Tire of the chainsaw: how to measure, choose, install and fix

Control of the movement of the circuit with fixing its tension and regular lubrication is provided by one simple and absolutely indispensable element. The saw tire belongs to the category of consumables, since it takes on peak loads that deform and seriously wear it out as it is working. This article will briefly and clearly show what criteria to select a new part, how to install on the tool and make easy repairs.

The general idea of ​​the structure of any element consists of knowledge of its components and an understanding of their interaction. To operate the tire as long and efficiently, it is useful to have a clear picture of the principle of its action. The functional role of the detail in the chainsaw system is extremely clear to everyone who observed this tool in work. First of all, the tire serves as a guide for the chain, as well as a means of its tension and lubrication.

With a cursory examination of the element, it seems that it is cut out of a solid sheet of metal. In fact, the tire consists of 3 plates (2 side and one central), reliably fastened with rivets. The central element is an order of magnitude shorter and thinner than the lateral, due to the formation of guide grooves in which the shanks of the chain are immersed. The free space in the front (on the nose) of the tire is occupied by a led by a stars, which ensures the free stroke of the chain during tension.

To facilitate movement and protection against erasure, the asterisk is installed on the bearing, the central part of which is attached to the side plates. For the maintenance of a mechanism expressed in cleaning and lubrication of rollers, special holes are provided on both sides of the tire.

In the tail of the guide, there are a number of technological holes. The largest, elongated opening, provides an even installation of the canvas along two studs fixed on the engine crankcase. In one of the 2x symmetrically located holes, the finger tensioner is inserted, and the oil pump fitter includes the smallest that supplies the lubricant on the shank of the chain when working.

What a shank of my tire?

Print a pdf catalog of shanks on a scale of 1: 1, for printing you will need 7 sheets A4. If the file does not open, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Before the seal, be sure to make sure that the scaling is disabled.

To determine the article of the shank of your tire, attach your tire tail to the printout.

Dimensional parameters of tires

The speed and aggressiveness of the tool depends on the width of the guide groove. This indicator affects the choice of chain. The size of the head of the headset should coincide with the depth of the grooves of the tire.

If the thickness of the shank of the chain and the width of the groove does not correspond to each other, this can cause overheating of metal components and their premature failure. A more dangerous consequence is a chain break, which can lead to difficult injuries to the operator.

Such troubles also arise in cases where the chain step and the crown of the drive mechanism do not coincide. This provokes the enhanced abrasion of the leading star, and the replacement of this element is a costly task, as it should be carried out using specialized equipment in the conditions of the service center.

The step of the star and chain headset also affects the work of the chainsaw. The most popular models are considered models with a step of 0.325 inches. This indicator is characteristic of saws, the power of which does not exceed 3 liters.With. Productive models are equipped with a saw settings with 3/8 inches steps. There are other options, but they are not so common.

The driven star often wears out faster than other components. This happens for the reason that this part of the tire is not lubricated centrally. To protect the star from premature wear, you should regularly lubricate it manually (every 8-10 hours of work).

Repair of the tire of the chainsaw

Among the few problems arising during the operation of the guide, the most relevant is related to wear or deformation of the driven stars. This is a relatively simple nuisance, amenable to repair in domestic conditions. Expressed in jamming the stars or a large backlash of the shanks of the chain with teeth. For the repair, you will need a welding machine, corner grinder and a suitable reprimatum kit.

How To Buy The Proper Chain For A Chainsaw

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  • First of all, it is necessary to remove the damaged part. To do this, grind the rivets with an abrasive circle and carefully knock out a hammer.
  • Remove the damaged element and carefully clean the groove (preferably impregnated with a kerosene rag).
  • Before the placement of a new star in the tire, a layer of consistent lubrication (lithola) must be applied to the rollers of the bearing.
  • As a fixing element, you can use previously knocked out rivets, putting them on a couple of drops of welding on both sides. Blutter solder is removed by a grinding circle.

If the purchase of a replaceable asterisk is equivalent to buying a new tire, you can try to restore the old. Relevant when jamming, when the rollers are scattered, wiped, but the detail itself can still work. As source of interchangeable elements, an ordinary drill, about 2 with a diameter.5 mm (to match the full.Time rollers).

Just clamp the drill in a vice, and cut the jewelry washers (can be abrasive, but accurately diamond). So that the small parts do not scatter, it is better to install a magnet nearby, which will attract elements when pruning. To obtain a full set of rollers and fill the circle, it will take about 2 drills of standard length. Having drank the required amount of rounds, we put them in the asterisk and go to paragraph 3, 4, previous instructions.

The presented method of recovery will allow you to extend the service life of the guide, but soon the problem with the wear of the asterisk will arise, and it will have to be changed (or entirely the headset). A more complete demonstration of the restoration process is presented in the next video, which clearly shows the entire repair of the tire of the chainsaw with your own hands. Video, with useful Комментарии и мнения владельцев by the author, conveys all the main aspects of the work.

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Try to regularly take care of the bus and the duration of its operation will increase significantly. Cleam the groove from the dirt, grease the bearing of the driven stars and remove the burrs with a file. Having devoted 5 minutes to service in 10 hours of operation, you will increase the efficiency of work and protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Tire malfunctions

The tire itself and all the elements intended for its fastening are consumables. The most tire wears out the most in violation of the rules of operation of the chainsaw.

The main signs of tire damage are a decrease in the tension of the chain, a decrease in the smoothness of its course. The fastening of the tire of the chainsaw during wear of the part cannot provide the correct angle of the cut in relation to its body.

If such alarming symptoms appear during the use of the chainsaw, then it is urgent to stop working and eliminate all the malfunctions, since working with such a tool is very dangerous.

Rules for the choice

Specialized stores have many varieties of tires designed for different models of tools. When choosing a tire for a chainsaw, you need to focus not only on suitable dimensions, but also a company manufacturer.

Tires from an expensive brand are guaranteed to last much longer than the product from an unknown company. Dear products are made of good quality steel, which guarantee good wear resistance and a minimum chance to get a defective tire.

What Happens If You Use Giant Wheels As Roller Skates?

It is necessary to take full responsibility for the choice of components for chainsaws since poor.Quality details can lead to both the abloancy of the tool and to the injuries of the employee.

If you first buy guide tires yourself, then in addition to measuring cutting lengths, you need to take a photo of the tire for the chainsaw, which was installed before. This will help consultants choose the right product.

Design features of household and professional tires

The design of modern saw sets are constantly being improved. As a result of partial modernization, the so.Called narrow tire was developed.

Structurally, such models differ in the shape of the tip that prevents the reverse blow when the headset enters the cut. The chainsaw technique of household class is mostly equipped with narrow tires. A wide toe is a characteristic feature of a tire designed for sawing work of increased complexity, as well as a chainsaw of a professional category.

Why wears out

This is one of the questions that are asked by the owners of the chainsaw constantly. Reply to him is easy. Friction occurs on the surface of the headset, which is the cause of wear.

Getting on the rubbing surfaces of dust and dirt, enhances the wear of the details.

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There is another urgent question: why the tire wears out premature? You can answer it if you study the design of the tire and the principle of operation of the lubricant system, which we will try to do.

The lubricant system begins with an oil tank, where the oil is refueled and then with the help of an oil pump is transmitted to the place of the tire of the tire of the tire with the chainsaw body. To adjust oil supply, the tool pump is equipped with a special screw. At the site of installation of the tire there is a special slot, which coincides with the hole for obtaining lubrication on the tire. The cause of premature wear may be insufficient lubrication of rubbing parts, which in turn occurs with the following faults.

  • Excessive oil filter pollution (the first thing to pay attention to);
  • Pollution of the oil supply channels on the headset or on the tool itself;
  • Improper adjustment of oil supply by a pump;
  • Malfunction of the pump itself;
  • The use of low.Quality lubricants or oil does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

To increase the service life, manufacturers recommend using special oils having high adhesion.

The choice of original oil for the chain is the choice of real men!

Due to this property, at high speeds of the circuit, the lubricant is distributed and retained on the entire bus, and not just on its upper part as in the case of conventional oils.

It is unacceptable to use as oil for lubrication of waste oil from a car engine. The development of metal impurities from the engine of cars, which falling between the rubbing details, act as an abrasive tool, and significantly increase wear.

If the saw saws crookedly. Reasons and what to do

Often, sawmiths are faced with the fact that at one moment the saw begins to saw crooked. This causes not only inconvenience, but also complicates the treatment procedure. The sawmill has to make efforts not only to keep the tool, but also to equalize it. Few people know that it is prohibited to operate a tool with such deformation. We will find out what is the cause of the uneven sawing of the chainsaw, and what is dangerous for the sawmill.

If the saw begins to cut crookedly, then this indicates the presence of an inconspicuous deformation of the tire. The deformation is associated with the side of the tire, which has uneven wear. As a result, the chain is located not evenly, but with a slight skew. The skewing value can be invisible to the eye.

It is interesting! The cause of the uneven sawing of a chainsaw may be uneven wear of the link links or their incorrect sharpening. Before replacing the tire, make sure that the chain is working.

Eliminate the malfunction in the form of uneven wear of the tire can be replaced. It is almost impossible to carry out uniformly grinding sides of the guide, so it is recommended to replace it with the chain. The danger of the exploitation of a deformed guide chainsaw is that the tail of the chain can jump out of the groove, which will entail not the most prosperous consequences.

The tire of the chainsaw, like the chain, experiences heavy loads, so its wear is observed. With wear, it is important to replace the part in a timely manner without waiting for adverse consequences. How to choose, and what to consider when buying a tire on a chainsaw, is described in detail in the material.

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