How to assemble a starter from a trimmer for mowing grass

The disassembly of the starter-assembly is not a harsh work, it simply will demand insignificantly the ability to call with a screwdriver and the most important thing of the observance of some safety measures:

Spin the pulley mounting screw to the starter cover. Remove the two antennae and the spring, after which it is extremely neat, turning your head in the other direction, dismantle the pulley. How to independently assemble a pen on the Echo SRM 22 GES trimmer, there is an Echo SRM 22 GES trimmer control handle fails and the need for hands arises. The specifics of this operation is such that even with a careful removal of the video, the spring instantly pops up from the coil, turning into a sharp metal strip that can injure the repairman. How to independently assemble a pen on the Carver trimmer, a trimmer handle broke for grass. Analyze the nature of the breakdown. With the complete destruction of the spring, the only correct solution would be to replace it. The part who has left the system can easily be purchased in online stores engaged in the sale of starters and spare parts. If the spring just got out of the hook, you need to insert it into place, having previously bend the Usyk. You need to do this carefully, since it is fried and with a neat handling at any time it can burst.

mowing, handle, each, detail

Trimmer for Patriot 3355 grass. Description of the model

A reliable and hardy trimmer for the grass Patriot Pt 3355 belongs to the class of household models. The lawn mower is intended for regular care for a small adjacent territory and garden, where it successfully copes with the mowing of thick shoots and dryness, as well as cutting small weeds and shrubs.

The basic configuration of the Patriot Motokos includes a durable gasoline 1-cylinder engine pre-configured for stable operation under constantly high and variable loads. For continuous cooling of the internal combustion engine, the system of compulsory supply of air masses is responsible.

mowing, handle, each, detail

The main characteristics of the model include:

  • The volume of the working cylinder is 33 cm3;
  • The power of the standard motor is 1.8 liters. With.;
  • The maximum possible diameter of mowing when using fishing line is 46 cm;
  • Cut diameter when using a knife. 25.5 cm;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 6.6 kg.

The Patriot 3355 lawn mower is equipped with a strong bicycle handle, on the right handle of which the gas lever is carried out and the ignition button, this layout simplifies the work with the trimmer in hard.To.Reach places.

Do.It.Yourself mowel for a walk.Behind tractor: drawings and dimensions, how to make at home, photo

A walklet for a walk.Behind tractor will help to quickly and effectively remove from the site not only grass, but also weeds and even small shrubs. It can be bought in finished form, or you can assemble it yourself, home.Made options work no worse if you are made correctly and from reliable nodes. The main thing is to choose the optimal type of design that is suitable for equipment.

Features and device

This type of attachment equipment differs from other options not only for its intended purpose, but also in the method of mowing grass. Over, there are different types of mowers, but all of them perform similar functions, have the same nodes in the design. As for the main features, they are:

  • You can mow grass or weeds with thick solid stems, small shoots. It is important to choose an option that will cope with the load, will not fail through a short time.
  • Different species performance varies. It should be selected under the area of ​​the site, if it is small, it is best to use the simplest systems. For large areas, more complex and productive systems should be used.
  • The drive from which the attachment equipment works depends on the type of walk.Behind tractor, the mounting location. Most often it is attached through belt gear, much less often. Using a power shaft.
  • The main nodes are fixed on the frame, so it should be strong, withstand the loads. An important element is the connection with the walk.Behind tractor, if there is no special connecting unit, you will need to use an additional adhesion, it can be bought in a finished form.
  • The working node can have different configuration, it all depends on what the grass or other plants need to mow. If you choose a segment or disk options for hay harvesting, they carefully cut the stems. When you just need to remove weeds, a cart-flyer is more suitable, after which the crushed green mass remains.
  • The performance of different models is different. Therefore, it is worth selecting on the basis of them what areas will have to be mowed.

In the manufacture of a home.Made mower for a walk.Behind tractor, it is better to first see the finished options, see them in reality. Then it will be much easier to assemble the structure, plus it is easier to understand the device of some nodes to implement them on your own.

Types of structures

Mowers to motor blocks do not differ in diversity. 3 basic varieties can be distinguished, each has its own characteristics, so you should understand them, choose an option for themselves. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the complexity of the assembly, if the experience is not enough, then it is best to choose what is easiest to do at home.

Segment models

One of the simplest solutions. They differ in compact dimensions, which simplifies installation, removal from the walk.Behind tractor, one person will cope with work. Put it both in front and behind. As shown, practice, the front version of the location is much more convenient and safer, when managing you do not need to constantly look under the feet. Features are:

  • Two metal strips are installed on the frame. Triangular teeth are fixed on them, small notches are made to improve work on the edges.
  • When the mower is turned on, only the upper bar begins to move, the lower one is fixed motionless. The cutting of grass is carried out according to the principle of scissors, since the knives move right and left.
  • Small sizes make this option maneuverable. It is convenient for them to work in areas with complex relief, on slopes, near buildings.
  • The design can rely on wheels or the simplest metal sling, fixed at the edges. They must be adjustable in order to adapt to the site, change the height of the mowing.
  • The system copes well even with thick stems of weeds, as well as with high dry. It is suitable for mowing grass when harvesting hay, as it does not spoil the stems, they carefully fit to the ground. But to work on low soft grass, this is not the best solution.
  • The system is quite reliable, almost never breaks, requires minimal maintenance. The only thing to follow is the sharpness of the knives, the quality of work largely depends on this.

For all its simplicity and compactness, this option is complicated in the manufacture of. If there is no experience in metalworking, assembly of equipment in the workshop, it is easier to choose another solution.

Due to the independent fastening, the work is easy to stop, turn off the equipment in any dangerous situation. When using vibration from a mowing, it is not transmitted to a single tractor, it is comfortable and easy to use it because of a small mass.

Rotary options

This variety is used on different models of motoblocks. Sometimes it is sold complete with equipment, but more often you need to buy separately, the price is not the smallest. The models are called disk, since the main working elements have this shape, the size depends on the width of the processing. Peculiarities:

  • Two disks are fixed on the frame, in which several blades stand. They are not visible when the equipment does not work, but when rotating, they are advanced under the influence of centrifugal force.
  • Due to the fact that the discs move towards each other, mowed grass, or weeds are formed in neat mowing. This option is convenient to harvest animal food.
  • By the type of fastening of the rotary mowing to the walk.Behind tractor, hinged, semi.Wow, trailed. The first option usually weighs a little, the rest is an order of magnitude harder.
  • Can be located in front, back, or from the side of the walk.Behind tractor. It all depends on the model of the technique, as well as the design through which the force is transmitted from the engine to the mower.
  • When choosing, take into account the power of the motor, the area that must be processed. The larger it is, the wider the working part should be.

Rotor mowers are easy to maintain, it is necessary to lubricate moving joints from time to time, replace the knives as it is worn. It is important to first inspect the site so that there are no stones or metal objects there. The discs rotate very quickly, when such elements gets, they can be badly damaged.

As a conclusion

As you can see, the installation of the door handle on the interior door is not particularly difficult, the work does not require a professional tool, the number of operations is reduced to three. You will need only accuracy and accuracy. Yes, also a desire to install a pen on your own.

Recommended procedure

Repair of the handle of the interior door of the pressure type is no different from the restoration of the performance of analogues installed on the entrance wings. All technological operations, as well as typical malfunctions, are completely identical. The difference is only in the nuances determined by the type of locking mechanism (mortise or invoice) and its model (manufacturer).

Dismantling of a lock device

  • On both sides of the sash are fasteners connected by long screws. Depending on the model of the lock, they can be 2 or 4. The latter is characteristic of handles installed on frame doors. The task is to unscrew the metizes and remove them from the landing nests.
  • It remains to remove the castle mechanism. If it has a decorative bar, then first you have to twist a small screw that fixes the handle. After that (by rotation counterclockwise), the lining is removed.

Determination of a malfunction and repair

One end of the spring flew off the seat. This becomes clear without analysis of accessories; With such a defect, after pressing the handle in its original position does not return. It is easy to eliminate. To hook the spring and check the mechanism in operation. But if the part is broken, it is useless to repair. Firstly, you still need to find it, with the same linear parameters. Secondly, the strength of its stretching should be identical, otherwise the work of the castle will deliver a lot of inconvenience. For example, the tongue will not completely sink into the sash, constantly clinging to the bar. In this case, it is advisable to install a new castle.

When buying a handle for a metal door, you need to look at the location of the holes in the bar for fasteners. It is unlikely that anyone will suit the prospect of drilling a steel canvas, if it turns out that the old nests for fixing the castle are not suitable.

There is no displacement of the tongue. Such a malfunction of the mechanism is caused by several causes.

Option 1. The handle itself got loose. This is mainly characteristic of samples from soft metals (alloys). The faces of her groove are gradually collapsed, and the reliability of the adhesion with the rod is lost. You can solve the problem in two ways. The first (temporary, for the period of searching for new fittings). Seal the gap between the “square” and the groove in the handle. Second. Replace the part. The pens are sold in retail, and you can choose the product of any configuration you like. The main thing is that the landing “nest” is identical to the size of a reliable dock with the mechanism of the latch.

Option 2. Blood damage. As a rule, in cheap locks of silumin rods, and this alloy does not differ in strength. It is not difficult to buy such a part, cut in length, treat the ends with a file and install in place.

The handle periodically falls, but there is no metal destruction. The only reason is the weakening or breakdown of the lock ring. If it burst, then fragments will fall out immediately after dismantling the mechanism. This is the worst scenario. Such a castle will have to be changed. If the lock is simply weakened, you can try to squeeze it. This does not always work, especially if steel of high quality; She is easy to spring. But there are no other repair options in such a situation. With a positive result, the castle will still serve for some time.

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And the last. Do not forget that any mechanism, including the door handle, needs periodic inspection and maintenance. If you make a partial disassembly of the castle in a timely manner and lubricate the rubbing parts, regularly tighten the fasteners, then there will be no problems with its breakdown for a long time.

It turns out that knowing the device of constipation and having only a couple of screwdrivers at hand, to understand how to repair the door handle of the interior door or input is easy. But if you need to replace some detail or the entire mechanism, it is better to take a faulty sample when going to the store with you. You need to purchase an analogue “one to one”, otherwise it is not a fact that it is suitable in size, thickness, configuration, and so on.

Reviews about the mower of Z-169 Wirax

Multifunctional mini-tractors are gradually entering the life of country houses, and perhaps the most urgent problem is to mow the grass. This is not surprising, since the grass grows everywhere, and you do not need to plant it.

Segmented mowers and discs are used to spit grass of mini-tractors. Over, disk braids are more effective. Among the proposed options for disk braids. The most reliable and effective Wirax 1 swivel braids.3 that are produced in Poland. This small disk mower is designed for mini-tractors with a capacity of 20 horsepower.

For large tractors, Wirax discs are made with capture. 1.65 and 1.85 meters. Wirax Z069 / 1. It is made with a short shoulder for mini-tractors of small sizes and weighing 280 kg. There is no doubt that not all mini-tractors are suitable with a large shoulder mowing, since its weight is 300 kg, but its reliability consists in the use of cardans and bearings that do not differ very much. Wirax. One.35 is intended for cutting high.Yielding and powdered herbs and suspended from behind on tractors tractor tractors.

The braid has two discs that rotate from left to right, and from right to left, as a result, when mowing grass, they are inserted into the rolls for the convenience of further processing. Wirax mower is equipped with a protective cover and a cardan shaft.

But let’s see what the mowing users who are taken from the popular Farmer forum write: “Yesterday I mowed the VIRAX 1 mower.35 on DF244. I reduced about 1.5 hectares per day. The field is unfamiliar, weeds, the height of the cow of 2 meters, in some places it was higher than in the cabin. On the 3rd lowered, on the 4th owed tractor, it is probably hard, probably due to thick heavy grass.One. I confirm the recommendation to shift the blades upside down. So /-. Wearing a knife less. Only 2 knives per 1 plate, not 4. Knives that we move from one plate to another. They begin to work with another cutting edge.2. Protection of a rag prevents it. He waved a frame, and on it there was a cover from a banner. This interferes, you do not see what is happening, and helps to fill thick grass between the drums. I understood this only from black smoke from the pipe. The cover was removed nafig, well, what did not buy.3. And the unfamiliar region is convenient to mow the first passages from the frontal. We lower the bucket, bucket, we take the grass as low as possible, if there are obstacles. I immediately felt. Then we walk in a circle on the newly cut strip.4. There were nests, earthen stumps from meadow dogs. Bends fluff. Bushes, birch shoots of 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter. Abbreviations without noticing.5. To protect against obstacles (springs), you must pull up to 5 centimeters from the maximum free position. Otherwise, it often takes into account the small unevenness of the field.6. I was glad that I took DF with the cabin. It will be very inconvenient to mow without a cab, the mowing of the grass dries greatly from the lawn mower, and many moshniks rises.7. The braid should always be scattered in neutral gear, smoothly, and then start. “

“At that time, they brought me to Poland a segmented mower at 100, 800 UAH, after I completely swallowed it, mowed well, but she needed a flat platform and standing grass, very afraid to hit the ground on a cutting device, it worked for two seasons and sold for 350, bought a new rotary cutter after that and forgot about all the problems associated with bumps, earth from dug moles, grassy grass, etc. D. If it is possible to better raise money and immediately accept, I recommend.

“Thank you, today I tried to mow, squinting normally, but very low (it cuts off any irregularities, thoroughs), but how I keep a clue with a mitch? Completely drop or rise above the ground and how much distance? “

“I also drew 1.5 hectares on the same conditions, but did not notice the difference in wearing, but she was noticed by sod and anthill. Anthills is somehow not very good, they basically fly back, but there is a knife to the ground, since the fountains are hit above the roof, in fact, the same layer of dirt on the roof as on the lawn mower. Manages to throw even a hood.After about an hour, he washed the tractor with a lawn mower. By the way, it was a good example of what protection is needed. “He hooked a touch and went to try. Not so many 50 meters squinted, but 50 ago I still wanted to bite and time 22.30, the overall impression is positive. Minus, if something like normal on a flat road, but if the bumpy tin is, of course, hard, but I don’t have goods ahead, I haven’t installed them yet. It is necessary to rearrange the wheel, because you need to go a little along the edge of the roll and roll along the video. This is quietly working, the tractor does not shake, as from the segmented, everything is perfectly poured by the anthill, this is not a hindrance, the long.Term straw pushes everything, the segmented cannot even mow the place even. I did not feel the conquered on the first three.Number or the load, but it rotates the drums decent on DVS. “

Malfunctions and their elimination

Electric and gasoline trimmers have typical breakdowns and malfunctions. For devices running from an internal combustion engine, this is:

  • Problems in the carburetor;
  • Engine breakdown;
  • Problems with the fuel system;
  • Breakdown of the gearbox, starter, muffler;
  • Blockages;
  • Air filter breakdown;
  • Problems with ignition coil.

Electric units have specific breakdowns:

With simple problems, you can make a trimmer repair for grass with your own hands.

mowing, handle, each, detail

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass

The most common reason that the unit does not start is the use of poor.Quality fuel. The choice of gas stamps below AI-92 can disable the lawnical mower. If high.Quality fuel is used, you need to look for other reasons. To do this, carefully check all nodes and systems. The checks are subject to:

The device may not start after prolonged downtime. Before turning on a trimmer for grass, you need to study well the instructions for operation. The solution of many problems is indicated in it.

If it stalls when you press the gas

There are several reasons why a trimmer for grass stalls when gas is pressed:

  • The first reason is the dumping of the carburetor.
  • Fuel valve.
  • Fur valve blockage.
  • The weakening and sagging of the carburetor cable or sagging of the fuel intake hose.

So that the described problems with the lawn mower do not arise, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the device and its blocks. Timely cleaning, washing of the unit and spare parts allow you to increase its life.

Starter breakdowns

The most difficult breakdown of the starter occurs when the rope is broken and winding it into the flywheel of the operating engine. As a result, the spring may burst and the pulley plunges. In this case, only a complete replacement of the spare part will help. This breakdown rarely occurs. Often:

In this case, it is easy to fix the starter yourself. The manufacturer has prepared a step.By.Step instruction for this.


Caring for the motorcade gearbox consists in the timely lubrication of the unit. The absence of one can lead to rapid wear of the gear and jamming of the gearbox module.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer gearbox for grass:

  • Severe heating of the gear rates due to the use of low-quality lubrication or its absence;
  • Shaking of the shaft during the rotation of worn bearings;
  • Staggering or flowering from the bar of the gear ratio as a result of damage to the case;
  • Lack of rotation of the output shaft with a knife due to wear on the teeth on the gears.

This happens due to the use of low-quality lubrication or its complete absence. Another reason for the failure of the gearbox is the operation of a trimmer for grass at the limit of its capabilities and the hit of foreign objects. To replace a faulty bearing, a gearbox is disassembled.

Features of the repair of electric models

Electric models of trimmers operating from the network have several main blocks:

Each electrimmer block has specific problems. In the mechanical part, they depend on the presence of a fishing line used as a cutting element. Reasons for the termination of work:

You can identify the problems of the electrical part of the electrocos using special tools:

To eliminate problems, a soldering lamp is needed.

  • A malfunction of the power cable;
  • Problems with an outlet and fork;
  • The failure of the control handle;
  • Combustion of the starter winding, engine replacement is required;
  • Contact breaks can be corrected independently using a soldering lamp.

Assembly order

Thus, the pen is ready for installation. However, it should be remembered that the assembly process does not end there, since it will still be necessary to install the castle with which the door will snatch tightly. Within the framework of this article, we examined specifically the assembly of a standard handle model.

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We recommend that you install the door handle strictly according to measurements. You can also use the help of a master who will install a pen and a lock on your own.

Handles and locks for forged gate

The forged gates have always been and remain examples of a good taste of the owners of the land plot. The price of them is much higher than the price of metal profiles or woods. In addition to exceptional beauty, they add the territory a note of respectability and indicate the financial prosperity of the owners. Such gates are usually automated. For heavy sliding gates, the selection of accessories is a matter of principle.

A selection of various options for forged gate and gates

The choice of handles and locks in this case should be approached with special care and sense of style. Most modern products are supplied with electric systems and controlled remotely. Remote control. Forged gates and gates can be both sectional types (stamped at the factory) or custom.Made. In addition to sliding gates, the installation of swing gates made of processed metal is popular.

Automation installed on sliding structures makes their use as convenient as possible and allows saving space, which is relevant for small yards.

Swing options remain an unchanged tribute to classics and traditions. Forged gates are often duplicated with grooves made in the same style. It is customary to install the corresponding design of relief pens on them.

Such fittings often come with electromechanical or electromagnetic locks, the installation of which it is advisable to entrust to specialists. Forged brackets and other artistic fittings are presented in the assortment and are distinguished by sophistication and beauty. They can be painted in different colors, for example, in black, bronze or gold. During operation of the product, the product should be periodically treated with a special anti.Corrosion solution.

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