Battery chargers for power tools

If there is no connection to the electric network at the place of work, or there is not enough of an extension cord, or if inconvenient conditions don’t allow pulling wires, the only possible option is a tool with an autonomous power supply. It is used in construction, installation and assembly work. For effective use it is important to pick up the right battery and charger.

Battery charger (charger) is used for screwdrivers and other cordless tools: drills, angle grinders, angle grinders, renovators, wrenches, jigsaws, lawn and garden tools, etc.д.

Buy a battery for an electric screwdriver with delivery

Power tools that run on rechargeable batteries give autonomy and are considered indispensable helpers during construction or repair. But such devices have two serious drawbacks: battery capacity is always limited and sooner or later they fail. Find a way out of such a situation is very easy, because everyone will be able to buy an additional battery for an electric screwdriver or other electric device at low cost in the online store “TakiDa”. In the catalog contains the most popular batteries and chargers for them, with a real manufacturer’s warranty.

The battery is an indispensable element of an autonomous tool. The latter allows the master to cope with the task faster and easier, because you do not need to depend on the location of outlets. In order for the power tool to work as long as possible, you need to buy a quality battery. You can do it in “TakiDa” online store. We will deliver your purchase to any place in Ukraine!

Installing another type of batteries

Nickel-cadmium batteries are much different from lithium-ion batteries. So what are the best 18650 batteries for an electric screwdriver? Here it is important to consider the ability of Ni-Cd cells to both charge and discharge with high currents. Currents are quite normal for such batteries, at which the discharge occurs in 5 minutes, which cannot be said about conventional lithium-ion analogues. Thus, the choice should be made responsibly and choose high-current Li-Ion batteries.

This is not the end of the difficulty. As the basic characteristics (for example, working voltage) of Li-Ion and Ni-Cd cells are significantly different, the factory charger can not charge a block of Li-Ion batteries. You will need to buy a BMS controller, which will control the charge and discharge of the new unit, as well as balance the charge between cells. If you don’t have the proper knowledge, video tutorials from the Internet again come to the rescue. You can find step by step instructions on the net for replacing Ni-Cd cells by Li-Ion cells with BMS controller connection.

Thus, even the lack of special knowledge does not make such seemingly complex operations impossible for an ordinary person, poorly acquainted with radio electronics.

To summarize. When it is advantageous to replace the cells instead of buying a new battery for an electric screwdriver? In the case of replacing some lithium-ion cells with others, the savings relative to the purchase of a single new battery can be 40-50%. It is clear that if you have never done this before, you will need to get soldering tools, which for the first time somewhat reduces the economic effect. As for the replacement of Ni-Cd cells for Li-Ion, about a serious saving in connection with the need to purchase BMS controller is not necessary to speak, but it is worth considering that due to its energy capacity assembly on the lithium-ion cells will be more efficient and will work longer on a single charge.

Whatever the savings of battery replacement, the main resource. is time. If you have a free evening and interest in the process of creation, the assembly of the battery block with their own hands can bring a lot of fun and useful experience that can be used in other areas. For example, different types of electric transport, whether it is electric bike or electric scooter, most often use the assemblies based on rechargeable Li-ion batteries of size 18650. Having gained some experience in assembling battery packs based on 18650 cells, you can save a lot of money by carrying out battery repair/replacement with your own hands.

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Tool charger in Mukachevo

Product Price
Battery charger Einhell Power X-Change 18V, 4Ah 4512042 1 798 grn
Battery Einhell Starter Kit Power-X-Change 2.5Ah, 18V 4512097 1 299 UAH
Tekhmann TBC-24/I20 Battery Charger 848399 487 grn
The charger Tekhmann TBC-20/I12 850202 480 UAH
DWT CS202001 charger 412 UAH

Built in charger

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Built-in battery-powered tool on the battery is close to the type of mains screwdrivers. Here we simply plug it in. And when charging is finished, we disconnect the cable or fix it in the designated place on the body of the electric screwdriver.

It is an analog type element which has the following advantages:

  • Its functions include voltage stabilization.
  • With its help, charging the electric screwdriver is very simple, without removing the battery.
  • It is impossible to forget and lose, the charger is always in its place.
  • Durable because the producers give such charger the highest quality of assembly and materials.
  • As a rule, it is equipped with microcontrollers that monitor the charging level and current intensity.
  • There is no possibility to use a spare battery, because the space for the battery is occupied.
  • Replacement is problematic if it fails. Expensive and no spares.

The remote charger for a cordless electric screwdriver operates on a different principle. In order to charge the battery, we take it out of the body of the tool and install it in a special unit with a clamp. The clamping socket is not attached to the screwdriver, is separate. This method is very relevant for those screwdrivers in which the battery is charged slowly (1.5-2 hours), and works 30-40 minutes before recharging. To save time you need to buy a spare battery and work with the option of one battery running and one battery charging.

Pros of the charger with a remote power unit:

These chargers. The technology is new and advanced. And therefore the coolest and, of course, the most expensive. It gives us a replenished charge very quickly. No need to worry about the charger or the battery. everything will be at the highest level, qualitative and effective, because these chargers use the inverter technology of double conversion of current. Therefore, pure current with a perfect sine wave flows into the battery.

The pulse chargers are used in professional models of screwdrivers. They have a lot of advantages, but there is only one disadvantage. high price.

The advantages of such chargers include:

  • Charges all existing types of batteries;
  • High speed. Hour. is the maximum charge;
  • It compensates for the “memory effect” inherent in nickel-cadmium batteries;
  • Dimensions are compact, thanks to the absence of a large transformer.

How to choose a battery charger for an electric screwdriver

Battery charger for electric screwdriver. a large selection of battery chargers for branded and Chinese screwdrivers. Low prices.

The electric screwdriver is the most common power tool, it is in almost every home. This tool is portable and mobile, thanks to its charger. electric screwdriver that can be recharged is a fast speed and constant convenience. Since this electric screwdriver runs on a battery, there will come a time when this battery will need to be replaced. Today we will discuss with you the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a battery charger for an electric screwdriver. Buy a quality battery charger for an electric screwdriver in our online store.

What kinds of batteries are available?

There are two kinds of screwdrivers: cordless and those that operate from the mains. Cordless is considered to be a battery-powered model. All characteristics of the battery affect how long will work your tool. When choosing a battery charger for a cordless electric screwdriver, you must consider the main characteristics such as: power, type and voltage of the battery. There are several kinds of batteries:

Where what kind is used?

The household models of the tool are equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries. It is very important that the battery of this type must be fully discharged and fully charged. Professional models of electric screwdrivers, such as Makita, Bosch, Einhell use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be charged without fully discharging. Battery capacity is measured in ampere/hours. The higher the capacity of the battery, the more expensive it is. Wattage determines how long the battery will last without recharging.

Let’s look at some of the nuances of choosing a battery charger for an electric screwdriver.

If your work is associated with it and requires constant mobility and movement, you will quickly realize how important it is to pick a good charger model for an electric screwdriver.

What you need to know to choose the right one?

The battery charger for an electric screwdriver is selected in much the same way as a battery charger for a phone. It is very important to choose the right charger for your tool model. They come in 18 volts and larger, plus there are different shapes, sizes and colors. Of course you might want something nice and small, but not necessarily a battery charger for your model.

So how to choose and buy a battery charger for a cordless electric screwdriver. Note that the new charger should have the same exact capacity as the original. Then the device will charge quickly without draining the battery.

It is important to understand that the charger for an electric screwdriver ordinary and lithium are very different, because to charge lithium batteries need very sophisticated controllers that control the temperature and charging each bank separately, and if you try to charge them separately then with a high probability you can ruin the battery.

You can buy the charger for an electric screwdriver in our online store. Specialists help you find the right model for your application. You get quality advice

Why screwdrivers are in high demand

The biggest advantage of the electric screwdriver is that it is possible to set the tightening torque. safety stop clutch stops the chuck rotation when the selected torque is reached and ensures safe working without material damage.

In addition, the functionality of most models includes a drilling mode, which allows you to use an electric screwdriver as a drill. For unscrewing fasteners and easy removal of jammed drills also has a reverse mode.

Wide range of operation modes and fine-tuning for different materials. That’s why screwdrivers are incredibly popular among craftsmen involved in repair, construction, furniture making, and even creative work.

Cordless screwdriver drill. what to look for when choosing a tool?

How to choose the right one

Before you buy a charger, you should study the manual for your electric screwdriver. Domestic, professional and semi-professional models are used with different batteries, which differ from each other in price and technical characteristics.

  • Output voltage, intensity.
  • Battery compatibility. The battery terminals should match the charger terminals.
  • Charging speed. Some products allow you to charge an electric screwdriver quickly. for 60, 30 and 20 minutes. It is also worth considering the amperage: the higher it is, the faster the process goes.
  • The type of battery your device is designed to handle. Modern manufacturers offer nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • Power pack type. A two-pole plug is used to connect to a 220V electrical outlet. A cigarette lighter socket should be provided in case there is no electricity.
  • Indicator light.

Listed above are the main characteristics that affect the operation of the device. On pages of ORTEK store about it in details.

If you can not choose the charger yourself, you can consult with a store consultant or the battery manufacturer. Employees will select the appropriate option, taking into account the electric screwdriver and the battery installed in it.

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