Installation of a power inverter in a passenger or truck

Inverters are convenient gadgets that use input 12 to direct current and provide 110 V, or 220 V in many countries, AC output. Simply put, they take electricity, which is available from a cigarette lighter or auxiliary outlet in your car or truck, and turn it into a type of electricity that is available from electric sockets in your house.

This can be extremely useful in a car, truck or car, because it significantly increases the types of electronics that you can use on the road. Since almost all of your household gadgets and electronics work from alternating current, adding a power inverter to your car allows you to effectively take with you a device that you could usually use at home and use it on the road.

The usefulness provided by a good power inverter is especially useful for sellers, truckers and other people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, but a car inverter can also be a rescuer on a long trip, hike and in many other places. other circumstances.

Inverters are useful, but they have restrictions. The amount of energy that the inverter can provide is limited by the design of the inverter itself and the way you use to connect it to the electrical system of your car. Some equipment and devices, such as refrigerators, consume a huge amount of electricity when you first turn on or periodically during use, which may be a problem if the inverter is not large enough to withstand the voltage jump.

How to install a car inverter

If you are thinking about installing a car inverter, there are three main points that you need to think about before pressing the trigger:

connect, electric, generator, output
  • Portable device nutrition requirements. The inverter must provide sufficient power for all devices that you want to connect at the same time.
  • The installation location of the inverter. Inverters can be installed almost anywhere, but you need to think about the availability of devices, how you are going to connect them to the power source and grounding, and whether it can safely dissipate the heat that it generates while using.
  • Problems with connecting a power inverter. You can connect small inverters directly to the cigarette lighter or to the connector for accessories. Large inverters should be connected directly to the battery with a large fuse.

The first and most important consideration is how much energy your device is required, as this will determine the size of your inverter, installation method and installation location.

We will consider this in more detail in the following steps, but here are some rude nutrition requirements with which you can start:

Alternator with ac motor to drive as a fast battery charger.

  • Portable heater: 1500 watts
  • Standard hairdryer: 1500 W
  • Mini-Kholodnik: 100 W (500 W at launch)
  • 17 “Laptop: 90 watts (less for small models)
  • Cast iron slab: 1,500 watts (1100 for models with a spiral burner)

What is a car inverter?

Modern cars are equipped with a huge number of devices operating from the battery. All of them are designed for a voltage of 12 V, but what to do in situations when 220 V is required? A car inverter will come to the rescue. a voltage converter from 12 V to 220 V. This is a real wand for motorists, which will allow the use of household appliances in the car, such as a home audio system, TV or refrigerator. A high.quality converter is equipped with protective mechanisms that protect the device from fire in case of overheating. The market also presents models that provide active cooling of the air type.

Externally inverters are small boxes of small size, connected to a cigarette lighter or to an electrical system of a car. They are equipped with several sockets for household appliances, and some devices even include USB ports to connect mobile gadgets.

Automobile inverter, or how to make a 220 volt outlet in a car?

Almost all modern automobile current converters are equipped with two USB ports and an alternating current outlet. Through double USB ports, you can charge most of the models of phones and tablets at the same time, and alternating current sockets are great for garlands, laptops, dairy and lung ventilation devices, inhalers, game consoles, televisions, refrigerators, DVDs, “bells”, drifts. microwaves, flashlights, iPad and many other electronic devices.

You can power the inverter through a cigarette lighter in the car interior using the corresponding cable or directly from the battery.

A car inverter is ideal for traveling: often it is a small device about 20 cm long, and about 10 cm wide, compact and convenient. Extremely portable and light. Weight. about 1 kg.

A good inverter always has a protection system. a fuse to protect your device. The safe charging design provides protection against overheating, voltage drops, short circuit and overload.

A durable metal case provides improved protection against getting wet and impacts. very quiet cooling fan helps prevent overheating.

Depending on the planned tasks, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the value of the output power that the converter has.

The second option is converters connected to the battery with a separate wire.

The power of these converters is approximately 3-4 times higher than that of the cigarette lighter devices, and the quality of the sinusoids is directly proportional to the price. The more expensive the device, the better the sinusoid is at the output.

The manufacturer claims that the sinusoid without distortion. This is of course a rough lie, but the form of the sinusoids of this converter will allow you to connect a low.power power tool like a drill or a jigsaw to it. Although the manufacturer indicates a peak power of 4 kW, a kettle or a peorator, I would not dare to connect to a car battery. And the point here is not as a converter, but in the capacity of a car battery.

How to make the highest quality sinusoid?

Option Third. alteration of the source of uninterrupted nutrition. If you look for Avito, there are many sources of uninterrupted meals for computers on sale. They are sold, as a rule, with dead batteries and are inexpensive. 500-1000.

It is very simple to remake such.

We lengthen the terminals from the battery with a copper wire with a cross section of at least 4 mm, install crocodiles on the ends. Red is connected to. blue/black to minus.

And on the case, in the area where the UPS was located, the battery is installed by conventional electric sockets.

It is advisable to install coolers for the cooling of power transistors for the place of the old battery. If their radiator is flimsy, you can increase it.

So we managed to remake a computer uninterrupted fence for use in the car. You can connect from 300 to 700 W load for a long time to the uninterruption, depending on its power.

This, in our opinion, is the most optimal option to make 220 volts in the car. The total costs do not exceed 2000, and the quality of the sinusoids at the height.

Power matters

From compact devices with a capacity of less than 100 watts, you can power, say, a charger for a laptop or tablet, electric browing and the like small devices. The converter with a capacity of 100-200 watts will slightly expand the range of “compatible” devices, but not that fundamentally. For example, a 220-volt power tool like a “angular grinder” cannot work from a cigarette lighter-this will require at least 400 power watts, for a drill-more than 300. But the simplest eccentric polishing machine should be enough.

Inverters for 400-500 watts and above will significantly expand the possibilities. With their help, you can already have a relatively powerful power tool. the main thing is not to forget to start the car engine in order to avoid quick landing of the battery. And another important point-in many powerful electrical appliances, a short-term start-up current exceeds the operating current by one and a half to two times, so that the converter must be designed for this.

Where is the limit?

Inverters with a capacity of more than a kilowatt allow you to connect even more powerful gadgets, but in this case, the possibilities are limited by the car generator. A kilowatt converter at full load will require about 70-80 amperes from the on-board network of a car. Such a high current cannot be safely and long.term transmitted through point contact through terminals, and many generators will work literally at such a load at such a load. This applies not only to generators with the maximum current current of 90 amperes, but also more powerful. Over the years, the heat transfer pressed into the bridge worsens and the resistance at the contact point increases, which potentially threatens the output of the generator.

The power of the consumer connected to any inverter must be selected at least 25% less than the maximum value in watts written on the converter case. Thus, to nourish from a kilowatt inverter connected to the battery of a passenger car, at best, devices with a capacity of not more than 600-700 watts are possible-taking into account the starting current.

An important characteristic of any inverter is the availability of protection against overloading. Connecting a load with a starting current above the nominal worker can disable and the converter itself, and at least a fuse in the on.board circuit. Budget inverters to protect against connecting a too powerful load are equipped with a simple fuse in a cigarette lighter plug. The protection should be more thorough. for example, so that during overload the converter is turned off and then automatically turns on again. And do not forget about elementary safety. 220 volts in the inverter are as dangerous as in a home outlet.

By the way, you know why in power networks a voltage of 220 V, and in the States and many other countries. 110? Read about this in our article.

How to choose a normal automobile inverter and do not miss

There are frankly cheap low.quality inverters that need to be bypassed. And the rest of the right choice of such a device will have its own.

The inverter is selected for specific devices that will be connected to it, and here are 6 points that need to be taken into account.

1) Check the power of the car generator. There is a golden rule: the power of the inverter cannot be more than 50% of the generator power.

Only in this case, when your car is open, the inverter will not discharge the battery. at least with devices connected to it. About one half of its power will go to the needs of the car systems, so you have the second.

If you do not observe this rule, you risk being somewhere in the forest with a discharged battery. It sounds not too rosy, is it so?

Look, a 750W converter operates at a voltage of 13V. this is 58A. Vazovskaya 10 at idle will not give out such a current, so the inverter will have a battery charge and let you down at the most inopportune moment.

The maximum generator of this car can give out 80A, but this will be achieved only at 5000 engine speeds per minute.

2) Determine the devices for him. It is advisable to carefully study the devices that you will connect to the inverter: how much power do they need on launch, in normal mode and at the peak.

Also take into account that the voltage depends on the inverter power, and 220V will only be able to give out only the most powerful.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia from the inside

3) Understand the model of its use. The cigarette lighter in the car usually gives out no more than 100W, so when buying an inverter that will connect to it, pay attention to it.

If you need something more powerful, think about what and how it will be connected, where there should be a socket: inside the salon or not-all this will greatly affect your choice.

Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi

4) Pay attention to his brand. The normal inverter is equipped with a short circuit and overheating protection, Chinese unknown origin. no.

It is best to look for a suitable model in large chain stores, there you definitely won’t get dried frankly wild.

If you adore Aliexpress, be sure to pay attention to Xiaomi inverters:

Both inverters per 100W. they are connected to a cigarette lighter for mobile gadgets.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia

5) specify the type of inverter socket. See, for example, in Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia for the cup holder is not our outlet, so you will need an adapter.

But in Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi, a universal entrance to any forks, but completely different form factor. Choose what you like, if you consider Xiaomi.

6) CHOSED DOP. Feces inverter. Dear inverters offer a lot of auxiliary capabilities: information screens, voltage change and USB. If this is not necessary, do not overpay.

I like inverters for a cigarette lighter with USB. On the one hand, you get a full.fledged outlet, on the other hand, you do not lose an integration for charging your iPhone.

The inverter is a complex device, and it must be used correctly

Despite a lot of protective mechanisms, inverters still remain quite complex devices that do not like a disdemnation attitude.

In order not to burn all the electrician in your car, remember a simple sequence of actions to use it from 3 steps.

Firstly. When you start a wheelbarrow, the inverter must be turned off.

Secondly. When you started up and turned on the inverter, wait 10-15 seconds.

Thirdly. Only after that connect your devices to the inverter.

If you have chosen a normal inverter and use it correctly, you will not have any problems.

How to make a smooth launch of power tools from a conventional outlet.

An ordinary outlet, if you finalize it a little, can extend your life to any instrument. corner grinder, circular saw, trimmer, etc.P.

All that is needed for this is a small box of smooth start, for example, a brand such as Krrqd12a.

It is well known that not every tool is equipped with similar schemes of smooth start. They mainly go in expensive models of famous brands Bosch, Hilti, Dewalt. over, both in the network line and in the battery.

The power tool without such a device has a bunch of disadvantages:

When working with a end saw having a PP, the disk will not be lost from the prepared cutting point. What is important for unprofessional joiners.

If you still do not have electricity at the cottage or house at the initial stage of construction and you use the generator, then sooner or later you will understand that without BPP (smooth starting block) with sharp initial currents, the generator will not last long. Therefore, such a thing is able to save not only the tool, but also emergency power sources.

220v AC from 12v 90 Amps Car Alternator 1000W DIY

You can certainly independently integrate the BPP into the inside of the same corner grinding or end, however, to disassemble the equipment and poke around in the insides, not everyone is hunting.

Plus everything else, opening a new building entails a loss of warranty. Therefore, the best use for the KRRQD12A unit. This is an external connection.

Just keep in mind, it is suitable for collector engines. For asynchronous you need a frequency with other principles of regulation.

This box is designed for current 12 amperes.

What is characteristic, their dimensions are the same, and the difference in price is a couple of dozen.

It would seem better to take it, but for a standard outlet in 16a, the first option is more profitable. There will be no desire to connect a more powerful load and thereby plow all the contacts.

Masters of self-made, of course, collect such schemes with their own hands, based on Tiristors VTA 12-600 or others, capacitors, dinistor and a couple of small resistors. Examples of schemes on the Internet can be found many.

But the ordinary user of the tool is much easier to buy all this in a ready.made compact case. You can order a similar block by link from here.

By the way, be careful, there are similar devices, but with three wiring. For example XS-12/D3.

Or other models look like krrqd.

But they are collected on a slightly different principle and they need to be installed after the start button, in the tool itself. The voltage to them should be supplied only at the time of the trigger button of the corner grinder and immediately disappear after releasing it.

connect, electric, generator, output

The phase is made to contact “A”, zero on “C”. Further, the phase goes to the engine with the output wire of control (this is just the third wiring).

This is not in the two.wire block, since it is connected to the rupture of the circuit, and the voltage (potential difference) is applied to it only at the time of start.up and operation of the tool.

Another moment. The so.called electric brake or brake winding on ends. He may not work with a 3 wired external SPP, but with a 2-wired model will be.

The most important requirement for such a socket. This is her mobility. Therefore, you will need a carrying.

With it, it will be possible to smoothly start the tool anywhere. In the garage, in the country, during the construction of your house in different areas of construction site.

First of all, the carrier needs to be disassembled.

The main food wires in it can be either soldered or connected on screw clamps.

Depending on this, your additional outlet will also be connected. This should be an additional socket near the carrying, in order to be able to simultaneously connect the tool in different modes.

By the way, if you mistakenly turn on the corner grinder or circular, having a factory smooth start in a socket, also equipped with such UPP, then everything will work surprisingly. The only moment. It turns out a delay in the launch of a saw or revolution for a couple of seconds, which is not very convenient in work and without a habit can puzzle.

Car inverters test over 1 kW

The purpose of devices with a capacity of 1 kW is fundamentally different from the purpose of the younger brothers. Powerful inverters have impressive dimensions and weight, and are connected directly to the battery using thick wires.

Socket. There is nowhere more powerful!

This article. Continuation of tests of automobile inverters launched in /2008 and 10/2008. Now in line. The most powerful inverters used with car batteries. The purpose of devices with a capacity of 1 kW is fundamentally different from the purpose of the younger brothers. Powerful inverters have impressive dimensions and weight, and are connected directly to the battery using thick wires. During the connection, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the contact of the battery terminals and the inverter clamps, otherwise the resulting characteristics will be far from the truth.

Such clumsy and expensive creatures are needed, for example, for use with large loads: power tools, pumps. With the help of the most powerful models, you can even boil an electric kettle. But it must be remembered that the capacity of the car battery is low and it will not be possible to boil two teapots: the battery will simply sit down. Therefore, inverters with a capacity of more than 2 kW in the test did not participate.

Such devices will be indispensable in the country if there is no 220 V network there, or just in the clean field. You can connect an electric saw at a construction site or in the forest. Buying such an inverter. The case is responsible. You can purchase the cheapest and then burn it or not get it at the output of the rated power.

And you can take an inverter with the possibility of choosing the shape of the output signal depending on the load. For example, all pumps have a large start-up current, which is why many inverters are not able to run them (even if the rated power of the inverter is above the pump consumption). During the test, the declared characteristics of the inverters were checked, and in addition, inverters were checked to launch various complex loads.

Mobilen1500. Car inverter test

Maximum constant power: 2000W

A powerful Mobilen inverter inverter was an absolute winner of the issued maximum power. The inverter holds a voltage of 220VPRI with a load of 133% of the maximum! This is an unsurpassed test record.

It was not possible to identify any shortcomings of the inverter. At low capacities, it works absolutely silently, the fans are turned on as the load increases. With the approach of the catheter, the inverter begins to issue a periodic sound signal, but continues to keep the voltage. All all over the clock: the angular grinder of 1300W Ipolesis for 1,400W starts without problems without problems.

Advantages: a large maximum power at an output voltage of 220 V.

Resume: a very worthy powerful inverter.

Neodrive 1200. Car inverter test

Maximum constant power: 1400W

Neodrive inverter 1200 was the most ordinary representative of powerful inverters. In the distance of the consumer, no surprises await: for very little money, he receives a small light inverter (as far as a 1200-wheel converter can be small) without any serious disadvantages. A large number of spare fuses are delivered a package, as well as a whole set for installing an inverter.

The indication system is extremely simple from two light bulbs: “everything is in order” and “error”. Despite its simplicity, the inverter confidently withstood the load up to 100% of the rated power without a significant drop in the output.

Resume: the declared power withstands. It is cheap. The smallest dimensions among similar inverters. It is convenient to connect as a cumulator. What else does.

Porto 1200. Car inverter test

Let’s start, perhaps, the dreams. scenes. A 1200W inverter can be purchased substantially less money, but a remote copy has significant advantages, one of which is the stability of work. It holds voltage up to a load of 100%, but it starts an angular grinder with a nominal power of 1300W without problems.

The highlight of this model is the indication system. Of course, it is not perfect quite primitive, but nevertheless informative. On two “columns” on the front panel of the device, information is displayed by the lifting of the input and percentes from the rated power at the output. However, the accuracy of this scale is doubtful: with an output of 1200W (100%), the scale shows only 80%. This value is and is the limit of the developed power.

The second undeniable advantage is absolutely silent work. Two fans enter the backbone only when the inverter begins to overheat, Aero does not happen so quickly. During the test, the fans turned on.

Advantages: informing about the input and output power. Silent work.

Summary: Undoubtedly, the inverter is more pleasant than its analogues from other companies. However, you have to pay expensive for this.

Neodrive 2000. Car inverter test

With two kilowatts, the Neverter of Neodrive was not so smooth. The maximum, which was achieved on an active load (light bulbs) amounted to 1600W. Measurements were made several times, and the time of the result was different. In all cases, when the overload is approached, the inverter warns the periodic squeak of shutdown. The reason for the unequal values โ€‹โ€‹of the maximum power was various consolidation of the connecting wires. When buying this inverter, it is worth paying attention to ensuring that the thick wires are necessarily attached (the thickest of those that are available). If they turn out to be thin, then the maximum inverter will be approximately 1200W. As practice has shown, such errors are often. In addition, it is necessary to reliably deliberately fix the wires to the kinvertor, otherwise the contacts begin to overheat. But now let’s turn to the co.positive moments. The design of the inverter is very pleasant, sharp edges are rounded. The inverter is endowed with three fans, so it was not possible to call overheating.

The indication system is even easier than the U1200.WATTLE AND: only one light bulb warns us about all the mistakes.

Surprisingly, the inverter managed to run the two.kilobatt hill saw, but he worked about 10 seconds, after which he turned off.

and money

Donor car, electric motor, controller-all this is flexibly varied and here you can “puzzle” to the extent of the excitement and desires. You can buy a donor car for 100-150 in a decent state by body, you can do for 50-but with the need for a tin, welding, painting. You can buy an electric motor from an elderly Bulgarian loader, or you can a used or new American motor designed specifically for electric vehicles. You can purchase an industrial engine control controller, or you can solder yourself if there is skills. The same applies to everything else, except the battery. There will not be possible to “hide” especially here: the of new lithium-farrum banks are approximately the same, the question is in the container. A good 80โ€“100-volt battery for approximately a hundred kilometers of mileage will cost today’s money 4-5 thousand dollars. You can, of course, start with a small battery with the prospect of building (after all, even the short first trip inspires and gives an understanding that you are working not in vain!), but it must be understood that a small container needs to be increased as soon as possible, since its deficiency leads to an increase in the return current from each individual can up to dangerous stresses that shorten their life while you will be prayed with the purchase of the second half, the first will die.

Is it profitable to build an electric car? Even an experienced home-made and, in fact, the garage ev-building garahs, Igor Korkhov believes that there is still a hobby in the first place, and “deceive the system” can only be very conditional-this will borders on self-deception. The fact is that the final result cannot be estimated at the cost of the kilometer passed, as many people have to take into account comfort, functionality, and the safety of the machine, and just a feeling of what you own. Here, for example, the new Lada Granta gasoline. it costs from 360 thousand. rubles that 5,500 is approximately the most budget electric car based on some VW Golf of early generations will cost the same amount of components-plus the time sent to thematic forums, and invested own work. As a result, on one side of the scales. albeit a domestic, but smelling of a novelty and car under warranty, and on the other. a middle.aged and outwardly battered “electric sail” at the stage of endless dilution, without the possibility of refueling fuel along the way, at first (or even forever) without air conditioning, brake amplifier and the like.

Well, or, say, the next bar is Hyundai Solaris. It costs from 600,000 new ones, which is about 9,200 the same amount will have to be spent if you build an electric car based on a more or less fresh foreign car body that looks decent outside and has a not-so-killed salon, having bought a good American electric motor for this body, a reliable branded company Curtis controller and typing a capacious battery. However, at the exit-in general, almost the same as in the first case Solaris has maximum speed and dynamics, the ability to replenish the fuel supply everywhere, and not only in a personal garage where there is a socket, all the advantages of a new one and all the advantages of a new one and reliable machine with a lot of functional amenities, guarantees, etc. Homemade, albeit more decent inside and outside, remains a home.made. a machine with significant restrictions on the range of mileage and the possibility of refueling, an eternal designer, a handlest for hands and mind.

From the point of view of the application of hands and mind for a person who loves cars and technologies, the construction of an electric machine is certainly justified! A hobby is, of course, costly, but everything is known in comparison. and, in comparison, not with oligarchic extremes like collecting Faberge testicles, but with quite common and massive applied hobbies. Say, a fishing lover Medicial inflatable boat with a suspended engine of a well.known brand of forces of ten will result in at least two.thirds of the simplest electric vehicle.

A good quadrocopter with a camera costs no less. Against this background, the construction of an electric car does not stand out at all. such a normal male fun.

No less attractiveness to build an electric car “version 1.0 “In the fact that the result is achieved for many, and not only for the elect, you do not have to be an” engineer of the 80th level “in order to articulate an electric motor with a checkpoint, lay the power and control wiring and place batteries in the trunk. In the simplest version of the design and with numerous tips of the responsive electric carman community on the Internet, the work will be pleasant and almost certainly successful.

However, until the effective batteries have fallen in place and inexpensive sets of traction engines and controllers have not spread, as happened with whales for electric bikes, an electric car of garage construction in relation to the cost of operation is unlikely to be a serious competitor to budget gasoline cars, and even more so. gasified machines in case of aspiration To save in the installation of propane gas equipment is easier and more profitable.

The photo was kindly provided by the American home-made Bruce, who carefully documented all the stages of building at home of his electric car based on the 1985 Suzuki Might Boy pickup.

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