Electric screwdriver without a battery. We transfer a screw to power from network 220

Battery screwdriver. A wonderful assistant in the household. The tool along with the master works in the house and in the garden, works in the garage or in the field. Until the battery. The number of cycles of the charge of the battery is limited, the battery spoils from idleness: self-discharge destroys the elements. On average, the battery lives for 3 years, after which it has to be replaced. You can save the tool by converting it in the network. Alteration is performed in different ways.

Without batteries, the screwdriver turns into a piece of iron. When batteries stop holding a charge, you have to look for new nutritional elements. Firstly, it is expensive-the price of batteries is up to 80% of the cost of a screwdriver, it is more efficient to buy a new tool. Secondly, batteries are not always on sale, for example, if the model is discontinued from production. Thirdly, the zealous owner seeks to use all the possibilities to save money.

Alteration of the battery screwdriver to work from the electric network. A good output. What does it give:

  • The tool gets a new life.
  • No longer needs batteries requiring charge.
  • The torque of the tool does not depend on the battery charge.

The disadvantage of the converted design is the dependence on the outlet and the length of the network cable.

Attention! Work at a height exceeding two meters, converted screwed is not allowed.

Reasons for remaking the battery electric screwdriver

The lack of a power source makes any energy.Dependent thing stupid. It is almost impossible to redo the sewing battery, the output is left. The alteration of the electric screwdriver in the network. The high price of the new battery makes the purchase of impractical, to save money, owners of not used tools are wondering how to redo the battery electric screwdriver in the network.

There are times when the used electric screwdriver is discontinued, then it is almost impossible to find a new battery. An electric screwdriver without a battery is a completely useless thing that will collect dust on a garage shelf if nothing is done. The main advantages of alteration:

  • The tool becomes a worker, it may well replace a mini drill.
  • There is no need to control the level of battery charge.
  • The tightness force does not depend on the remaining battery charge.

Minuses can only be noted the presence of a wire, dependence on the electric network. After alteration, the device gains an electric cable, which does not allow you to carry out work in hard.To.Reach places, far from the power source.

How to use an electric screwdriver without a battery

How to choose a battery

The screwdriver, in fact, is the electronic substitution of the screwdriver. He makes the same functions as the younger “brother” only makes the process of delaying / unscrewing the screws and bolts even more freak. Such a tool is especially effective if there are 10, or even scoops of the screws. The device can not only twist the screws. By installing a special drill, you can make holes in a tree, plastic and a narrow metal screwdriver. Massive devices even take brick and concrete. In general, the tool is indispensable in everyday life and repair.

All about screwdrivers on the battery: pros and cons of

The main difference between the battery and the network model. Lack of cord. Autonomy of work and ignorance of an outlet. The main advantages of the tool with the battery.

  • Mobility. The tool and charging battery are in one case, additional elements for work are not needed. Enough to pick up the device and he is ready to work. You can move anywhere.
  • Compactness. Usually household autonomous screwdrivers have small sizes. This does the device especially comfortable in inaccessible places.
  • Universality. The technique replaces the screwdriver and drill.

In practice, a wireless tool is indispensable in objects without electricity, when you need to often move or rise to a height. The device can be controlled in the open air or indoors.

The only defect is here. The need to sometimes charge the battery. Manufacturers in every possible way try to solve this case, for example, offering two tools with an inventory. While one is in the working process, the 2nd restores energy.


The numbers in the characteristic demonstrate with what force the screwdriver twists the screw or how much strength is necessary to overcome the load during drilling. What is the practical implementation of the knowledge of the parameter? The dialect and length of the bolt, which should be screwed, is depending on the moment. The higher the indicator, the longer and thicker the screws can be used in work without fear of defects or breakdowns. For example, at 40 n / m it will be possible to freely “drive” a screw in a screw 10 cm long.

In small household models, the torque is from 10 to 30 N / m, but the indicator can be adjusted by adjusting to the nozzle. To regulate the screwdriver on the body of the screwdriver, a limiter is provided. A ring that goes immediately after the cartridge. The user can coordinate efforts for a certain screw, scrolling the limiter. Bottom line: how to tighten the screw to the suitable level, the cartridge will stop, although the motor will still work.

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Interesting: the emphasis not only helps to tighten the bolts, preventing excessive “immersion” into the material, but also protects the tool from wear.

Accent for the manufacturer

True. The brand is out of competition. So, branded tools are more expensive, but they have a quality guarantee and service centers, and the screwdrivers themselves are made of strong components.

Good fairly screwdrivers with a removable battery are also offered by Varo Kreator, Sparky, Dnieper and others.

Cartridges for the tool

Buyers often ask: “How to choose the right screwdriver for the home, guided by the type of cartridge?” Answer. Remember the information and learn how to distinguish one type of cartridge from another. There are three of them:

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  • The key is that the drill holds a device in it, resembling “fists”. The two sides of the cartridge are connected by the fasteners to the center and thus clarify the tool. The cartridge nut is delayed by a special wrench, which comes together with the kit. To change the tools, it takes a certain time, but the fixation is strong and reliable, ideal for working with heavy materials.
  • Key. One and the yard. The main difference is that in cartridges with one cartridge, the nozzle is changed with one hand. Click on the cartridge, remove the rigging, put it on others. For two linked ones, you will have to use both hands, it is already inconvenient.
  • The hexagon is a special “outlet” for bits, which are necessarily included with such a cartridge.

Looking through the range of wireless screwdrivers with different cartridges, it is difficult to answer which one is better. Here, rather, you need to look at the diameter of the hole in the cartridge, it depends on it which equipment can be used when working. In household tools, no more than one cm thick.

Voltage and other parameters

For an ordinary buyer, a screwdriver is enough to know:

  • For household appliances, the voltage is from 10-14 V;
  • For professionals, the indicator must be higher. From eighteen centuries. Some tools have a level of thirty.Six in.

The next characteristic. Power. The parameter informs the user about the speed of the device. It is logical that the greater the power, the faster the screw is screwed. But do not overdo it, for domestic purposes and independently performing the current repair, models with a capacity of 500-700 watts are enough.

The 20 Mini ELECTRIC Screwdriver!

In order not to send a device for charging every half an hour of work, you should pay close attention to the battery. Modern screwdrivers use:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are not subject to self-discharge, the most common. They can be charged up to three thousand times, as well as at any stage and level of discharge.
  • Nickel-Cadmium. Are not afraid of cold, they work effectively at low temperature. However, there is a small drawback. Self.Discharge. You need to save such a battery with a 0% charge in order to maintain the capacity.
  • Nickel-metallic hybrid batteries. These are environmentally friendly batteries that are found in some European brands. These batteries are compact and light, but resistant to frost.

Comparing the characteristics of the battery, you should also look at the container. The autonomy of the device and the number of possible charges depend on this. Over time, the container decreases, this also needs to be taken into account.

What should be the internal resistance of the NIMH battery?

Completely charged NIMH batteries AA have an internal resistance of about 25 50 MOM, AAA size. 50 100 MOM. At the same time, completely charged alkaline batteries AA have an internal resistance of about 150 250 MOM, AAA size. 200 300 MOM.

For cylindrical Ni-CD batteries, it is recommended to carry out charging with a direct current of 0.2 C for 6─7 hours. The current mode is also used 0.3 s for 3 grapes. In the latter case, control of the charge time is required.

Elimination of the “memory effect”, replacing elements, repairing nickel-cadmium cans

Shurovyrt. Probably the most useful power tool on the farm. Why it is not used by home masters. But if everything is clear in the workshop. Unscrew, drill, then he has no equal in the kitchen. He can be a mixer or drive of an electric meat grinder. In general, as it can, it makes life easier. But all the good ends. Once an assistant battery is unusable. What to do in this case? Buy a new one? Not worth it. Today we consider options for resurrection of the screwer battery.

Whether any battery can be repaired

This is the first question that arises in a home master faced with a similar problem. First, consider what they can be at all.

Different batteries are installed on the screwdrivers, among which:

The first two species can be resurrected, but this will not go with the lithium battery. A failed battery will have to throw out. Therefore, today there will be no conversation about her.

How the screwdriver battery works

Regardless of the type of battery, the internal device is almost identical. Separate banks are located inside the box, which are connected sequentially. Their number depends on the power supply. And if the battery stopped working, then do not think that they all failed. Usually one, maximum. Two banks refuses. So they should be called and replaced.

However, it is not always worth sinning for banks, sometimes the cause of the problem can be the “memory effect”. This happens due to the fault of the master himself, when the battery is placed on charging, and it has more than 30 % of the charge. Of course, the “memory effect” does not arise after one or two times underplay/undergoing, here you need to systematically do so.

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Where to start repairing a faulty battery

First of all, it is necessary to recharge the battery, and then open the case, inside which there are banks. If they are not soldered to each other, but have the shape of an ordinary “aa” type, then you should try to bend the terminals. Sometimes it helps. If not, you have to use the multimeter.

The switch must set the desired voltage (permanent) and check each of the cans. If there are no differences, then the problem is in the “memory effect”. The faulty can be much lower. It will have to be changed, although there is a way to try to resurrect the bank, provided that it is nickel-cadmium, but more on that later.

It is clear that the purchase of cans is also quite costly. However, if for a home master at the moment the time does not play a big role, you can order them on Chinese resources. There are much lower, especially if you take 10 pcs in batches. Packaged. After all, such things will always be useful. And nickel-metallhydrid elements are also suitable for most laptop batteries, which are also arranged in this way.

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How to get rid of the “memory effect”

If all the elements of the battery are normal, then the problem is in the “memory effect”. I have to assemble the screwdriver of the screwdriver in the reverse order and try to get rid of this problem.

For work, you will need a regular incandescent lamp at 12 V with as much power as possible. Two wires must be soldered to it. Using this lamp, the battery will be discharged faster. It remains to execute at least 6-8 cycles “charge/discharge”. Often, after such a cycling, the battery becomes new and works without problems for another 2-3 years.

Stress Testing Reviewing The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver

Finding the cause of the breakdown and its elimination

Before the tool, the following signs appear:

If you instantly pay attention to this and take appropriate measures, you can prevent serious breakdown. First of all, the electric screwdriver is disassembled. Find out in which node there was a malfunction. Malfunctions are a mechanical and electrical nature, each type has its own initial specific signs. They calculate what part out of order.

If the battery does not work, the tool will not start. You can buy a new one or try to disassemble the old one and change the faulty element. In order to disassemble the battery, the latches are removed from the grooves. Elements with a container that are connected by contact welding are installed under the casing. On each bank, the voltage is measured by the tester. If the value does not correspond to the norm, then they are removed, biting off in the place of contact with nippers. Instead of faulty they put new. In the absence of welding, the soldering iron is used. After the battery is assembled and checked by an electric screwdriver.

The power tool may not turn on if the circuit is not the battery, but the charger unit. Its repair begins with the nickname of radio elements: network fuse and rectifier bridge. Having opened the charger body, you can see a blackened textolite fee or radio elements. It immediately becomes clear that it is necessary to replace. Very often an operational amplifier and transistors placed on radiators.

Malfunctions in mechanical nodes

The appearance of extraneous sounds and jamming the device indicates that bearings or bushings have worn out. To find out, they disassemble the gearbox. Strange noises appear when deformation of the shaft, as well as the beating of the cartridge. When weakening tightening, check the coupling for the degree of wear. During operation of the electric screwdriver, teeth gradually wear out. This leads to scrolling the coupling.

In order to prevent breakdown of the gearbox, it must be regularly served. The service consists in lubricating all the rubbing mechanical parts, but before that they must remove the old grease. The turnover of an electric screwdriver is negatively affected by clogging. Extraneous noise also appear due to a malfunction in the engine, wear of the tilu of the anchor, a torn magnet. So that the anchor starts to work well, it is recommended to lubricate it with machine oil.

Damage to the electric part

The malfunctions in the electrical part are mainly expressed in the fact that it becomes impossible to turn on the electric screwdriver, adjust the revolutions or switch to reverse mode. If the battery is in good condition, and the voltage falls on its terminals, then the breakdown must be sought in engine details. If it is impossible to turn on with normal voltage, check the start button. To verify the performance, the multimeter is switched to the call mode, the probes are set parallel to the buttons. When it is pressed, the tester must be enrolled if this does not happen, then it failed. You can try to restore the button. For this, her contacts are cleaned up.

Reverse is also checked by the tester. One probe relate to the entry of the button, the second. The contact of the electric motor. If there is no resistance when switching reversal, then the wiring is damaged. Engine speed adjustment does not work. The reason for the button or control of the transistor.

The brushes of an electric engine are checked by examining them. The wear of these parts should not exceed 60%. If the cause of the instrument malfunction was not found, the resistance of the windings is measured. Disconnecting the contacts of the motor from the rest of the scheme.

The winding is rewind when detected:

Also check the resistance of the anchor. Multimeter probes are installed on the collector plates. He must show zero. If the winding is not subject to repair, put a new electric motor. Crowing and the appearance of sparks during work is due to the fact that the collector has formed blockage. Which led to his slow rotation.

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check, electric, screwdriver, battery

General recommendations before checking the battery

The battery is the source with which the electric motor is driven. Its design uses cylindrical banks with nickel-kadmiev, lithium-ion or metal-hydride filling. Each bank produces voltage from 1.5 to 4 volts. It depends on what it is filled. They are connected to each other sequentially, as a result, the voltage of each summarizes. It is transmitted to the instrument through contacts.

Before checking the battery of the Bosch electrical screwdriver (Bosch), Dewalt, Interskol for various malfunctions, you must remember that the installed nickel-cadmium battery has a memory effect. That is, the battery capacity due to irregular and frequent recall is reduced. The battery for one hundred percent does not use its resource.

Before checking the battery, you must completely charge. Then the indicators that the multimeter will remove will be the most accurate. Accurate testing is possible when checking under load, so the battery is needed and you need a sufficient amount of charging.

Types of drives in batteries and their properties

Batteries are based on the electrolysis process. It is based on the transformation of energy using reactions of restoration and decay. Occurs using an anode and a cathode.

Three types of batteries are distinguished depending on the main components:


Popular in screwdrivers, household appliances, mobile phones, as replacing drives like AA or AAA. Have a large capacity and ability to self.Discharge. Among them, 2 options “fillings” are used in screwdrivers: nickel in combination with the cadmium Ni-CD) or metal-gydride (Ni-MH).

Nickel-cadmium battery. The most common species. Specific electricity of each battery. 65 kWh/kg. They are quickly charged. Reliable and durable (the number of charge cycles. Division. 3500). Voltage usually 1.2 V. Among the minuses of Ni-CD: “Memory effect”.


Used in UPS, car systems with a voltage of 12.7v. Have a smaller container, 2-4 times less than nickel analogues. Last longer than everyone else. Able to withstand heavy loads.


The most expensive options. They are used in the screws of brands Makita, Bosch. The basic principle of work is the process of decaying a substance into ions, so the battery is called as lithium-ionic and have a Li-Lon marking.

One of the common types of lithium battery is 18650. The name of this battery indicates its size (18 × 65 mm). Capacity 1.6-3.6 a/h. Voltage. 3.7V.

Before checking the battery, you need to eliminate the “memory effect” that appears in the battery with improper charging and self.Discharge. This is the property of the batteries to accumulate crystals that interfere with fully charging.

The self-discharge effect of Ni-CD reaches 20%, Ni-MH-30%, Li-Lon-8%.

To eliminate the “memory” of the battery, 3-4 cycles of the discharge. The extension must be carried out. You can do this through the load. It is provided using a regular incandescent lamp in 12V, connected to the multimeter and battery (the instruction of the correct connection is described below).

With multiple repeating the operation, the battery restores initial performance if the reason was in insufficient capacity and “memory effect”.

What additional methods of restoration of batteries for screwdrivers exist?

It is worth noting right away that not all batteries are subject to the possibility of restoration of performance. In particular, with the best success you can reanimate “banks” with a typical difference of the difference between NI CD. Such batteries are now equipped most typical screwdrivers models. Of course, in the tools of the tools you can find screws of the Makita or Hitachi or Bosch brand, the nutrition element of which is built on a lithium basis, but there are not so many of these models yet.

In general, if we talk about the serviceability of the battery block and the methods of its restoration, in any case, you need to pay attention not only to the batteries themselves inside the case, but also to make sure that the charger is good for the charge. It is likely that the functionality of the power supply has lost the ability to provide the required current when charging.

Many masters, faced in practice with the repair of nickel cadmium nutrients, restore them by adding an electrolyte. The battery in the process begins to lose the electrolyte, since it evaporates.

check, electric, screwdriver, battery

The physical impact on the battery “bank” helps to fix the situation with a drill. In the body of the battery, you need to make a small hole (diameter 0.8-1 mm). Armed with a medical syringe with a needle, a couple of drops of distilled water should be injected inside the battery. Then the hole is reliably poured with epoxy resin. This cycle of measures will extend the operation of the supply element for several more charge/discharge operations.

Of course, the most simple and obvious way of resuscitation of the battery unit for an electric screwdriver is the physical replacement of the faulty block with a working. Here, even the help of a specialist may be inappropriate, since the operation can easily do even the person who at least once used a soldering iron and held a screwdriver in his hands. Here the main thing is to show a little dexterity in order to prevent the overheating of the cans at the time of their soldering/dropping.

Of course, there are quite a few ways of resuscitation of batteries, but not each of them is available to a simple user. If you extend the life of your screwdriver with a full.Time battery, you are not able to independently, then seek help from qualified specialists. They will make unmistakable diagnostics and “come up with” how to restore the tool battery with minimal labor costs.

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