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TOP-10: Rating of eccentric grinders 2021-2022

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Rating 2021-2022 The best eccentric grinders according to customer reviews: which eccentric grins are better to buy, how to choose the right price, buy in a reliable online store of your city.

Ribbon grinding machines

Above, we carelessly called the tape grinder with heavy artillery, in fact it would be more appropriate to say “tank”. The working element of this well.Recognized tool is an abrasive tape glued in the form of an endless ring, which moves along two end rollers and clearly resembles a track of a caterpillar machine. Such units are relatively powerful, they have a relatively simple reliable structure (corner gearbox plus cuneiform transmission), low center of gravity, solid speed of abrasive material. Using a tape grinding machine, you can easily remove a layer of material a few millimeters, make an edge or rounding on the workpiece, remove the old paintwork or rust. They are subject to: wood, metal, polymers, mineral building materials Clean the floors of the floors. Yes, adjust the strict beam. Please align with marriage a putty wall. Without problems. Without problems. However, it should be understood that high performance is not the best friend of the quality, there will certainly be scratches and shells. For finishing grinding, it will be necessary to use an orbital or flat.Grinding machine.

It is no secret that the power of the electric tool is directly proportional to the power consumption of its motor. The higher it is, the more we can squeeze out of a particular unit. In the case of LSM, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from models with an engine from 0.5 to 1.2 kW (Skil Masters 7660ma. 1200 W).

Skil Masters 7660ma

Please note that the instrument of Chinese brands is often declared with high engine power indicators, or if there are really voiced watts, they are not balanced with the rest of the characteristics of the apparatus. Those manufacturers who have nothing more to show, except perhaps the large weight and bulkiness of the “unique” product are praised.

The next important characteristic for the tape grinding machine is speed. Obviously, it also needs to be taken into account to determine the possibilities of the tool. A fast machine will make more, but it will not be possible to crush it if the outstanding speed is not supported by additional power. The notorious torque, which says that the more speed the tool has, the less he will have the strength. The responsible manufacturer carefully balances these characteristics, makes them mutually changed, for which smart electronics sometimes are responsible. The speed of the tape in these grinder can be between 150-550 meters per minute (Fiolent MSL1–100. 550 m/min.).

The question may arise, but why at all to release nimble, but relatively slightly.Melted lnm? Just a super.Performance (fast and at the same time strong) machine is more difficult to control, it is heavier, larger, more expensive. With it, with excessive pressing, it is easy to ruin the workpiece. In turn, with maneuverable high.Speed lightweights, it is convenient in a short time, often “in place”, to treat the surface of a large area. If you still do not know what loads are expected by a grinder. Choose a slower model on which you can press a little, so it will be more universal. Even more multifaceted are LSM with the possibility of pre.Installation of the speed mode (Sparky MBS 976, Dewalt DW433). Among them there are options with smooth or stepped adjustments.

Dewalt DW433

It’s time to say about electronic systems that help with tape grinder in the work. These machines are not rich in electronic filling, compared with other types of electrical tools. Everything is usually limited to regulation of the speed of the tape. The switch responsible for this function is performed in the form of a slider or wheeled with divisions. There are models with overheating (Metabo Bae 75). With a certain stretch here we include the function of fixing the start button in the on position.

The situation is much more interesting with the mechanical “bells flashes”. The kit may be included in a stand or special clamps designed for stationary mounting of the tool (very convenient for processing small parts). The grinding frame serves as a kind of limiter that helps to avoid damage to the workpiece. Parallel or angular emphasis is useful to obtain an accurate bevel or flat parallel surface. The thin front video in some lshm (BlackDecker KA88) has a small diameter, which allows you to minimize the dead zone in the inner corners. Automatic centering of the tape (a cunning barrel.Shaped shape of one of the rollers) does not allow the latter to treasure the latter at the most inopportune moment. An additional handle with a variable inclination or removable will significantly increase the functionality of the machine in “clamped” places. Sometimes significantly.

Blackdecker KA88

Special attention should be paid to the size of the working plane. The sole, respectively, the length and width of the tape. Wide soles (100 mm) are characteristic of powerful professional models, due to which they become more stable and productive. Class “Hobbies” is usually limited to 75 millimeters. The long and wide sole of expensive lsm has a complex structure consisting of a substrate and an elastic plate, which allows you to have constant uniform contact with a part, such a tool “holds a plane” well ”. It is necessary to mention the “ribbons” with a narrow equipment. These are the so.Called “electric beacons”, which do not differ in great power and versatility, but specialists value them for unprecedented compactness (for example, Makita 9032 with a tape of only 9 mm wide).

Makita 9032

The dust system is in all tape devices, but not all it works equally efficiently. The fight against dust is carried out either using a vacuum cleaner connected through the pipe, or by collecting it into a bag, a built.In filter. Of course, the vacuum cleaner is preferable, especially when grinding mineral grounds. In super.Dressed models, the impeller, which is responsible for absorption of air, does not cope with its function, the channels are quickly clogged, there are many harmful “flour” in the air.


This is the main characteristic when choosing an Ashm. The speed and quality of processing depends on the power, as well as the weight of the tool. For the house, there will be enough eccentric grinding grinder at 160-500 watts. Professional in the field of construction work needs models with a capacity of at least 500 watts. For prolonged and effective operation, we recommend that you consider more powerful models.

This characteristic affects the result and convenience of working with ESM. Large turns will only be useful when performing black tasks. For finishing, small revolutions are needed to perform more subtle processing. Rotation speed directly depends on the power of the tool. For example, a machine with a capacity of 750 watts has a speed of 1,500-6000 rpm, and with a capacity of 250 W. 7000–11500 rpm.

How to choose an eccentric grinder?

When choosing an eccentric grinder, pay attention to a number of conditions that can significantly improve the performance and quality of your work.

Two main factors determine the functionality of eccentric grinder. The diameter of the disk and the amplitude of the oscillations.

The most common disks with a diameter of 125 and 150 mm are. The larger the diameter of the disk, the larger the area it is capable of processing for the minimum amount of time. As for the amplitude, it is worth noting that the large amplitude of the oscillations allows processing quickly, but with a significant loss as. Therefore, if you buy an eccentric grinder for high.Quality processing, then you should opt for a car with a small amplitude of oscillations. The ideal option is the presence of the aggregate function of adjusting the number of revolutions, which optimizes the operation of grinders on the surfaces of various materials.

Large volumes of grinding work suggest the formation of a significant amount of dust. That is why some models of grinder are able to connect to a vacuum cleaner through a special adapter. If you do not plan an eccentric grinder, you do not plan often, then a fabric or paper bag can serve as a vacuum chill, or a plastic with a filter. A plastic vacuumber is more expensive, as the container collects dust better. It is necessary to purchase dust bags for collecting dust only those models that are indicated by the manufacturer. The filter is able to last long enough, but it can also fail. Failed filter cannot be used, so it is better to buy and have a filter in stock right away.

The quality of processing directly depends on the power of the grinder, so opt for the tool, the power of which exceeds the power of other models by at least 100 W. The presence of an electronic function of limiting the starting current greatly facilitates the initial stage of grinding, preventing scratches and bullying. An inexperienced operator must pay attention to the presence of an eccentric grinder in the function of indicating the effort of pressing.

Consumables for eccentric grinders

The choice of consumables and accessories should also be approached consciously. Sometimes in service centers you can find a spare grinding sole. The model and diameter of the sole must comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer, and it should be remembered that the hard sole does not ensure the proper fit of the grinder to the treated surface.

choose, eccentric, grinder, professional

The type of grinding surface, for example, wood or metal, requires a certain type of grinding nozzle. The size of the grain of the nozzle, that is, large or small grain, determines the quality of the grinding from fast and rough to a more smooth. There are special nozzles and pastes that allow you to use eccentric grinding grinds even for polishing surfaces. The choice of the nozzle to a certain model of the device is determined by the diameter and number of dust holes, while the base material, tissue or paper, does not have values.

Some models of eccentric grinder are equipped with an auxiliary handle or have the opportunity to additionally be equipped with it, which greatly facilitates the use of the device during prolonged operation.

choose, eccentric, grinder, professional

The weight of the device also varies, which allows you to purchase a lighter model for working with the ceiling, inclined and vertical surfaces.

Choose consumables and accessories for eccentric grinders in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers and personal preferences. Remember security measures and do not use a device without a respirator and goggles.

The choice of vibrational grinder in most cases is determined by the size and shape of the working surface. Big working surface.

The specifics of the compressor, unfortunately, does not allow it to become one universal device to perform everyone.

Choose the right how to choose a floor plinth?. 7 basic rules “in life as in multi.Storey.

The main characteristic of a concrete mixer, on which the weight of the device, its mobility and, of course, cost

Which eccentric grinder is better

The main criterion for the choice for masters is often the price of the tool. With rare use, it is recommended to buy a model with a minimum set of additional functions. Comparative tests of the nominees allowed the team of the project of the Choice Expert to allocate the best devices for a number of signs from the review of eccentric grinders:

  • The cheapest device is Wert Ees 125DE;
  • The best equipment is Makita BO5031;
  • The most compact and powerful model is Einhell PXC TE-RS;
  • The best build quality is Bosch Advancedorbit 18 0;
  • The best device in the ratio of “performance/quality of grinding”. Hammer OSM480;
  • User selection. Dewalt DWE

Good grinder should provide high quality decoration of the material. So that the model does not bring disappointment, experts recommend, when choosing, taking into account the features of its use. This will correctly determine the technical parameters of the tool. The analysis of reviews presented in the ranking will clarify the pros and cons of the operation of each nominee.

Network eccentric grinders

The pluses of tools that function from the network include high power, duration of continuous operation. At the same time, the length of the wire rarely exceeds 2. 3 m, so it is more difficult to use them in places removed from the outlet. For productive grinding, you need to buy a carry in advance, which is not always practical and convenient. The popularity of network Ashm is due to a low price. With the same technical characteristics, battery models are more expensive. Based on the results of testing from 10 nominees, 6 network devices were included in the rating of eccentric grinders, which were recognized as the best in quality, productivity and ease of operation.

Dewalt DWE6423

The aggregate of the American company is equipped with a 280 watts engine. It provides a disk rotation frequency from 8,000 to 12000 rpm. Speed ​​can be changed using a regulator. The presence of a special element with hooks and a loop that facilitates the replacement of a grinder is provided. The installed Velcro for its fastening guarantees reliable fixation.

The diameter of the disk is 125 mm, and the platform is 2.4 mm. It is often bought for carpentry or small construction work. Small weight and rubber lining provide convenience of operation, and the presence of a separate counterweight practically excludes vibration.

The small size of the design allows the user to approach the processed surface. The device includes a vacuum cleaner that facilitates the support of cleanliness at the workplace.

  • Blocking button lock;
  • Build quality;
  • Dusty switch;
  • Revolution stabilization system;
  • Rotation speed adjustment;
  • Cord length. 5 m;
  • Vibration is almost not felt.

Users note that small weight and a small distance from the sole to the surface of the stop of the arm reduces fatigue of the latter, allows you to better control the work of the tool. The owners estimate the technical parameters of the unit high, so the model recommend 97 % of respondents.

Wert Ees 125DE

Engine power in this model is 350 watts. The tool with a fluctuations frequency of 26000 stake/min works. The amplitude of the movement of the platform 2 mm and the diameter of the disc 125 mm are designed for the use of the unit only for processing even surfaces in domestic conditions, small carpentry workshops. The functionality provides for the possibility of adjusting the speed of rotation, blocking the launch button.

The case is made of durable materials, the handle has a rubberized surface, which provides good adhesion with hand. The inclusion button is protected from contaminants with a silicone cover. The presence of a plastic container with a filter for collecting dust is provided, but for a more efficient cleaning of the workplace, it is recommended to connect a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, the adapter is not included, but there is a sandpaper with a granularity of 80 grids.

  • Small weight;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Low price;
  • Reliable engine;
  • Lack of backlash;
  • Revolutionary control regulator;
  • The convenience of use.

In the reviews of the eccentric grinder of the Russian manufacturer, users note the ease of work, the absence of strong vibrations, the quality of the assembly of the main nodes. After an hour of work, the case does not heat up. The disadvantages include a cheap cord that tapes in the cold, the dubious device of the brush knot. The device is suitable only for wood, weak protection of the bearings does not allow you to polish metal surfaces.

In terms of technical parameters, the Japanese model is similar to previous nominees. The engine power is 300 watts, the rotation frequency is from 4000 to 12000 rpm, the diameter of abrasive paper is 125 mm. The grinder is also attached on the basis of Velcro. At the same time, in terms of movement amplitude, the tool exceeds the above units described. Its value reaches 2.8 mm.

The device is equipped with a speed regulator, a grinding circle, a paper vacuum cleaner, which is installed on the pipe. The engine provides forced waste absorption. The lock button is provided. The main advantage is the versatility of the Makita unit. It is suitable for wood, metal, plastic, even surfaces and with the presence of bends. To reduce vibration, the case is equipped with rubberized pads. Its features and lack of overheating with long work guarantee the convenience of using the device.

  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Speed ​​regulator with 5 positions;
  • Double isolation;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Small weight;
  • Protection of the launch button from dust;

A big plus of eccentric grinding grinds Makita highlight the presence of a good set of consumables. Diamond and plate wheels, polishing nozzles made of sheepskin, foam rubber, felt. The disadvantages include the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner, a short cord, the high cost of new circles, the lack of a case. 88 % of respondents recommend buying an unit.

Zoshm Zoshm-450-125

The compact machine of the Russian manufacturer for grinding surfaces from various materials is equipped with an engine with a power of 450 W. Using an electronic control system, rotation speed can be changed from 5,000 to 13000 rpm. The low price of the unit was reflected in the amplitude of oscillations, which is only 2 mm. 125 mm sole diameter is also characteristic of cheap tools.

Two.Component handle provides reliability of model retention. The dust system provides for the removal of waste into a plastic container through multiple penetration at the base. The kit contains an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, grinding paper. The stiffness and length of the cable of 2 m slightly reduce the convenience of using the device. Do not recommend applying the model in the cold.

choose, eccentric, grinder, professional

Criteria for choosing orbital (eccentric) grinders

Each eccentric orbital grinder is created for work under certain conditions, has specific technological characteristics and can withstand only cyclic loads provided for by the manufacturer. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable grinder for yourself, it is necessary to be guided by the following criteria:

  • Rotation speed and oscillation amplitude. When stripping and rough grinding, rotation speeds from 10,000 about./min. With a large amplitude of oscillations. This increases productivity, but affects the quality of the surface. Thin grinding is performed at speeds of 2000 ÷ 4000 about./min., At the same time, it is desirable to have a smaller amplitude of the eccentric. As a universal one, you can use eccentric grinding grinding with adjustment of the number of revolutions and an amplitude of 2-3 mm.
  • Performance. This parameter entirely depends on the size of the sole and selected processing modes. The larger the area of ​​the abrasive and the speed of rotation, the higher the performance. In eccentric grinding grinders, grinders with a diameter of 125 mm are used, and the diameters of the circles of professional general purposes are usually equal to 150 mm.
  • Working cycle and production load. The ability of grinds to perform work in a long cycle without a break and the full work shifts for many months depends on the components and materials used in its manufacture. This is the main difference between everyday and professional power tools. For this reason, the latter can be many times more expensive than its amateur analogue, which has similar power and engine rotation speed.

Additional criteria include ergonomics, vibration and noise level, as well as the cost and availability of consumables. Information about all this can be gleaned only from user reviews or on the relevant forums.

Rating of the best manufacturers of eccentric grinders of wood

Grinding machines from famous brands are characterized by increased reliability and functionality. The best units supply several manufacturers to the market.


The Japanese brand produces a variety of tools for construction and repair, the products are presented on the market with hundreds of positions. Plants are located in several European countries, in China, in Japan and in the USA. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of grinder and components, offers a reliable service.

Eccentric grinding machines Makita are represented by budget and professional models


The famous brand has its history since 1923, has plants in Germany and Shanghai. Produces electro- and pneumatic tools, supplies not only network, but also battery eccentric grinders.

Metabo is considered one of the best brands of the middle segment


The German company has been working on the market since the end of the 19th century, has a good reputation and produces exclusively high.Quality grinders. Bosch units are distinguished by thoughtful ergonomics, equipped with security options that extend the life of the tool.

Bosch grinding machines are popular in a professional environment

How to choose an orbital grinding machine

For those who have not yet used it-the principle of operation of the orbital-grinding is, in addition to the simple rotation of the working sole around its axis, but also in the displacement of its orbit by 2-6 mm achieved due to an ellipsoe eccentric. Which is what the magnificent effect of abrasive grinding is achieved.

Orbital-grinding machines, like many other garage tools, are performed with an electric motor or air drive from the compressor.

Typically, for routine garage work, an automaker uses electric orbital machines with an electric drive, since pneumatic equipment for his operation requires a large air flow, and accordingly a sufficiently powerful and large compressor.

A constantly working compressor presses on the ears and changes the brain, so it just needs to be put into a separate room, which in our garage case is not always possible, and the electricity consumption is impressive.

Therefore, a tool with a pneumatic drive, despite its low weight and some other advantages, is very appropriate in the car repair shops with a good supply in electric power and where one huge compressor with the same huge receiver works for the entire car service.

For this reason, we will not consider pneumatic orbital-grinding machines, and we will put our eyes to the orbitals with electric drive.

A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Grinders

And here is the list of parameters that should be focused on when choosing an electric orbital grinding machine.

Main settings

  • Well, firstly, this is the power consumption (W);
  • Rotation frequency and smooth adjustment of rotation speed (rpm);
  • The frequency of fluctuations in the sole;
  • Change or impossibility of changing the size of the eccentric (mm);
  • The diameter of the working sole (mm);
  • The presence and number of holes in the sole for dust removal;
  • Machine weight (kg).
  • Equipment

Below, consider each parameter in more detail.


For the most part, the orbital-grinding machines have a capacity consumed from 200 to 600 watts.Accordingly, the greater the power of the machine, the better you can process the grinding surface, regardless of the load, orbits on the sole and voltage drops in the mains of your garage, but, on the other hand, it will be heavier and price is heavier and price.

The second and third parameter is a smooth adjustment of the rotation speed and the frequency of the sole of the orbital-grinding machine

Typically, the speed of such machines is adjustable from 2,000 to 13,000 rpm, and the oscillation frequency can reach up to 24,000 stake/min.

Note: such maximum speed (this refers to the idle speed without load) you are unlikely to be needed in garage work to prepare a car for painting. Usually, 5-6 thousand revolutions are enough for the eyes. Therefore, when choosing an orbital machine, do not focus on maximum speed.

But very useful, there will be the presence of an electronic speed stabilization system, as well as an automatic smooth start and brake that triggers when you press or release a power button. The presence of these electronic little things will greatly improve the quality of work.

Changing the size of the eccentric

This possibility significantly increases the possibilities of high.Quality repair of the paintwork. Typically, the course of the eccentric is from 2 to 6 mm. The lower the size of the eccentric (orbit of rotation), the more high.Quality surface processing, the less “curls” on the processed surface are noticeable.The larger the course of the eccentric, the rougher the processing and faster.

The ability to adjust the stroke of the eccentric is present on orbitals not from a cheap segment. But, the presence of such a convenient option does not always meet the automakers complete approval.

The fact is that many automakers prefer to have two orbital machines-one with an eccentric of 5-6 mm to work with a rough surface, such as grinding putty and primer (abrasive from P60 to P800) and a second, with a course of 2-3 mm. For grinding varnish (P1000-R2000, as well as for “Abralon” and “Trizaka” with an abrasive P2000-R4000-we kill shagrin and garbage on the varnish) for polishing).

The diameter of the working sole of the orbital-grinding machine

Is of no small value, it is 125 mm and 150 mm. The choice, in one direction or another, should be done by examining the local car market of consumables, for the presence of abrasive circles of the corresponding diameter. If this is not of fundamental importance, then the choice in favor of 150 mm is unequivocal.

The number of holes in the sole for dust removal

Different manufacturers of abrasive materials, giants such as Mirka, 3M and many others produce abrasive circles for orbital machines in different design: from 6 to one and a half dozen holes for the removal of dust from the working surface.

This is not a fundamental issue, so this moment you can miss.Of course, it’s good when the holes in abrasive circles coincide with the holes in the sole of the orbital-grinding machine.

But the Russian market is unpredictable and in our realities it is not always possible to buy what you need.

Sellers buy in bulk those abrasive circles that are currently cheaper or what is on a wholesale base, so focus on a particular type of hole is not fundamentally. Today these are 6 holes, and tomorrow, come to buy, and you will be offered abrasives for 9 holes, while others will say, no!

Weight and dimensions of the orbital grinding machine

In their main mass, they have a weight from 1.0 to 2.5 kg, which is quite acceptable for quite long work.

There are, of course, for “finished” professionals (I write with great respect) and mini orbital-grinding machines that can even cut caries on the tooth, you could observe them in various Western cars for car repair, but this is not our topic, although this is not our topic, although this The possession of such devices will add to you the “respect” from your customers definitely.


Typically, in the kit for the orbital-grinding typewriter, a hexagonal key for removing the sole installation, a container or a bag for collecting dust, in some models there is an additional handle. Instead of a removable bag for collecting dust, you can connect a vacuum cleaner.

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