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Felling a huge tree with a chainsaw in the woods without the help of a wedge and a tree felling paddle. Felling this big tree for firewood to heat our girder in the forest we live in.

I have a STIHL 440 chain saw. Video taken with a phone in the woods in December 2018. I used to work a shift at the logging site. poles, logs, lumberjacks.

correctly, down, tree, chainsaw

Soon I’ll post a video “How to cut a tree correctly. directional tree felling with a chainsaw”

There will also be videos of work in the woods on other topics.

Permit to remove a tree from a property

If the situation is simple, that is, you own the land on which stands an unwanted plant, take to work at any convenient time. But if it grows on a public or, moreover, protected area, be sure to ask the relevant authorities in advance: it is possible to cut down the tree?

In some cases, you will have to spend a lot of time to get legal permission to remove it. Otherwise. a great opportunity to receive a fine for the felled tree or even be imprisoned for improper attitude towards green spaces.

Important! All the nuances of this problem are widely enough revealed in the current legislation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before cutting.

The correct way to cut a tree

To properly cut down trees with a chainsaw, you need:

  • Choose the side in which the tree is to fall and the height at which the tree is to be cut;
  • to cut down the branches (so that the branches do not injure the tree feller when the tree falls, it is necessary to pre-saw them so that from the height of human height and to the ground the trunk is bare);
  • Make the top cut in the trunk (made at a 45° angle to the ground, its depth must be equal to a quarter of the trunk diameter, no more);
  • make the bottom notch (made horizontally so that its end connects with the edge of the first notch, and a triangular wedge-shaped piece is detached from the wood);
  • Make the third, felling felling cut (made on the side opposite to the other two cuts, made horizontally, parallel to the bottom cut, 5 cm higher than it);
correctly, down, tree, chainsaw

Important! When making the third (felling) felling notch you must leave an undercut of around 10% of the trunk thickness. To prevent the chainsaw from getting jammed during the most important felling notch, you can use the wedge that was sawed off the tree earlier.

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How to Fell a Tree with a Chainsaw

  • Remove the working part of the saw from the cut and quickly move a safe distance away from the tree to be felled (the lower part of the falling tree may jump one to one and a half meters due to the moment of inertia).

Felling branches

To properly cut down a tree with a chainsaw, you will need to cut the branches that are in the way. You have to use a stepladder for this. It should be positioned so that it is between the branch to be pruned and the trunk of the tree. If the branches are big, before you start cutting, your helper should tie a rope to the branch you want to fell at a distance of 1-1.5 meters from the trunk.

Pruning should be done from the bottom up: this way the branches that are cut will fall down freely.

There is an opinion that preliminarily cutting the branches off the lower part of the tree is mostly necessary for it to be properly balanced. For this reason, branches on the side where the fall is wanted do not have to be sawn off.

Safety precautions when using a chainsaw

How to cut a tree with a chainsaw without damaging surrounding objects nearby? Try to plan the path of fall by first examining the area and the tree you are going to cut. If it is dry, large dead branches and knots can fall, so they can be pre-sawed and you have to be careful.

You have to leave the working area without hindrance. If there are other trees nearby, try to work so that the cut branches do not get caught in their branches, it can lead to accidents, and it is not easy to get them out afterwards. You will then have to process and transport or remove the felled tree from the site. Choose a direction for felling so that the tree can be easily cut and removed afterwards.

Clean up after felling is an important step. Choose a place for the fall where it is easy to cut the tree into pieces and then remove it from the property or load it onto a truck

How to cut a tree with a chainsaw?

In this section we’ll go over a few rules and give you a detailed answer to the question of how to correctly cut a tree. Due to the fact that such a tool is accessible and widely used in the preparation of firewood and works in the garden, on the plot and in construction, park design adjustments, a chainsaw has become the most necessary item in the household. You will need the following equipment to accomplish your tasks:

  • Garden saw or chainsaw, chain saw or electric saw: any of these are good for cutting down trees
  • Personal protective equipment: body suit, goggles or face shield, leather gloves, helmet, sturdy boots
  • A rope with a winch
  • When working with a chainsaw, first check that it is in good working order, it must have the appropriate fuel, which is a mixture of gasoline and specific oil. It is very important to observe the correct proportion of each substance. The chain also has a special reservoir where the chain oil is poured. This tool item should be taut; if you want to test it, you can put on a protective glove and crank it. The tensioning force must be excellent to prevent cranking, but at the same time amenable to the process. Do not forget to check with the engine off. Also look into the tire, this hole should not be dusty.
  • Prepare a place around the tree, taking into account its length, growth angle and spread. Apply the knowledge gained from the first list of rules for beginners. In this case, professional tree trimmers can use a rope and winch to apply tension and correct the direction of fall. Thanks to the rotating handle in the winch this can be done easily.
  • Then start by winding the saw, seeing that it runs smoothly, the sound is even, the chain is tensioned correctly, see how it makes the first cut. Do not proceed if the saw begins to slow down and get stuck in the trunk. The first cut is made horizontally, from the side where the tree is supposed to fall. The kerf size should be a third of the full thickness of the tree. The angle of the second cut to form the wedge is no more than 45 degrees.
  • Above the first cut, a second additional cut is made, the so-called horizontal felling. It should not touch the wedge made in the trunk, it is best to form at least 5 cm between them. If the tree tilts and the resulting stumping, stop sawing, push the trunk in the right direction and let it fall, moving away from the stump at a safe distance.
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How to cut a tree with a chainsaw

After the bar is sawn off the logs are pushed down with the hand or a pole, supported at a height of 300. 400 cm. To prevent the log from cracking, the business timber is cleaned of limbs as quickly as possible, and then crosscutting and stacking are carried out.

To fell a trunk by hand, certain rules must be followed:

  • The longer the hand saw blade, the more it springs, which can make it much more difficult to cut through hard wood, including ash, maple, and oak;
  • Determine the length of the hacksaw blade should be in accordance with the rule, which states that the length of the saw should be a couple of times the diameter of the trunk;
  • The teeth of a hacksaw that is too short will jam inside the wood, and uncomfortable work will cause quick fatigue.

As a rule, the manual method is used to cut down young and not too tall trees.

How to cut down a tree with a chainsaw: safety rules for cutting down trees

Destroying trees with axes and saws is a thing of the past, and most homeowners and vacationers today buy chainsaws. You need a chainsaw. If there are no old trees under a log cabin in the neighborhood, you need to trim branches periodically, and in a case of force majeure, it often happens that a large tree falls or splits. then you really need to know how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw.

A similar situation can occur in the woods, where you go on vacation and at the cottage. If you notice that the wood is unusable and its fall threatens material damage, don’t pull it

correctly, down, tree, chainsaw

Many people don’t think about safety, but there are some important rules to learn to avoid dangerous situations.

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Safety Precautions

Deciding how to cut wood in the yard is not enough, it is necessary to have all the rules of safety for such work.

  • Never operate the chainsaw with one hand. Always hold it firmly with both hands. And the thumb of the main hand should always be under the handle of the tool.
  • Do not saw the tree with the end of the cutting blade. It will cause great vibration and increase the risk of serious injury.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited while working with the tool.
  • Do not leave the chainsaw where there are animals or children nearby.
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