TOP-10 of the most powerful screwdrivers

Network and battery screwdrivers differ not only in power sources. Cost, functionality is understandable. But there are parameters that divide them into household and professional. We will tell you what the most powerful electric screwdriver should be and how to determine the power of an electric screwdriver in a particular type of tool.

Place Model
one. WHICH SS-550/1, 550 W Prices Review
2. Makita FS4000, 570 W Prices Review
3. Resanta SS-550-1, 550 W Prices Review
4. Fiolent SHV2-6-RE, 520 W Prices Review
5. Zubrov ZSSh-550, 550 W Prices Review
6. WHILE DA-24L-2K Prices Review
7. BORT BAB-24UX2LI-FDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 in x2 bag Prices Review
eight. Resanta Da-24-2LK Prices Review
nine. Sturm! CD3224L Prices Review
ten. WHICH DA-24L-2K/B Prices Review

Choose a battery for an electric screwdriver

Now let’s talk a little about the power source, since it is very important and the duration of work depends on it, comfort on the construction site, the weight of the apparatus. Of course, you can buy several batteries at once and change them, but the question of the durability of the battery, voltage, frost resistance and self.Discharge is not removed from the agenda. By what parameters to choose a battery electric screwdriver and battery to it in this case? Consider the main types of autonomous power sources.

Nickel-cadmium batteries. The advantages include their maximum resistance to complete category. They can be stored for a long time and nothing will happen to them. It is very convenient to take with you to leave, where there may not be electricity for 2-3 days and there is nothing to charge (cottage). They can also be in the cold and are inexpensive, which makes them attractive to the consumer but there are shortcomings:

choose, powerful, drill, electric, screwdriver

  • Batteries serve no more than 1000 cycles and have a small capacity.
  • It must be completely discharged, otherwise it will work much less at the next use.
  • The self.Discharge is high. In 5-7 days, the battery is completely sitting down, be prepared for surprises.

The batteries remain popular only due to the fact that their cost is lower, but if you need a reliable professional electric screwdriver, then this option is clearly not for you. It will fail too often. In addition, the weight also leaves much to be desired.

Nickel-metall-hydride batteries. The advantages of this type of batteries are: high capacity, small dimensions of products, there is practically no memorization of the charge (can be recharged by half) and environmental harmlessness. It would seem that a reliable electric screwdriver for the home can already be with such a power source, but now we will consider the shortcomings:

  • The wake can be organized after 500 recharge cycles;
  • The cost of an electric screwdriver with a nickel-metall-hydrode battery will not please you;
  • It is also discharged quickly, within 1 day it is lost about 10% of the charge;
  • It is impossible to store the “killed” battery, it is necessary to charge;
  • This “Chinese comrade” is very afraid of Morozov, apparently did not count on operation in Russia.

Fortunately, it is quite difficult to find such a battery now, so even an inexpensive and reliable electric screwdriver is already going mainly with lithium-ion sources, and these “miracles” have faded into the background.

Lithium-ion batteries. Traditionally, we start with the advantages of these products: the specific capacity at the height, compared to previous models, can be recharged at any time, regardless of the residual charge of the battery, they also do not discharge almost (no more than 20%can leave in one year). Despite this, the batteries are very quickly charged, depending on the model, from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The suitability period is about 2000-3000 cycles, although it is difficult to measure quite-tenacious. If you are looking for the most reliable and inexpensive electric screwdriver, then it will certainly be on a lithium-ion battery, although the cost is already the second question. Disadvantages:

  • Does not like big frosts (in fact, nothing loves them).
  • It costs a level more expensive than predecessors.
  • The minimum charge control system should be, otherwise it will be impossible to charge with full discharge.

Now we will answer the question of which is better to choose an electric screwdriver battery. If you will drill a lot-overpay and buy lithium-ion, it is definitely better if you take it for a home to twist something or make a ceiling once-purchase a lithium-cadmium battery, it is much cheaper. As for the container. Everything is individual. One 1.3 ah is enough, others must be more powerful to drill for 5-6 hours, but then you will have to wear a heavy tool. Our advice: it is better to buy a spare light battery if 1.3 ah will be not enough.

Types of screwdrivers on connection

According to the current source, screwdrivers are divided into:

    – receive energy from rechargeable batteries. Their main advantage is mobility. You are not attached to the outlet, you can calmly move around the workshop, crawl into the most inaccessible places without extension cords and wires. It is convenient to take the battery electric screwdriver with you to the country, to the village and to where you can not connect to the electric network. Often in the kit, a replaced battery is in the kit for the screwdriver, which can be charged in advance. Significant minus. Trying to extend the operating time of electric screwdriver on batteries, manufacturers make models of lower power. Battery in screwdrivers can be several types. Nickel-cadmium is an outdated type of battery, in many countries that have already become out of use due to the components harmful to the environment. Have a relatively low power and are subject to memory effect. If such a battery is not completely discharged before charging, then in the future the maximum capacity of the funded battery is reduced. The nickel-cadmium battery needs special care. It is recommended to store the tool almost completely discharged, periodically you need to completely charge and discharge the battery. Experience 1000 charge-discharge cycles. Their only plus is low price. Therefore, such batteries can only be found in the most budget models. Suitable if you do not plan to use an electric screwdriver too often. Lithium-ion-the most common type of battery to date. Accumulate a lot of charge, preserve it well, have no memory effect. Usually these are the most durable batteries-they withstand several thousands of charge-discharge cycles, do not require special care. The only negative is unstable work in low temperatures. If there is a choice, it is worth buying an electric screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery. Nickel-metall-hydride batteries work steadily even at very low temperatures. Therefore, such batteries are installed in a technique that will be operated in the cold. Among the negative sides. The same effect of memory (albeit not so pronounced) and a high degree of wear (after 500 charge cycles, you need to replace the battery with a new one).
    – connect to the electric network. As a rule, network screwdrivers are more powerful, because you can not worry about the quick battery consumption. The obvious drawback is the presence of a wire and the need to use the extension cord, which is not very convenient when used on the street or in the conditions of repair in the apartment.

Power supply from the network, type of cartridge fast.Sounding, torque 36 nm, max. Rotation speed of 1500 rpm, illumination of the working area, weight 1.4 kg.

Which is better: drill electric screwdriver or drill, and what are their differences

The question of a drill or drill-electrical screwdriver is more complicated, but not critical. The usual drill (OD) as a place of installation of a working tool includes a universal cartridge. Drill-electrical screwdriver (DS) can have both a replaced cartridge and universal cartridge, for drills and bats.

The difference between a drill and an electric screwdriver in the appearance is almost absent: the output of the power wire, a plastic or metal case in the form of a massive pistol, rubberized handle and overlays, control buttons.The configuration may have a depth limiter and a flashlight. Weigh approximately the same.

Directly the difference is in the form of a cartridge:

  • OD has its classic structure. 3 or more zang, clamping the tip of the drill with a diameter in a wide range or tail;
  • DS will be equipped with either a fast.Sounding cartridge (universal. For bits and drill) or hexagonal (only for bits).

How to choose an electric screwdriver (for home, work)? Battery screwdriver rating 2018

Which screwdriver to choose for home and work? TOP 10 RUREPOT RIGHT RIGHT 2018

Currently, batteries have managed to gain consumer trust. They are an excellent alternative to a screwdriver or hand drill. Different manufacturers offer to purchase screwdrivers that differ in characteristics. To buy a suitable model, you need to study their properties and consumer reviews.

What is the difference between a drill and an electric screwdriver?

Some are sure that electric screwdriver is the same as an electric drill, but more compact. However, it is not. The main purpose of electric screwdriver is to twist and twist screws. The drill is used to obtain round holes. Thus, these are two different tools, albeit similar. The differences of one from the other are as follows.

  • If the permissible load exceeds during screwing, the self.Tapping screw begins to scroll through. The drill does not have this.
  • The speed of rotation of the cartridge in an electric drill is much higher.
  • The electric screwdriver does not have an inertial moment, so it instantly stops in contrast to the drill. Her cartridge continues to rotate, slowing down gradually.
  • With the same power and voltage, the electric screwdriver is characterized by greater force.

Can there be a drill and an electric screwdriver in one tool?

If desired, you can purchase a tool that combines the qualities of an electric screwdriver and a drill at the same time. Drinks-shuruvrets are produced by different manufacturers, for example, Makita, Metabo, Bosch. In this case, the features of the inherent both drills and screwdrivers should be taken into account.

Nickel-cadmium batteries

This type of batteries, which is designated as NICD, has the largest sizes. But the price is low, and work is uninterrupted even at minus temperatures. The only thing that may not play in hand is the presence of a memory effect. To avoid this, the battery should only be charged after final discharge. If this is not done, then the tool will remember incomplete exercises, and in the future it will not give all the energy.

Nickel-metal-hybrid batteries

This species is marked like nimh. These drives are of low weight and high level of environmental friendliness. They are also able to work for a long time without additional recharging. But the tool has a disadvantage. It consists in the impossibility of functioning in frosts. Even if there are two degrees on the street with a minus sign, the battery is discharged. Therefore, it must be stored only in a heated room.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion drives or Li-Ion began to be produced in 1991 by Sony Corporation. They have no memory effect, so it is possible to recharge at any charge level. Weight. Approximately 40% less than other models, charging is held for a long time. Such batteries are often installed on professional tools of the tool, especially when it is combined with a drill.

Parameters of selection of batteries

Battery capacity

This parameter determines the duration of the functioning of an electrical screwdriver without additional recharging. Tools with a capacity of 1.3 to 2 a/h are domestic, and above 2 a/h. Professional models.

Charging speed

If it is necessary to perform quick work, an important indicator is the charge speed. Unprofessional model charges from 2 to 12 hours. If the tool is expensive, then it is possible to do in 1 hour, and sometimes in 30 minutes. Typically, such screwdrivers have lithium drives and impulse charging.


Depending on the model, the voltage varies from 3 to 36 volts. The torque of the instrument at 14.4V and 12V is equal. Therefore, buying a tool of greater power may seem inappropriate. However, the battery of 14.4 B works longer until the charging starts to fall.

The best manufacturers of screwdrivers (rating)

Before purchasing the tool, it is advisable to determine the choice of the manufacturer. There are many such companies today. But among them the most popular, which include the following.

  • Bosch releases tools of household and professional class, each of which copes with the tasks perfectly.
  • Metabo is known for the production of universal and reliable models. The brand has a high.Speed cartridge, as well as an impeccable motor cooling system.
  • Makita makes construction tools, constantly using the emerging technological innovations and improving the existing models.
  • AEG produces universal devices that can make different holes and connect parts with screws and nuts.
  • Dewalt does not differ in a large line of models. But each of them is high.Quality and highly effective.
  • Ryobi, as a company specializing in the release of engines, earned the trust of consumers when she began to produce screwdrivers. Tools have different power, are high.Quality and reliable.
  • Hitachi make ergonomic, modern technology, which is characterized by lightweight and quiet work.

The best screwdrivers with a 10.8 in

The models are suitable for household purposes and are able to collect furniture, as well as design from drywall.

The best screwdrivers with a battery 12 in

These models also serve for home needs. They are more popular compared to 10.8 screws in. This is due to a wider range of application. The tool is able to work with wood and even metal.

The best screwdrivers for 14.4 in

The tool relates to professional models more suitable for work in a workshop or at a construction site than at home.

The best screwdrivers for 18 in

The most professional models that can cope with any construction, installation and repair work. Great when you need to perform fasteners regularly and a lot.

Real reviews for the best screwdrivers

Egor t. About electric screwdriver Bosch GSR 1440-Li 1.5ah2 Case:

“Fully pleased with the tool. Tested in the processing of metal and wood. In electric screwdriver, nozzles are reliably attached, there is a system of protection from discharge, overload and overheating. I did not find disadvantages in the model.”

How to choose an electric screwdriver? | The blog of the company of the SWECK.RU

An electric screwdriver is now one of the most popular tools that should be not only for professional builders, but also any home master. A huge number of models that are now on sale make a choice of good electric screwdriver quite difficult. What is first to pay attention to when buying? Let’s look at all the main selection criteria in order.

Network or battery?

Screwdrivers are network and battery. Network screwdrivers are now not very popular, as they have a limited scope of application. They usually have a non.Removable cartridge for the inner hexagon (mainly for installing bit) and use them, for example, installers of drywall to attach sheets to a metal profile. The largest minus of network screwdrivers is, of course, the presence of a cable. Mobility and convenience of work are immediately lost. Another thing is the battery screwdrivers, which, in addition to autonomous operation from the battery, can also be used as a drill in the presence of a quick.And.Resigned cartridge.

Lightness and ergonomics

In fact, one of the most important qualities of a good electric screwdriver is lightness and ergonomics. Professional builders put these advantages in the first place, because with a light electric screwdriver you get much less when installing varying degrees of complexity. This allows you to do a much larger amount of work for less time. It is very important! For example, an electric screwdriver Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li weighs a little less than a kilogram! It will be convenient for them not only to collect furniture, but also to work on top.

Supply voltage

Then it is worth paying attention to the power supply voltage of an electric screwdriver, and in other words, on the “voltage”. The larger the voltage of the battery from which the electric screwdriver feeds, the better its technical characteristics. First of all, it is a torque. The larger the torque, the greater the diameter of the screw, which you can wrap with this electric screwdriver.


Torque characteristic rotational action of the force on a rigid body. Imagine that you have a nut that must be tightened with a key. To do this, you apply strength to the key. So the torque is the work of this very power for the length of the key. From the point of view of physics, the key is a lever. The larger the lever, the more the torque, which is created at the place of attachment of force. For example, the torque of 30 Nm, which is able to create an electric screwdriver Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li, could be represented in the form of a three-meter lever to which a weight of 100 g was suspended. But if the lever was only 30 cm, then it would have to be hung with a load weighing 10 kg to it!

How to drive screws with a drill/driver

choose, powerful, drill, electric, screwdriver

Why is the torque so important for wrapping screws of large length and diameter. Everything is simple! The longer the screw, the greater the friction force that will act when it is wrapped. It will become stronger and stronger as the screw is wrapped in material.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity characterizes the battery life time of your electric screwdriver. Pay attention, the greater the supply voltage of your electric screwdriver, the greater the container requires the batteries to work longer. That is why, for example, on powerful 18-volt screws Metabo are placed batteries with a capacity of up to 5.2 ah.

Additional options

Additional options can also affect the choice of one or another electrical screwdriver. For example, the presence of several modes of steering torque, which allows you to adjust the tightening force of a screw.

A useful option is the engine brake, thanks to which an electric screwdriver instantly stops immediately after you released the power button.

Modern professional screwdrivers have a battery charge indicator. Using this function, you can easily control the duration of work from this battery.

Some models of Metabo screwdrivers have an additional impulse operating mode. It allows you to easily unscrew the strongly tightened screws, as well as drill solid materials.

Also now there are screwdrivers with a bronnote engine. This technology allows you to significantly increase the service life of an electric screwdriver.

If you need to use an electric screwdriver for drilling, for example, concrete, then you should pay attention to screwdrivers with a function of impact.

Characteristics that affect the choice of drill-electrical screwdriver

The voltage, capacity and type of battery (for the battery drill-electrical screwdriver) on the voltage that the battery power supply the tool, the power of the tool.

The battery capacity determines the operating time of the tool: the higher the capacity, the longer the time of operation.

choose, powerful, drill, electric, screwdriver


Type of the battery for the device: Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Li-Power and Li-HD.

Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) has a low cost, can work in frosts. Cons: a relatively small number of charging/discharge cycles, self.Discharge up to 20% per month, memory effect. Ni-CD battery must be fully charged/discharge so that the instrument is not reduced on one charge.

Nickel-metallhydridid ​​(Ni-MH) with the same dimensions as Ni-CD has a large capacity and self-discharge from 3 to 7%, a reduced memory effect, intended to work in frost.

The lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, the self-discharge is about 1% per month, but when working in the frost, the battery quickly discharges.

New generation batteries Li-Power and Li-HD can operate at temperatures before.18 and.30 ° C, respectively, without fast discharge.

When selecting a certain type of battery, we advise you to be guided by whether you already have a battery tool. In this case, you can choose a drill without batteries and charger in the kit and save money, and use as a power element suitable from an existing tool.

The higher the torque, the greater the range of work is performed by the tool.

The size of the torque Recommended snap size, mm The maximum permissible size of the equipment, mm
Up to 20 nm 3.5×50 3.5×50
Up to 30 nm 4×50 5×150
Up to 35 Nm 4.5×60 6×200
Up to 40 nm 5×100 6×280
Up to 48 nm 5×120 6×300
Up to 60 nm 6×200 8×240
90–110 Nm 8×350 10×600

Drill-shuruvrets with a large torque. From 110 nm and above. Can be used for drilling holes in ice.

The number of speeds the more speeds, the more effective the tool. High speed is usually used to drill holes, low. For entering/turning self.Tapping screws.

The number of revolutions is the maximum number of engine speed per unit time. Even at low power, a large number of revolutions provides the tool with high performance.

The number of stages of torque affects the ability to control the tightening force. The larger the number of stages of torque, the higher the likelihood that all screws and screws will be screwed to the desired depth.

The type of cartridge in drums-shurules usually uses cartridges:

Reverse this function changes the direction of rotation of the tool from the right to the left. Used to turn the equipment.

The pulse mode is present only in the Metabo tool. The essence of the impulse regime is that the spindle rotates with jerks, while there is a temporary increase in torque. Improvement of the tool increases the impulse mode.

The backlight is used for spotlighting the working area.

The modes of work manufacturers offer shock and unstressed drills-shuruvrets.

The shock function due to rotational-setting movements simplifies and accelerates the drilling of holes in solid materials, especially in concrete. But such an instrument still loses to the pedorator in performance. Therefore, think about whether you need a drill with shock drilling or is it better to purchase a cheaper drill without impact and a peorator specifically for work on concrete.

The maximum drilling diameter characteristic shows the maximum possible diameter of drilling in a tree, in metal.

If after meeting with the characteristics there are doubts about the choice of the model, be sure to evaluate the ergonomics of the tool: its weight, thickness and shape of the handle, etc.D. This will help to finally determine the choice and purchase a convenient and reliable tool that will last a long time.

Rating of screwdrivers.

Overview of the best screwdrivers for work and at home, based on customer reviews

Screwdriver is one of the most popular types of power tools in construction. Its main purpose is to quickly and conveniently tighten/unscrew the mounting elements. Manually this operation takes a huge amount of time. So, for example, when performing work related to drywall, you will need thousands of self.Tapping screws, which is simply impossible to work with without a tool.

When choosing the best electric screwdriver for home or for work, you should know in advance about the merits and, which is more important than the shortcomings of the interested model, its capabilities. Focusing on the opinion of practicing users, we can draw the most objective conclusions, so we tried to compose a rating of the best screwdrivers on customer reviews. It is these models that cause the most lively discussion on the Internet at specialized forums, and have earned positive assessments of the masters. Therefore, it is these screwdrivers that can be considered the best. In the previous review of the advantages and disadvantages of models for greater objectivity, only those that were repeatedly marked by different users are given.

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