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Palivna Sumysh

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Pervice trimer launch

If the trimer of refueling with a paleus, you can launch iz. For a tsoy viconite, an offensive:

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  • Pikkach Trokhi Paliva in the carburetor for the pre.Person of the primer.
  • Uvimknish the Tumbker Shill.
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  • If the trimer start, vіdkrie the prostryan.

Lawn Mowers. Why Choose a Husqvarna?

Yakshcho Launch the lawn mower did not turn, Abo Vin Ozra Glokhane, ask the trochi vidkriti to the Politryan Polizhinka for the carburetor.

Lawn mowers are a fairly common equipment for combating weed vegetation in summer cottages, in personal, road and housing and communal services. These devices have two more names. A trimmer for grass and a lawn mower. These units differ in their engines. Expensive of them have four.Stroke engines, all the rest are two.Stroke. Of course, the latter are most popular among the population, since it is easier in design and by mass easier and much cheaper than their four.Stroke competitors. However, two.Stroke models are inconvenient because the fuel mixture must be prepared manually for them, withstanding a strict dosage between gasoline and oil. In four.Stroke analogues, the mixing of these components occurs automatically, only the gas tank and oil tank should be filled with the corresponding substances. Let’s look at the question of the correctness of refueling precisely two.Stroke motorcycles, since it depends on how effective and long the work of such an unit will be.

The literacy of the first launch largely depends on how the gas braid will manifest itself with subsequent operation. Errors can reduce the service life of the device. The fact is that after starting the moving mechanisms of the working apparatus will rub on each other. Additionally, the skills of using a trimmer for grass are formed

This is very important when working with such equipment for the first time

They begin by studying the gearbox and the quality of its lubricant. Then prepare the fuel mixture according to the instructions.

Noting the absence of oil or its absence, it is necessary to add a portion of “lithola”. The procedure is very simple: unscrew the screw located on the bend of the gearbox body. 1-2 ml of oil is added through an empty channel using a technical syringe. In daily work with a trimmer 1 time in 8-10 hours, the gearbox of the rod should be lubricated.

But the launch of the bush cutter is not limited to filling with oil.

Two.Stroke engines require a combustible mixture of two.Stroke oil and gasoline. It is prepared in the proportions indicated in the guide to the tool or on the lubricant label. The preparation of fuel should be carried out a little so that it is enough for only one haircut. Fuel supply should be placed in the following containers:

It is recommended to take oil with a medical syringe. This will allow you to more accurately adhere to the dosage. Sometimes another question arises. The manufacturer of the tool and the manufacturer of motor oil indicate different proportions of the fuel mixture, so it is difficult to determine which areas should be observed.

After testing and filling the fuel mixture, the following manipulations must be performed:

  • Place a trimmer for grass on a flat surface;
  • Put the lever into a closed position;
  • Inject fuel into the carburetor;
  • Run the ignition system;
  • Pull the starting cord with smooth movements, waiting for resistance;
  • Immediately after that, do 3 or 4 strong jerks;
  • As soon as the engine starts, open the shutter.

The selection of oil for the lawn mower is useful recommendations from professionals

If the instructions for the tool were lost, and difficulties arise with the choice of suitable oil, then it is recommended to stop your choice on the next two options:

  • Semi.Synthetic. Cost cheaper than synthetics, but more expensive mineral water. Suitable for technology, both Russian production and foreign. Have low smoke parameters, and adequately “care” about structural elements of the motor. Are made through a distillation of oil products and hydrocarbons
  • Synthetic. Expensive types of lubricants that are suitable for all types of technology. If you use synthetics for your trimmer for grass, then the tool engine will work like a clock

When choosing and buying oils for breeding with gasoline, you can encounter the fact that some letter designations are indicated at the cans. These designations are the classification of the API, which will be useful to find out who wants to fill the lubricant suitable for the parameters in the tool. Consider all types of oils according to the API classification for two.Stroke engines:

fuel, lawn, mower, lubrication, needed

  • TA. Intended for air.Cooled devices, the volume of which is up to 50 cm3. Such equipment includes mopeds, lawn mmores, trimmers for grass and motorcycles. The optimal solution for lawn mower and trimmer for grass
  • TB. Used to refuel engines such units as mopeds, chainsaws, scooters and motorcycles. The volume of engines of such equipment is from 50 to 200 cm3. This type of oil is also suitable for trimmers
  • TC. Designed for dilution with gasoline and filling in motorcycles, snowmobiles and other types of land equipment
  • TD. Serves to refuel boat engines, hydrrosa and boats

API classification is an American standard used in Europe. However, when choosing, there are additional designations on the canister of oils for two.Stroke engines, for example, FA, FB, FC, FD and others. This is a classification of smoke emissions that is developed by the Japanese JASO standard. If there are such designations on the selected oils for trimmers and chainsaws, then it is necessary to take into account their decryption:

  • FA. Are applied in states in which the law is provided by minimal emissions of smoke into the atmosphere. During work, an inconspicuous fog of smoke is distinguished
  • FB. Are designed for use in countries where strict limitations for ejecting smoke into the atmosphere. Practically do not distinguish white smoke
  • FC. Smoke in the atmosphere stands out transparent, and not noticeable to a person
  • FD-Begily types of oils for 2-stroke ICEs that do not emit smoke, but also have improved indicators of chemical properties. They are usually used for mixing with gasoline and refueling boats, boats and yachts

If there is a designation “Self mix” and “Pre mix” on containers with a lubricant, then they mean. Independent mixing with gasoline (the first option that does not require shaking), and the need for forced dissolution (second option).

It is interesting!Oils for two.Stroke engines are marked with designation 2t. Knowing the classification of oils by their types, it will not be difficult to choose the best option for your brand of the lawn mower

On the market you can find a variety of grades of oils for two.Stroke engines, but it is better to pay special attention to such firms:

  • STIHL. Produce mineral and synthetic, and semi.Synthetic this brand is rare
  • Shell Helix Ultra. Recommended by specialists
  • Motul
  • Oleo-Mac
  • Echo
  • Hammerflex
  • Lukoil is Russian oil, which costs 3 times cheaper than foreign analogues, but has excellent quality indicators

fuel, lawn, mower, lubrication, needed

Product are not indicated, since their cost is changing. There are many other brands, and if you still want to find for yourself an ideal lubricant for a trimmer for grass, it is recommended to watch the test in the video below.

It can be concluded from the video that it is not always useful to buy expensive oils, since they may turn out to be unsatisfactory quality, which can be seen on a real example.

For motorcycles, trimmer for grass or lawn mower it is better to choose synthetic or semi.Synthetic oil with TA or TB marking. At the same time, take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, since some manufacturers of high.Quality equipment can recommend only synthetic lubricants.

How to refuel a trimmer for grass

The finished mixture of gasoline with butter can be stored for no more than 3 months (clean gasoline is stored less). Dilute the fuel in the quantity that is enough for several applications of the trimmer for the grass. In general, prepare:

  • Gasoline and oil, which is suitable for two.Stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • Metal canister and a mixture container;
  • Respirator;
  • Gloves.

Pour 1 l of gasoline into a suitable volume of 1 l of gasoline and add 1/2 of the desired amount of oil. Mix carefully, being at a decent distance from the sources of open fire. Add the rest of the oil to combustible and mix everything again.

General recommendations for refueling a trimmer for grass with a two-or four-stroke engine:

  • Place the fuel tank so that the cover is located on top, and then pour the required amount of fuel.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. This will lead to one of the problems: transferring into the intake pipe and fuel filter, flammable ignition or breakdown of the motor.
  • Try to fill the mixture so that it does not spill. To do this, you can use the watering can.
  • If you still poured fuel, then immediately wipe it. Put the wiping material, do not accumulate indoors. This is fire hazardous.
  • The launch of the device should begin after the canister with fuel is removed at a distance of more than 10 m.
  • If there was a long break between the operations of the mowing, then the remaining old fuel be sure to drain.

What oil to use for lubrication of a chainsaw?

Oil in a chainsaw is used to dilute gasoline when refueling, to lubricate the chain and stars. The quality and duration of work largely depends on the quality of lubrication.

Which gasoline is better to use for saw?

For chainsaws, the AI-92 brand is best suited: this is the octane number best for garden technology. Old saws (friendship, for example) can be seasoned with AI-80 gasoline: their engines are unpretentious to fuel quality. Contrary to widespread opinion, the expensive fuel of the AI-95 class and above will not benefit: when turning on, the piston is pushed into the anti-income and “burned”.

It is not recommended to fill in a fuel that has long been in a plastic canister: due to evaporation, useful properties are lost, which can lead to problems when starting and rapidly drop in power.

Which oil to choose for gas station refueling?

The oil is selected depending on the type of engine: for 2-stroke and 4-stroke models. Most chainsaws have a two-stroke engine: if air cooling is used, any oil with a 2t marking is suitable, if liquid-TC-W3 standard.

Quality is of great importance: low.Quality lubricant forms a cargo settling on piston rings and cylinders. This leads to jamming and overheating.

When choosing, you should take into account seasonality: mineral oil hardens in the cold, it can only be used in warmth. At the beginning of frosts, you can use semi.Synthetic oil, when working in winter. Exclusively synthetic. Also, biodegradable lubricants are presented on the market. A great option for those who care about ecology. If there is little to begin to thicken, it can be diluted with kerosene in relation to 1: 4.

Which oil to choose for the chain of the chainsaw?

For lubrication of the chain, the oil should have high adhesion for maximum adhesion to the bus surface. It is resistant to various weather and temperature conditions. Often chain oils are made by the manufacturers of chainsaws themselves. When working, the saw canvas develops high speed, so the low.Adhesive lubricant will “fly” from the upper part, not reaching the lower: the friction will increase, the chain and the tire will have to be changed. Car oil does not have the necessary adhesiveness, so it is better not to use it.

Poured into an oil tank, which should never be empty.

How to Mix Oil and Gas: The 2-Cycle Engine Fuel Recipe

Stihl (Forestplus and Synthplus), Husqvarna Bio Advanced and Champion oils are considered reference.

Which oil to choose for the gas station stars?

The driven and leading stars are lubricated to reduce friction of the needle bearing. Thick lubricants are suitable for this purpose: not only expensive original, but also ordinary lithium-for example, lititol-24. They are applied with a syringe or presser on a special hole. The larger the load on the “nasal” part, the more often you need to lubricate the stars.

Pragiles of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

Recommended fuel mixture proportions are indicated in the technical passport of the saw. Most often, European and Russian manufacturers advise observing the proportion of oil and fuel 1:40 or 1:50 (1 l of gasoline = 25-20 ml of grease). A large amount of oil can cause the formation of soot.

With Chinese chainsaws, the situation is different: the increased distance between the piston and the cylinder requires more oil, in the ratio of 1:25 (about 40 ml per liter of hot).

Gasoline1/201/ 251/301/401/501/60
1 liter fifty 40 32 25 20 17
2 liters 100 80 65 fifty 40 33
4 liters 200 160 130 100 80 66
5 liters 250 200 165 125 100 83
10 liters 500 400 330 250 200 166

Harpses are created from the calculation for 2-3 gas stations. It needs to be mixed in a special measuring capacity, which often comes with equipment. It is better to use a metal bowl instead of plastic or glass. Oil is poured through a plastic funnel-leaf. Then the container shakes several times until a homogeneous color and consistency are obtained. Maximum storage time. 1 month.

For convenience on sale, you can find canisters with 2 holes.

Where to pour oil into a chainsaw?

The finished fuel mixture is poured into the neck of the fuel tank with a funnel or directly from the container. It is better to simultaneously fill both the gas tank and the oil tank: the fuel consumption and oil are approximately the same. Before starting work, be sure to check whether the oil is supplied to the chain.

Mixing proportions

Often standard mixing proportions are indicated with oil tanks. And mainly the ratio of 1 to 50 is used. How much oil should be added, consider below. A small deviation from the presented ratio is possible. But it is better to adhere to the exact dosages.

So, manufacturers recommend that you adhere to a ratio of 1 to 50. How much oil should be diluted with gasoline? The ratio of the presented proportion is quite simple:

For the calculation, the formula is used: 1 l / 50 1,000 = 20 ml.

Therefore, 20 ml of oil is needed per liter of gasoline.

For convenience, you can use a medical syringe to accurately measure the volume of the lubricant or take another measured container with divisions in milliliters.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

Two-stroke engines operate on a gasoline mixture. The main reason for the malfunction is the incorrect compilation of the fuel mixture or the complete absence of oil in gasoline. When preparing the fuel mixture, special oil for two.Stroke engines with marking “for garden equipment” is used. Do not use boat matches, motorcycles, etc. The ratio of the mixture of gasoline/oil may vary depending on the engine model, marking oil and the recommendations of the manufacturer of the gas instrument. For two.Stroke engines, a mixture ratio 50: 1, 32: 1 and 24: 1 is used.

In conditions of insufficient lubrication or when working on clean gasoline, the engine can work for a fairly long time. A characteristic sign of prolonged work on clean gasoline is increased vibration and the sound of uneven operation of the engine. Shallow bullys are formed on the piston and cylinder over the entire height of the side surface. In this case, the destruction of the piston ring is possible.

As a result of a lack of lubrication, the metal is transferred from the piston to the cylinder walls and the engine jamming.

An excessive amount of oil in the fuel mixture leads to the lawsuing of the piston ring and the formation of an intensive carbon on the piston.

Also, the formation of an intense carbon on the piston can be caused by a long operation of the engine with a carburetor air damper covered.

Also, a sign of an excessive amount of oil in the fuel mixture is the presence of a soil on the spark plug and a severe shift in the mesh screen of the muffler, which is expressed in the loss of engine power during operation.

Consider some signs that speak of the user of recommendations by the user of the instructions for the use of fuel of inadequate quality and storage of the lawn mower.

fuel, lawn, mower, lubrication, needed

When using dirty gasoline, dirty deposits will be present in the carburetor for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the carburetor.

Also, a sign of the use of dirty fuel will be pollution of the fuel filter located in the gas tank.

A sign of long.Term storage of a lawn mower with fuel is the oxidation of the elements of the carburetor. In this case, there is a change in the elastic properties of the rubber diaphragm of the fuel supply system adjustment and the gas pump membrane. It is also possible to have tarry deposits on the elements of the carburetor.

fuel, lawn, mower, lubrication, needed

Firms manufacturers of benzo.Tools recommend that you adhere to the following proportions when preparing the fuel mixture:

Use oil marking “for garden technology”. Do not use oil for boat motors, motorcycles, etc.D.

To prepare the fuel mixture, use clean, fresh, unhealthy gasoline with an octane number of at least 92.

Strictly follow the instructions for mixing gasoline and oil. To mix gasoline with butter, use a special container. Do not mix gasoline with oil directly in the fuel tank.

Do not use the old fuel mixture with a shelf life for more than 30 days.

When preparing the lawn mower for long-term storage:- Drain all fuel from the fuel tank;- Run the engine until the fuel is full;- turn out the spark plug, pour 30 ml of high-quality motor oil into the cylinder for 2 stroke or 4-stroke engines, pull the handle. Starter so that the oil is evenly distributed inside the engine, and install the spark plug in place.Before starting the engine after long.Term storage, turn the spark plug and drain the oil from the cylinder.

The amount of oil per liter of fuel

Two types of engines are installed on gasoline lawnmands. Four.Stroke and two.Stroke. There are significant differences between them. The first option has a separate supply of oil and gasoline, that is, you do not need to prepare a special fuel mixture. And the second type of motors requires constant lubrication of engine parts by mixing fuel and oil in a certain proportion.

If you purchase a tool for mowing herbs with a two.Stroke engine of the engine, then you will have to start preparing the fuel composition to refuel the mower.

The fuel mixture consists of gasoline and special oil for engines with a two.Stroke cycle. When choosing oil, it is advisable to use the lubricant of the same manufacturer as the lawn mower, but this issue is not a fundamental.

The main thing is that the oil is of high quality, and not a cheap fake. In this case you should not save.

You can distinguish oil for two.Stroke engines from others by marking on the label. It also indicates the ratio in which it is necessary to dilute the lubricant with fuel. When using good and high.Quality oils, the dosage, as a rule, is: 1 part of the oil to 50 parts of fuel, that is, 2% of the total fuel volume. Some owners are confused in these proportions. In fact, everything is very simple.

If the label indicates 50: 1, this means that 5 grams of oil should be poured on 5 liters of gasoline. In other words, 1 liter of gasoline is required to add 20 grams of oil grease for engines.

How to wind a fishing line for a trim for a lawn mower

Winding a new cord on a reel. A rather easy process. For work, a skein of a new fishing line of the desired diameter and shape, a knife for cutting and protective gloves will come in handy for you. The following is the scheme for replacing the fishing line with a reel with 2 antennae, as this is the most common version.

  • Cut the fishing line for a trimmer 2-4 m long (the length of the segment depends on the thickness of the cord and the tips of the manufacturer). Do not use the cord of the larger length, since it will rotate and stretch worse when running.
  • Remove the trimmer head from mounting (each model has a different method of fastening-special latches or a barashka nut) and disassemble it. Gently spread all the details nearby, losing nothing.
  • Wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a reel. There are 2 types of coils: with a dividing side and without it.


  • Fold the fishing line for the trimmer in half and put on the bending place on a special groove in the coil. If it is not, simply cut the cord into 2 parts along the fold line and fix the ends in the holders.
  • Pass the tips in special gutters on each part of the coil.
  • Start wrapping the remaining length of the cord in one direction.
  • Leave 20 cm at the ends and place them in opposite directions, stretching into special holes.
  • Cord the cord of the desired length in half.
  • Fix the tips in a coil in special mounts or drive into the holes.
  • On the bobbin indicates the direction of winding, in which direction you need to wind the cord. Wind up, not allowing segments to cross the coil.
  • Dilute the ends on the opposite sides and insert into special slots. The diameter must match.

Important! Buy a corporate cord, which is recommended for your lawn mowing model. It is stronger than cheap analogues and will serve longer. Also pay attention to the diameter of the holes in the coils with a dividing side to choose a fishing line for a trimmer of a suitable section. Do not wrap the fishing line for the trimmer tightly, provide it with free move during work.

To wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil with 1 cutting end, you should not fold the cord, and for mowing heads with 4 antennae, you should prepare 4 pieces of fishing line. Winding scheme is the same as described above.

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