How to choose the right grass trimmer for grass

To cut the grass at the cottage, take care of the garden or the park, it is not necessary to use a lawnmower. The grass trimmer copes with this task well. Lightweight, compact, easy to use. it is considered an excellent solution for mowing grass and weeds. Due to its availability, the grass trimmer has become even more widespread (it is actively used by dachnikov, and employees of utilities).

What is this tool? How it is better compared to a lawnmower? How to choose the right grass trimmer for the grass? About all this we will consider in this article.

Technical characteristics of grass trimmers

An important step in selecting the right unit would be to analyze the technical parameters of the models available for purchase. First of all, assess the general characteristics inherent in any type of trimmer:

  • power;
  • Width of mowing;
  • weight;
  • revolutions;
  • type of cutting element;
  • convenience of holding;
  • type of handle;
  • tank capacity (battery capacity).

Grass trimmer power for dacha and grass trimmer cutting tool

Power grass trimmer for dacha can be from 300 watts to 2.5 kW. The more powerful the grass trimmer, the faster you can get the job done, and the thicker the stems it can cut. However, as the power increases, so does the weight of the grass trimmer (from 3 to 10 kg), which should definitely be taken into account when choosing it.

Rice.10. Powerful grass trimmer can mow any weeds and is good for large areas of mowing.

The cutting tool of the grass trimmer can be a trimmer line or a knife.

Trimmer line is used to mow grass. It may be 1.5 to 4 mm in diameter and have different profiles. The thicker the scaffold (may be called a string or cord) is used, the thicker the plant stems it can cut.

Fig.11. Grass trimmer with cutting tool line for trimmer.

Fig.12. The shape of the scaffold (cord or string) varies for different conditions.

the grass trimmer with blade as cutting tool can be used for mowing grass as well as for shrubs and brushwood.

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Fig.13. Grass trimmer with a knife cutting tool.

Rice.14. Blades come in many shapes and sizes, and the type of blade depends on the application.

The advantage of a fishing line is that it is not afraid of collision with hard objects: ground, stones, fence posts, etc. Whereas a blade can break down the first time it comes into contact with a stone.

Figs.15. The knife, unlike the fishing line, is able to cut even thick stems.

Fig.16. Small grass scythes with fishing line are very handy in hard-to-reach places.

Rice.17. The model for mowing grass along the path.

Grass trimmers with fishing line are good for mowing and work in uneven areas, along fences, between greenhouses and in other tight spaces or where hard objects can get in. Grass trimmers with a blade should be chosen when high output is required and when there are bushes and tree growth that must be cut down from time to time.

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There are trimmer models, where trimmer line and knife can be used alternately. This is the right choice if you have different types of plants in your garden and different working conditions.

Figure.18. Grass trimmer mowing head with cutting line.

Fig.19. Various choices for boom and cutter head.

When choosing a grass trimmer equipped with a fishing line, it’s important to pay attention to the mowing head mechanism. It can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual according to the line feed method.

  • The automatic head independently lengthens the trimmer line as it runs out.
  • The semi-automatic has a special button, by pressing which the line is fed by centrifugal forces.
  • Manual head requires work stoppage and manual adjustment of line length.
choose, right, grass, trimmer

Motor arrangement in the trimmer

Grass trimmers are distinguished between bottom- and top-mounted.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Handlebar is attached to the boom in the middle, for easier maneuvering. Uses three types of handles:

  • D-shaped handle looks like a plastic loop. Grasped from above. Handy in cases where you need to raise the grass trimmer higher for shrub processing.
  • T-handle resembles a bicycle handlebar, and is used in a similar way. Comfortable because both hands can be used for maneuvering. Good for heavy models.
  • J-shaped handle is most similar to the handle of a traditional lawnmower, and therefore allows you to make motions similar to those of a mower.

Partially removes the vibration, which, first, strongly fatiguing in the process of work, and secondly, causes tangible harm to the body.

What grass trimmer to choose? There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all users. When choosing should be guided by the following factors:

If you have a lot of stones, a grass trimmer with blades is definitely not the right solution for you. Choose a grass trimmer, complete with a cutting system based on a fishing line, or one that provides several interchangeable attachments. Do not overpay for blades, because they can deform or break on a rock, and work with an unbalanced cutting system can cause irreparable damage to the gear grass trimmer.

If you have trees on your property and you don’t trim them regularly enough to avoid developing shoots, get a grass trimmer with metal blades or a disc.

If you use a grass trimmer for making hay, a lawnmower is the right choice.

For a small lawn under the window fit electric trimmer for grass, powered from the mains. And if your lawn is small but deep in the garden and you tend to it regularly, buy a cordless grass trimmer.

If you are a garden owner, and in addition to the lawn you have to deal with bushes and pruning of trees. the multi-trimmer is a reliable companion for you.

We hope that we were able to answer the question “How to choose a trimmer for the grass”. Have a nice day and shopping!

Which placement of the electric motor is more reliable?

The motor can be located at the top or bottom. The top location of the motor is better, because moisture does not penetrate the motor, it can work with high wet grass. It is very well balanced and more reliable than a low-mounted model. The motor at the bottom is always simpler and lighter, the tool can be turned at any angle of mowing, but it only works with a fishing line and always has a small cutting width and power of 300-400 watts.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for cutting the grass?

When choosing a particular model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

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Cutting system type. There are two different cutting systems. trimmer line and knife. line for the trimmer. The line system consists of a head inside which there is a bobbin with a wound-up kapron line. The tips of the fishing line protrude from the bobbin by a certain distance, and as the head rotates, the grass is mowed. trimmer line can easily handle small weeds and tall grass. In some cases, it can even cut small bushes

Over time, the trimmer line wears out and needs to be replaced. Depending on the grass trimmer model, it changes automatically or semi-automatically. Automatic change occurs when the grass trimmer is switched on, semiautomatic change occurs when the grass trimmer head hits the ground.

Blade. Cutting system with blade is installed on models with a powerful motor. The blade can be fitted with two, three or four blades. The blade is ideal for cutting dense bushes and brush stems. Mowing small trees with a blade is not enough: A metal blade with teeth like a circular saw is used in such cases.

Engine location. trimmers have a motor at the top or bottom. The upper arrangement is more convenient for the following reasons:

  • the engine is protected against moisture,
  • The grass trimmer can be used to mow wet grass,
  • The grass trimmer is well-balanced and lies comfortably in the hand,
  • there is a powerful motor at the top that can work with a fishing line and a blade.

Grass trimmers usually have simple, low-power engines underneath. Their power only goes for the fishing line.

Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the grass trimmer. Household models up to 500 watts are used for mowing small lawns and doing DIY jobs after using the lawnmower. The 500-1000 watt models are the most practical. They can be used to mow lawns, sweep grass in parks and tend to garden plots. Models with more than 1000 watts are the most universal. They can work with a knife and a fishing line, have a long service life, quality and reliability. Their purpose. mowing lawns, destroying thickets of weeds, sawing young trees.

Drive type. Trimmers have a cable or a shaft that transmits torque. Shaft-operated models are more reliable. Due to the rigid design, they can work both with a fishing line and a knife. Models with a cable can only work with a fishing line, so this type of drive is used in low-power household brushcutters.

Design and material of boom. Electric trimmers have straight and bent booms. The curved boom uses a steel wire to transmit torque. Straight. with a gearbox and shaft. The straight boom is more reliable, so it is used in powerful trimmers. Curved boom is very unreliable and is therefore only used on low-mounted brushcutters.

Top-mounted trimmers have a collapsible and one-piece boom design. Bottom-mounted models have a telescopic boom. Telescopic booms are easier to handle: their length can be adjusted to the operator’s height and are easier to carry, store and transport. The boom is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic is lightweight and fragile. Metal is stronger but heavy. Aluminum is the best material. It combines the light weight of plastic with the strength of metal.

Handle shape. Grass trimmer handles come in D, J, and T shapes. D and J-shaped handles give trimmers better maneuverability. They are best used for difficult terrain. T-handle is used for working on large, flat areas because it can be held with both hands. Uniform load distribution results in less arm fatigue and allows the operator to work longer hours without rest.

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Carrying strap. Makes it easier to handle the brushcutter and transfers the effort from your hands to your shoulders. A single shoulder strap is sufficient for light trimmers, but heavy models need a backpack-type belt.

Mowing width. Depends on the cutting system, it affects the performance of the grass trimmer. The cutting width of the line is up to 440 mm, the disc cutting width is usually up to 250 mm.

Hyundai GC 550

If you want to clear areas so that there is an even and smooth cut, the electric grass trimmer from the manufacturer Hyundai model GC 550. Just what you need. This model is equipped with a powerful, improved engine, which has twice the speed of the rotating block compared to other models, thereby improving performance. The engine power is 700 watts, at which it performs up to 1000 revolutions per minute. Hyundai GC 550 electric grass trimmer has also advantages in heat dissipation, as a special system is built into the device, which is responsible for engine cooling in case of overheating. Automatic thermal overload protection, that switches the machine off in the event of overload. Cutting head with semi-automatic line feed. The line is 6 metres long and has a diameter of 1.6 mm, which allows it to cut 300 mm of grass in one fell swoop without damaging the stems. The handle of the Grasshopper is adjustable, making it possible to extend the reach and thus reach hard to reach places. Handle grips made of hardwearing, abrasion-resistant rubber for a comfortable grip. The unit also features an injury protection button that protects the motor from accidental activation. And you can turn the head in either direction with a swivel knob. The D-handle, which makes the mower easier and more comfortable to use, helps to adjust the working width and rotation angle of the grass trimmer head. An integrated wheel that can be used as an additional support also helps to bring the tool to the site of operation.

What STIHL offers in petrol and electric mowers

Andreas STIHL. leading manufacturer of professional, semi-professional and home-use gasoline and electric tools for gardening and forestry. Own developments and patented technologies used in production ensure the efficiency of devices, safety and comfort of the operator.

STIHL grass trimmers are available in gasoline, electric and battery-powered models. The technical data of the brushcutter allows you to choose a tool for professional use on large areas or occasional use in a compact garden plot.

Top models

Note popular with Ukrainian consumers STIHL trimmer models of each type.


  • FS 250. maximum equipment and performance;
  • FS 70 C-E. versatility and working comfort;
  • FS 38. affordability and reliability.

Cordless grass trimmers for grass

STIHL garden trimmers are available at various price levels. It’s easy for customers to find the right tool for their budget.

The of the top models of STIHL grass trimmers show the general picture.

Note! The table shows the recommended for trimmers at dealerships (in US dollars).

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