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Millist Töööriista on Vaja Karburaatori Reguleerimisecs

Karburaatori Seadistamiseks ja reguleerimiseks kasutatakse järgmisi tööriistu:

  • Tahhomeeter (spetsiaalne seade karburaatori seadistamiseks, selle abiga saab kettsae omanik kindlaks teha, milline on selle mudeli maksimaalne mootori pöörete arv, ja seejärel teha parandus vastavalt tootja soovitustele);
  • Reguleerimisvõti (spetsiaalne tööriist, mis on sageli saadaval ainult teeninduskeskustes, ei ole kettsaagidega kaasas, kuna seda saavad kasutada kogenematud kasutajad, mis viib mitte häälestamiseni, vaid mootorsae purunemiseni).

correctly, configure, chainsaw, carburetor, settings

Pange Tähele: Mis Taekhes Mudeli Mootorsae Karburaatori Seadistamist Ja Reguleerimist, Samuti Selle Remonti Peaksid Garantii Ainult TeenininDuskesskuse Spetsialistidiyalistidi.

Softumatud Katsed Karburaatorit Puhastada, Loputada Ja Olemasolevaid Tgrkeid Kөvaldada Ei Pruugi Soovitud Tulemust and.

Kettsae Karburaatori Tööo Remondi Reguleerimise Tööriistade ülevaade:

Additional signs

If piston wear has occurred, it will also be necessary to repair the engine, but the adjustment of the carburetor will perform a temporary measure, while the unit will work more stably. If the described node is clogged, which led to interruptions in the operation of the motor, then it will also be necessary to carry out washing.

Whereas in the event of a situation when the engine stalls or does not start, we can conclude that the working mixture turned out to be depleted. A plentiful exhaust also indicates incomplete combustion of the fuel mixture. This conclusion can come if the tool began to spend the fuel in overly large quantities.

How to properly regulate a factory saw

Carburetor adjustment is divided into two main stages. The first is called basic. It is produced when the engine is turned on. The second is performed when the engine warms up.

First stage

The adjusting screws of the highest and low revolutions should be closed clockwise until the moment of the highest resistance. When the screws reach the stop, you need to translate them in the opposite direction and leave them with 1.5 turnover.

The main stage

The engine turns on for average speeds and warms up for about 10 minutes. The screw responsible for adjusting the idle stroke should move clockwise. It is released only when the engine arrives in the stable functioning mode. Need to be controlled so that the chain does not move during this process.

In idle mode, the engine may stall (reason. Here). In this case, you need to immediately bring the adjusting screw clockwise to the stop. Sometimes the chain begins to move. In this case, the adjusting screw should be twisted in the opposite direction.

Checking the acceleration work

You need to perform a small study. The acceleration of the operation of the device is initiated. The serviceability of the engine should be evaluated during maximum revolutions. When the engine functions correctly, then when you press the accelerator, the speed increases rapidly to 15,000 rpm.

How to adjust the maximum number of revolutions

To limit this indicator, you need to use a screw with marking h h. To increase the number of revolutions, it should be rotated clockwise, and to reduce them in the opposite direction. The maximum frequency should not exceed the value of 15,000 rpm.

If you make this indicator more, the device engine will work for wear, which will lead to problems in the ignition system. When rotating this screw, you need to take into account the processes of ignition of the device. If the slightest malfunctions appear, then the maximum speed must be reduced.

correctly, configure, chainsaw, carburetor, settings

Final checking check

Before this procedure, it is necessary to perform a full adjustment of the components of the carburetor when working at maximum speeds. Next, you should check the functioning of the device in idle cold mode. When the correct parameters are achieved during adjustment, you can notice the exact compliance of the carburetor structure with the following criteria:

  • When connecting the idle cold mode, the circuit does not move.
  • Когда осуществляется даже небольшое нажатие на акселератор, двигатель в ускоренном темпе набирает обороты. With a gradual deepening pressure, it can be noted that the engine speed increases in proportionally, reaching the most acceptable values.
  • When operating the engine, you can compare its sound with a four.Stroke device.

If violations in the above parameters are noticed or the device adjustment was not fully carried out, you need to perform the main stage of setting again. Sometimes actions are performed incorrectly. In this case, the device may fail due to the loss of the correct settings of the node. In this case, you will have to contact a specialist.

Dismantling of the carburetor if it is necessary to check or repair the components

The device of different models of carburetors is almost the same, so when working with them you can use the standard scheme. All elements must be removed carefully, and then lay out according to the order below, so that it can be successfully placed in place at the end of the repair work.

  • The upper cover is removed. To do this, unscrew 3 bolts that hold it in a circle.
  • Foam is also removed, as it is the upper component of the filter conducting the air.
  • The fuel hose is removed.
  • The drive of the drive is displayed immediately on it.
  • The cable tip is disconnected.
  • The gasoline hose can be completely removed if you are systematically pulled off from the fitting.

Signs and causes of poor unstable work

Signs of violations of the functioning of the chainsaw carburetor:

  • The engine starts poorly and stalls quickly. Possible reason: impoverished mixture.
  • Excessive (more norm) fuel consumption. In addition, intense (more ordinary) exhausts. Possible reason: oversaturated mixture.
  • The engine does not want to work at all. There are two reasons here: there is no gasoline (the fuel nozzle is clogged) or there is no spark (a candle is faulty, a breakthrough of a high.Voltage wire or failure of an electronic unit).

The settings failure itself are rare and the reasons are usually the following: the following:

  • Violation of mounting screws from a faulty (damaged) coating of a protective casing. Possible reason: inaccurate touch, attempts of rough adjustment or strong external vibrations.
  • Wear of the piston group. Here of course, the adjustment of the carburetor, it will not particularly help. Think about the repair of ICE or the replacement of the saw.
  • Carburetor pollution. The probable reason: breakdown or unsatisfactory condition of the air filter, the use of poor.Quality fuel, getting into the fuel channels of the scale, the smallest sawdust, etc. D. In such cases, at first, washing the entire fuel system, and only then. Adjustment.

Do.It.Yourself adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw

A chainsaw is a tool that will come in handy in any summer house even to lovers, not to mention professional workers. But, like any other device, the chainsaw needs constant care and prevention. One of the most common procedures is the adjustment of the gasopyle carburetor due to incorrect configuration in the past.

The first signs of a carburetor malfunction

Due to the untimely or unprofessional periodic service of the chainsaw, as well as due to strong load, difficulties in its work may occur from time to time. For professional workers, such breakdowns can reduce the effectiveness of their work and spoil the mood for the whole day.

Carburetor malfunctions, in turn, have specific signs. On them you can immediately determine the cause of the breakdown.

The incorrect tuning of the carburetor is evidenced by the following signs:

  • The tool starts problematic, after which it immediately stalls.
  • Basil stalls when you press the gas.
  • Gasoline is consumed in large quantities, and it still remains in the cylinders and does not burn out to the end, and the exhausts are excessively thick.
  • Carburetor settings installed at the manufacturer’s factory are knocked down due to improper use or independent adjustment.
  • Garbage got into the air fence. Because of this, she failed.
  • The pistons of the engine are spent. Carburetor configuration in this case will only temporarily solve the problem.

In the case when dirt got into the carburetor, one tuning is not possible. Here you just need to clean it. When the pistons are spent, then the engine repair is required.

But after that, of course, it is necessary to configure the horburator jacks, as well as their purge and cleaning.

Operating principle

The purpose of the carburetor is the preparation of the working mixture for supplying it to the motor cylinders. This mixture is gasoline and air in the proportions necessary for the engine to operate. If this ratio is violated, then the engine will not work clearly. Когда смесь имеет много бензина, то непрофессиональной терминологией её называют насыщенной, а если, наоборот, мало, то бедной. But in any case, the failure in the proportions of the working mixture will badly affect performance.

Process description

The location of the carburetor adjustment screws on the Husqvarna chainsaw.

An important step is to check the saw at all operating modes after adjustment, for this you need to give a chainsaw to cool, and then start along the algorithm for the launch of a cold tool. If the saw started normally and works at idle evenly, you need to check how it saws. If the deficiencies in the power of the chainsaws are detected during the check, then it is necessary to repeat the adjustment of the screw (h) by twisting it and checking the thrust in the work.

Loss of traction at maximum speeds recommended by the manufacturer is an indicator of wear of CPH or poor fuel quality. By the way, fuel, 90% of malfunctions due to fuel. What to use? 92 or 95? How much is stored? We answered all these questions in the article about which gasoline to fill in a chainsaw.

correctly, configure, chainsaw, carburetor, settings

We recommend watching a video about how to clean and adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw, the author of which also talks about the detrimental effect of fuel on the components of the carburetor. On the example it is shown how to restore your carburetor using an inexpensive remote control.

How to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw correctly?

To configure the node, install the tool on a solid even surface. It is best to regulate the gasopyle carburetor in a place protected from dust and moisture.

The process of setting up the node should look as follows:

  • First you need to unscrew the fasteners and remove the protective file of the saw. This will allow you to inspect the carburetor and, if necessary, clean it;
  • Next, you need to extract the standard tool air filter. If the saw is equipped with an additional foam insert, then it also needs to be removed;
  • After that, you need a screwdriver, which needs to tighten the bolts with the labeling h and l clockwise until it stops. You need to do this very carefully so as not to break the bolts;
  • Then both screws should be unscrewed by 1.5 turns in the opposite direction;
  • Next, you need to start the chainsaw motor and let it work for about 7 minutes;
  • As soon as the motor cylinder heats up, you will need to start turning the Bolt B to the moment until the ICE becomes at maximum speeds. Immediately after this, the bolt must be turned into 1/4 turnover in the opposite direction;
  • Then you need to configure the operation of the motor at high speeds. To do this, you need to connect an electronic tachometer to the engine, and start turning the bolt H until the indicators on the device’s board coincide with the instructions for the recommended maximum speeds in the instructions for the saw;
  • At the end, it remains to set up the work of the internal combustion engine at idle. To do this, you will need to slowly twist the t bolt against the watch arrow until the engine becomes stable and without failures. If the motor began to stall, then the bolt t should turn in the direction of the watch arrow.

To configure the carburetor on the chainsaw, you should work as accurately as possible with adjusting bolts. Excessive twisting of the screws will lead to an increased load on the engine and other important nodes of the garden tool.

How to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw correctly?

Before you configure the carburetor on the chainsaw, you need to carefully prepare for the procedure. First of all, it is necessary to find the description of the rotation angles of the adjustment screws in the operating manual for the operation. If you arbitrarily turn the bolts without adhering to the instructions of the manufacturer, this can lead to a serious breakdown of the ICE of the tool.

The motor itself should be in a completely good condition. Before setting, you also need to carefully clean the air filter. Otherwise, he will not be able to pass the air in the volume required to enrich the fuel mixture, which will lead to improper tuning the carburetor.

The control of the node should be performed on a flat surface. The saw itself should be installed in such a way that its saw headset is located away from the legs and face of the operator. Immediately before setting, you will need to remove the upper part of the protective plastic body of the tool, as well as extract foam rubber and part of the standard air filter. A thin figure screwdriver is required to perform the assembly of the node.

How to tune a chainsaw carburetor!!

You need to adjust the gasopyle carburetor in 2 stages. The first of them is the base. During its execution on the turned off the chainsaw with a cold engine, you must alternately screw the b and l bolts in the direction of the watch arrow until the clock. After that, each of the screws will need to twist them for 1.5 turns in the opposite direction.

The final tuning of the carburetor is performed in the following order:

  • First, you need to start a chainsaw and give it time to fully heating the engine. In this case, the gas lever should remain in the position of average revolutions;
  • Further, the screw responsible for the idle revolutions of the motor will need to slowly turn the clock along the hand. This must be done until the ICE of the saw becomes stably;
  • If during the stable operation of the motor the chain moves along the tire, then the same bolt needs to be slightly twisted in the direction against the watch arrow;
  • Then you need to connect a manual tachometer to the motor. With it, you need to find high and low ICE works. To do this, the adjusting bolts H and L need to be turned alternately in different directions until the devices are indicators indicated in the instructions for operating instructions.

At the end, the chainsaw used will need to be drowned out and start again. It should work stably at idle, and its chain in this mode should not rotate along the tire. When pressing the gas trigger, the saw should quickly gain momentum, and when releasing it, to discard them.

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