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To construct and repair was not a burden, there are many tools that help reduce the time of these or other operations.

The drill is one of the most popular machines. It is used for almost all types of work, especially in repairing.

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Impact drill what company to choose

Buy on today’s market quality power tools is difficult, but not because it does not exist. On the contrary, there are many good products and it is not easy to choose the best among them.

Below are the manufacturers whose impact drills are worthy of attention:

Bosch. the famous German group, which supplies its products to more than 150 countries. Founded in 1886. It produces both amateur drills, painted in green, and professional ones. blue.

Metabo. one of the world leaders in the manufacture of power tools, including impact drills. Its high-quality products are popular in over 100 countries. German company’s history goes back to 1924.

Makita is a world-known manufacturer, which supplies its gasoline and electric tools to 160 states. Founded in 1915 in Japan. Owns 8 plants located on different continents.

Intescol. tool manufacturer in Russia. A member of the association ERTA, has 6 plants in China, Spain. Development of models takes place in own design bureau.

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What drill to buy: domestic or professional?

All drills can be divided into household drills and professional drills. The difference between the two is that the professional models are designed for heavier loads and intensive use. Conditionally, they should last for their service life if used daily for several hours in a row. This is due to the use of wear-resistant materials and the construction specifics of the profile tools.

Household drills are generally lighter in construction, and parts are more subject to wear and tear. However, their cost is also significantly lower. So if you want to buy a drill for your home that you will use often and still last for several years, it is better to choose a professional model. If you plan to take the tool out of the box once every few months, it is quite possible to buy a cheaper household tool.

What power a home drill should have

The power of the drill, and more precisely its motor, is one of its main parameters, directly affecting the speed of rotation and torque, and therefore the performance and functionality. Powerful tool punches faster, even in hard materials, but it is more expensive and weighs more.

Non-impact usually have a power of 250 to 500 watts, impact. from 500 to 1500 watts, mixer drills from 800 to 2000 watts. If you plan to use an electric drill exclusively for drilling small holes in wood and plastic products, then there is no special need to buy a tool with more power than 600 W. For effective drilling of bricks and holes with a diameter of more than 10 mm the power must be more

What chuck should be in a power drill for the home?

Professional and household power drills are equipped with two types of chucks: quick-action chucks and toothed chucks.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Makita HP1640K (medium )

Very popular drill from the legendary Japanese manufacturer of building tools. Although this model belongs to the budget line, but HP1640K is still as thoughtful and reliable as the older “sisters. The drill belongs to the percussion drill, powered from the mains. With a maximum speed of 2800 rpm, the maximum power of the electric motor drill. 680 W, which hints at its domestic use, although at the construction site it can safely work (though, making breaks). The variable-diameter chuck can accommodate drills from 1.5 to 13 mm. By the way, this model has a handy reverser with electronic control of the electric motor brushes. Few claims to the “Japanese” are uncomfortable and carelessly made case, as well as poor centering in some instances, which can cause failure of the chuck.

Pros and cons

Well-proven model on the market, 13-mm drill here in the specifications is not a “checkmark”, durable, you can work with it on the construction site

DILD MES-5-01 BZP (medium)

Affordable electric drill from Smolensk plant of electric tools (however, rumor has it that the device is assembled in China, and the Russian one has only a sticker on the case). Economy is evident in everything in this model. First of all, not the highest quality materials and workmanship. Secondly, this drill is hammerless, which means that its drilling speed will be slower and harder materials like concrete will be harder to penetrate. Maximum power of the electric motor. 550 W. This allows you to cope with the work with drill bits up to 10 mm in diameter. It even has reverse, but the button to change it is literally under your arm, which makes it extremely easy to accidentally hit it. And alignment is the real problem with this drill. So be prepared for runout while working with it. But the package contains replaceable motor brushes, and such generosity is very rare these days.

Bosch EasyImpact 550 Case (medium )

A conservative update to the well-deserved PSB 350/500 series household drill. This is a relatively productive model with power of 550 watts, 3000 rpm and 33,000 rpm in impact mode. What is interesting, the chuck here is a quick-action chuck, which means that it is much easier to insert or change the drill bit than it is in the case of the key. The delivery set of the drill is a nice touch. It has an additional collar for two-handed use and a plastic drilling depth stop. Also, the cord is half a meter longer than most competitors at 2.5 meters. The EasyImpact 550 is pleasant to work with, but there is a danger of getting carried away in this lightness. And this model does not like overloading, so get involved with hours of continuous work or drilling metal is not worth. the device will not stand.

Interskol DU-13/780ER 421.1.0.00 (medium )

Model from another Russian manufacturer with distinctly Chinese pedigree. This impact drill has an impressive power of 780 Watts and a low price that makes it a bargain for semiprofessional use. In DU-13/780ER has the possibility of using in the machine tool, and a chuck for 13mm drill bits, and drukokuyka, and even a two-year warranty. But recently users have complained about the quality from new batches, namely about the chuck backlash and its alignment. Not only that, but the drill has more than doubled in price in just a few years.

Hammer UDD1100B (medium )

Serious enough device, which can be used by professionals. The design of this “drummer” uses a lot of metal, which, on the one hand, adds durability, but on the other hand. the weight of 2.76 kg, which practically puts a cross on one-handed use. Fortunately in the case there is an additional handle. Needless to say, even the drilling depth limiter is made of metal (that’s what you should take example from, Bosch). Quick-chuck design allows very fast change of drill bits up to 13mm in diameter. over, the manufacturer officially declares that the drill can and should be used as a construction mixer. Of course, you can complain about the flimsy housing, but it’s already a nit-picky point.

Pros and cons

Very inexpensive for a practically professional tool, high power makes it possible to make the holes almost instantly

DeWALT DWD024 (medium )

Drill from the famous American manufacturer of construction and repair equipment DeWALT. The main feature of this model is the prohibitive for such a compact tool number of blows per minute. more than 47 thousand. And that means that thick concrete or metal sheets DWD024 can do. True, some users complain about overheating, but here we should discount the size of the drill and the tight internal layout. After all, if you really have to do serious work with such a tool, take a break every 40-45 minutes. Unlike many competitors, this drill has an infinitely variable speed 750 watt motor. This model, unfortunately, was not spared the cheapening of production. in recent years, the power cord is short and blows on frost, and at high intensity of work there can appear the smell of red-hot metal from the drill, which is not very good.

Rating of high power and torque impact drills

1 Metabo SBEV 1300-2 (S-VP) Box 1300 W

If you do not know which impact drill is better to buy, consider the “Metabo SBEV 1300-2”. Rugged and powerful drill that performs well in the toughest conditions. Futuro Top self-clamping chuck holds drill bit more securely under higher load. Vario-Tacho-Constamatic system maintains speed independent of load. Metabo S-automatic clutch disconnects the drive unit from the motor in the event of jamming.

  • The swivel-mounted power cord protects the cable against kinking;
  • Plastic storage and carrying case;
  • There is a pulse mode of operation;
  • Two operating modes with a maximum torque of 46 Nm and a maximum speed of 3100 rpm;
  • Six levels of speed adjustment;
  • The reverse switch is located on the side of the chassis.

2nd place Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT Case (BZP) 1300 W

Powerful impact drill successfully used in construction, suitable for the toughest jobs. Cast aluminum housing allows for efficient heat dissipation, which reduces wear and tear on mechanical parts. High torque allows you to work at maximum output at all times. Special clutch provides disengagement of the motor and the working part in case of jamming of the drill, which increases the safety of operation.

  • Electronic control keeps RPM no matter what the load is;
  • Rugged quick-action chuck for drills with 1 to 13 mm fits;
  • Fitted with a planetary two speed gearbox;
  • Convenient plastic carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

3rd place Metabo SBEV 1000-2 (VFD) Case 1010 W

Quality impact drill, which is well suited for professional use, used in construction to work with concrete, bricks, can also be used for drilling wood and metal. Additional motor dust protection and Metabo S-automatic clutch increase reliability and durability of the tool, improve safety at work.

  • Unintentional start prevention. prevents restart;
  • The cable gland is equipped with a swivel that protects the cable against chafing at the connection to the tool;
  • Additional handle and depth stop included;
  • Spindle with the ability to mount bits without a chuck;
  • Convenient plastic box for carrying and storage.

Selection criteria

When selecting models for the rating, we took into account the reviews of users (both professionals and amateurs), evaluations of experts, as well as parameters:

  • cost category. The rating includes both inexpensive modifications and premium products;
  • manufacturing company;
  • number of speeds supported;
  • chuck fixation method: quick-action or key-action;
  • frequency of rotation;
  • number of blows per minute;
  • weight;
  • presence of sparks during operation;
  • backlighting;
  • working parameters (depth and width of holes);
  • Power source (mains or battery);
  • energy efficiency;
  • equipment;
  • additional features.

After getting acquainted with the features, advantages and disadvantages of the products, you can buy an electric tool that meets your needs and the nature of the tasks performed to the maximum.

Many craftsmen ask: What is the scope of this device? When drilling masonry, concrete or brick surfaces, an ordinary drill with hammerless mode is not enough. The cutting edge slides over the material without destroying it. The problem is solved by equipping the device with a hammer mechanism. Such a device is used as a mini torch, suitable for working with different materials. The advantages of the drill with a mechanical pulse include:

  • relatively low weight and compact dimensions;
  • functionality;
  • versatility, the possibility of use in the home and for professional work;
  • operation with different materials and different types of drills;
  • long operating life;
  • ease of use.

In order to choose a tool consciously, it is necessary to have an idea of its technical characteristics. The most important of them are:

The “heart” of each power tool is the motor, and power is its main parameter. It ranges from 0.4 to 1.5 kW. Models supporting 2 speed modes, have power from 0,7 kW. A wide range of motors makes it possible to choose the best option for each buyer:

  • For household use, an impact drill of up to 0.6 kW is sufficient. These light and relatively cheap models are also used by professionals when drilling in mainly soft materials and/or using the tool in electric screwdriver mode;
  • models with a 0,6-1,0kW electric motor are optimal for frequent use or for repairing a wooden house. Such a tool belongs to the category of semi-professional. It allows you to work 5-6 hours a day, with short breaks;
  • Drills with more than 1 kW are professional class tools. It is not rational to use it at home, because the same work can be done with a torch with a less powerful motor.

The motor type (brush or brushless) is also important. The latter option is more expensive, but such a motor has a longer service life.

Impact drills are fitted with a gearbox. Depending on the particular model, it may be one- or two-speed. The second option is preferred because of the higher maximum torque value (the better the tool can handle screws and ring cutters). This point is more relevant for professional class models.

Reverse rotation (reverse) is available in almost all modern models. It is used for disassembly of detachable joints (unscrewing screws) and for drill unscrewing. Another important point is the availability of overload protection. If the drill jams suddenly, it protects the motor and gearbox from breakage.

When selecting an impact drill, you must pay attention to the way of fastening the drill (key or quick-action chuck). No additional attachments are needed to hold the consumable in place in the latter case.

An important selection criterion is the ergonomics of the tool (anatomic shape, rubber coating of the handle, availability of workplace light). The length of the cord in mains versions is also important. A cable that is too long will cause confusion and interfere with operation, and one that is too short will be inconvenient because it requires a carrying device.

When choosing a tool, mobility of the product must be taken into account. Network modifications are more powerful, but they are tied to the outlet. If you have to work at a site where there is no power supply or you need to operate in a confined space, then you should choose the cordless model.

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Combating strong vibrations

Both tools create a strong vibration during operation. If used infrequently, they are not difficult to withstand. However, those who work with the tool on a regular basis should pay attention to this. The impact of this negative factor will be reduced if an anti-vibration system is used in the tool purchased. It usually includes the following elements:

  • A special built-in counterweight system.
  • Use of a spring hanger. The elastic interaction will dampen vibration.
  • The damping ring is a gasket that dampens the force of shock.

Rubberized handles are usually considered as an anti-vibration system. When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the way of vibration damping.

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Briefly about the main thing

Drill is a construction tool, the main purpose of which is reduced to the formation of holes in bases of varying hardness.

There are 5 main varieties of the tool. single-function (conventional), percussion, electric screwdriver drill, mixer drill and angle model.

According to the type of power there are wired samples (working from the mains) and cordless.

Choosing a drill for home, it is important to pay attention to the basic technical characteristics: power, shaft speed, the maximum diameter of the drill and the type of chuck.

For the convenience of working with the drill consider additional devices and a set of functional “extras”.

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