Reels (heads) for trimmers

Mowing heads with attached lines, along with blades and discs, are among the cutting accessories for trimmers. The main function of mowing heads, or as they are often called coils, is to mow the grass quickly and accurately. There are different kinds of heads on the market today. All of these are differentiated mainly by the line feeding and charging principle. This classification makes it possible to choose the best mowing head for almost any beginner gardener.

Most amateur and household trimmers stand out for their simple design. They consist of an engine, a rod in which there is a flexible or rigid drive shaft, a handle and a cutting organ, the role of which is often played by the trimmer head for grass. According to the principle of filament feeding, mowing heads are divided into the following types:

  • Manual. This type of headset got its name due to the fact that the cutting cord in it is fed manually. Each time you need to extend a line for your trimmer the operator must stop using the trimmer and pull it out mechanically. This brings its own inconveniences, but it is this type of device is considered the most popular among gardeners. Hand-operated reels differ from their counterparts in durability and low prices;
  • Semi-automatic. With this type of head, you can extend the cord by pressing the head to the ground. During this process, a button is pressed that activates the anchoring mechanism. It creates a centrifugal force that pushes the cord out. Semi-automatic trimmer head for grass has one important advantage. When using it, you do not need to stop working with the brushcutter, as you can extend the line for the trimmer while the engine is running. The only disadvantage. Semi-automatic cutting head costs a little more than manual reels;
  • Automatic. The regular devices of this type are convenient to use. To extend the filament the operator only needs to reduce the engine speed of the brushcutter. The automatic factory grass trimmer reel differs from its counterparts in ease of operation. Nevertheless, the of this type of headset are the highest on the market.

Each of the listed types of cutting devices is suitable for use in certain conditions. Manual heads are best used in areas with hard obstacles. Low cost of this type of headset will give you the opportunity to buy several manual mowing heads at once and change them in turns as they break down. Automatic models, on the contrary, are quite expensive, so they are best used for the care of clean areas.

How to Choose a Grass Trimmer Head?

To make the mowing head to show high efficiency, the owner of a brushcutter will need to approach its selection correctly. There are a number of factors to consider:

  • Experience. If a novice gardener is involved in the purchase, it is best to buy an automatic bobbin. Semi-automatic and manual spools are best suited for use by more experienced gardeners;
  • Material. The reliability of the spool depends on it. Metal models are considered the most durable, but they weigh much more than standard plastic devices. When working with a metal bobbin, the engine of a brushcutter succumbs to an increased load, so buy them only for working with a powerful gasoline reel;
  • The diameter of the line used. Medium power trimmers use spools that can be threaded with a line no thicker than 1.6 mm. Powerful brushcutters with more than 2.5 l. С. You can install devices that can be filled with cutting cord with a thickness of more than 2 mm.

When selecting a reel, the simplicity of its construction also plays an important role. For beginners, spools that have a minimum number of parts are best. Experienced gardeners can use heads that are designed with more elements.

Top 3 most reliable reels for domestic use

The market has its own ranking of the most durable mowing heads. They stand out for their simplicity, reliability and resistance to damage. These include:

  • 3rd place. Bosch K-103. It is a multi-purpose spool weighing about 300 g. Most often it is used to complete brushcutter company Makita and Hyundai. The model is characterized by low cutting cord consumption, resistance to impact and durability. The core and its other parts are made of forged steel, and the body is made of plastic;
  • 2nd place. Flymo 15. This semi-automatic model for trimmers is equipped with a thin cup, which leads to increased consumption of cutting line. Nevertheless, it has proven to be good for mowing grass in rocky terrain. You only need to use thin trimmer line to work with it;
  • 1st place. EFCO 8100. This model is among the most reliable mowing heads. It operates in fully automatic mode, making it easy to fill with cutting filament. Only a fine trimmer line is used to operate the spool. The body of the model is made of durable multi-layer plastic.

Despite the stability and durability, all of the above reels cost an order of magnitude cheaper than other, less high-quality analogues, which makes them leaders in the post-Soviet market.

Semi-automatic reels and how effective they are

The most popular grass trimmer heads among mowers are the semi-automatic type. It is clear from the name that the line for the trimmer comes out of the spool in semi-automatic mode. For this purpose, the head is equipped with a mechanism by which the line is fed. To feed the cord, the mower needs to touch the bottom of the head to trigger the mechanism. This is very convenient, because it is not necessary to shut off the motor of the tool and stop cutting the grass.

Cord extension is carried out by centrifugal forces. Working with a semiautomatic tool head is very easy and comfortable. Many masters recommend using exactly this option, but do not indicate the following information:

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  • If you plan to use semi-automatic spools, then only branded models
  • It is not rational to buy cheap devices, because they do not serve even a few months
  • It is rational to buy semi-automatic type spools, which are designed directly for a specific brand and model of grass trimmer, as universal ones are often of low build quality

Based on the above, it should be noted that it is not always rational to buy a spool for trimmers semi-automatic type, especially if there are models more perfect and no less reliable. Automatic.

Automatic spools for trimmers how often do they break

These are modern reels, which have high indicators of reliability and efficiency. The principle of their work is that the extension of the cord is carried out at lower engine speeds in automatic mode. The mower doesn’t need to control the line feed, because it is automatic.

Automatic type heads cost 2-3 times more expensive than semi-automatic ones, so not every owner of a grass trimmer can afford such devices. However, experience confirms that a good and high-quality automatic reel on the grass trimmer or lawnmower serves long enough, and does not break. The advantage of automatic heads is also the high thread filling speed. For this purpose, the line for the trimmer is put through the holes in the head, and its manual winding on the spool is carried out.

To verify the effectiveness of automatic spools for trimmers will help test, given in the video below. Heads of different types are used as guinea pigs.

How to choose the right one?

Before buying this equipment, you need to understand for what purposes it will be used. For a large area with a flat lawn, it is better to buy a light model with low power. If you need to beautify a dacha plot, you need to choose a model of more help.

To the process of mowing occurred easily, it is necessary to choose the right cutting element.

In its role is often an ordinary trimmer line for trimmer or a knife. When choosing one of the types, it is worth evaluating the type of vegetation. In accordance with these data select a cord, a knife of a certain shape. An important element is the head for the grass trimmer. Its varieties we will consider below.

Differences in the principle of charging the line

Types of coils for grass trimmer also differ in the principle of charging the consumable.

  • Quick. The new filament is put on without removing the spool from its base. This is very convenient and also saves time. The tip of the new fishing line is slipped into the spool and wrapped around the surface several times. Once a certain amount has been reached, the cord is cut. This method is usually used by lawnmowers.
  • Collapsible type. From the name, it is already clear that in order to change the line, the ignition has to be turned off and the head has to be removed. The new head is wound into place of the old head, and then the spool is closed and put back.

Also different models of trimmers are equipped with semi-automatic heads, which, in turn, consist of a pair of parts, the body and the bobbin. Both elements contain springs. The bobbin is available in different versions:

  • Single section. The line is wound evenly (both parts).
  • Two-sectional. Each end of the line is wound separately, on the corresponding part. As a rule, this type is considered the most comfortable and practical to use. The two-section spool never tangles the trimmer line, nor does it sinter.

Special feature: You can quickly and easily turn a one-section bobbin into a two-section bobbin. The first step is to find a fairly strong plate. The diameter of the bobbin is measured and cut to size. The thickness is taken near where the line is wound. It is important that the circle moves freely. The next step is to make an appropriate cut on the ring. Then the ring is put on the bobbin and fixed with strong fixing glue and adhesive tape. If everything is done correctly, the result will be the possibility to wind the line for the trimmer on different sections.

Turning a one-section reel into a two-section reel

Universal spools have several holes (from 2 to 4) which are always opposite each other. The ends that cut the grass stick out of the holes. There are also kinds of spools, where you can install only a line for a trimmer of a certain size. Interestingly, these coils can have up to 12 holes.

There is a popular belief that the more holes through which the cutting line for the trimmer can stick out, the easier it is to use the device itself, but this statement is not always true in practice.

Many users can’t get used to working with such reels, so they prefer their own experience-tested reels. To change such a fishing line, you need to stop the motor, which is not very useful for a gasoline grass trimmer. In addition, its use leads to increased consumption of fishing line, and to operate a trimmer with a reel of this type is convenient only on flat terrain, without holes and irregularities. In short, there are clear limitations in use.

Before you buy a grass trimmer, you should decide on the type of spools that will be installed on it. This will help to avoid additional costs.

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass

Electric grass trimmers are compact, easy to use and environmentally friendly. They produce no harmful emissions. Their low weight makes them easy to use for seniors and women. These models lose in power to gasoline models, but they do not work very noisy and can handle the needs of a small farm. The range of mains trimmers is limited by the length of the cable. This is their main disadvantage.

When choosing an electric grass trimmer to cut the grass, there are several things to consider.

The cutting head should be standard and fit different line diameters. If it breaks, you can easily replace it with a similar one. The head with automatic line release is preferable. It will release it as it runs out.

The handle should have the ability to adjust the height and tilt, so you can adjust it to the growth of the operator.

If the motor is located in the upper part, you must pay attention to the type of shaft that transmits torque to the head. The shaft is inside the boom and can be flexible or rigid. Flexible steel rope is used on low-powered machines with a fishing line or plastic blade. The rigid shaft is stronger, can handle loads better, and can be used with any type of blade.

Belt required for trimmers with top-mounted motor. Keeps hands free and less fatigue, reduces vibration. The strap should be wide and strong so as not to cut into the shoulder, and should be adjustable in length. Lightweight models with a bottom-mounted motor can be used without a belt.

Sun Joe 17″ 2.0ah Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

The power cord on electric trimmers is too short. So you need a 15-20 m long extension cord, depending on your needs. The cable should have a thick rubber sheath, and the plug should fit snugly into the socket.

The lightweight Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 network model will come in handy in the cottage. The grass trimmer operates with a 1.6 mm blade that feeds semi-automatically. With every push of the start button. Additional handle is height-adjustable.

For the care of small lawns and flower beds near the house is suitable electric trimmer for grass with a capacity of 500-1000 W. Line cord length can be extended by carrying.

How to install the spool on the grass trimmer?

On the correct installation of the cutting headset depends not only on the quality of the cut, but also the safety of the operator during the operation of the brushcutter.

During the installation of the spool, you must follow the following procedure:

  • First of all, the shaft of the brushcutter’s standard gearbox must be clamped in place. To do this, you need to align the hole in its housing and the drive disc;
  • Next, it will be necessary to install a metal clamping disc on the gearbox shaft;
  • Then you need to screw the head with the fishing line on the shaft, rotating it, at the same time, against the clock hand;
  • To remove the blade from the grass trimmer, you must do everything in reverse order.

During installation and disassembly of the mowing head in the field, you must be as careful as possible not to lose small parts gear in the grass.

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