Which electric screwdriver is best?

Those who want to buy a good electric screwdriver, without overpaying for unnecessary functions, but also not spend money in vain, many questions arise. What should be power? What about the torque about? Is it worth buying a battery tool? Which company is better? In this article we will answer them. It will be mainly about the most popular and universal variety of screwdrivers, which is in greatest demand-drums-shutters.

I must admit: network screwdrivers are already dying out. There are less and less on sale every year. Eminent brands have almost stopped releasing them (except that except Makita and Hyundai), mainly Chinese manufacturers remained. Therefore, those who work in production or construction have problems with buying a good network electric screwdriver, which you can rely on. Only “niche” devices as screwdrivers for drywall are not inferior to their positions. In this segment, the wired tool is still more in demand than the battery analogues.

Technologies are now stepping forward so much that battery screwdrivers are almost in no way inferior to network. They are just as powerful, but at the same time more convenient due to the lack of wires. The only thing that is still not pleasing is the price of a battery tool.

Which one to choose the right wired and battery electric screwdriver? What power should it be so that it is enough for everything?

If a good drill should have a power of at least 500. 750 watts, then significantly more modest requirements are presented to the screwdrivers. In order to twist screws and self.tapping screws, 300 watts are almost always enough.

Battery manufacturers almost never indicate the real power of their products. In the case of a tool working on the battery, it is better to talk about power classes that depend on the battery voltage. For example, in most cases, we can confidently say that an electric screwdriver with a battery is 18 in more powerful than 12-volt, and 24-volt has even more power. In more detail, the issue of the power of the battery tool is considered in the article “Which electric screwdriver is better: 12 V, 18 V or 24 V?””.

In any case, whether it is a network electric screwdriver or battery, it is better to look not in the column “power”, but for torque. It depends on him whether the tool can tighten large self.tapping screws into dense wood, or only “bugs” are affected. small screws that are attached to thin metal profile. It is believed that torque at 20. 50 nm is enough for household electrical screwdriver, and 75. 100 nm. for professional. The biggest moment has a screwdriver with a tangential blow, it can reach 150. 200 nm.

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The speed of rotation of the electric motor and the maximum torque

For household electric screwdriver, a rotational force is considered to be sufficient up to 15 nm. Professional screwdrivers have a higher torque up to 100 nm. They can also be used to drill solid materials, such as wood, metal, ceramics, etc. The speed of rotation of the engine of household electrical screwdriver for twisting screws is up to 500 rpm. When using an electrical screwdriver for drilling holes, a rotation frequency of up to 1,500 rpm is required.

Screwdrivers are equipped with gearboxes that allow you to work at low speeds without reducing torque. Modern models have electronic adjustment of the engine speed.


The handle and the tool case, as well as the inclusion button and other switches should ensure convenience and safety when working with one hand. Some models of screwdrivers are equipped with backlight, which is very convenient when working in insufficiently lit places.

The battery for an electric screwdriver should be selected based on the necessary power power and duration of work. Screwdrivers can be equipped with voltage batteries from 7.2 to 36 V. The higher the voltage of the battery, the greater the torque can develop the engine, but on the other hand, the dimensions and weight of such a battery will be much larger. For household electric screwdriver, a voltage of 12. 14.4 V is considered normal.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are the cheapest, they can be charged at minus temperature, they are resistant to large charging and discharge currents, have a short charge of charging and a large number of cycles (more than 1000) charge/discharge. But these batteries with incomplete charging lose their capacity and are more dimensional and heavy compared to others.

Nickel-metallological batteries have a high cost, more charging and a smaller number of cycles (up to 500). They are more compact and easier in weight.

Lithium-ion batteries are the lightest and have the smallest charge time.

For household screwdrivers, there is enough battery capacity up to 1.5 a/h., And for professional screwdrivers up to 3.0 a/h.

Supply voltage

Then it is worth paying attention to the power supply voltage of an electric screwdriver, and in other words, on the “voltage”. The larger the voltage of the battery from which the electric screwdriver feeds, the better its technical characteristics. First of all, it is a torque. The larger the torque, the greater the diameter of the screw, which you can wrap with this electric screwdriver.

Torque characteristic rotational action of the force on a rigid body. Imagine that you have a nut that must be tightened with a key. To do this, you apply strength to the key. So the torque is the work of this very power for the length of the key. From the point of view of physics, the key is a lever. The larger the lever, the more the torque, which is created at the place of attachment of force. For example, the torque of 30 Nm, which is able to create an electric screwdriver Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li, could be represented in the form of a three-meter lever to which a weight of 100 g was suspended. But if the lever was only 30 cm, then it would have to be hung with a load weighing 10 kg to it!

Why is the torque so important for wrapping screws of large length and diameter. Everything is simple! The longer the screw, the greater the friction force that will act when it is wrapped. It will become stronger and stronger as the screw is wrapped in material.

Additional options

Additional options can also affect the choice of one or another electrical screwdriver. For example, the presence of several modes of steering torque, which allows you to adjust the tightening force of a screw.

A useful option is the engine brake, thanks to which an electric screwdriver instantly stops immediately after you released the power button.

Modern professional screwdrivers have a battery charge indicator. Using this function, you can easily control the duration of work from this battery.

Some models of Metabo screwdrivers have an additional impulse operating mode. It allows you to easily unscrew the strongly tightened screws, as well as drill solid materials.

Also now there are screwdrivers with a bronnote engine. This technology allows you to significantly increase the service life of an electric screwdriver.

If you need to use an electric screwdriver for drilling, for example, concrete, then you should pay attention to screwdrivers with a function of impact.

How is the battery electric screwdriver ?

Most of the batteries offered batteries are arranged according to the “classical” scheme. An example is shown in the illustration.

So the majority of screwdrivers offered to consumers are arranged

case, usually made of shockproof plastic. Inside there is an electric drive, the necessary electrical control circuit, the gearbox mechanism.

pistol handle that ensures the convenience of working with an electric screwdriver. Manufacturers often equip them with “anatomical” rubber and soft plastic overlays to prevent the tool slip, the most convenient position of the fingers.

power supply. battery of one type or another. As a rule, the battery compartment is always located at the bottom of the pistol handle. But there may be differences on the layout. The massive battery shown in the illustration is still the most common option. But with the growth of the quality of power sources and a decrease in their size, screwdrivers are gaining more and more popularity. in which the battery is almost completely inserted into the handle, without interfering with work.

The batteries are becoming more compact, and on many models of modern screwdrivers they are almost completely hidden in the handle

Gashte (key) launch of an electric screwdriver. It also ensures the control of the rotation speed of the spindle. the speed changes in proportion to the effort to press the key.

fast.packed cartridge for installing bit or drills.

By the way, some models do not have such cartridges, and this cannot be considered a disadvantage at all. Such screwdrivers provides for a nest-player for the standard shank bit (¼ inch). This reduces the dimensions of the tool itself, facilitating work in hard.to.reach places. Yes, and change the bat in the nest with one hand is much easier and faster, and this is sometimes important when performing responsible work in uncomfortable positions.

As for drilling, you can purchase a set of drills with the same hexagonal shank. Another option is a removable cartridge with a hexagonal shank, which is installed in the nest instead of the bat and stopped with a special latch. Such cartridges can be included in the set of such screwdrivers models. or acquire separately.

This model can be used both with a cartridge and without

And even more “advanced” models also provide for various types of cartridges, including allowing to screw the fasteners perpendicular to the engine rotation axis. This is often necessary for masters involved in the manufacture of furniture.

Electric screwdriver with a set of working nozzles for various types of work

switch of the spindle rotation direction. In other words. the function of the reverse. Without this switch, screwdrivers of even the lowest price category are no longer produced now. The key is usually located very conveniently at the transition from the pistol handle to the body, and the operation of changing the operating mode does not require any effort or distraction of attention. The same key often has a neutral central position. blocking from random starting an electric screwdriver. For example, during transportation.

Reducer operating mode switch. Typically two provisions are usually provided: the maximum number of revolutions. for drilling operations, and maximum tightening efforts, with, of course, small speeds. for working with fasteners. There are not all models, but the thing is certainly very useful, so you should pay attention to it.

a ring with a scale. to adjust the maximum tightening point. An extremely important element of the operation of the tool, which allows to ensure high.quality installation, without “licking” the heads of self.tapping screws, and without deformation of details from excessively strong tightening. When the maximum moment set by the user is reached, the rattle is triggered. “Direct” action is also provided, that is, with the maximum possible effort, which is necessary for drilling operations.

many models began to be equipped with a built.in system of illumination of the working area. The LED (one or more) can stand up to the cartridge (as shown in the illustration), or is located below, in the area of ​​the battery ostyak, with the direction of glow in the area of ​​operations performed. A very convenient function, for example, when assembling furniture or in other conditions, where, due to crowding, it is impossible to arrange another source of light.

What criteria are evaluated when choosing an electric screwdriver ?

Just take it and buy a model that you like outwardly and that arranges at a price is probably not the best way to spend money. The tool is always purchased with the expectation for a fairly long service life, for convenience and reliability in work. Therefore, the choice of electric screwdriver should be approached wisely, evaluating it from various positions.

One of the first selection criteria, since we are talking about battery models, are precisely the characteristics of power sources.

Types of batteries used and their main characteristics

Useful information about batteries

So, you should first pay attention to which AKB is the device. This is easily explained. even the most remarkable mechanics will be “dead” if it is not given the necessary nutrition. And, by the way, experienced masters will not allow to lie. very often it is the condition of the batteries that determines the performance of the tool. A frequent picture is a quite suitable electric screwdriver. But with the “killed” batteries, he is forced to become a trash, since to choose the right power source becomes an intractable problem. Apparently, the difficulties with the acquisition of spare power sets are artificially created by manufacturers to force consumers to purchase new models.

Without a high.quality power source, any battery electric screwdriver turns into an unnecessary “pile of metal”. That is, the issues of choosing the battery should be given close attention

So, evaluating the power sources, you should pay attention to the type of battery, power voltage, battery capacity and some other nuances.

Type of batteries

On sale you can find screwdrivers with nickel-cadmium (Ni-SD), nickel-metallhydrid (NIMN) and lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it makes sense to consider them in some “approximation”.

This popularity of such batteries is due to a number of their advantages:

-Nickel-cadmium batteries are not afraid of discharge until complete zero. This, rather, is even good for them.

However, such AKB has a lot of disadvantages:

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Therefore, only fully discharged batteries must be put on charging. To do this, it is better to “plant” it to the end with a light bulb or a flashlight (often, by the way, included in the set of electric screwdriver). Alas, not all observe this rule. It is understandable. the owner of the tool in the course of work feels that the battery is sitting down, and considers it completely logical to take the charged, and the removed. immediately put in a charger. And “logic” fails it. thereby he “kills” the power source.

-Nickel-cadmium batteries gradually lose charging during storage. That is, if you put in a pantry of an electric screwdriver with a completely seemingly infected battery, it is not a fact that in a couple of months it will remain.

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-The production and disposal of nickel-cadmium batteries is the most unsafe for ecology.

Nonetheless. Manufacturers are in no hurry to turn off the use of such batteries. And their shortcomings are either justified by a moderate price, or minimized by compliance with the operating rules.

  • Nickel-metallhydride (NIMN) batteries-this is a certain extent an attempt by developers to leave the shortcomings of the nickel-cadmium. Judging by the fact that such power sources did not gain popularity, an attempt can hardly be called successful. Judge for yourself…

The advantages of such batteries include:

But these improvements were nevertheless achieved at the expense of the “to the fore” of a number of shortcomings:

-reduced the number of charge-discharge cycles (rarely, which battery withstands more than 500). That is, durability. low.

-expressed even more than the Ni-SD effect of self-discharge. over. Already in the first hour, the loss of potential can reach 10%.

choose, electric, screwdriver, power, bosch, price

-And all this-against the background of an unjustifiably high price compared to their “predecessors”, nickel-cadmium.

By the way, such batteries did not receive great distribution, and you can meet them on sale infrequently. But they still come across, and therefore. be careful. Simple logic suggests that it is better to take or cheaper. reliable and “predictable” option with ni-sd. or already more perfect lithium-ion.

Battery or network?

How to choose a good electric screwdriver or drill-electrical screwdriver by type of power? They are divided into:

The former eat from the network, the latter. from the battery, and others can work as well as this and this.

Дрель-электрический шуруповерт бренда на букву «H» с напряжением аккумулятора 16 вольт. Фото взято с сайта: https://www.YouTube.com/ канал My Gadget. Ссылка на ролик: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=JSuMchfTyS0

Network tools are charged from sockets. Compared to battery, they have higher power and low weight. But network tools have a significant drawback. dependence on the outlet. If it is far away, the wires are confused under the feet of workers. For some builders, this is not a hindrance.

Expert opinion Andrei Savin, Prostrab, g. Voronezh

Выбирая между аккумулятором и сетью для работы на кровле, я предпочту сетевой инструмент. Даже если он выскочит из рук, никуда не улетит и останется висеть на проводе. А дрель-электрический шуруповерт на аккумуляторах в такой ситуации полетит вниз и может повредиться. Именно по этой причине, на мой взгляд, беспроводную дрель-электрический шуруповерт неудобно использовать на крыше. Выбор между сетевым инструментом и аккумулятором зависит от привычки конкретного строителя. Для того чтобы просверлить отверстия в металле, лучше выбирать дрель-электрический шуруповерт, где регулируется скорость оборотов и есть возможность менять насадки. При работе с мебелью можно использовать обычный электрический шуруповерт. Этот же инструмент с регулировкой скоростей и трещоткой подойдет при работе с гипсокартонном и с бетоном. Еще раз подчеркну, что здесь важно наличие регулировки скорости и трещотки, потому что если сделать скорость оборотов чуть больше, можно продавить и испортить материал.

Battery screwdrivers and drills-shuruvriva operate on batteries, so they do not depend on the presence or absence of electricity at the facility. They are used at any time of the year when working at altitude (not all experts are afraid of the fall of the tool) and on the street. The disadvantages of the tools on the battery include dependence on charging, so experienced builders for such cases take a spare battery. Amateur electric screwdriver working from the battery, in power loses to its network analogue. But professional screwdrivers on batteries, as a rule, differ in their power for the better.

Дрель-электрический шуруповерт бренда на букву «D» с напряжением аккумулятора 18 вольт. Фото взято с сайта: https://www.YouTube.com/ канал My Gadget Ссылка на ролик: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=JSuMchfTyS0

Expert’s opinion Sergei Porotarev, master, g. Nizhny Novgorod

Летом, работая на кровле, лучше использовать дрель-электрический шуруповерт на аккумуляторах. По функционалу это более универсальный инструмент, чем стандартный электрический шуруповерт. Лично для меня она удобна в эксплуатации. Но если у вас нет дрели-электрического шуруповерта, можно обойтись и обычным электрическим шуруповертом на аккумуляторах. А вот в холодную погоду аккумулятор разряжается, поэтому целесообразней работать с сетевым инструментом.

Аккумуляторные дрели-шуруповерты используют для закручивания и выкручивания винтов, болтов, шурупов и саморезов. С их помощью сверлят дерево, панели из гипсокартона и пластика, а также не очень толстый металл. В конструкции многих дрелей-шуруповертов есть три скорости. На первой этот инструмент используется как электрический шуруповерт с большим крутящим моментом, на третьей – как дрель. У него широкая сфера использования.

Мощность и типы аккумуляторов

Важный для строителей вопрос — как выбрать аккумуляторный инструмент для электрического шуруповерта? Выбирая аккумуляторный инструмент, обязательно посмотрите особенности его зарядки. Дрели-шуруповерты могут комплектоваться аккумуляторами напряжением от 7,2 до 36 вольт. Для домашнего ремонта рекомендуют выбирать инструмент напряжением от 9 до 12 вольт. Профессиональным строителям подойдут модели мощностью более 18 вольт.

Один из инструментов зарубежных производителей.

The power of the drill-electrical screwdriver depends on the selected type of electric battery. He can be nickel-Kadmiev, nickel-metallological and lithium-ionic.

The most inexpensive batteries from this list are nickel-cadmium (Nicd). They have a relatively large weight, while such batteries are inexpensive, able to withstand about 1000 charge-discharge cycles and work at a negative air temperature. Such batteries give out stable power and do not overheat.

Nickel-metallological (NIMH) batteries are a little more expensive, charged longer, while they are more compact and also capable of working at low temperatures.

The lightest and most quickly-shot batteries from the presented are lithium-ion (Li-Ion). They quickly charge, while charging and discharge of the battery is controlled by a special protection system. Of the minuses of such batteries. it is problematic to work with them in winter frosts.

Thus, each type of battery has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can not say unequivocally which one is better. It all depends on the time of the year, the object and the type of work that you are going to do.

Expert’s opinion Sergei Porotarev, master, g. Nizhny Novgorod.

При небольшом бюджете я бы посоветовал приобрести классический электрический шуруповерт с литиевыми батареями. Они легкие, быстро заряжаются и долго служат.

Battery compatibility with other types of tools

Fortunately, manufacturers of the power tool have already taken care of this. Many of them around the same type of battery build an entire “ecosystem” from different types of tools. That is, the same battery can approach a screwdriver, a drill, a grinding machine, an electrician, a renovator and other devices. Some companies produce even powerful peorators, concrete cutters, lawn mowers and electric bikes operating on one, two or three standard batteries from electric screwdriver. Milwaukee, for example, an “ecosystem” of an 18-volt tool consists of more than 200 models.

How to choose an electric screwdriver

Screwdrivers are constructively very close to drones. Sometimes manufacturers even create both devices on the same base. No wonder they are often called “Battery Drill Electric screwdriver“. In other words, one can do with one drill with an adapter for bit in the household. But is it necessary? Let’s talk about this class of a power tool with a sales consultant of a construction store of construction equipment Anatoly Gopkin.

Wire or battery

Wended screwdrivers in the early 1920s are less and less found on sale. The reason for the victory of the battery devices is simple. although they are more expensive, but much more universal in use. Scurrys working from the network often choose, for example, to work in a car service. But for home and repair, the battery is simply indispensable. The upper class is charging that can completely replenish the energy supply of less than an hour.


Almost the main characteristic for the best electrical screwdriver for the home is the torque that develops its electric motor. This indicator speaks of the rotational action of force on the solid body. In other words, the more torque, the easier the tool copes with the twisting of screws or screws. Even in complex materials such as concrete or metal.


Imagine. you need to tighten more than a hundred self.tapping screws into the roof of a summer house. In such a situation, an electric screwdriver should be convenient to operate, otherwise difficult work will turn into hard labor. This is why ergonomics are needed. Firstly, this is a mass. Less is better. This also includes the amusing, which should reach 50:50 in the best screwdrivers for the house. Secondly, the convenience of grip and body size. Too small models are bad in hand. Finally, the amenities add trifles such as a latch for waist mounting or additional bit holders.


Electric screwdriver is not as simple as an electric screwdriver. And different models, depending on the level of performance, have many options. Reverse, which a screwdriver is even more needed than a drill, in almost every model. It is much easier to twist the bolts with it. Often there is also illumination of the working area. But in some, even expensive models, it is made so stupid that when working with large screws, it becomes useless. The brake of the engine, which instantly stops the operation, is very helpful, you just need to release the button. In professional models there is a thin adjustment of torque, which allows you to adjust the tightness force. It will not be superfluous and the indication of the remaining charge on the battery.

Outlet or battery?

Network models weigh less than battery.powered power, and are cheaper. Used for long.term work, when even capacious batteries are not enough.

Batteries do not need rosettes and extension cords, so it is convenient to work with them even on the street. For professional work, instruments with two batteries in the kit are optimal. This will work less often to interrupt to recharge the battery.

Battery model Network model

Battery Type

Household batteries are designed for irregular use: collect furniture, hang a shelf, get a hard drive from a computer, etc.D.

Model Maximum turns Number of speeds Torque Battery capacity Additional functions
Hammer acd12le 550 rpm one 18 Nm one.3 ah – fast.packed cartridge. safety coupling. backlight. support for a constant number of revolutions. reverse
Interskol Da-10/12m2 1400 rpm 2 16 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse. two batteries
Metabo PowerMaxx BS X2 1400 rpm 2 34 Nm 2 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse
Bosch PSR 1440 Li-2/2 1250 rpm 2 34 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse. two batteries
Makita DF331DWYE 1700 rpm 2 30 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse
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