Which manual disk saw is better to buy for home and cottage

Disk (circular) saw. Manual power tool for rectilinear sawing of wood, plywood, polymers and metal. The principle of its operation is simple: the electric motor with a shaft rotates the disc of the circular saw. Due to rotation at high speed, the disk with teeth cuts the workpiece. Tools of this type are used in repair and private construction.

Today we will tell you which circular is better to buy for work at home. To do this, consider the main varieties, characteristics and functions of disk saws.

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General information about circular saws

Previously, such a device as a circular saw was a rarity, and it could only be found on professional sawmills, in everyday life they were not used. There are saws that are connected to the network and work from electricity, but there are batteries. Units from different manufacturers have various power and other characteristics. Some of them occupy a leading market position, for example:

Battery manual circular saw Mafell: the structure and principle of the tool is similar to all devices of this type

The circular saw was created for sawing all kinds of supple materials: not solid metals, plastic, wood, etc. A similar device can be treated with a tree and across and along the fibers. Circular saws can also perform a cut at a certain angle. Such an unit of engine with a shaft, a saw for a saw and other secondary elements consists, a protective cover is also included in the kit.

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Criterias of choice

To choose the right electric circular saw, it is necessary to take into account the tasks and features of work and materials (wood, etc.) for which you need to choose a tool, as well as the intensity of use. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, the power of the device is taken into account. This is the most important characteristic. The cut depth and the turn of the disk, t. E. Their number. According to this indicator, manual electric saws are divided into low.Power (up to 80 watts), medium (from 80 to 120 watts) and professional, the power of which is more than 120 watts and they are able to work for a long time. The higher the power of such tools, the greater their weight. To work with more powerful devices requires skills and experience. All this must be taken into account in order to choose a circular saw for home.

The next important criterion is the diameter of the cutting or saw work disk for the circular saw. This indicator depends on the power of the motor. For larger ones, of course, the engine is required more powerful to provide the necessary speed and speed of the working disk, maintain its right time, as well as to protect the tool from noise, vibration and looping. A hand tool with a more powerful engine has more weight, size, and high cost. But such a device can be used for large and thick materials. If it is planned to work with massive boards, it is recommended to choose such a model

In addition, modern models are equipped with additional functionality, due to which the cost of the product increases. These include:

  • A vacuum cleaner, thanks to which sawdust gather in a container and do not fly around the room;
  • Smooth descent;
  • A special laser mark, which is an exact trajectory of sawing the workpiece;
  • Random launch blocker;
  • Special plastic from which the case is made.
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The user is recommended, before you choose to familiarize yourself with the instructions, to understand whether to overpay for additional opportunities or not and choose another model.

Tool device

For many years since the invention of the circular saw, the design of these tools does not fundamentally change. Famous brands are constantly improving models, increasing performance, reducing the weight of the products, adding auxiliary useful functions, but the main nodes of the tools still remain:

The quality of the manufacture of these elements determines the overall quality of the product.

The cutting element of the circular saw is sawing wheels, but they are not constant structural elements, but by consumables.

The principle of operation of the disc saw is understandable from its device. The engine through the gearbox rotates the saw disk, the teeth of which cut the material. A simple structure can be considered the advantage of such tools. They are reliable, their effectiveness is tested and proved by many years of practice.

Circular saw of corner grinding and drill

There are also industrial patterns of machines for corner grinders that turn it into a desiccable saw not only for wood, but also for metal.

And it is not at all difficult to make such a device yourself if you own the skills of the welder.

Although the same design can be made of wood.

It is even easier to make a stationary circular saw from a corner grinder. To do this, it is enough to securely fix it on the bed, and the disk is removed through the slot in the desktop.

The greatest drawback of this design is its low security in terms of safety precautions, which, however, does not affect the performance. It remains to add that for such purposes it is better to select a corner grinder with adjusting speed.

The electric drill can also perform the function of a disc drink on wood. To do this, you will need to train an adapter for attaching the working tool itself and securely fix it on the bed.

For manual modifications of disk saws, there are special nozzles for drills.

The first is in our farm, so we can argue that with its help you can perform more than 90% of all types of work, for which the most common manual disc, called Makita is intended.

How to choose the right desktop sawing machine?

By and large, all such devices have a similar design, but often they can have additional elements that allow largely expand the functional side of the tool, increase the safety of handling it. The product is placed in a metal or plastic case with one or two handles. Due to a high number of revolutions for safety, the saw disk is closed with a special protective casing, which opens only when the tool is brought to the workpiece.

There is still a platform that helps to keep the disk in a given position. Included with the product, a crumbling knife is supplied. With its help it will be possible to free the canvas if it gets bogged down in the material. The required number of revolutions is achieved using an electric motor, on which a disk is installed using bolts. One of the main features of circular saws is the ability to saw the material exclusively in a straight line, arc cutting is not provided here.

Depending on the depth of sawing, the tool can be divided into several groups: small ones (they are able to drink material to a depth of 46 mm), medium (up to 55 mm), large (up to 70 mm) and professional, in which this parameter can reach 140 mm. It is most convenient to use desktop zirular saws. When they are used, the tool is stationary, only the sawing material moves. If necessary, you can cut the workpiece at different angles in the longitudinal or in the transverse direction. One of the key advantages of this tool is a small mass and high mobility level. With it, you can work with blanks whose width exceeds 60 cm. However, the device vibrates quite strongly in the process of work, which can negatively affect the final quality of the cut.

When choosing the device, you should definitely pay attention to the engine power. In this regard, the devices can be divided into three groups: low.Power tools have an engine whose power does not exceed 800 watts

With their help, it will be possible to cope with light products. Universal products are equipped with an engine from 800 to 1200 watts. Professional constructions have a capacity of over 1200 watts.

Appointment and device

A manual circular or disk saw belongs to household appliances, which cuts wood horizontally straightforwardly, plastic and other “soft” materials (including metals of low thickness) at different angles.

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The basic elements of the design of the device, regardless of the brand and model:

  • Power unit;
  • Engine (with or without gearbox), rotating the leading shaft;
  • Metal disk-saw with acute gear borders;
  • Dense plastic or rubberized casing.

In the design of the model, one or two handles of various shapes, lock elements, fixing or guide supports and pulleys, power cord, battery and others (laser pointer, ruler, etc. May be present.P.).

A variety of manual circulars on specialized sites or in construction stores can put an unprepared buyer into a dead end. Therefore, you should determine in advance for yourself which device will be required for the planned construction or repair. Conditionally presented on sale, the models can be divided into the following categories.

Depending on the intensity of use

This characteristic is determined based on the volume and period of the continuous operation of the device. Are divided into:

  • Household. These are mainly relatively small in dimensions manual disk saws, with medium.Power engines.
  • Professional. Are characterized by increased reliability of the design and a more powerful power unit and engine. The elements of the device are more massive and are produced from better materials, which is reflected both in greater intensity and in the price of the device. Such models will be much more expensive.

Certificate of household circular.- This is a great choice for small construction in the territory of the house, as well as for repair in the country.

According to the type of work performed and the materials used

The next question, which is worth considering in advance. What and how it is supposed to cut with the help of the device.

Based on this, there are the following types of circulars:

  • A lingering or standard. In such models, a toothed disk is closed with a safety casing and from below, allowing it to smoothly and as safely cutting the sheet surfaces along the entire length, “stretching” the device along the surface of the material;
  • Submersible. A design feature of the model is a completely open lower edge of the cutting disk. This allows you to accurately configure the depth of entry into the material and cut through through openings and grooves from any point of the surface of the workpiece.

Separately, circular saws are distinguished, the discs of which are made of more durable composite materials, which makes the edges of the teeth sharper. Thanks to this, such devices can be used for the cut of various materials, including pipes and other metal products and surfaces.

By type of supply of electricity

The type of power supply is another category by which models are divided:

  • Network-more powerful, professional devices operate on 3 phases and voltage of 380 V, and manual household on standard 220 V for Russia. For power from the network, a cord is required, which, accordingly, its length will limit mobility;
  • Battery. In the complete set of the power unit of manual saws of this type includes a battery and charger. This allows you to operate with the device regardless of the availability of a power grid near the place of work. The disadvantage of this design is that powerful saws require long preliminary charging-from 4 hours per hour of work.

Important! A choice falls on an autonomous disc saw if the user intends to often operate it in remote areas or inaccessible places. In other cases, it is better to choose a network option, it is cheaper, and it will be continuously working from the network for a longer time.

Battery circular saws

In the case when the construction of a residential building on the site cannot be postponed, but the electrical work is not yet organized, the owner often uses a tool that does not need to be included in the network. Well suited for roofing, where wires interfere.

So, among the most reliable and productive circular saws, the following tool can be distinguished:

Makita DSS610RF

  • Power: from the battery
  • Disk diameter: 165 mm
  • Rotation speed: 3700 rpm
  • Functions: backlight, engine braking, spindle lock, connecting a vacuum cleaner
  • Weight: 3.2 kg

The best and most reliable Japanese disc circular saw with two 18-volt Li-Ion batteries in the kit will allow you to conduct cutting wood for a long time without recharging. The manufacturer declares uninterrupted operation time up to 6 hours with a full battery charge.

A powerful motor is capable of providing the speed of the saw disk up to 3700 rpm.

The marginal depth of the cut, depending on the angle of inclination, changes in the range of 40. 57 mm, which is a good indicator for a disc with a diameter of 165 mm.

Despite the compactness of the device, it is equipped with a multifunctional sole with the possibility of height adjustment, as well as an indicator for monitoring the depth of cut.

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Built.In illumination will help the master not lose the fishing line for the cutting trimmer during operation, and the function of shaving dust will provide high.Quality result and cleanliness at the workplace.

Metabo KS 18 Ltx 57 0 Box 4.7

  • Power: from the battery
  • Disk diameter: 165 mm
  • Rotation speed: 4600 rpm
  • Functions: engine braking, vacuum cleaner connection
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (with a battery)

The battery saw from the German plant takes the honorary second place.

This device is more powerful than the previous one and is able to develop the speed of rotation of the working body to 4700 rpm, which guarantees light cutting of any wood with a maximum thickness of up to 57 mm.

The support base is precisely set at any angle of up to 50 degrees, and the ability to connect the vacuum cleaner will allow you to carry out work in an apartment.

Marking on the site provides even cutting in combination with a parallel emphasis.

The branded 18 into the batteries have a convenient charge indicator, which will help determine the degree of its fatigue and quickly recharge. Battery capacity is 5.2 ah.

With a weight of only 3.4 kg, the saw allows you to easily hold it with one hand to work in conditions of already mounted wood.

Bosch GKS 18V-57 0 Box

  • Power: from the battery
  • Disk diameter: 165 mm
  • Rotation speed: 3400 rpm
  • Functions: backlight, connecting a vacuum cleaner
  • Weight: 4 kg (with a battery)

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Battery circular. 18 Volta.Power accumulator of this tool from Germany allows you to ensure the speed of the disk up to 3400 rpm.

The depth of cutting 165 mm by the working disk is 57 mm, and when the inclination changes to 45 degrees. 39 mm.

When working in a dark room with a lack of electrical lighting, the saw is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight, which well illuminates the processed surface.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, the developer introduced the intellectual disk braking system, which increases the safety of the user during the operation of the tool.

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The saw disk included in the delivery set is made of solid alloys and has 24 sharp teeth for cutting any type of wood.

The dimensions of the device are only 346×243 mm, and it is convenient during transportation and storage, since all components are reliably packed in a plastic case.

Makita HS301DZ

Another Japanese model took 4th place in the rating. Superfaced and light modification with a diameter of a cutting disk only 85 mm and a 10.8 volume battery will allow you to make an accurate local cutting in those places where a standard tool cannot fit along.

The weight is only 1.6 km without accounting for the battery. The saw is easy to keep by weight, and the protective casing protects the user’s body from random injuries.

The depth of the cut at right angles will be 25.5 mm, but with extensive experience, given the small diameter, the device can easily outline curved lines on materials such as a wood-piece stove or plywood.

A small motor is able to disperse the saw disc up to 1660 rpm.

The supporting surface with slides and fixing elements is amenable to work at an angle of 45 degrees with a cut depth of 16.5 mm.

Ryobi R18CS-0

  • Power: from the battery
  • Disk diameter: 165 mm
  • Rotation speed: 4700 rpm
  • Functions: smooth speed adjustment, spindle blocking
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (without a battery)

Model from the Japanese manufacturer, designed for finishing work. If it is necessary to ensure a long longitudinal cut of the engine power is not enough to obtain the desired result.

Used for cutting plywood, wood-piece plate or laminate before laying the floor.

The cut depth is 52 and 36 mm at the angles of inclination of 90 and 45 degrees, respectively.

The tool is equipped with a nozzle for installing a vacuum cleaner, leaving the working surface clean and excluding the ingress of particles of the material in the eye.

A working disk with a dimensions of 165 mm accelerates to 4700 rpm. A quick power set gives a strong noise effect and the inertia of the saw when starting.

Li-Ion Battery with a capacity of 5 hours allows you to provide several hundred transverse cuts on one charge.

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