How to choose the right corner grinder

Corner grinder is the same angular grinding machine, or rather its simple name. This electric tool is used mainly for processing different surfaces, as well as for cutting solid materials. And now we will tell you how to choose a corner grinder and, which company to choose a corner grinder, so that it serves you for a long time and efficiently performs all the tasks.

In order to find out which corner grinder is better to choose for the home, you need to familiarize yourself with all types of angular grinding machines and study their technical parameters in detail.

In addition to the fact that the corner grinder is used to dividing into professional and domestic, that is, a few more parameters that distinguish between these grinding machines.

Among them, an important role is occupied by the method of nutrition. Based on this list, you will learn how to choose the right corner grinder for the house.

So, behind the power method, angular grinding machines or the so.Called corner grinders are divided into:

  • Network. Such corner grinders work exclusively from the outlet.
  • Battery. The battery power is especially convenient in that you can work without problems even where there is no electric network. But how to choose a battery angular grinder so that it is convenient to work. First of all, you should pay attention to the battery capacity and the weight of the tool itself, since the battery in power tools takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot.
  • Pneumatic. Pneumatic corner grinders work due to compressed air, so such a tool is easy to use.

If you still do not know which corner grinder to choose for home, in Ukraine for more than 5 years, the official distributor of high.Quality Polish tools YATO has been working on the market for more than 5 years. Here, professional managers will help you decide on the choice and advise a corner grinder, what a small and powerful corner grinder to choose for a home that you will be satisfied.

How to choose a small corner grinder

Below are the main tips on how to choose a small corner grinder.

  • The most suitable diameter of the disks. The general possibilities of using the power tool, the thickness of parts for cutting depends on this.
  • Power affects the performance, speed of cutting various materials with the tool. For small angle grinders, most often this indicator does not exceed 720 W.
  • Maximum speed per minute.
  • Type of drive.

Special attention should be paid to additional functions that the tool can be equipped with. It can be:

  • Tools with revolutions. An important function for cutting various materials;
  • Anti.Vibrational system (most often represented by a revolution stabilizer). Is needed to increase comfort when working with a power tool;
  • Automatic engine brake after shutting down the tool;
  • Protection against re.Launch of power tools;
  • Smooth start to reduce the load on the mains and the electric motor;
  • Overload protection system;
  • Protective nets on the output holes in the housing to stop the dust and dirt that can get into the engine.

Models and their characteristics

Now the range of batteries is not too extensive. The manufactured models are very different in such characteristics as: engine power, battery capacity, type of electric motor used.

The corner grinder on the battery, first of all, should be compact and comfortable. The most common corner grinders are equipped with collector electric motors with two or four charcoal brushes. They are produced by any power and relatively inexpensive.

Such a wireless corner grinder requires regular maintenance. The collector carbon brushes gradually wear out and are subject to replacement. In this case, the collector (and the entire engine) itself is also required to clean from the accumulated coal dust.

Brightly grinding grinds is characterized in that there is no brush collector unit in its engine. Due to this, the motor does not need to maintain. But battery tools with such engines are much more expensive than devices with collector engines.

If possible, you should prefer a tool with speed adjustment. Portable grinder with such adjustment allows the best to use discs of different diameters and different strengths.

Working with some materials requires reducing the speed of rotation of the working tool. For example, the saw “cutting for metal” does not tolerate high cutting speeds. At the same time, a diamond disk for the processing of particularly solid materials requires a large spindle rotation frequency.

Review of popular models

As an example, we consider several popular models of battery angle grinders with adjustment of the rotation of the circle.

Bort BWS-18LI-125

Battery angular grinder compatible with disks with a diameter of 125 mm. Has a two.Position rubberized handle, a jerking electric motor, an automatic system for adjusting and stabilizing the speed of rotation of the circle. Equipped with effective protection against overload and reliable fixation of the clamping spindle. The advantages of the Bort BWS-18LI-125 model include the following signs:

  • Lithium-ion battery 18 V (2 pcs. In the kit).
  • Additional two.Position handle with rubberized inserts.
  • Compact bag for transportation and storage of tools.
  • Metal protective casing.
  • Small weight (1.7 kg. In a equipped state).
  • A mechanical switch of rotation speed of the clamping spindle, which allows you to work with 4,000 and 8,000 revolutions per min.

Bort BWS-18LI-125 Corner grinding grinding and cutting metal.Mos.CMS.Futurecdn.Net

Elitech mush 18ble

A compact angle grinding machine with a lithium-ion 18 in the battery and an best-mounted electric motor. Compared to wired analogues, the model is characterized by a greater value of the speed of rotation of the circle, which positively affects its performance. Has a convenient, ergonomic handle with rubberized inserts. Small mass (2.3 kg.) allows you to work without stopping for a long time. Of the additional features, the corner grinder should be noted the following:

  • Protective metal casing.
  • LED backlight.
  • Automatic adjustment of the spindle rotation speed (0-8 500 revolutions per min.).
  • Plastic case for convenient and safe transportation.
  • A reliable battery.
  • Additional two.Position handle.

Battery angular grinder Elitech MSU 18ble with a disk of 125 MMISTOL ONLINETRADE.Ru

Angle.Grinding machine for a homeless www.Proftools.Ru

Makita DGA517Z

Compact angle grinding machine with a circle diameter of 125 mm. The two.Position handle provides convenience of capture during work. Automatic setting of torque with electronic protection against reverse shock. Food is carried out through the lithium battery 18 in. Other features of the device are:

  • A best.Resistant electric motor resistant to dust and liquids, characterized by high performance and prolonged resource.
  • A comfortable workflow is provided with a convenient hanging of the case and rubberized handles.
  • Automatic stop of the circle when giving or clamping.
  • Smooth start reducing the likelihood of jerks when turning on.

Model Makita DGA517Z 16 V with a rotation regulator spindle.Cutter Makitarussia.Ru

Makita DGA504Z

This model is also used with a 125 mm disk. It has a spindle lock for a quick and light change of circle. Equipped with an additional handle, which can be installed in 2 positions. Control over the torque is provided by an automated system. Other advantages of the angle grinding machine include:

  • Protective casing that protects the operator from dust and sparks.
  • A smooth start option that reduces the likelihood of tool falling out of the hands at start.
  • Lithium-ion battery 18 in.
  • Repeated start protection indicator.

Miniature battery model Makita DGA504Z with a controller controller OPTSNAB100.Ru


Corner grinding machine was invented in 1954 by a German company ACKERMANN SCHMITT (FLEX-ELEKTROWERKzeUGE GmbH) In Steinhaim-on-Moore.

The colloquial name of this instrument-“Corner grinding”-arose in the USSR in the 1970s, when its first samples released precisely in Bulgaria appeared here, at the Sparky Eltos enterprise under the Eltos brand in the city of Lovech. Now the word “corner grinder” can be found even on price tags in stores. Otherwise, as in the countries of the former Soviet Union, such a tool is no longer used anywhere.

Additional functions of models

The number of additional devices affects the cost of the device.

  • A device for smooth inclusion of a grinding machine, which allows you to gradually dial a speed of speed per minute. This function excludes sharp jumps when the angular grinder is turned on, which increases its service life.
  • The function of protecting the mechanism of angular grinding mechanism from the jamming of the disk, when the tool appears, is automatically turned off.
  • The ability to adjust the location of the handle, which is very convenient for left.Handed.
  • Adjusting the number of spindle revolutions. This function allows you to set a certain number of revolutions necessary for different types of work, while saving electricity and consumables.
  • The function of protecting the angular grinding of re.Turning on, which is necessary in case of temporary power outage, when the device is forgotten to be pulled out of the outlet.
  • Support for constant speed. Such a function is needed when conducting long and laborious work.
  • The vibration of the device in the process of its operation. Makes the work of the device the most comfortable.
  • A device for a quick change of a trim circle.

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How to choose a corner grinding machine

How to choose a corner grinder for home use: selection criteria for angular grinder

An angle grinding machine or corner grinder is one of the most popular home tools. With the help of it, the metal is cut, the surfaces are cleaned for welding, corrosion is removed, polished, and other work is performed. With the help of corner grinding, brick, stone, tiles are cut. During construction, repair work, you cannot do without it.

We decided to tell how to choose a corner grinder for home use, taking into account the tips of professionals. Helped us to understand the question Stepan Rostovtsev , Master builder with 30 years of experience.

The market can now offer dozens of models, it is extremely difficult to choose among such a variety. Therefore, we will dwell in detail on the criteria that must be considered when buying.

choose, small, corner, grinder, house

But let’s start a review with the top 3 of the best battleships of battery and network type:

Corner grinder Makita GA5030x3, 720 W, 125 mm;

Bosch GWS 22-230 H, 2200 W, 230 mm.

An angle grinding machine or corner grinder is one of the most popular home tools. With the help of it, the metal is cut, the surfaces are cleaned for welding, corrosion is removed, polished, and other work is performed. With the help of corner grinding, brick, stone, tiles are cut. During construction, repair work, you cannot do without it.

Batteries for angular grinding machines

If you have already purchased some kind of battery tool, such as a screwdriver, then you can purchase an angle grinding machine at the price of the battery, or even cheaper.

The batteries lose their capacity over time and become unusable, therefore it is advisable to increase the coefficient of using this expensive device, and also increase their technological capabilities by replenishing their tools. The main three types of batteries in the electric tools market:

The back also did not go unnoticed by the designers and in modern models it is provided for a change in the position of the handle by rotating its relative to the front and gearbox. And in this part of the tool, anti.Vibration design and materials are used.

Disk diameter

Disk. The main consumable for angular grind. It is he who cuts, polishes, cleans. When choosing a diameter, it is important to take into account that the “useful area” of the disk, and hence the depth of cutting, is approximately less than its diameter. That is, it cuts only the extreme 1/3-1/4 part of the disk. There are 5 diameters discs:

  • 115 mm. The smallest disk. It is not suitable for the main cutting due to low depth of cut (less than 25 mm), but good for small work and grinding. There are still cars with 100 mm disks, designed exclusively for grinding and polishing, but they are narrowly specialized and little common in everyday life.
  • 125 mm is the most popular size of the house of household angular grinding grinding with a cut depth of about 40 mm. With disks of various purposes allows you to cut almost all materials;
  • 150 mm is convenient for cutting concrete, brick, metal pipes;
  • 180 mm is useful to those who started repair or construction;
  • 230 mm. Disks for professional bells with a cut depth of up to 70 mm, rarely used for home needs. As a rule, the larger the disc for which the angular grinder is designed, the greater the weight of the tool assembly.

Shows the speed of rotation of the spindle on which the disk is installed and can be up to 7000-9000 in models with large discs and up to 12,000 rpm in models with small disks. Good Bulgarians have a manual controller to regulate the speed that allows you to reduce the speed of rotation if necessary.

The number of handles

Many do not stop especially at this moment, evaluating it exclusively from the point of view of convenience, but in vain. It is important to understand that powerful corner grinders are given strong vibration during operation, and it can be very difficult to hold them in one hand with a strong and physically strong person. If the model has one handle at the starting shaft, which can be rotated in the right or left side, the use of large capacities can be life.Threatening and health, since there is a possibility that the tool can “bounce” to the side. To protect yourself, it is better to choose devices with two handles (usually on the tool case), allowing you to more tightly fix the tool in your hands and avoid its slippers.

For small power, the purpose of use of which is small household repairs (cutting or grinding), it is quite acceptable to have one handle, but it is desirable that it has an ergonomic shape and lay tightly in the hand. Excellent if the inner surface of the handle has a relief surface to prevent random slipping.

Important! The most thoughtful, from the point of view of security, are corner grinders with rubberized handles with special recesses for the fingers.

Important! The most thoughtful, from the point of view of security, are corner grinders with rubberized handles with special recesses for the fingers.

How to choose a corner grinding machine (2018)

Corner grinders have long been used by many masters. However, more often as a detachment, and not a grinding tool. And this is not surprising. The sympathy for the “corner grinding” will be imbued with anyone who at least once to saw the metal part with a hacksaw. So some owners of the Bulgarians do not even know about the presence of nozzles, repeatedly expanding the possibilities of this tool.

Specific features

Structurally, depending on the location of the cutting disk, the corner grinder is divided into longitudinal and transverse. In the first case, the disk is attached along the machine. In the second case, the cut.Out disc is perpendicular to the axis of the corner grind. The first option is the most common, the second is widely used in microbollahs. This design is most convenient in processing small details.

A feature of industrial and minibulgarians is their capacity. This parameter is so important that industrial products are structurally equipped with two non.Removable handles (vibration and applied loads do not allow you to deal with them with one hand). Mini corner grinder is designed for smaller loads, so the second handle is removable or transient. This makes the tool as convenient as possible.

By power, the corner grinder is divided into such types:

  • From 1.0 to 3.7 kW (processing of trees, steel enzyme structures, rails, pipes);
  • From 0.5 to 0.9 kW (processing of medium and thickness material);
  • Up to 0.5 kW (accurate processing of small.Sized and easily processed products).

What are the corner grinder?

Before buying, you need to know what varieties of the Bulgarians are. To do this, consider their classification.

choose, small, corner, grinder, house

Tool class. Household or professional

First of all, it should be noted that the corner grinder, like the entire power tool, is professional or household. The former have a much longer service life and can work without special breaks.

The latter require stopping stops while working, since during prolonged operation their engine can simply burn out. The resource of a household tool is naturally small.

Double Miter Corner Joint. How I mark out. Cut with an angle grinder, and tack weld.

Accordingly, the price of professional equipment is much higher than for household. Therefore, it is logical to buy it to be logical to perform daily many hours of work. And for home single work, the household class is quite suitable.

Professional corner grinders are produced by companies such as Makita, Bosch (blue), AEG, HITACHI, METABO, DEWALT, KRESS. There is also a supernaccious, but also very expensive power tool from Hilty, Milwakee, Festool, etc.

choose, small, corner, grinder, house

Household brands are Ryobi, Skil, BlackDecker, Bosch (green). The household class also has a large number of brands ordering a tool in Chinese factories. Nice quality here will be, for example, bison, Interskol, Elitech. Caliber, whirlwind, Patriot, Sturm and many others are slightly inferior to them. Also, the domestic class includes a Russian tool produced in Crimea. “Fiolent”.

Now that you know which classes of the Bulgarians are, we can proceed to specific characteristics, which must be paid attention to when choosing.

Disk diameter

First of all, you should know that there are devices with different disks diameters. They can be with discs on 115, 125, 150, 180, 200, 230 mm. Accordingly, the larger the disk, the greater the depth of the cut can be done. However, there are situations when it is impossible to crawl with a large unit, therefore, a corner grinder with a smaller disk diameter is used, since such a tool and dimensions will be less. Therefore, when making a choice, decide at what depth you will need a cut and what dimensions of the tool will suit you in the space in which you will need to work.

Within a certain diameter of the disk, there are different power values. For example, the largest corner grinder with a 230 mm disk can have a power from 1800 to 2500 watts. The greater the power, the greater the load can be provided, the faster the cutter or grinding will be carried out.

Next, you should pay attention to the weight of the apparatus. Simply, for example, the same 230 mm units basically weigh more than 5 kg, but there are also models with a mass of slightly more than four kilograms. Naturally, the easier the tool, the easier it is to work.

The number of revolutions

The next moment is the number of revolutions per minute. It depends on the size of the disk. The larger it is, the less momentum. In cars by 115 and 125 mm, the disk rotates at a speed of either 10,000 rpm or 11000 rpm. Bulgarians have 230mm. 6000 rpm or 6600 rpm. It should be said that units with smaller revolutions are better saw concrete, brick and other stone materials, and with large. Metals are better to saw. However, the difference is actually little noticeable.

There are corner grinders with revolutions (though it does not happen on the 230s).

This allows you to reduce speed to lower values, but, as a rule, at least 3000 rpm. This is necessary if you use any nozzles for which the value of the maximum revolutions is set in which they should work. Also, the revolutions can be reduced if, for example, when grinding, you need to be careful enough and not polish the excess.

Smooth start

There are devices with a smooth start or to be without it. Smooth start will allow you not to be afraid that you drop the tool from the hands when turning on, as it excludes a breakthrough, that is, creates more comfortable working conditions. In addition, work with a smooth start has a lower load on an electric network when starting.

Adjusting the rear handle

Corner grinder may have or not have a rotary rear handle. By turning it, you can create more comfortable conditions for yourself when, when working at a certain angle, you do not need to bend your hand in order to be able to hold the power button in the pressed position.

It should be noted that the angular grinder at 115 and 125 mm can be without the rear handle at all, and have just a cylindrical shortened case, so that you can work in hard.To.Reach places, or work with a corner grinder, holding it with one hand.

Type of clamping nut

For the clamping of the disk, mainly nuts are used, which are twisted with a special key. However, there are also nuts where the key is not required, but twist and unwind by hand. This is quite convenient, since in this way you will get rid of such a problem as the lost key. Accordingly, you can puzzle with the search for a tool with such a nut.

Fastening the protective casing

You can also pay attention to how the protective casing is attached. It can be attached with a bolt and nuts, for which again you need a key. And it can be fixed using a non.Closing clamp, which, again, is more convenient, since you do not need to have any key. On more expensive devices, a casing can be used where there are no clamps at all. Such a casing has a special seat that allows it and sit tightly in the right place, and makes it possible to turn it as it is convenient.

Having dismantled the classification of the Bulgarians, you can already safely go to the store, having all the necessary knowledge with you. But I would like to pay attention to the discs that are used on the grinder.

Which corner grinder to choose: large or small?

Corner grinder (angular grinder) is a power tool for cutting, grinding and cleaning products from stone, metal and other similar materials. In everyday life, this instrument is better known as the “corner grinder”. This is one of the most common and used tools, both among professionals and among home masters.

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Bit for Die Grinder

Before you purchase a corner grinder, determine for yourself how you will use it. If you need to work with a tool for a long time and continuously, then it is better to choose a professional model. The most reliable and safe options are offered by European and American manufacturers. If you plan to get a corner grinding “just in case, at home will come in handy”, you can choose a simpler model, even among domestic manufacturers.

The power and diameter of the circle used are the main characteristics that should be focused on when buying. These characteristics are interconnected: the larger the diameter of the circle, the more powerful the angular grinder should be.

Small angular grinding grinders (circle diameter 115 mm, 125 mm) are perfect for accurate cutting work. Such corner grinder differs in lightness, compactness and the possibility of grip with one hand. All these are quite important advantages.

Large angular grinding grinding (circle diameter of 230 mm) withstands more serious loads, makes deep cuts in products made of strong material. Engine power is a particularly important characteristic for such angular grinders. High power is accompanied by high performance, but at the same time, adds weight to the tool. Smooth start is a very useful function, which should definitely pay attention to.

Smooth start allows you to avoid a jerk when turning on, as well as prevent the wear of the mechanical and electrical nodes of the tool. Powerful corner grinder without this function can quite load electric networks and, for example, knock out machines.

The ergonomics of the instrument is a criterion that should not be deprived of attention when choosing a corner grinder. After all, a good design is not only a solid type of tool, but also a design thought out to the smallest detail for the most comfortable and safe work.

Corner grinding machine is one of the most essential and effective tools for any master. To date, manufacturers offer a tool with a wide range of use (cutting, grinding, stripping). Therefore, the corner grinder is a rather popular tool and it is better to approach its choice responsibly.

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