is suitable for it, you can charge the battery with a screwdriver for this, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Disconnect the discharged battery from the handle of an electric screwdriver;
  • Determine the capacity and operating voltage of the battery, these data are usually written on the casing of the power source;
  • Configure the flow of current in the automotive BOD according to the electrical parameters of the battery of an electric screwdriver;
  • Connect a car charger without violating the polarity to the terminals of the battery and charge it for about 30 minutes under a personal vigilant supervision.

Make sure the battery is discharged

There are several ways to understand that the battery is not charged:

  • Look at the indicator (red means that the battery needs to be charged);
  • Use a multimeter (voltage of a charged battery on terminals of at least 12.6 V);
  • The load fork will show the voltage drop under load.

Tips to increase the service life of the smartphone battery


It is best to charge the battery with a standard charger that comes with a smartphone. These devices are made either by the manufacturers of smartphones, or under their control. Therefore, such charging devices satisfy all the requirements for charging the battery. Namely, voltage, power, output current, etc. D.

There are also third.Party manufacturers that produce certified chargers either for specific models or universal. But it is quite difficult to find them on sale, since the shelves are full of fake BOD, produced without any control from the manufacturer. If you charge the battery of the phone with such devices, then this will not help increase its service life. All of the above is true and with respect to an anti.Suggestion smartphone with a powerful battery. Return

Storage of a smartphone battery

Heating negatively affects the condition and service life of the LI-IN accumulator of the smartphone. Foreign experts conducted a number of studies on the influence of environmental temperature on the degree of battery discharge during its storage. The results can be seen in the table below.

The temperature of the OS, the battery gap with the initial degree of charge of 40%of the battery discharge with the initial degree of charge of 100% The temperature of the OS, the battery gap with the initial degree of charge of 40%of the battery discharge with the initial degree of charge of 100%
0 2 percent per year 6 percent per year
25 4 percent per year 20 percent per year
40 15 percent per year 35 percent per year
60 25 percent per year 40 percent per year

From the data obtained, we can conclude that the smartphone’s battery is best stored at a temperature of 15 grap and the degree of charge of about 50 percent. And what to do if there is no smartphone, and the battery needs to be charged? Read the material on how to charge a phone battery without a phone. Return

Why depends a successful acquisition of a battery?

First of all, from your intuition and selected characteristics. We will not be able to help with the first, but with the second we will try. Each screwdriver has its own set of characteristics. Which one is suitable for you? Solve the buyer, with an eye on their needs and financial capabilities.

The first and most important criterion is the maximum effort that a battery can give. The male hand is capable of “issue” 4.5. 5 nm, for a screw up to 6 mm this is enough (and the hand does not strain). When selecting the tool, you should build on this indicator. A screwdriver with less effort is torture to twist. There will certainly be not many joy from such an acquisition.

Next, look at the battery capacity. This characteristic is more important in the work than the type of battery. The higher the container (measured in Ach), the longer the screwdriver will turn the screws. It is advisable to take a tool with the minimum work time from one charge of 3 or more hours. The type of battery itself does not play such a big role. In everyday life, Li-Ion batteries only the largest advantage-a slightly smaller period of self-discharge, which is useful when the work of the tool is built on the principle: “Twisted-put on a shelf and forgot for a month”. And everything, everything else is comparable. But it costs more.

Type of charger: automatic or simple. In the latter version, you will have to remove from charging over a certain time interval (it is indicated in the instructions for the screwdriver). The automatic charger will turn off the charging itself and with the help of LED indication will notify you that “everything is ready”.

“Charging A Car Battery” Is Your Battery Flat How To Re-Charge, Battery Charger Review.

Lever. Everything is on your “taste and color” here. Only a few points. “Universal” screwdriver, t.E. With a bending handle, it is more preferable, for example, a battery screwdriver Zzer. 3.6. Pay special attention to the maximum permissible corner of the bend of the handle, is it convenient for you. It is best to take it in the hand, to “feel” the tool. Isn’t it hard? The handle in the hand is conveniently “sitting”? Turning and reverse button under the index finger? The main rule: the tool should be as convenient for your hand.

Additional nuances include the presence of the opportunity to regulate the amount of effort. It is not critical that it is very useful when working with delicate materials and sizes. This also includes the presence of LED backlight and indication of the battery charge state.

Spindle lock will be spinning in manual mode. Best automatic, released the start button and the spindle is blocked. Not always, but can come in handy. For example, the battery sat down, and only two screws remain left. Running for an ordinary screwdriver is not always convenient, and time to lose time. Not to mention recharging.

The comfort and life of your battery will depend on the compliance of the selected model by the above minimum. Now you know how to choose a battery.

How to charge the 18650 battery with protection: Important rules

In order for protected LI-Ion batteries of the size of 18650 more retained their performance, you need:

  • Charge them with suitable chargers (ideally original). Sources of constant voltage 5 V, which give a charging current from 0.5 to 1.0 tank of the power element, automatically begin the charging process from 0.05 V and stop it at 4, 2 century.
  • Charging in rooms at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C. After entering the room with frost, the battery must first be withstanded at room temperature and only after a few hours.
  • Store with a charge level of about 40-50%, periodically checking it.

How to charge a screwdriver?

Insert the screwdriver into the USB port of your computer. The red LED should glow. When it goes out, after about 90 seconds, the screwdriver will be charged.

Charging time is reduced by 40% compared to its predecessor, now it can be charged in just 3 hours! It comes with the Micro USB charger and allows you to perform work faster. It took about 5 hours to charge the previous model. With the new IXO, not only the charging time, but also the working time!

Is it possible to recharge the battery battery?

Excessive charging can damage the battery and reduce its service life, and not all charging devices are turned off automatically. If the battery is heated to the touch, let it cool before charging or using.

Leave it charged by 1/4-1/2, and for several months everything will be in order if it is a lithium battery that preserves the battery completely charged for a long time, which worsens their quality, with the exception of lead-acid batteries.

TOP 10 best battery screwdrivers

Having carefully analyzed the market of products of this type, we compiled the appropriate most objective rating:

  • Bosch Go 2.
  • Blackdecker BD40K27.
  • Xiaomi Wowstick 1f.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver Gun.
  • Makita DF001DW.
  • Hitachi DB3DL2.
  • Master Thomas MT-9051.
  • Bosch IXO 6 BASIC.
  • Interskol OA-3.6F blister.
  • Zo-3 bison.6-LC43.

Consider each of the presented models in more detail, paying attention to individual technical parameters.

Bosch Go 2

Boschgo 2 battery is an exclusively compact tool designed to work with fasteners. The model is equipped with a cartridge for bits. The miniature of the screwdriver will allow you not to part with it almost constantly. The dimensions of the tool are 40 × 40 × 190 mm.

The screwdriver is equipped with a convenient and stylish look of case. There is also a USB cable, two bits and instructions in the kit. The device is characterized by the maximum rotation frequency, which is 360 revolutions per minute. Maximum torque. 5 nm.

The brush engine has a built.In protection system. The energy necessary for the work of the screwdriver comes from the stationary battery. The battery capacity is 1,500 mAh, and the voltage. 3.6th century. The built.In charge indicator will allow you to constantly monitor the value of this indicator.

Battery 1500 mAh
Torque 5 Nm
Revolutions 360 rpm
The weight 300 g


  • Reliable lithium-ion battery;
  • 6-speed spindle rotation system;
  • Adjustment of maximum twisting depth (up to 20 mm).

Bosch Go 2, of course, professional battery screwdriver 3.6 V with a wide range of torque changes. Using it, you can assemble furniture, hang a picture, repair household appliances and perform other simple repair operations. An indispensable assistant to a home master who has definitely fell in love with me. The device contains huge technical functionality: spindle blocking, stopping the bits, electronic brake, 6-speed gradation of the head rotation and the like functions. In general, Bosch battery screwdriver is really cool and reliable, I recommend.

Blackdecker BD40K27

Blackdecker BD40K2 battery screwdriver. An excellent tool for assembly and small repair, in an ergonomic case with intuitive control. Just press one of the buttons and the work will be immediately done.

The SPS battery protection system with the temperature mode monitoring module greatly facilitates the monitoring of malfunctions in the device of the device. The spindle fast stop function will not only protect the user, but also reveal the problem with the equipment at an early stage. The switch button has light indication, which makes navigation on the device menu in the dark with the most convenient process.

Revolutions 320 rpm
Torque 5 Nm
Battery 1500 mAh
Weight 270 g


I order this screwdriver for the second time (first to myself, second friend). The device is impressive with its rich functionality, compactness, convenient form factor and the ability to charge from USB and microUSB ports. If you put it in the hand, it seems that the model is quite weighty, I think this speaks of a good battery and a powerful motor. The screwdriver really conveniently lies in the hand and long-term construction and repair operations will not be difficult. The kit includes a bunch of additional bit, a plastic case and, accordingly, a charger.

Xiaomi Wowstick 1f

Xiaomi WowStick 1F is a universal innovative tool that allows you to forget about a large number of precision equipment. With the help of this, the miracle of the device can unscrew almost any type of screws and screws, without making great efforts. Even the most inactive screws are twisted incredibly quickly.

charge, battery, charger

The key feature of the model is a strong torque, working in full tandem with the rest of the hardware. A complete set of 69 bits of different formats made of durable high.Quality steel allows you to cope with the task of any level. Lithium-polymer battery allows you to ensure a long autonomous operation of the device in any weather conditions.

Revolutions 200 rpm
Torque 3 Nm
Battery 500 mAh
The weight 53 g


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Recently decided to buy a battery for myself. At first, a lot of questions arose, but later I answered myself. Bits in the holder are sitting quite well and reliable. A model of one long clip key is controlled, on the one hand there is twisting, on the other. Unscrewing. When the device is turned on, a bright diode flashlight lights up. The screwdriver engine rotates bats at a speed of 200 revolutions per minute, which is absolutely enough for 90 percent of everyday tasks. The device is charged relatively quickly (40 minutes), and from the start consumes about 5 watts of electricity.

Comparison table

For a more visual comparison of the above models, we use a comparative table of characteristics.

Model Revolutions (rpm) Twisting the moment (NM) Battery (Mach) Weight (d) Price
Bosch Go 2 360 5 1500 300 from 2 895 to 3 014
BlackDecker BD40K27 320 5 1500 270 from 2 320 to 2 892
Xiaomi Wowstick 1f 200 3 500 53 from 3 059 to 3 958
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver Gun 200 3 200 350 from 2,494 to 2 851
Makita DF001DW 220 4 1500 360 from 3 123 to 4 094
Hitachi DB3DL2 600 5 1500 450 from 5 208 to 6 769
Master Thomas MT-9051 250 2 150 280 from 670 to 1 049
Bosch IXO 6 BASIC 215 4.5 1500 840 from 3 121 to 4 549
Interskol OA-3.6F blister 210 5 1300 500 from 1,583 to 2 959
Bison 30-3.6-LC43 200 3 1500 400 from 1,827 to 2 456

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