TOP-15 best electric saws: rating 2021-2022 in quality and reliability and which one to choose for home/dacha

This rating of electric saw on our website VYBORCEN.COM is a great option to quickly choose the right model. For simpler navigation, we divided the rating into categories:

Electric saws are very popular both among amateurs and professionals, because they are quieter and environmentally friendly than gasoline counterparts, and they are not inferior in terms of power. But what type of device to choose?

We compiled a rating of the best on 2021-2022 years of electric saw models (chain, end and disk), in which we considered their features, advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a power plant for home and garden

When choosing a tool, you need to accurately understand the sphere of its application and accurately evaluate your capabilities. Light and inexpensive chain saws with relatively small power are maximum popular. Enough to cut the firewood machine during the day, but not enough to conduct construction work.

The design provides for two engine placement options. Direct and transverse. Direct location is more convenient when performing carpentry. The saw has great maneuverability.

The transverse location of the engine is more convenient when grabbing with two hands. Be sure to pay attention to the convenience of handles, the presence of non.Slip linings, the location of the protective shield of emergency shutdown. A shield is needed to stop the circuit when tire breakdown.

If you buy a chain power saw for the first time, be sure to try it on “to your hands”. The lightest models weigh about 3-4 kg. It is much easier to work with such a saw than a heavy aggregate weighing 7-8 kg. Sometimes ease of use is more important than the power of the tool.

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The location of the motor. This is an amateur

The main advantages of the transverse location of the engine include:

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  • One hundred percent transfer of the power of the running engine to the circuit;
  • Reliable work of the gear of the gearbox;
  • Despite everything, such saws are more convenient in work;
  • Lack of return when turning on.
  • Heavier puel;
  • When the saw is turned on, it can sharply “bounce” to the side;
  • The gear applied in the gearbox eats part of the power, reducing the productivity of the saw.

The use of a saber saw

In the past few years, a saber.Type saw has also become quite in demand. She is an indispensable assistant if there is a need to cut any material in hard-to-reach places.

Its main characteristic is also the power. It is worth considering that household.Type saws usually have a power of not more than 1600 watts.

It directly depends on this parameter with which material the saw can handle, and which definitely does not.

Accordingly, if you need to use saws for solid materials during cutting, then the power should be as high as possible.

It is also necessary to pay attention to what kind of saw the canvas is mounted system.

It is best if the device provides for the option of quick replacement, since in this case its operation will be as convenient as possible.

Where inexpensively buy a good chain electric saw?

The Trudovik online store specializes in the sale of electric saws of different capacities. The price of tools is more than affordable. By making a choice in favor of any specific model of the device, you can be absolutely sure of its reliability, since all the goods presented in our store are certified. After watching the store catalog, you can find out the cost of equipment. Residents of any region of Ukraine. Kyiv, Kharkov or other cities can choose and order.

Before buying an electric saw, it is advisable to at least slightly deal with its device. Such knowledge will help to navigate which parameters are important and which are released into the background. So, the tool consists of two main mechanisms: engine and saw. The latter has a base. A tire and a chain stretched over it. They are called a set of set, which can be removed. The principle of operation of the electric engine is as simple as its device: torque passes to a closed circuit with cutting edges. Moving along the guide tire, the chain is made by the saw.

In addition to electric ones, there are also gasoline, battery and manual wood saws. Already from the name it is clear that they differ in a power source. Hand.Shaped power pipes are equipped with a motor, which is connected to the saw by means of the transmission system. Their convenience is that you do not need to refuel with fuel, included the tool in the power grid. And everything is ready. A chain power saw should be bought if you plan to work in a closed room. During the saw process, exhaust gases do not form. From hand.Made power pipes less noise than from its gasoline analogue. And this is important when working indoors. Another advantage of electrical devices is the presence of a brake in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Garden power plants in the online store-for wood work and not only

If you are the owner of a country house, you need to buy garden electric cars. With their help, it is easier to provide proper care for the personal plot. You can buy a wooden electric engine to remove excess branches from trees and shrubs with it, saw firewood, and in case of cut other materials similar in structure. The power of the chain electric saw will be enough to perform household tasks. And if the length of the cord for connecting to the network is not enough, you can use the extension cord. Electric saw on average makes 5 thousand revolutions per minute. Therefore, it may seem that the process of harvesting wood takes more time than in the case of a chainsaw. But this is the norm.

Which electric saw to choose: household, professional or something average?

Depending on the conditions of application, there are domestic, professional and semi.Professional devices. Household electric saws allow you to cope with episodic work. Their design is as simplified as possible, the weight is small, the material of the case is reliable. As a result, the price of electric saws used in everyday life is quite affordable. Professional tools have increased power, because they are designed for constant and long.Term use. Such electric cars should be bought for logging, as well as for construction sites. They are equipped with vibration protection and comfortable handles. In this category, it is difficult to find inexpensive electric saws.

Semi.Professional tools are designed for short, but regular work. They are equipped with a simple vibration protection scheme, have not very powerful power and affordable price. Electric saws with average indicators are equally successful for garden and construction work. If they do not overload them, they will last a very long time. If you do not plan to do any specialized work, do not chase high power and maximum performance. Such devices are good only for professionals. But at home or in the country they may be useless. The wiring will not withstand voltage, traffic jams will fly out, the system will completely fail.

Should You Buy a House or Apartment? (The best choice for you)

To buy electric saw in Kharkov with the right indicators, you must first pay attention to the length of the tire. The larger it is, the thicker the trees can be processed. It also needs to be borne in mind that a long tire gives increased resistance to the torque of the engine. Its power must be appropriate. In household models, the length ranges from 24 to 40 cm. The best option for them is 35–40 cm. For semi.Professional electric saws, 40-50 cm tires are used. They are more powerful, and they can use them longer than household. Professional power plants are equipped with tires with a length of 60 to 90 cm. This is enough, for example, for rolling and sawing trees.

Another important parameter that is worth paying attention to if you want to choose electric saws in the online store is a chain stretch. It can be key and non.Confused. The wiper tension of the chain is considered more reliable and safe. But there is one point here: a set of wings will always have to be worn with you. And this is not very convenient if you plan to work at long distances from the house. But non.Clock tension requires accuracy in work, because you need to constantly monitor its condition. If you want to buy an electric saw inexpensively, take a closer look at the models with a slight power, tire length and a non.Cluster chain tension.

A good solution is to buy a universal manual power saw in Kyiv or other city of our country. With its help, you can cut drywall, laminate, board, wood, ceramic tiles, brick, etc.D. By choosing a universal device, you will save yourself from the need to buy a slope for a slate, a hacksaw for locksmith work, a strip and disk saw. It is convenient to keep such an electric saw even with one hand, with its help you can do not only a straight cut, but also work on curved lines.

How to choose the right electric saw

Electric saw. A tool designed for sawing various types of materials. About what types of electric saws exist and what needs to be taken into account when choosing a tool, our material will tell.

For the construction of a house or bath, harvesting firewood for a fireplace or furnace, cutting trees in the garden or in the country and performing a different type of work related to the cut of building material, and a special tool is required. An electric saw.

Electric saws, unlike gasoline saws, do not require refueling fuel. They are much easier to use and produce less noise during operation. The absence of harmful exhaust gases allows you to safely reckon the electric saw to the category of environmentally friendly tools and use it for work indoors. Electric saws can be used even in the cold season, as it starts perfectly in the cold, which is especially true for most Russian cities.

Of the shortcomings of the electric saw, its dependence on the power source can be called, however, if you are not going to chop the forest away from the house, you will not even notice the “minus” of this tool.

The presence of a wide selection of electric saws in stores sometimes gives a lot of trouble when choosing the desired tool. To figure out exactly what kind of electric saw you need to perform certain work, we will highlight the most significant characteristics of various types and models.

Let us consider in more detail each of the types of electric saws that have its own individual characteristics and allowing the greatest efficiency to perform certain work with various material.

All electric saws are divided into disk (or circular), chain, lobby, saber and electro.Burners.

Disk (or circular) electric saw provides ample opportunities for construction and repair work. It is the most popular model, so manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the tool, equipping it with speed adjustment, anti.Vibrational device, dust switch, protection against overheating, laser backlighting and other interesting and useful functions.

The design of the disk saw is made up of an electric motor and a cutting tool called a saw disk. There are several different models of disk electric saws: some have a handle in order to easily move the tool during the cut, others are fixed motionless, and the material itself moves. Disk saws fixed on the fixed part of the device. The bed. Rotate at an angle of up to 62 degrees and are called end.Bearing electric saws. With their help, it is very convenient to cut a lining, a style rail, a plinth and other types of material.

Professional power tools include radial-console disk power plants. They have a long stroke of the saw caliper and the ability to tilt both the console (up to 4 degrees) and the processed material.

Disk saws often have guing rulers that help more accurately work on sawing.

Disk electric saws are divided into gearbox and harmless. The first electric motor has a gearbox, on whose shaft the saw disk is attached, and the second option involves fastening the disk on the shaft of the electric motor rotor. Also, the electrical gearbox has a mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination and the depth of the material. But the harmless ones have less weight.

The saw of the electric saw can be active and passive, depending on the shape of the tooth. Active disk teeth are bent along the rotation, and passive. Against the move, that is, the angle of sharpening is negative. Passive saw discs are less popular, usually they are used to cut metal.

In addition, discs are with attacks from solid metal alloys, or without them. Sawing disks equipped with attacks allow you to cut more hard material, but drinking usually gives not as clean as wheels without attacks.

Also, discs can have a different diameter, shape and size of the tooth, which allows such an electric saw to work with a wide variety of material, affecting the size of the cut and performance.

To ensure the safety of work on the work, disk saws are equipped with a protective casing. The upper part of the casing during the operation of the electric saw is in a stationary position, and the lower enters the upper position.

The main characteristics of this tool are high accuracy and evenness of the saw. In addition to the main purpose, a disk (or circular) saw can also be performed by a number of other works, for example, choose quarters and grooves in a wooden bar, slaughter a spike and so on.

Disk electric saws have a power of 550. 2200 W and the speed of the disk from 1800 to 6,000 revolutions per minute. Pile saws operate with a capacity of 1200 to 2000 watts, and the number of idle leaves them from 2500 to 5000 revolutions per minute. Radial-console saws have a capacity of 1,500-3000 watts, and the speed of the disk rotation is 2800-4000 revolutions per minute.

The chain electric saw also has an electric motor, but its working part is a chain of teeth, which is attached to each other with hinges, resting on the tire. The speed and level of the saw vibration when working with the material depends on the size of the tooth. The leading star sets in motion a chain, for the tension of which there is a driven star at the opposite end of the tire. The torque to the chain is transmitted by means of the gearbox. In electric chain saws, the engine is installed either along the tire or across. Dawed with the first location is called a longitudinal electric saw. Such saws have the best balancing compared to the transverse installation option.

The design of the chain electric saw provides a protective shield. Bracket. It plays the role of the backwater brake. In addition, the electrical chain saw is equipped with a special capacity, from where through the filter it is supplied to the chain for its automatic lubricant. Many models have a function such as adjusting the intensity of lubrication. It allows you to work with various materials for hardness.

Professional chain electric saws are equipped with the function of supporting the constant number of engine speeds, which contributes to the highest accuracy of the saw and allows you to work longer in continuous mode.

Main characteristics

Kolner Kexs 35/1600 electric power model is budget, but it performs its function “with a bang”. Thanks to the toothed, the cuts are accurate. In addition, the saw was very simple to care for, because there is direct access to the brush node. So you don’t have to disassemble the entire design to replace the brushes.

Domestic instrument is suitable for sawing a wide variety of wood species. The power of the electric engine engine is 2000 watts. This is enough for quick and efficient work. User safety will provide emergency chain braking and locking when you turn on. The length of the guide tire is 400 mm, and the width of the groove is 1.3 mm, the chain step is 9.3 mm, which allows you to produce even and neat cut.

Rating electric saw in quality and reliability

Any saw with an electric motor will cut down a tree in the garden, saw firewood in the yard and accelerate the construction of wooden structures.

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Makita UC3550A 2000 watts

  • Tire length 35 cm
  • Chain step 3/8 inch
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: smooth start, electronic engine protection, circuit brake
  • Weight 5.5 kg

Good saw of Japanese quality with a 2 kW engine located along the case. So the dimensions are minimized and the roll of trees on the site is facilitated. Thanks to a balanced weight, it lies perfectly in the hands when sawing in any position. The design provides for tension, replacement of the chain and dismantling the tire without tools. The option of smooth starting reduces the starting load on the engine, allows you to make accurate incisions.
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