How to choose the right corner grinder

Corner grinder is the same angular grinding machine, or rather its simple name. This electric tool is used mainly for processing different surfaces, as well as for cutting solid materials. And now we will tell you how to choose a corner grinder and, which company to choose a corner grinder, so that it serves you for a long time and efficiently performs all the tasks.

In order to find out which corner grinder is better to choose for the home, you need to familiarize yourself with all types of angular grinding machines and study their technical parameters in detail.

In addition to the fact that the corner grinder is used to dividing into professional and domestic, that is, a few more parameters that distinguish between these grinding machines.

Among them, an important role is occupied by the method of nutrition. Based on this list, you will learn how to choose the right corner grinder for the house.

So, behind the power method, angular grinding machines or the so.Called corner grinders are divided into:

  • Network. Such corner grinders work exclusively from the outlet.
  • Battery. The battery power is especially convenient in that you can work without problems even where there is no electric network. But how to choose a battery angular grinder so that it is convenient to work. First of all, you should pay attention to the battery capacity and the weight of the tool itself, since the battery in power tools takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot.
  • Pneumatic. Pneumatic corner grinders work due to compressed air, so such a tool is easy to use.

If you still do not know which corner grinder to choose for home, in Ukraine for more than 5 years, the official distributor of high.Quality Polish tools YATO has been working on the market for more than 5 years. Here, professional managers will help you decide on the choice and advise a corner grinder, what a small and powerful corner grinder to choose for a home that you will be satisfied.

Where should the disk on the corner grinder spin from itself or to itself. Typically, the disk rotates counterclockwise (if you look from the disk side), the sparks fly forward, but recently, in a warehouse for the sale of pipes, I saw that the carrier rotates in the opposite direction, sparks fly under the feet. He has to cut a lot and daily. Therefore, the question arose. How right?

The reason for just such a disk rotation is safety precautions.

It should be noted when working with a corner grinder (corner grinder) everything works in the complex.

The disk rotates clockwise, sparks fly on you, so you need appropriate, overalls.

And the reason for just such a disk rotation (in this direction) is obvious, the disk is very often wedges (in any case, this moment cannot be overwhelmed) angular grinder when jamming the disk (when rotating clockwise) will go from you, and not to you.

This is extremely dangerous, you can get a serious injury, and from you, you can just let it out of your hands and everything is on this.

Yes, and the temperature of sparks is not prohibitive, in the summer I work in sleeveless clothes, my hands calmly tolerate the “sheaf” of sparks on themselves.

There is a casing and sparks can be directed down.

Of course, there are situations (for example, when cutting a cast.Iron sewer pipe in the “window”), when a protective casing is removed from the corner grinder, in this case, I advise you to buy not glasses on the eyes, but the mask completely protecting the face.

Many masters actually confuse sides of the rotation of the corner grinder, which is why they cause injuries, and also spoil the treated surface and circles of corner grind.

Standing away from the answer I will tell a case from personal experience: the locksmith mixed up the side of rotation and tried to cut off the pipe clamped in a vice. The corner grinder, although it was with a protective shield, but when touching the pipe, it was torn towards the abdomen of the locksmith. Workworms immediately shook the disk, thereby pulling the corner grinder to the body, which stopped all the same, took about the length of the skin in the abdomen to the bloodstream.

How the corner grinder works

Corner grinder can work from various power sources:

  • Electric model. Connected to the network using a cable and has a limited radius of work, but has a low cost.
  • Corner grinder, which works on the battery, does not depend on the mains and can be used in places where it is not, but it is recommended to store 2 batteries for work. Has a high cost and relatively low power.
  • A gasoline model is a professional cutting device in the absence of an electric network. Have high power, but depend on the fuel.
  • Pneumatic angular grinder is used in conditions with high humidity. They do not overheat, but for use you need to connect to a pneumatic line or compressor

The motor enters tension, and its shaft begins to rotate. Its torque goes to the gear, which twists the axis of the connection between these details can be straight.Toothed and scoop.Shaped (it is more reliable and less noisy). Modern models have a special coupling in the case, which protects against a reverse blow if the disk jackets. It will prevent a complete breakdown of the corner grinder, as well as an injury to the operator.

Safety when working with corner grinding

When working with a corner grinder, it is important to comply with safety regulations. One awkward and rash movement of the hand can lead to a serious injury. The number of rpm is quite large, so close contact with the body should be avoided.

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When working with a power tool, the following rules must be followed:

  • Do not use equipment that is not suitable for this tool model.
  • Work perform in protective glasses, gloves and headphones.
  • People should not stand in the plane of rotation of the disk, since there is always a chance of fragmentation of the circle.
  • Eliminate the possibility of damage to the network wire when working as a tool.

If you relate to the choice of the tool as correctly as possible, then the acquired corner grinder will serve as a long and high quality.

How to choose a corner grinder?

The name “corner grinder” was very strongly grabbed into this power tool. Many do not even suspect that in reality, this is an angle grinding machine (if shorter, then a corner grinder). But it so happened that for the first time this miracle of technology appeared in Bulgaria, and our people do not like long names. Therefore, we will not turn to dictionaries and call things with names that are closer to the heart, which means we will begin to learn to choose a corner grinder!

Why is an angular grinder needed?

In order to understand the essence more, recall the real name of the corner grinder. This is an angle grinding machine. From this it can be judged that its main task is grinding. And this is so, although many make a saw out of it, they don’t even use it for grinding. But it was created precisely for grinding works. At the same time, a modern corner grinder can also carry out cutting (as well as cleaning, polishing, etc. P.). In this case, both grinding and cutting can be performed by almost all materials that will fall by the arm. There are a lot of disks for corner grinding machines on the market, each of which is intended for their own purposes. For example, a corner grinder can be treated with brick, stone, cement, concrete, slate. As well as tiles, glass, fireclass, wood, plastic, etc. D. There really is almost no restrictions today, and it is very pleasing. And most importantly, you do not need to buy different tools. For different materials and work, only other consumables are bought, and the angle grinding machine (angular grinder) itself is needed one. Here’s how to choose the right angular grinder for yourself, to use it as convenient as possible, we will tell.

The first selection criterion is the size of the disk used.

Now that you have been convinced that you can’t live without an angular grinder, we begin to choose a tool. And the very first criterion is to understand what size of the disk used you need an angular grinder. The minimum diameter of such a disk is 115 mm, the maximum possible is 230 mm (twice as much). That is, if you decide to take an angular grinder for cutting (wood or metal), then the diameter of the cutting disk will be from 115 to 230 mm. Only, we note that not the entire part has the opportunity to cut, but only protruding for the body of the angle grinding machine. This means that if the case has a width of at least 55 mm, then about half of the disk is 115 mm (even less) something can cut something. Simply put, the angular grinder by 115 mm can cut the board not thicker than 30 mm (and in practice a maximum of 25 mm). At the same time, all discs tend to grind, that is, in a minute of work, this figure may reduce by half. Based on this, you can already think about the size of the disk. Indeed, for cutting metal pipes with a diameter of 20 or more than millimeters, an angular grinder of 115 mm will already become inappropriate due to low wear resistance. And if you buy an angle grinding machine for cutting pipes, then at least 180 mm. And this is only for cutting, and if you need a tool for grinding? It is no longer worth taking anymore, it will be enough to choose a tool and 125 mm, which is the norm for most grinding nozzles. As noted, it is not so simple to choose, you first need to think about why the tool is needed, and even then start its selection.

We will characterize the types of angular grinding grinder based on sizes so that it can be easier to understand that it is better for us.

This is the most minimum in size of the circle that you can buy. And it is suitable for the most unlucky work. Cutting such a small circle will definitely not be convenient and use such types often for grinding. After all, the smaller size is lower power, as a result. Lower weight. And angular grinder at 115 mm the most optimal option for petty work.

This is the second most type and it is the most popular among the people. 125 mm corner grinders are small, not heavy, comfortable, have decent characteristics in power and, importantly, inexpensive. Such a corner grinder is convenient to grind and cut. True, it is not able to overpower too thick details, since the depth of penetration of the canvas, as already written, is much lower than the radius. But for a home such a choice is enough. And therefore this type is the most popular for small homework. In addition, the stores have the largest selection of circles for cutting and grinding at 125 mm.

This type is not very popular in everyday life, but sometimes it is an excellent alternative to buy not a large and not small corner grinder. Therefore, who cannot decide that he is better. 125 or 180 mm, he can choose the size of 150. Such a corner grinder is convenient to grind and cut. But still, to buy a 125 and 180 mm angular grinder separately is considered more practical.

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180 mm is already a lot for cutting, and such corner grinders are promising for construction. This size can already be cut and a thick pipe and brick can be mastered, although in the case of the latter, you still have to cut on both sides. But this equally means that for small work, such a tool will be uncomfortable.

This is the maximum that can be found in the diameter of the circle. Positive, of course, in a large circle. Brick, tiles, boards, pipes with such a tool can be cut without much effort, but it is better not to use it for grinding. Here the weight is large, and power will give inconvenience, and the circle will be too big. Such corner grinder should be bought only for large repairs or building something new. For petty work, it will be too heavy and immortal.

choose, right, corner, grinder

With the foregoing, it is clear that there are five types of Bulgarians on the market for the diameter of the working circle. Each type has privileges and inconvenience, each is one for one thing. If you are a builder, then you should think about buying two Bulgarians at once, if you just decide to purchase a corner grinding machine for the house “Just in case”, then you should choose 125 mm. If you started a construction site, repair, but there is no hunting, then 180 mm will be the perfect choice. Determine with this and only then go to the following points.

The power of the angle grinding machine.

The power range of the Bulgarians is within the boundaries of 0.5-2.5 kW. And the increase in power is not directly proportional to the diameter of the working disk. Therefore, compare different diameters and power, we will not. It will be more correct here on the basis of the same parameter as in paragraph two. That is, we think where we will use a corner grinder and how. If you are not going to cut concrete or grind metal for a long time, then 600-900 watts will be enough power for small bells. If the corner grinder is bought for difficult work, then even the angular grinder of 125 mm is better to take by 1-1.5 kW. After all, the greater the power, the more stable the corner grinder will work under the load. And this is the main thing, so as not to allow the corner grinder to get tired, otherwise it will simply burn. It is clear that for the Bulgarians with a diameter of 230 mm, power is needed by at least 2 kW. After all, the circle itself has a weight and it needs power to unwind it. Similarly, using a 115 mm angular grinder with thick abrasive circles, for example, to clean the welds, you need to take from 1 kW. We hope you understand how to evaluate power. Here we take into account the duration of work, its severity and weight of the circles that we will use. The three parameters are higher, the power should be present as possible, this is the only way the tool will last for many years.

choose, right, corner, grinder

Engine power

Before choosing a corner grinder, you also need to look at the power of the motor with which it is equipped. This is one of the key parameters. It affects performance and what loads the tool can withstand.

Power can vary from 500 to 2600 watts. How to choose the right corner grinder? Start from Spectra works for which you will use it.

For example, for simple home tasks, an angular grinder with a capacity of up to 1,500 watts is suitable. They do not overload the wiring and “eat” a minimum of electricity (if we are talking about network grinders).

For more difficult work, you need to select the tool more powerful. But take into account that it will cost more, since the price depends on this parameter.

As a recommendation for choosing a corner grinder, we will give a simple but important advice: pay attention to the diameter of the discs with which you will work. The larger it is, the more the power of the corner grinder decreases. That is, the processing of materials will occur more slowly.

What can be additional functions

The choice of a corner grinding of concrete is also affected by the presence of such “bonuses” as:

  • Smooth starting of the tool without unnecessary jerks and vibrations;
  • Automatic “shooting” brushes (brushes are turned off in automatic mode if they are earned to a minimum);
  • Automatic decrease in disk speed, if the disk is erased unevenly, which helps to reduce vibration and alleviate the load on hand;
  • Button fixation (if a large amount of work and duration of work is planned, you can fix the start button);
  • Quick-removable casing (removed without any accessories);
  • Adjustment of the speed of the cutting element;
  • Protection of the main mechanisms from dust;
  • The dust loss system (angular grinder is equipped with a special opening through which you can connect a vacuum cleaner to collect dust).

As for the strength, the duration of the instrument service, these qualities depend on the manufacturer. The most reliable brands. Makita, Metabo, Dewalt.

Features of work with corner grinding

During cutting, grinding the concrete surface with an angular grinder, you should adhere to safety precautions and follow the basic rules. You can work with a tool only in protective clothes (mask, gloves, protective robes, headphones). You should also prepare devices for the tool itself: a device for collecting dust, nozzles for angular grinders, casing.

The corner grinder should be held with both hands so that the tool does not slip and does not injure a person. It is also necessary to ensure equilibrium for security, so you need to carefully check the surface, it must be even. If the network model is used, you need to ensure that the tool does not cut the cord, so the cable must be placed on the back. If you need to switch from one place to another in time, it is better to turn off the device at this time. In the case of the disappearance of electricity on the network, you should turn off the cord from the outlet to prevent a short circuit and premature breakdown of the tool.

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Linear cutting on concrete is performed in stages:

  • Future cut line label. For greater accuracy, you can use fixed wooden bars.
  • Execution of the cut. After turning on the device, a small cut should be made, with a maximum depth of up to 10 mm.
  • Elimination of previously fixed bars.
  • Cut the cutting of the desired size.

To prevent the disk overheating, you need to turn off the device from time to time and let it cool.

There is another way. Work with cooling. To do this, during operation, the processed surface must be sprayed with water (you can use a spray gun). Thus, water enters only the working area. Disk that reduces the risk of its heating.

The third way. Air cooling. If the corner grinder is turned on for too long, remove the circle from the cut and turn on the tool on the open surface so that the disk can “breathe” with fresh air.

If you have questions after reading the article, leave the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. I will be happy to answer them!

Which corner grinder for home to choose?

An angular grinder is used in both everyday life and professional activity.

Corner grinder for cutting, grinding, cleaning of the surface of various materials, such as metal, concrete, stone and other materials, is useful to be useful.

The tool can have various characteristics that affect the capabilities of the corner grinder quickly and easily perform certain tasks.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tool option correctly. We offer you some tips on how to choose an angular grinding machine.

An angle grinding machine may vary:

Power. Affects performance, and, accordingly, the possibility of performing work with large loads.

The higher it is, the more complex tasks the tool can perform.

choose, right, corner, grinder

If simple work is planned, models with parameters up to 1200 watts are suitable for you (for a disk with a diameter of 125 mm).

We need a high speed of tasks and there are large volumes of work? Then pay attention to models with a power above 1200 watts.

Depending on power, the tool is divided into household and professional.

Professional tools can work for a long time without a break, have a fairly wide functionality.

Household angle grinding machine is suitable for simple, periodic work on a personal plot.

For example, to prepare welding of workpieces of small metal structures, dismantling the old heating system during the reconstruction of the house.

This model is often characterized by slight power, performance and optimal cost.

Disk diameter. This parameter may vary from 115 to 230 millimeters.

Small discs of 115-125 mm are used for shallow cuts, sheet metal, reinforcement cutting.

The size of 125 mm is the greatest demand among consumers. Of the advantages of such a disk, the approval of operation, as well as the ability to use for a wide type of task.

Average discs 150-180 mm. Suitable for dismantling pipes, deep cuts, dismantling metal structures.

Large size 230 mm. Such a disc is suitable for cutting metal of large thickness, will allow you to cope with complex tasks.

Which corner grinder is better for home? The best option is a tool with a disk size of 125 millimeters.

If you need more complex tasks, choose an option with medium or large discs.

Rotation speed adjustment. Corner grinder with speed adjustment allows you to perform surgery operations or for work, which requires lower rotation speed compared to the nominal.

This functionality will be useful if it is required to perform a wide range of various works with different materials.

How To Install a Door in Bad Framing!

Lever. Convenient main handle allows you to facilitate the control of the position of the corner grinder as much as possible.

The front handle provides the correct position of the disk in the propyle without distortion, increasing the degree of safety in operation.

You can install a corner grinder in the most convenient position for the master.

In addition, when buying, pay attention to the shape of the handles itself, the presence of the rubberized part. All this affects convenience and comfort during operation.

Another selection criterion is a corner grinder is a weight. The more a massive tool, the harder it is to keep it.

Light models are an ideal choice for working in narrow spaces, solving simple problems in everyday life.

Such models are easier to hold, and accordingly, there is no need to take frequent breaks.

On the other hand, heavy models will have higher performance.

Therefore, if you are interested in how to choose the right angular grinder for home and cottage, pay attention to this parameter.

Additional functionality allows the operation of the corner grinder more convenient, comfortable, extend the life of the tool.

Angle Grinder Safety

So, for example, a “smooth start” will be a useful function. If it is available, the inclusion of an angular grinder will be without a jerk that is difficult to control, and vibrations, and will also avoid premature wear of parts and units of corner grinder.

This greatly facilitates the process of launching the tool, increases safety during operation.

An important factor when choosing an angular grinder will be the manufacturer.

Our online store presents a tool from TM Machtz. We are the official representative of the manufacturer, offering a wide range of high.Quality goods.

You can purchase a corner grinder of the required type from us, as well as read, compare the characteristics on the site, watch video reviews.

If there are problems with the choice, you can apply for advice to managers on these phones.

So, the site shows an angular grinder Mächtz Mag-23/2920 with a capacity of 2920 W, a disk diameter of 230 mm, rotation speed of 6000 rpm and the “smooth start” function.

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