Rotary and segment mowers: Reviews of real buyers, which is better to choose

The forums have a large number of different reviews about the work of mowers for motoblocks. Here people conduct an active discussion of various models and give a recommendation to choose them.

“I chose a mower for a long time. Studied the features of each model and its characteristics. As a result, I stopped on the rotary version. He is more practical in terms of operation. After all, my plot is not even and there are slopes and hillocks on it. Therefore, an ideal option was a single.Disc rotor braid.

“I keep a small company on landscape design. And sometimes you have to take on the most complex and overgrown areas. I can’t even imagine without a mower and a walk.Behind tractor, as it was done earlier. “.

Rotor mower for a walk.Behind tractor. Design description

The rotary mower to the walk.Behind tractor is a type of attachment equipment, the function of which is to mow weeds and bushes in meadows and fields. This device successfully copes with the removal of grass in large areas, the soil of which is not treated with herbicides.

Often, the rotary mower is also called disk. This is due to the principle of its operation and constructive features. Depending on the method of connection with the walk.Behind tractor, such a mower can be half.Waist, hinged or trailed. Also hinged equipment of this type is classified by the location of the cutting elements in relation to the used motoblock. Therefore, the factors distinguish rotary mowers with the front, rear and lateral arrangement of cutting knives.

During operation on the site, the rotary mower is set in motion through the transmission and wheel of a motor block. The design of such attached equipment is extremely simple. One or more cutting discs along with the support wheel are fixed on the frame. As soon as the support wheel begins to move, the discs that make the mowing of vegetation begin to rotate with it.

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Areas the use of rotary mowing is quite extensive. It can be used in pastures, meadows and large gardens. At the same time, the more discs are included in the design of the equipment, the greater the processed area can be.


KSF-2 braid.1 consists of the following main structural elements and details:

  • The frame on which the rest of the working tools are based and has a mount for mounting on the tractor’s coupling.
  • The traction rod is designed to connect the working cutting tool with the device frame.
  • Cutting the blade with sharp segments (fingers).

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During the operation of the mowing, the blade with knives is driven by the reciprocating movement parallel to the surface of the earth. At the same time, the stems falling in the way fall on the fixed segments of the canvas and immediately pressed tightly against them, moving the blades. Haircut haircut is similar to the work of ordinary scissors, leaving a strip of finished mowing. Scheme of the KSF-2 mower.Eleven. Knife head; 2. Guiding heads of the knife; 3. Knife head cover; 4. Slippers; 5. Rod tap; 6. Street shoes; 7. Field board; eight. Finger; nine. Finger of the insert; ten. A piece of a knife; eleven. Clip-knife; 12. Knife back; thirteen. Friction stove.

The use of corner grinders

If you do not have a rotary mower, but you have an angle grinding machine, then you can make equipment from a corner grinder. The braid is a seasonal tool, so it will be more rational to prepare it for a certain season. For example, you can also convert the corner grinder in the milling machine, as well as a drilling machine, a chain saw and a lawn mower.

In order to make a haying grinder from a corner grinder, you will have to cut the disc drive car into two parts. Only one part has to use in the work. On the one hand, it should be closed with a sheet of metal. In this case, a metal disk from a circular saw may come in handy, which has served its term. This will allow you to get the equipment housing. The handle and wheels are fixed to it with electric welding. An angle grinding machine is installed on top.

The enclosing casing on the unit must be strengthened as tight as possible. At the next stage, the necessary holes are drilled in the bed and casing. Fastening is carried out using bolts. This will allow you to fix the angular grinder on a mower. Gathering a haymaking with your own hands, you must remember that the working shaft of the main tool does not differ in an impressive length, so it will be problematic to fix the knife on it.

On the shaft to solve the problem, you need to wind a nut with an elongated thread, only after you can start fastening the knives for the hay. With the help of the resulting tool, it will be possible to deal with low grass. In the bow of the equipment, you can create a cavity that will be intended for mowing grass. The nasal part will not be pressed to the ground by half. To do this, part of the braid moves forward so that the grass is not laid to the ground in front of the cut, but managed to rise.

How to properly set the ignition on a lawn mower

It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment, and especially garden, working in quite difficult any conditions, asks for maintenance. Even the usual and small service significantly increases the resource of the work of this technique, and does the work itself more ordinary and solid. And the motors are starting “from half a tyk”, and work massively and without a roar and rubbish.

Such a small service of its own technique is provided by its owner himself, without the need to carry it to the special service. On the example of this article, I will tell you about the necessary works that need to be carried out on a gasoline lawnical mower. Other benzocosyles in our client will be approximately the same.

After the last season and wintering in a cool barn, the lawn mower requires cleaning and lubrication. External cleaning was made in the fall, before storage, at the moment it is necessary to carry out it more painstakingly and prepare the lawn mower for the battle with the grass and weeds.

First of all, you need to remove protective covers from the engine of a gasoline lawn mower. This will provide easier access to the main nodes and facilitate the work. We will also be able to look around the starter device, remove dust from under the casing, particles of dry grass and the rest of the garbage, interfering with normal cooling of the motor. And it is no secret to anyone, the air on its quality is influenced by specifically the cleanliness of the motor.

The motor casing (in my MTD SP 48 model) is attached with 4 screws (poses. 1 in the photo). We pass the starter’s handle through the lumen and remove the casing.

Now our company can remove the starter device and gain access to the main motor nodes. For this purpose, we unscrew 3 screws, which strengthen both the starter launching and the fairing of the fan-butter.

The starting device is carefully cleaned from garbage and examine the starting cable. If it is damaged, you will have to change it to a new one, having dismantled it himself. There is an option to return an option to a light “disgusting” cable using a certain elastic glue (rubber, PVA). T.E. Such, who would glue with each other villi, but the place of adhesives remained elastic.

How to set the ignition?

Having removed the fairing of the fan painstakingly clean the fairing itself and the fan blades using a stiff brush with a long pile. Now let’s move on to the motor nodes.

The ignition system of the lawn mower is arranged so. A constant magnet is built into the flywheel of the motor. When he “flies” past the poles of Magneto (pos. 4.5 in the photo), the magnetic flux is closed and the electric motor is induced in the Magneto coil. Using an electrical circuit, the myth is shortened in time and a powerful pulse is formed, sufficient for the electronic breakdown of the gap of the spark plug (pos.One)

Specifically speaking the quality of the spark and ensures the ease of launching the gas mowing motor. Therefore, we do such operations.

At first we unwind the spark plug and examine it. If the lawn mower had to work perfectly last season, it is better to replace it to the latest, sell it if the ancient still looks decent. New and further will be better. Obviously, for earlier you need to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. Normally set it by bending the Mr-shaped electrode up to 0.5-0.6 mm, already. Magneto may not be enough at different power, and the spark will be called weak or it will not be at all.

Now we’ll get Magneto. If earlier the lawn mower started up without much effort, then Mosno will be limited to cleaning and checking the wires. In that case, there were tasks earlier, we will check the gap between the magneto and the flywheel. The smaller it is, the better the spark. But you can not press Magneto to the flywheel in attraction. There is a common method of checking and installing such a gap. We take a duralumin beer jar and cut out a strip from it. Weakening the mount of the magneto and laying a strip of aluminum between his poles and the flywheel, we press the magneto and tighten the bolts. As a result, we pull the strip with pliers. I have repeatedly used this method and always gave a positive result.

configure, mower, correctly, advantages, disadvantages

Briggsstratton 450 Small Repair

Now we will examine the brake system. (pos.3 in the photo). It is created for a frisky stop of the motor when turning it off. The brake block is pressed against the flywheel of the motor, with the simultaneous closing of the ignition wire to the mass.

They are appreciated by women, and the block and the flywheel are made to be stained with unsuccessful. If necessary, the brake block is replaced or regulated. The cable and spring of the brake mechanism are also cleaned and lubricated. With all this, it is comfortable to use lubrication in aerosol spray cans.

Oil change in the motor crankcase. It needs to be created according to the annotation for a benzogazono.Core, but not more often than once only in the season, even if you mowed slightly. Since the oil is oxidized and its lubricating characteristics deteriorate.

To drain old oil, the lawn mower is tilted towards the drain hole (pos 1 in the photo), putting a churbak under the wheels or something else. If you want to be so that old oil does not flow into a protective casing, a small groove is cut out of a plastic bottle where an old oil is dragging into a substituted container without staining the casing. When it remains to make our client the oil drains, the hole is closed and new oil is poured through the filled oil neck to the desired level. Oil with a viscosity recommended by the manufacturer should be used. As a rule, this is 10W40 for 4 stroke engines. It is pointless to use more watery and expensive varieties, because the engine does not have an oil pump and lubrication is made by oil fog. And operation of the lawn mower occurs at positive temperatures. And expensive oils show their characteristics exclusively in extreme situations.

The assembly and installation of all the covers is carried out in a working order.

The ending step of the “Tekhot” is the audit of the knives. There are mutually exclusive ideas on different forums, sharpening them not to sharpen. I am an adherent not to “do not sharpen”. They are appreciated by women, if there are scurry and bends left by the stones that you tried to mow, then they need to be removed. But to grind the edge to razor sharpness does not make any sense. And the arguments here are such. Firstly, for example, a fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass is generally round. And nothing, it will chop the grass perfectly. Secondly, the grass itself is better when it is not cut, but pinch off. The cut tip of the grass usually turns yellow and dries. And the pinned. Rapidly overgrowing, healing the wound. And yet, as far as you did not sharpen knives, after half an hour of work they will go into their professionalism normally working condition. T.E. It will be the edge of the metal with a rounding of 0.5 mm in the diameter. About this state they will be workers for a very long time. The knife chop the grass with the power of the blow, inertia, and not. Therefore, you need to remove only more noticeable burrs from a knife from a knife with a ratfille or an abrasive bar, this will be enough.

How to set up a rotary mowing on an MTZ

Rotor mower KRN-2.1. One of those tools used in agriculture, which is produced at once by several companies in different countries. It is not universal, but can be used at once with several different models of compatible devices, such as MTZ MTZ tractors 80 and 82, as well as the LTZ-55 tractor. Features of its design provide adaptation to the conditions of application.

configure, mower, correctly, advantages, disadvantages

The purpose of the KRN-2 mowel.One

Rotary KRN-2 mower.1 is used exclusively in combination with overall agricultural vehicles for mowing sowing or wild plants in large.Scale squares. A special effect is noticeable when used in high.Yielding fields and areas, abundantly overgrown with herbs, small shrubs. Due to the possibility of setting up the angle of slope of the mowing, it can be used even for mowing vegetation around dams and along roads, which significantly expands the scope of the attached tractor tool. This tool is perfectly numbered with the MTZ 82 tractor model.

Rotor mower KRN-2.1 installed on a tractor


I sell a mower rotary hinged KRN 2.1 in d.Kiskekeevo Ishimbay district.89631432600 89177302560.

The advantages and disadvantages of KRN-2 mowel.One

The advantages of the device include the use of plate disk knives in the design. They allow you to mow vegetation evenly, while leaving not tangled and not crushed, but even and composed grass, which without problems folds into a stack, which significantly accelerates its cleaning from the field. Over, more than 1 person is not required to serve the tool.

Also, the list of advantages includes the protection of cutting elements, which reduces the likelihood of their breakdown due to a collision with solid objects like stones. In addition, the cutting device without additional setting can be adjusted to the relief if its differences do not exceed 45 degrees.

Lack of all rotary models, including KRN-2 mowls.1, consists in the fact that they have lower performance than, for example, segment. In the process of application, it is important to monitor the speed of movement, t.To. At low speeds, the quality of work is significantly reduced.

The disadvantages also include relatively low versatility, t.To. You can use it exclusively with class 0.9-1.4 t.

The device is rotary KRN-2 braids.One

In general, rotary KRN-2 mower It has a simple design and consists of the following elements:

  • Frames;
  • Subframe;
  • Field divider;
  • Cutter;
  • Counterweights;
  • Drive;
  • Hydro.Equipment;
  • Racks.

The cutting device is based on the work of 4 identical rotors, and the drive is included in the operation of the tractor and consists of wedge and gear.

In addition to a mower used on the field, a grain meter may come in handy.

How to configure mirrors in the car

There are no questions with the setting of the salon, the entire area of ​​the rear window should be visible in it, including the lower part. It is allowed that a part of the driver’s seats and the driver’s face was visible in the intra.Axial mirror.

There are more questions with the adjustment of the lateral ones, so we will tell you in more detail how to properly set the rear.View mirrors.

Adjusting the left side

Mirrors can have a mechanical or electric adjustment drive, therefore, we will not tell about the buttons and levers necessary for this purpose. It is more important to understand what should be seen in the left side mirror.

How to sharpen lawn mower blades

If most of the wing, the rear passenger door or wheel is visible in it. The setting is wrong. Ideally, the driver should see only a small part of the rear wing in the nearby corner of the mirror. This situation is achieved in the following way:

When you take the usual position at the wheel, the reflection will be seen exactly what you need.

How to adjust the right

With the setting of the right mirror, the algorithm is slightly different. The driver needs to bend to the right so that the head is approximately in the center of the cabin. Now you can adjust the mirror: you need to make sure that the right wing is in the field of view.

When the driver returns to the starting position, he will be seen in the reflection precisely what is needed: the right row or curb and a little space in his lane.

For owners of right.Hand drive cars: on a car with the right location of the steering wheel, the mirror is adjusted according to the same principle, but setting the right mirror the driver tilts his head to the side glass, and when adjusting the left, it leans to the middle of the car interior.

Operation of a battery mowing

The battery braids have a couple of important advantages over network models. Without a network cord, the device provides practically unlimited mobility, and this is really very important. It is convenient to work with a cable 30 meters long only on a site up to 5 acres. If the area is larger, you will need a large extension cord, which always interferes under the feet.

It’s easier with a battery model. Especially if an elderly person carries out the lawn. However, when choosing a device for grandparents, it is worth considering the more significant weight of the device. Even a small and maneuverable three.Wheeled mowel of the initial level with an installed battery weighs about 15 kg.

The operation of the device is limited to the ability of a lithium-ion battery to give energy, and according to this parameter, battery mowers are still inferior to network. The economy class mower is equipped with a 4 A h battery with a voltage of 36 V. The time of non.Stop operation of the tool is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the condition and type of grass on the site.

The time of full charge of the battery is from 2 to 2.5 hours, so the manufacturer recommends using such a mower in areas of up to 5 acres. You can also process a lawn of larger area if you purchase an additional battery.

How to Fix a Mower that Cuts Uneven

The improvement of power sources today is given great attention around the world, so more capacious batteries appear every year and the operating time of equipment is gradually increasing. Advanced models today can serve as a full.Fledged alternative to a network mowing with a plot area of ​​8-10 acres. In this case, the wireless mower will also reduce the working hours by about a third.

All recommendations for operating and caring for network braids are suitable for battery devices, but there are also special requirements that must be complied with so that the battery without problems serves during the deadline declared by the manufacturer. For different models, this period is from 2 to 6 years.

  • It is recommended to load the battery only using the original device. If the battery is not used, it must be stored in the room, in a separate box, since tools or other metal objects can close contacts, which leads to fire.
  • In case of violation of storage conditions from the battery case, a liquid can leak, the contact with which should be avoided. A mower with a installed battery is not recommended to leave in the sun. To avoid overheating of the battery.
  • When charging, do not put the charger on a soft surface. These holes are needed for ventilation, they should always be open.

Hinged and trailed segmented mowers turn a tractor into a tool suitable for harvesting green feed. Devices of this type are especially effective where it is necessary to mow grass several times during the season without injuring stems and slowing down their growth.

In order for such equipment to be as efficiently as possible, it must be correctly selected, focusing on the power and traction class of the tractor. If you do not take into account these parameters, then the power of the tractor engine is not enough for effective mowing of grass, which is why the performance and quality of the cut will drop sharply.

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