Two ends for wood: Features and advice on choosing

The end of the tree has an extensive spectrum of application in carpentry. On the market today there are enough models that differ in their functions, so each master, from a beginner to a professional, will be able to choose the most suitable home or professional option.

The end of the tree end is usually used to process small parts that require a saw at a certain angle. For example, it can be the creation of windows and doors, laying a floorboard, creating furniture or assembly of the roof of the building. The device can be used to work with laminate, plastic, as well as aluminum. The end saw, as a rule, consists of four main parts: the base, saw disk, engine, handle and is fixed on the foundry with fasteners. Since the disk takes on the entire load, it is usually made from the most durable materials. He starts to work after pressing the button placed on the handle.

choose, criteria, choosing, electric

The engine of the end saw can have several varieties and be collector or asynchronous. The asynchronous engine is responsible for silent work and the elongated life, but the collector drive does not require especially care and is quite easily repaired. The motor is placed either to the right of the disk or behind. The principle of operation of the ending is to transfer the rotational impulse from the engine to the cutting canvas, that is, the disk. Rotation speed, as well as power, are determined depending on the material used and other factors.

The power of the unit is a very important indicator, since the more powerful the drink, the more the diameter of the saw discs is, which means that it will be possible to process larger blanks. As an option, such a device can be suitable even for cutting logs. However, it should be borne in mind that the weight, size, and the price in this case increase. Experts recommend choosing devices with a capacity of 1.6 kilowatts and at a speed of speed equal to 6,000 per minute. The diameter of the disk ranges from 4 to 13 centimeters.

Separately, it should be said that the use of any saw model requires mandatory compliance with safety precautions. Operation should always be carried out in gloves, clothes with long sleeves and special goggles. If a casing comes with the tool, then do not forget about its put on it.

Ring saw: instrument capabilities

During the repair process, something has to be sawed not only along a straight-line or curved trajectory, but also on a closed ring. In particular, quite often you have to cut round holes for installing sockets and switches in concrete, drywall or wood. The ring saw copes with this task perfectly, which will be discussed in this article. Ring saw: wood and drywall are not a problem, yes, for drywall and wood, a ring saw of one type is used. Outwardly it resembles a thin.Walled tube, at the end of which there are standard teeth for a hacksaw. The ring saw on wood or drywall is made in two versions. In both cases these are sets that allow you to cut holes with a diameter of 20 to 60mm. Some of these sets are a set of interchangeable “cups”, which are installed on a special end.Leaf inside. A cup of such a set is attached to the ending with a wide compression nut.

And in the second set, the tube changes, which, thanks to special slots, is easily installed on a special goal, worn on the drill. The drill is necessary for centering the drilled hole and it is present in the ring saws of literally each type. Both types of these saws have some operational differences. The first option, as a rule, is made of relatively thick steel and serves much longer than the second version of the ring saw for drywall, having a slot through its entire length. The second option is disposable devices that are designed to work at one object. Both crown on drywall or wood is quite simple to use. They are installed on a drill or electric screwdriver and, inherently, work as an ordinary drill.

Their design has one small nuance. The diameters of the saw are made knowingly less than, for example, the planting diameter of the socket for drywall. This is done so that the socket is tightly entered into the hole and does not stagger in it.

On the other hand, if such a socket has to be mounted in a wooden wall (lining or OSB), then the hole obtained by means of a ring saw has to be finalized by an electric jigsaw. This moment should be taken into account. Perhaps cutting the hole in the tree immediately with a jigsaw will look much more attractive.

How to drill concrete and brick?

It is hard to call the concrete crown on concrete for a ring saw, since there is very little common between them. Except that a tubular structure with a drill in the center.

Instead of standard cutting teeth for a saw, such a crown is equipped with carbide winning attacks, which are able to withstand friction and a blow created by a peorator.

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There is no need to talk about sets here, since under a different diameter of the holes you have to purchase a separate tool of this type.

A crown for drilling holes in concrete, despite its power and the ability to crush concrete walls, is not able to withstand reinforcement. When it gets on reinforcement, which happens almost every time in the process of drilling, she fly off attacks and, by and large, an expensive tool becomes hopelessly spoiled. I do not want to say that this is a completely useless tool. It should simply be understood that in the process of work, getting on the reinforcement, the crown should be removed and instead of it to install a regular peak on the peoporator, which is completed and completed the work that has begun. Subsequently, the reinforcement can either be bent with a hammer or cut a corner grinder.

Diamond ring saw

The diamond ring saw could be called universal if it really coped with all the materials in a row. But this is not so. It is intended exclusively for cutting steel and concrete. Wood, drywall and many other soft materials clog the edges of diamonds, as a result of which they lose their ability to cut even metal with concrete. A paradox, but the same thing happens when using diamond crowns for cutting holes in asbestos, cipher and aerated concrete concrete concrete. Diamond crowns are sold in stores with sets. Exactly the same as the annular saws for wood and drywall. That is, a large puck with a drill in the middle (a drill in such crowns has a winning attack) and pieces of seven or eight replaceable annular saws.

There are several rules that I am adhering to adhere to, before going to the store for the instrument or spare parts:

  • 1). Make a list of purchases so that nothing to forget and not buy too much.
  • 2). Take a picture of the repaired node or spare part assembly, a nameplate with marking if there is. It’s easier to explain with the seller, showed the photo and he will immediately understand you.
  • 3). Remove the exact dimensions, do not trust “measurements by eye”.
  • 4). Do not buy “for future use”, such purchases are usually dusting in the pantry or garage, and the case of a repeated breakdown cannot be found and you have to buy again.
  • 5). Do not buy used tools or spare parts, no one knows how much they are enough and who knows, perhaps the “non.Lying cheap” electric drill was stolen. As you know, for free. Only in the mousetrap.

If there are doubts or you need a consultation, call us 8922-722-91-00 or ask a question in our group. We will always help, do not take money for consultation.

Choice parameters

The greater the power, the longer the tool works without interruptions, the more with a large diameter you can install a disk. But the more dimensional and heavier the tool itself. If the manufacturer indicates a power of 2200 watts, then the disk is selected 255 mm, while the weight of the tool will be 22 kg. A 1200 W tool weighs 13 kg, and the disk for it is suitable with a diameter of 210 mm. The golden middle for the tool, which is equally effective for domestic and infrequent production use, is considered a power of 1600. 1800 watts.

With the dimensions of the entire tool, namely with the size of the supporting platform and the height of the handle, the size of the disk is associated. When choosing a end saw, remember that the main load during its operation falls on a torque disc, so it should be created from super.Strength material. Since these saws belong to the subspecies of circular saws, the size of the disk is important. The diameter of the equipment affects the depth of the cut, and its thickness is associated with the type of material processed. Typically, models for household works are designed for discs with a diameter of 200 mm, for professional. 250 mm.

Another criterion is the number of revolutions, otherwise it is determined as the idle frequency. The higher this characteristic, the better the cut. Over, if we talk about the professional use of the tool, it is desirable that the saw has the opportunity to adjust the number of revolutions of the cutting disk. The value of this characteristic lies in the range from 3200 to 6000 rpm.

What can the end saw?

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Nastya and the story about mysterious surprises

Thanks to these capabilities, the end of the saw is very popular among builders, joiners, masters-fins, masters of baguette workshops, furniture and wooden collections. And in the workshop of a home master, a household end will not be an extra tool.

Choosing a saw disk

The choice depends on the material that has to be processed.

The choice of disk depends on the saw itself and on the processed material, the diameter and shape of the teeth affect the quality of the work.

The main parameters should be considered landing and external diameters. For a landing disk, this is a 3 cm indicator, and for the external dimensions vary. When choosing a disk, remember that often the unit engine involves the use of a particular disk. And it happens that an overly large disk harms the work of a saw. The quality of the final work depends on the sharpening of the disk teeth, its geometry, and the material of manufacture is also important.

Some types of teeth have proven themselves perfectly when processing transverse cuts, while others work perfectly with longitudinal, thanks to the third cut, even and rather clean is obtained. Please note that some disk models are endowed with wavy lines, may differ in thin cuts that perfectly compensate for the deformation of the temperature.

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In addition, they are able to reduce the noise arising in the process. Many manufacturers make the extension of the barrel, which has a basic package, but if you have to work with large sizes, then additional supports may be required for the unit.

How to choose end saws. A simple issue, the main thing is to determine the exact goal and volume of work.

How to choose a end saw | Construction portal

Drinking at an angle is not an easy task, so end saws are used to facilitate the work. This tool allows you to cut the material with high accuracy at the required angle.

choose, criteria, choosing, electric

Crouping saws are widely used for mounting, carpentry and finishing work. With their help, door boxes, window frames are produced, floors are laid and much more.

The purpose of the end saw

The end saw, which the people are often called the end, is used to saw the workpiece at a certain angle. Most often, this tool is used for sawing wood, but sometimes for working with laminate, plastic and aluminum.

The end saw is characterized by high speed, lightness and accuracy in performing certain sawing operations. Their scope is quite wide: used for mounting, carpentry, finishing work. The end of the tree on wood is widely used in the workshops for the production of furniture.

Carpet saws for metal are ideal for cutting metals from iron, steel and cast profiles. They are very often used at enterprises for the manufacture of window frames from the profile.

The main load in the end saws goes to the torque disc, so it is made from ultra.Strength materials. Very often the end saw is called mounting, as it greatly facilitates the work when installing and installing any element.

The device of the end saw

The design of the end saw is quite simple, it consists of: dusty disk, engine with a gearbox, base and handle with a launch button.

The engine that is used in the saw is two types: asynchronous and collector.

The asynchronous engine produces less noise and its service life is much longer. The main advantage of the collector engine is that it does not require special attention and regular maintenance.

Basically, the engine is located to the right of the disk, in some machines it is located behind for the convenience of work and the best review during cutting at an angle.

The saw disk rotates thanks to the engine, which through the gearbox carries out a belt or gear gear. Each program has its pros and cons of. A dentate is able to exclude slippage while working at high loads, and the belt is less noisy and is able to exclude the vibration of the disk, which extends the engine resource and improves the quality of work.

In the assortment of a desktop power tool, you can find saws that combine two functions: sawing machine and end saw. In fact, they are endings, douched sawing tables, which are placed on top.

Of course, the combined ending saw will not be a full.Fledged replacement for a specialized machine for dusting, but still a large number of masters buy such end saws, since sometimes when working in a home environment is most importantly the speed and accuracy of work.

Some saws have a break function-a saw disk is installed on 2 rails located in parallel, and is able to carry out free movement.

The end saw with the length is characterized by a fairly large width of the cut of the processed material.

Diskeeper’s saw. This is the most convenient and reliable tool for accurate and direct cutting of the material.

Criteria and tips for choosing a end saw

In order to choose, and in the future, you need to take the following points as a basis:

  • The purpose for which the tool is purchased. If the end saw is not used very often, then it will be enough to purchase a tool with standard functions. In the event that it is planned to carry out complex sawing work of a sufficiently large volume, then this will require a professional end saw.
  • Security. The protective casing is mainly used, which completely closes the disk during operation.
  • Weight and dimensions. If the working tool is too hard, then this can very difficult for the work and the workers will get tired very quickly.
  • Ergonomicity. The tool should be as convenient for work as possible.
  • The size of the dusty disk. The cutting tool of the saw should be at least 20 cm. In diameter.

The main characteristics of the end saw are the width and depth of the cut, which determine what exactly can be processed on a certain unit. Also a lot depends on the diameter of the disk. The wider it is, the better. It is important that the bed and the turning unit are made with high quality.

Choosing a dusty disk

In order to choose wheels for end saws, you need to rely on the material with which you have to work. External and landing diameter are the main parameters of a dusty disk. The diameter of the planting is usually 3 cm, and the dimensions of the external can vary, but most often they are 21, 25 and 30.5 cm.

Before choosing a disk, you need to pay attention to the fact that the engine can be designed to use a particular disk. Therefore, sometimes a large disk can be harmful to the operation of the saw.

The quality of the work is affected by the material of manufacture, geometry and sharpening of the disk.

choose, criteria, choosing, electric

Some types of teeth behave well with a transverse cut, others provide high speed with longitudinal, and others perform a neat and clean cut.

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Some disk models have wavy lines and thin cuts, which compensate for the temperature deformation and reduce the noise made during operation.

Choosing a trim of a manufacturer

The safest and most technological ends are the firm’s end saws: Makita, Corvette, Hitachi, Bosch, Metabo, Dewalt.

End saws are characterized by a relatively small width of the possible cut. In order to increase it, professional saws are equipped with a special traction function.

In such tools, the working unit is mainly installed on the rods. Typically, there are two of these rods, such as, for example, at the saw of the end makita brand LS0714.

Most manufacturers offer an expansion of the table with basic configuration, but to work with large details, additional supports may sometimes be needed.

Makita LS1018L end

The Japanese assembly model is thought out and functional. The engine power is 1430 W, which provides high.Quality cutting of lumber with a thickness of up to 91 mm and a width of 310 mm.

Makita LS1018L allows you to cleanly and accurately perform straight, angular and beveled cuts. The table can turn to the right to the corners up to 45 °, to the left up to 60 °. The slope of the saw is provided in two directions by an angle up to 45 °.

The launch is carried out smoothly, the device works very quietly. For the accumulation of processing waste, a vacuum cleaner is installed. To facilitate work with long blanks, table extensors and drawers are included in the kit. For the possibility of visualization, laser marking is provided.

Device and purpose

A similar tool like a tree ending has a rather narrow specialization and cut any boards into the length, you probably will not work. Its main task is to perform short sections. This means that you can in half cut the board, process the end or make cut at any angle. By and large, this and all its possibilities. However, in fact, this is a lot, since the instrument of other types with such operations either cannot cope at all, or they will perform them much worse. It is also worth saying that in addition to cutting wood, it is able to process plastic, soft metals, as well as metal profile.

Part.Length saws with a length have rather complex designs. They are made of 2 main nodes, but it cannot be said about them that they are simple. The first element is the bed on which the turning table is recorded. Most often, these 2 elements cannot do without each other. On the basis there are guides with which a uniform position and movement of the workpiece are provided. The table is able to rotate directly relative to the bed. Rotation angles are 45 degrees in each direction. The possibility of turning provides the possibility of cutting the workpiece in the right direction, without rearranging it at the same time.

choose, criteria, choosing, electric

The second element is a cutting node on which an electric motor is installed. The cutting head is mounted on the turning table. In the process, she will change her position at the same time with the table. In order to make it convenient to work on the table there is a scale of degrees. When you turn the table and combine it with a scale, you see at what angle the cutting will be carried out. In addition, the cutting head itself can rotate both to the left and to the right, which allows you to produce an inclined cut. In the bulk of cases, the inclination is made in certain provisions by 30 and 45 degrees in the required direction. You can also choose a wood saw, which is equipped with a special stretch structure. If you select the end saw with a broach. Then its mechanism allows you to process parts of much greater width than standard models.

Bosch GCM 12 GDL end

The best professional end saw with a length is equipped with a powerful 2-kilowatt engine that will help to cope with the works of any complexity.

  • The end fell into the rating at the expense of the engine that allows you to accelerate the disk with a diameter of 305 mm.
  • The model is equipped with a good laser pointer, which will improve the quality of the cut.
  • Rubber overlays on the handle contribute to convenient retention.

Dewalt DWS 780

The professional end of the tree is equipped with corporal technology XPS, which provides accurate alignment of the circle along the cutting line.

  • The ending is good with a tilt of 49 °, which can be carried out in both directions.
  • Rotation speed adjustment will make the tool effective with different materials.
  • The backlight of the working area.

Bosch GCM 8 SDE end

The best end of wood with a length of wood with a diameter of 216 mm. Focused on professional carpentry work.

  • Saw is good with a spindle lock, simplifying the replacement of equipment.
  • Non.Slip.
  • Smooth start.
  • The ability to adjust revolutions.

Metabo KGS 315 Plus end

One of the best endings is released by a 315 mm disk that provides a cut depth of up to 120 mm.

  • The model is good in intensive work, because it supports momentum under load.
  • The function of smooth start will protect against jerks.
  • Pypheluming system.

Metabo KGS 254i Plus end

Closes the top of the end saw with a length of a model, the strength of which is a brilliant engine. Thanks to it, the tool is less heats up and works more efficiently.

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