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How to choose a lawn mower

A lawn mower is a mechanical or motorized device designed for mowing low grass (up to 15 cm). Grass trimmers are used to mow taller vegetation. grass trimmer is more like a motorized mower with a guide bar, which is held by the operator at some height above the ground. Grass trimmers are used for too neglected areas and areas with small bushes. Can also be used for mowing lawns, but their cutting quality is worse than that of lawnmowers. On how to choose a trimmer for grass, we have already told.

The design of lawn mowers in almost all cases has a deck (body) on a wheel base, which is set in motion by a motor or manual force. Today we will talk in detail about what to pay attention to when choosing a lawnmower, what this technique is and what tasks allows to solve. However, before we proceed to the description of the possible functionality, first of all, let’s try to answer the most popular questions: how much can a good lawn mower cost and what brands of equipment is considered reliable. about brands and prices.

Why do you need a lawn mower??

Only this device can cut vegetation to a uniform, user-set height, throughout the whole area. In the process of shaping the cover, the height of the mowing. main parameter.

So, a two-inch grass is too short, it will become weak, it may die. Weeds quickly take root in its place. But 3 cm is the norm for summer. Above 6-7 cm. the appearance of the lawn changes. It begins to be dominated by broad-leaved plants, the plot gets a different shade, it looks ungroomed.

These rules apply to parterre lawn, in other cases (meadow, moorland) the recommended cutting height is already different. over, newly emerged grass growth is only cut one cm from the tips. Obviously, this kind of precision can only be achieved with a special device, a grass mower or grass trimmer will not do the job.

The second advantage of the lawnmower is faster and easier mowing. What it can do in an hour, a medium-sized trimmer will take a whole day to do. The user will carry all the weight of a mechanical grasshopper, and the machine on wheels only needs to be moved If it is self-propelled, it only needs to be guided.

The third advantage: if you use a lawn mower with a grass catcher box, you won’t have to work with a rake after mowing. And if you choose a model with a mulching function, the shredded grass won’t need to be removed either. it will serve as a good fertilizer.

For all the advantages, we mustn’t forget the disadvantages. The four-wheel device will not be able to mow the edges of the lawn, paths, areas near bushes and trees, with pits and bumps. That’s where an electric or lawn mower comes in. The question is often asked. Which lawn mower or ride-on trimmer to choose? The correct answer is: You need both when it comes to your lawn.

lawn mower selection criteria

Here we will look at the individual elements of lawn mowers that are or may be in devices with both gasoline engine and electric.

Casing and deck of the lawnmower

Sometimes these two concepts are mixed, but the body and deck are different elements of the design.

The deck is called the supporting part of the structure, the frame on which all the other nodes and blocks are attached. The body usually covers the lawnmower from above, covering the mechanisms from external influences.

For the manufacture of the deck and body are used the following materials:

  • plastic. the most economical choice. Not subject to corrosion, but very susceptible to mechanical influences and temperature changes;
  • ABS impact-resistant plastic. resists shocks, fairly resistant to abrasion. Even a few deep scratches will not affect the operation of the machine;
  • steel. rugged, reliable, not too expensive. But it has a lot of weight, and if you damage the anti-corrosion coating, can be beaten by rust.
  • aluminum. the most practical, but the most expensive option. Lightweight, non-corrosive, durable. Professional models are most often mounted exactly on aluminum decks.

Lawnmower wheels

It is preferable to choose a lawnmower with a large diameter and width of the wheels, as well as with a rather rough tread pattern. This makes it easier to steer and navigate over difficult terrain, and the large wheels are less damaging to the grass and soil.

There is also a distinction between wheels that are mounted on bearings, or sliding sleeves. The former are more expensive, but more durable, reliable and economical due to the absence of friction.

The lawnmower drive

A distinction is made between non-propelled and self-propelled lawnmowers.

In non-self-propelled lawnmowers, all the power of the power unit goes into rotating the cutting mechanism, and the movement is done by the user’s muscle power. In other words, you have to push the mower yourself. This is a variant that is better suited to level ground.

Self-propelled mowers drive themselves, you just have to guide them. Among the self-propelled, there are mowers with front, rear or all-wheel drive. Each option has its own advantages:

Lawn collectors in mowers, mulching function

If grass catcher box is not used, the cut grass can be thrown to the back or to the side. Some models allow the use of both options, while they may have the so-called mulching function available.

Mulching. is the grinding of grass clippings in a fine dust, for its subsequent use as an organic fertilizer. It is recommended to leave mulch grass on the lawn from time to time, this has a beneficial effect on its condition. But do not overdo it. Experts advise fertilizing lawn mulched grass not more than once a week, otherwise it does not have time to decompose and blocks the growing grass access to sunlight.

As you have probably already realized, there is no universal recipe for every user. The choice depends entirely on the characteristics of your site, your preferences and budget.

The recommended area of the lawn

Tumblers: up to 500 sq. meters. Since this subspecies is the “light”, the processing of such equipment lawn, large in area will be difficult, and not calculated it on such “feats.

Rotary: 400-1200 sq. ft. meters. And here it is more “heavy” equipment, so it has more features. Although there is a physical load at work in this case, but it is less, so they can safely “storm” the endless expanses of your plot, not forgetting, of course, about the length of the cord.

What is the difference between self-propelled and non-self-propelled lawnmowers?

A non-propelled lawnmower has no drive system and no wheels. That’s why mowing requires a certain amount of force. Most of these models are lightweight (up to 20 kg) and low-powered. They are used for mowing grass on plots not exceeding 800 square meters. м. Ideal for country houses.

The self-propelled lawnmower activates the blades and wheels with a powerful motor. No effort is needed to mow the grass, you just have to guide the machine. In some self-propelled models there is an independent shutdown of blades and motor. Such a lawn mower comes in handy on difficult terrain. If you need to cross paths with gravel, this is the best option.

Self-propelled lawn mowers can be: front-drive, rear-drive and four-wheel drive.

Front-drive mowers are more maneuverable. Choosing a self-propelled mower, pay attention to the diameter of the wheels, the more it is, the easier it will be to move the mower on the site. It is also good to ask about the availability of spare wheels and whether they are sold separately.

Mechanical mowers

They are powered by human muscles. They are a body on wheels with cutting blades inside. A distinction is made between spindle mowers and hand-held mowers. The first ones have spindle blades that are driven by the energy transmitted by the wheels’ rotation when the mower is moving. Spindle mowers can be contact (the blades cross each other) and non-contact (a gap is left between the cutting elements). All of them cut the grass as it is fed to the blade.Experienced users note that spindle mowers treat the lawn worse: the same places need to be passed several times.Manual mechanical lawnmowers have a rotating cylinder with knives attached. There are regulating elements in such mower, the grass is cut cleaner and the manual mower is more durable than the spindle mower.

The advantages of all types of mechanical lawn mowers:

  • Autonomy. no need for wires, fuel, etc.д. The mower is always ready to use;
  • Simple device. will serve properly for many years, and repairs are not difficult. Requires minimal maintenance;
  • Quietness. the absence of any engine makes the mowing of grass a very quiet process;
  • Environmentally friendly. no emissions.


  • Effective only for small lawns;
  • not suitable for uneven, hilly terrain;
  • The quality of cutting is lower than that of mowers with a motor.

Choice of technique

Before you choose a lawn mower, you need to determine who will be most engaged in mowing the grass. It should be understood that a large and heavy design, especially if it has no additional devices designed to facilitate the course, it is very difficult to push a woman or an elderly person in front of her. You can opt for a technique that has a self-propelled device. Such a lawnmower does not need to be pushed in front of you, it is enough just to set the trajectory of movement.

Engine power

Lawn mowers vary in engine power. It usually ranges from 1 to 3 kW. It is not necessary to take the most powerful units. Usually, if the lawn is in a more or less normal condition, these mowers are unnecessary. The more powerful the technique, the more it consumes electricity, which is not economically beneficial. At the same time, if the lawnmower engine is weak, it heats up very quickly and such equipment cannot work efficiently. Therefore, when buying a low-powered machine, it is necessary to look at the continuous operating time of the equipment specified in the manual.

Most often, standard lawn mowers are designed for a working time of about 30 minutes. Such a time is quite enough to bring the lawn in order.

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One of the important parameters for a quality lawn mower is the width of the blade that mows the grass. With standard lawn mowers it is 30 cm, more expensive and powerful devices have a larger width of the blade. Some have a height of up to 0.5 m.

It is the width of the knife directly affects the time during which the lawn of the countryside will be processed. The greater the width of the blades, the fewer times you will need to go over the lawn with the machine.

Equipment that is currently on the market has the ability to adjust the height of the mowed grass. It is carried out in different ways, depending on the model of the mower. If the owner wants to make a landscape design on the plot, then you should choose models with a push-button grass height adjustment. Most often it is chosen at the same level, so this indicator is not particularly important.

Grass box

Almost all modern lawn mowers have a special grass catcher box. These mechanisms are of 2 types: soft and hard.

These machines have their pros and cons. Soft ones have a larger volume for storing grass, but are much faster in disrepair and clogged. They require frequent cleaning, which is not always convenient. Rigid grass catchers are most often made of plastic. They are more durable, but in this case, it is quite difficult to monitor the filling of the container. Any lawnmower has removable grass catchers, and the technique is quite normal works without them.

Lawn mower deck

One of the most important elements of the mower is located in the deck of the mower. the blades. The detail is made of different materials. Everything depends on the price of the machine. On cheap machines, the deck is usually made of plastic, which is fragile and short-lived. That is why it is necessary to be prepared for the possible replacement of the deck when buying cheap lawnmowers in the future. expensive machines are available with a steel or aluminum deck, which is more reliable. Although it is not excluded that the electric motor itself will break down before the deck.

Extra features

In addition to the basic functions, lawnmowers have a number of additional characteristics that should be considered when buying equipment. They are not basic, but in some moments are very useful for owners of country plots. For example, some models of this equipment have a mulching function, which is a very important feature. Other lawnmowers have a side ejection function, which is very useful when mowing grass on the curb. It is necessary to remember about the relief of the plot, the more difficult and uneven the lawn to be mowed, the bigger should be the wheels of the garden equipment.


The low-cost model opens the ranking of electric mowers by quality and reliability. In addition to the 35 liter hard grass catcher box and the rear discharge function it is equipped with a mulching nozzle.

Cutting height is adjustable in 6 settings and the high maneuverability and compact size make this mower ideal for large open areas as well as for the upkeep of areas with many trees and bushes.

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