Electric design design

Most often, the owners of several serious units of the working tool prefer to independently eliminate small malfunctions and can definitely determine when they can not do without the help of a specialist and what detail is subject to replacement. It is no wonder that such knowledge directly depends on the understanding of the devices and the principle of operation of a device. Consider in detail the design of the electrician shown in the figure.

  • The basis of the mechanism of any electric jigsaw is an engine, gearbox and stem;
  • It is these elements that drive the cutting element in motion;
  • In many models, a cooling fan is connected to the engine, and modern jigsaws additionally have a built.In mechanism of the pendulum passage;
  • On the hinge of the case there is a start button, which sometimes is responsible not only for the supply of electric energy to the engine, but also for adjusting the cutting speed;
  • Inside the case, energy is repeatedly converted. Once on graphite brushes, it starts the process of rotation of the rotor around its axis;
  • The torque is transmitted from him to the gearbox, which in turn converts rotational movements into reciprocating;
  • And only after that they are transmitted to the stem, at the end of which there is a fastener that connects the saw canvas with the rod. Thus, a strong, interconnected mobile design is created;
  • The sole of the case has the ability to change its angle of inclination, thereby allowing you to perform small saws. Some models have the opportunity to remove the sole. It is very comfortable. If you need to cut parts with different height protrusions;
  • To observe evenness and rectilineism in the cut, the jigsaw is equipped with a guide tire.

I would like to dwell on the handle of the jigsaw separately. It can be of different forms, on which the convenience of the performance of certain works directly depends. There are three options:

  • Slog.Like handle is most convenient for the performance of accurate cutting work;
  • D-shaped-is more convenient for achieving smooth and large cut lines. Allows you to more accurately control the radius of rotation and t.D.;
  • Mushroom.Shaped. Adapted as much as possible to perform figure cutting work. Thanks to this form, you can change the position of the hand during operation very quickly, and you can have a brush in different ways, while without losing its convenience and controllability.

Also, depending on the design, the jigsaws can be divided into two large groups:

  • Stationary. They have cardinal differences. They are large devices with a fixed stove. All electronics in this case is hidden precisely under it. When working on such a tool, it is necessary to move the directly processed part, while the saw blade remains in its place. Such devices have a huge resource and high accuracy. You can work with such a jigsaw for many hours in a row without fear of overheating. In addition, stationary models have high power. It is rational to purchase them for a home only if you have a small carpentry workshop where it is important to provide long.Term work and minimum electricity consumption;
  • Portable. This is the most common design of both household and professional lobe. It is such models that can be equipped with many useful functions.

Advantages and disadvantages of work using a jigsaw

Any tool has both advantages and some disadvantages. Perhaps, knowing all the advantages of an electrician as a hand tool, it will be easier for you to make your choice or will you finally see the need to purchase it:

choose, electrician, home, which, reliability, quality

  • The main advantage is its versatility. This is especially characteristic of newer and more powerful models that allow you to process a large number of materials of different density;
  • A wide range will allow you to choose the tool that is most suitable for you in terms of characteristics and capabilities, as well as in cost;
  • An even wider range of saw paintings with a different step between teeth, thickness and general purpose. This is the determining factor responsible for the universality of the tool as a whole;
  • Safe and simple replacement of the cutting element;
  • The ability to perform quite accurate direct and curved cuts;
  • Sufficient speed of work;
  • With the correct selection of saw and compliance with the recommended cut modes for a particular material, one can almost completely exclude the possibility of cracking or riding it. Thanks to this, you can save and purchase the exact number of finishing materials, and not “in reserve”;
  • The presence of an electric drive, which greatly facilitates the work and does not require applying additional physical efforts;
  • A relatively low weight of the tool contributes to the fact that the user practically does not get tired;
  • The presence of additional useful functions, which in certain cases are indispensable.

Among the shortcomings can be distinguished:

  • The limiting power of the tool is a limited parameter, which directly affects the weight of the jigsaw. The more powerful you need the model, the more it will weigh. Although, this drawback concerns all tools;
  • Limited is the maximum thickness of the processed material;
  • Short stroke of the cutting canvas;
  • Considering that the saws are attached to one edge, they must have enough thickness, so as not to just break every time they have to face solid materials. And, as you know, the thicker the canvas, the lower the indicators of its flexibility. This may affect the ability to perform figured cutting;
  • With a cut thick details, the output of the shavings worsens noticeably, which in turn leads to a decrease in the speed of saw.

The design of the device

In order not to lose and choose the best electric jigsaw in your understanding, it must not only meet the presented characteristics, but be reliable and convenient to work. The presence of additional functionality that simplifies certain types of tasks will not be superfluous, but about everything in order. Let’s start with the main thing.


On the shelves of stores, you can notice the jigsaws with two types of handles. Bracid and mushroom.Shaped. The first type is most common due to the convenience of use in everyday life, when performing standard tasks. The mushroom-shaped handle is more suitable for a figured saw and completely lies in the hand, but it feels like it is still inferior to the bracket.

When choosing a tool, note that the place of the grip is rubberized, and preferably with the penetration. Such a tool will lie in the hand more reliably, and vibration during operation will be slightly reduced.

Feeding a file

When working with an electric jigsaw, sooner or later, there is a need to replace the saw canvas: due to wear or to work with another type of materials. Such a need may appear once a year, a month, a week, or several times a day, and it depends on how actively you use the tool. Before choosing an electrician, you should answer the question: “How often will it be used?”And based on the answer, consider the optimal options. To date, 3 types of fasteners of the saw canvas are common:

One. Column clamp. The most common type of fastening, most common in budget models. It has a simple design and consists of a metal clamping pad with two screws for a hexagonal key (in most models). This mount is universal and can fix any types of files. Replacing the canvas requires relatively much time, which is very noticeable if you do it several times a day.

Screw clamp. It has some resemblance to the column, only instead of two screws installed in frontal, it is delayed by one, installed on the side. This mount is more reliable, and the replacement of the saws in it is a little faster.

Quickly sound mount. The most convenient and fast clamp, which allows you to replace the saw canvas in a couple of seconds without special keys. Reliability of fixation is a controversial question, and often depends on the model of the tool. Of the minuses, it can be noted, the possibility of using files with a certain thickness and type of shanks. It is better not to save on a tool with a similar type of mount and consider the proven brands (Makita, Bosh, Hitachi, Aeg). For uninterrupted work. The best option.


An important element of the design of the electrolobian, which determines the accuracy and quality of the saw. The sole can be stamped or cast. The first option is most often found on budget models and, according to experts, has a low margin of safety. In fact, with the proper operation of the tool, the stamped sole serves perfectly for many years, without any defects.

Most jigsaws with a cast sole can be attributed to the category of professional. Such a base is less subject to deformation and retains its form even with sloppy use of the device. If you plan to use the tool often and in the most unusual, harsh conditions, you should pay attention to the cast sole. For domestic use, quite enough stamped.

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Having examined the main structural elements, it’s time to pay attention to additional functionality, expanding the ability of the tool and capable of bearing several times to the implementation of certain work. Modern jigsaws can have (or not have) the following auxiliary functions.

Support for maximum turnover states the speed of the saw canvas with a strong increase in loads, providing an unchanging quality of the cut line. A fairly useful function when working with metal and other solid materials.


Many modern models of jigsaws, starting from 2000, are equipped with an adjustable swing function (pendulum passage). The main task of this function is to accelerate the speed of the cut due to loss of the quality of the cutting line. This amplification is achieved by adding a file (up and down), movements directed back and forth to the standard reciprocating movements, in the direction of sawing. The pendulum course is used for a rough and fast sawing of a large volume of wood. For figured or just neat work, this function must be disconnected.

Smooth start

The name of the function speaks for itself. Instead of a regular, sharp start, a tool with a smooth start does not twitch the tool, but gains speed gradually. The function is designed to make the cut more neat, and in addition to increase the comfort from working with the jigsaw.

The angle of inclination of the sole

Many models of jigsaws (both professional and budget) are equipped with the function of inclination of the sole, which opens up the possibility of cutting the material from a certain angle to the instrument. The established limiters allow you to set only certain degrees of inclination provided for by the manufacturer (0, 15, 30 and 45). Depending on the model of the jigsaw, the inclination mechanism can be fixed with a key or a special fast.Packed lever.

Professional electric jigsaw

The very understanding of the “professional tool” implies a long-term use of the device in non-stop mode. Not every electric jigsaw will be able to last long in the daily mode of many hours of operation, so first of all, the question should arise about its quality. Details and their assembly must withstand and even exceed the loads declared by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, not every brand can be trusted implicitly today. One of the proven companies producing worthy.Quality electrolobsics are: Makita, Aeg, Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosh In order to more accurately determine which jigsaw to choose for professional work, it is necessary to answer how often it will be used and with the material of what thickness he will have to work.The average such devices can work without a break for several hours, and if you periodically give the tool time to cool, then until 8-10 hours a day.

  • Power: 600. 1000 watts.
  • Maximum move: 3000. 3200 per minute.
  • Sprinked depth: wood 120. 160 mm, non.Ferrous metal 20. 30 mm, steel 8. 10 mm.

Auxiliary devices for working with an electrician

Electrician manufacturers, trying to attract the attention of potential buyers to their products, constantly develop and introduce various auxiliary devices into production, allowing to facilitate the implementation of a particular type of work.

As a rule, such additional accessories are not included in the kit, but they can easily be found in specialized stores. The list of the most popular auxiliary devices for electrolobians can be attributed:

#one. Parallel emphasis (designed to perform rectilinear sawdust parallel to the edge of the workpiece).

#2. Stop-zirkul (necessary to increase the accuracy of cutting around the circle).

#3. The guide tire (a kind of rail that allows you to make even rectilinear cuts where parallel emphasis is not able to help).

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#4. Anti.Speed ‚Äč‚Äčliner (a small plate mounted on the sole, which prevents the side of the saw and the formation of chips on the sawdown when processing fragile material).

#5. Removable lining on the sole (plastic or metal lining that improves the glide of the platform and prevents the appearance of scratches on the surface of the processed material during work).

How to choose an electrician home

The electric jigsaw is difficult to call the necessary tool at home, but still will help make repairs in the apartment with your own hands. But this useful tool can always be useful to the home master, since this will greatly facilitate the work during the cutting of various materials. The electric jigsaw allows you to conduct direct or curly cutting of plastic, metal, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.D.

Before buying, you need to decide, you need a professional or amateur jigsaw. The difference here only in the duration of the intensity of work, since professional equipment always uses only high.Quality materials with modern electronics, which also significantly affects the convenience of work.

Household or electric lobby for a home is necessary for rare and short work, they have low performance and weight, but the functionality of such a tool is not much different from a professional jigsaw. The advantage of a household jigsaw only in value in relation to a professional tool.

There are two types of housings in electric jigsaws: with a handle in the form of a mushroom and a hilt in the form of a bracket. Here the choice is exclusively dependent on you, manufacturers try to produce tools in two versions at once, since a person chooses with which tool it will be more convenient for him to work.

It is very important whether the Lobzik mode of the peel of the peel. Thanks to this regime, it is very convenient to carry out straight and long cuts. For figure cutting, this mode is not important and in theory it is not even needed at all. Today, most of the electrical lobbying lines for the home are equipped with this function and many are adjusting the amplitude of the course. According to manufacturers of electrical jigsaws, the pendulum course can significantly increase the service life of the device.

Pay attention to the depth of cutting certain materials in the passport data of the tool, usually the maximum data are indicated here. It is according to these data and by the power of the device that you can judge whether it is worth purchasing your chosen jigsaw. The higher the numbers, the more powerful the tool and the faster it will allow you to cope with the work.

When choosing, give preference to a jigsaw with a cast platform. Since they are insignificant, but more reliable stamped platforms. It is also important that some lobes have special safety shields, as well as mechanisms that protect against touching the working surface. In general, every year electric lobe is improved and become more demanded.

How to choose an electrician: types

And now let’s figure out what types of jigsaws exist in general and how to choose the right electrolobian. Basically, the lobes are divided into:

  • Manual. This is the easiest type of jigsaw, which is used for small household work and will not require additional skills. You often ask how to choose a lobby manual. In order to buy a good hand-lobby, you just need to pay attention to its weight and the convenience of the handle.
  • Desktop. This type of lobby is most often used in workshops and special enterprises, since they are stationary.
  • Jewelry. Jewelry jigsaws have a compact size and are designed for thin jewelry.
  • Electric. The most common types of jigsaws. In turn, electric lobes are divided into two more categories. Network and battery.

If we examine in detail the electrical species of the jigsaws, then, as it was already mentioned, they are divided into network, those that feed from the mains, and, battery, which work from a charged battery.

It is not so easy to choose an electric jigsaw, often in order to make the right choice, in most cases you need a consultation with a specialist. Video on how to choose an electrician:

So, which jigsaw is better to buy, battery or network.

choose, electrician, home, which, reliability, quality

Here, no doubt, you need to get out of your needs and conditions of previous works. For example, if you need an electrician for remote, or summer cottages, then it is best to buy a battery tool. In this case, you will not depend on the presence of sockets nearby.

If you are looking for an optimal and at the same time powerful option for work, then you should pay attention to the battery jato Yato YT-82822.

Such an electrician is designed for cutting boards, panels, metal and other materials.

Using special saw discs, using this battery lobe, you can cut circles and holes for the sink, kitchen mixers.

It should be noted that the depth of cutting of the tree is 50 millimeters, the depth of metal cutting is 5 millimeters, which is considered quite well.

The capacity of the Li-Ion battery is 2 Ah and the battery is charged up to 60 minutes.

This tool weighs only 2.8 kilograms, so it will be perfectly convenient to hold in his hand.

Additional functions: what else needs to be a jigsaw

If you still managed to choose an electrician according to the parameters, then we can say that halfway has been passed. But, almost every jigsaw has additional parameters, which is made by it is even more convenient.

Now we will consider the most popular among them. For example, they are most often found:

  • Protective screen. An important element that protects the power cord and other items from hitting the saw is a special protective screen. It becomes especially relevant while working with metal and solid materials. On the other hand, if you purchase an electric jigsaw with a protective screen, then this element complicates the review. Accordingly, it may turn out to be an uneven incision.
  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Very rarely, but still some lobes have a function of connecting to a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is especially helped when you work with wood or drywall, since during the spray of such material a lot of small waste is formed.
  • Laser direction. In front of the tool, you can also set a laser pointer, which will direct the lobby along the flat line.
  • Backlight. Also, an additional element of electrical jigsaws is a fairly common element of the lashman, which will highlight the working surface.
  • Smooth start. A function that protects the engine from overload. It works smoothly when the engine starts.
  • Pendulum. With the help of a pendulum course, an electric jigsaw will be able to move not only up/down, but also horizontally. But it is worth considering that this function is not suitable for all materials, so it should be taken into account when choosing a jigsaw.

And remember, before any purchase, especially for tools, you need to familiarize yourself with all the technical parameters in detail, read reviews about the tools themselves and of course about manufacturers.

Also, do not forget to use protective equipment such as gloves and glasses while working.

choose, electrician, home, which, reliability, quality

How to choose an electrician for professional work

For professional use, electric jigsaws with a capacity of 500 W and above are suitable. The sole of the tool should be cast. It is recommended to choose models with a fast.And.Packed file mount, as well as with the presence of backlight, a protective panel and other safety functions.

If you choose an electrician for home and cottage for periodic use, you can pay attention to budget models. They have modest functionality, but allow you to saw the blanks of medium thickness.

Fiolent PM 3-600E

Inexpensive electric jigsaw with a pendulum mechanism is equipped with an aluminum alloy gearbox with good heat. Supports the adjustment of the sole and cut speed, there is an antifriction lining.

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