How to cut off a bolt without a corner grinder

How to twist a broken bolt with a drill with a left spiral

    First you need to take the usual nozzle and make it centering with it.

  • After arming the one that rotates counterclockwise (let it be a slightly larger diameter) and, acting with it, gradually extract the body.

Correspondence should be observed and the direction of movement should be controlled. Then the edges of the working rod will cling to the remnants of the metiz, pushing them up, but without destroying the thread. If there are any damage, they will be so insignificant that you can easily correct them with a tap. This method is effective when the fasteners have not yet grown up or have a cooked.

Inflap the bolt

Sometimes situations arise when the bolt needs to be urgently trimmed, but at the same time there are no power tools and special devices at all. In this case, it can be heated to soften the iron, and it can be cut down by any sharp object. For these purposes, an ordinary ax for meat is perfect, which is in every kitchen.

To warm up the fastener element, you can use a special blacksmith, a soldering lamp, a gas burner, an electric stove. In extreme cases, you can simply dilute the bonfire and with it to heat the core of the bolt. After he is heating up to the desired temperature, and soften, on it (at the site of the cut) you need to sharply and strongly hit with a sharp ax.

When using this cutting method, vigilance should be shown and adhere to safety precautions.

After all, when struck on a hot metal surface, a large number of sparks appear that can leave a burn on the skin or damage the eyes. Therefore, before hot and cutting, thus, a bolt, it is strongly recommended to put on dense clothes, protective glasses and gloves.

Twisting a broken bolt with another

This method is suitable if the diameter of the residues is relatively large. Because in the body you will have to drill a smaller threaded hole, into which you will then install fasteners with the left notch and start tightening it, going deeper. It will push out the previously destroyed part. The only minus is that a drill is required to complete the task, and it is far from always at hand, and you will have to spend one new metiz. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the easier in implementation and universal in everyday life of the decision, and this is postponed in case of the case when there is no other exit.

How to unscrew a torn bolt

With insufficient capture area for a pipe key, attempts to use the tool in this situation are practically useless. It is necessary to use a file to make faces on a torn product of a smaller diameter. After successful processing, the key is selected or the head is needed, the torn element is smoothly unscrewed.

The use of a hammer together with a chis can facilitate labor, it is necessary to make a notch and accurately attack the tool. This method is considered effective, as the shock force in the desired side affects. As soon as visually it can be determined that the process has moved from the place, you can use a suitable unit key or head.

If there is a welding machine at hand, it is necessary to weld a nut on a hat, then with a sharp movement it is possible to unscrew the torn part. In cases where the nut is not possible to weld due to a lack of a place, a piece of metal is welded for further processing of the faces.

How experienced craftsmen will tell the element of the compound with torn faces, some simply start drilling without wasting time. An effective way is to eliminate the puck between the bolt and the clip area. With a hammer, blows on the chisel installed on the nut are applied.

Than and how to twist a broken bolt: the best ways

The choice of a particular method depends on the situation, but in practice the fastening element we consider most often is simply licked (due to the low quality of execution). You can extract it and not damage the thread: for this, it is enough to gently undermine the head. So that its shape begins to correspond to the size of the key. Well, if you want to minimize the risks, you should additionally soak the connection place with grease. It will reduce the resistance to stretching.

Now let’s pay attention to what to arm in case of this or that damage-due to the action of rust, excessive pressure or for other reasons.

Flat screwdriver and hammer

This is how to unscrew the broken bolt when the gap occurred above the surface of the thread and the edge of the resulting surface is uneven. It is necessary here:

  • Clean the contact place, carefully study it and find the greatest ledge.
  • Put the tool to the selected point, placing at an angle; It is quite acceptable to deepen the uneven section of Kern so that you can rely even more reliably.
  • Try to crank the methysis by applying light blows; if it does not work, increase the force of exposure a little bit until it succeeds.
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Using an electric screwdriver

You can cut and shorten the length of the bolt even without using angular grinder. To perform this procedure, the user should prepare an electric screwdriver, a knife for metal, marker, as well as nuts (in the amount of 2 pieces). It is worth noting that pruning the bolts using an electric screwdriver is one of the fastest and simplest methods for shortening the length of such fasteners.

After all the tools and materials are prepared, you need to take a bolt and with the help of a marker on its surface to draw a neat fishing line for a trimmer of the future cut. The fishing line for the trimmer is applied directly to the surface of the thread. Then you need to take two nuts and wind them on the bolt on both sides of the drawn cut line.

In this case, the first nut acts as a special limiter. The second nut allows you to correct the first and will not allow it to move. In addition, it should be noted that after pruning, the nuts will be lead, as a result of which the first round on the thread is restored, which was zama during the cut.

bolt, corner, grinder

In the case of acutely, the lower part of the thread can be wrapped in another nut, but with a small gap. This will increase the clutch force of the canvas of the hacksaw and will not allow it to “dance” while performing cutting.

After performing all the preparatory work, the bolt must be inserted into the cartridge of an electric screwdriver and securely fix it. A hacksaw for metal should be applied to the cutting place marked with a marker. Then the user should simply turn on the electric screwdriver, as a result of which the fixed bolt will begin to move.

As a result of movement, the hacksaw canvas quickly cuts off the part marked on the workpiece, practically without violating its thread. Thanks to the use of such a method, the saw on the surface of the fastener element is even.

We use pliers

They are always at hand at any business person. Having a multifunctional purpose and hinge-lobe structure, pliers combine pliers, sidewalls and a sharp cut at the base of the sponges. They can be clamped and captured by small diameter pipes, hold cylindrical parts, and have a snack of metal traps.

How to Shorten Screws

To trim the bolt, you must perform the following:

  • To measure the required length.
  • A small nadfel in this place to make.
  • Tightly capture the excess with lips and turn off, or have a snack with nippers located in the area of ​​the hinge mechanism.

Installation of a cartridge on a corner grinder

To install the cartridge on an angular grinder, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • An adapter is screwed on the “naked” spindle of the angular grinding machine
  • At the other end of the adapter, the cartridge is wound
  • Previously dismissing the lip of the slope of the drill, a bolt of additional fixation is screwed up. This operation is convenient to carry out a screwdriver with a magnetized tip.

Note! All threaded connections should immediately be squeezed well. Since the system is “self.Settled” during rotation, it is necessary to exclude free thread on the thread during the starting jerk. Otherwise, the high.Speed machine is able to tighten the threads to such an extent that you can cut off the lock on the corner grinding when unwinding. If it turned out to be excessive clamping, it is better to disassemble the angular grinding gearbox and promote, first holding the gear in a vice.

What you need to know about the corner grinder to use it together with the cartridge

Before ordering this adapter, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some features of corner grinding machines:

Depending on the model, the revolutions on the spindle of the corner grinder can fluctuate from 6 thousand. Up to 12 thousand. Rpm. In comparison with a conventional drill, this is, to put it mildly, a lot. For normal operation of the drill, on average, 300–900 rpm is necessary.

bolt, corner, grinder

Many manufacturers equip their products with a speed regulator. In some cases, it is simply necessary. For example, when using Velcro disk for abrasive circles on a fabric base or when working with fiber circles. Such modifications are the most suitable for installing the clamping cartridge of the drill.

If it is decided to install the cartridge, then it is necessary to take into account these features. Without a revolution regulator, using a corner grinder instead of a drill, we get an excellent “drill killer”. By the way, if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, there is the possibility of an independent installation of a revolution regulator.

We grind the bolt with a bar

The use of this device involves the targeted removal of the layers of metal due to the abrasive effects of emery stone. The procedure requires great patience, t. To. Durable metal is difficult to manually process. For this:

  • Bolt firmly squeeze in a vice with a hat down.
  • Take the bar with two hands at the opposite ends.
  • Strengthen the necessary volume of the metal surface, using uniform movements with great effort.

Attention! This tool is suitable in cases where it is required to just submit a little excess of the length of the rod.

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Pill the bolt with a hacksaw cloth

Quickly achieve the desired result is much easier with the help of a file for metal and a screwdriver or drill. In addition to these tools, a couple of nuts, a pencil-marker and skillful hands will also be required.

bolt, corner, grinder

On a note! If you get down to business without preparation and just start cutting the bolt with a hacksaw, then damage to the thread is actually inevitable. Then the fasteners will become unsuitable for further use.

bolt, corner, grinder

You can be guaranteed to protect yourself by using the proven way. The algorithm of actions is simple:

  • Select a bolt of the desired diameter and apply a cutting mark right on the thread.
  • Twist two nuts to it to the planned line. One will play the role of the limiter, the second. The countrogikes, which will not allow the first to move along the turns.
  • To fix the saw canvas, if necessary, you can screw an additional nut below the cutting mark.
  • Insert the assembled design into the screwdriver/drill cartridge and click well with the latch.
  • Attach a hacksaw cloth to the cut line.
  • Turn on the tool in the mains. Sharp dicks of saws will quickly separate the excess end of the rod.

This technology will help to perform pruning quickly and efficiently, and the cut place will remain even.


The use of welding has a number of advantages to extract stuck bolts and studs:

  • In the process, only the fragment is heated, the nearby elements remain cold;
  • A strong and reliable connection with the element is created;
  • The possibility of applying the method when working with fire steel fasteners.

To unscrew the stuck bolt with welding, first you need to attach the puck suitable in diameter on it. To weld a nut to her and unscrew the bolt. With this method, the metal is better grasped, the connection is more durable. As an alternative, you can weld a strip of metal 2-3 mm thick, having previously drilled a hole in it.

How to cut the heads of bolts?

Please share who has experience, the better and more carefully cut the semicircular heads of the bolts on the gate (diameter 2-2.5 cm). Corner grinder, emery can have some kind of electrical tanning)) there is, I wanted to minimize traces of the work.

ABC wrote: I wanted to minimize traces of work.

Then it is better to be sore throat them with a drill. First a thin drill in the center, and then a drill equal in diameter diameter of the bolt. If the bolts are not hot. Then it will be without traces at all.

So the diameter of the bolt is not clear, the material is also t.Closed to the gate (the castle broke), but the bolts are not frail (hold internal) bolts and electricity in question, you will mostly have to take a battery or generator, and indeed collect a whole expedition. Now I thought I can start with your option, and if it doesn’t work, some other varints can tell you.

ABC; Enough the battery. Electric screwdriver. Take the drill 3mm, 6mm, 10mm. And a ball “

It depends on how many bolts. For a few pieces. Definitely enough.

This is not at all evidence that they are hot. Try it. It will immediately become clear.

Total bolts 8 pieces diameter, I think 16-20 mm. How to think enough drill on the battery? I myself have never had such a tool, I want to figure out how best I will prepare.

Advert the battery in advance. One charge is enough with more than.

ABC wrote: bolts on the gate (diameter 2-2.5 cm)

It can not be. If the semicircular head of the bolt is 20 mm, then the diameter of the bolt rod is exactly no more than 10 mm.

Sanya1965 wrote: Advise in advance. One charge is enough with more than.

I wondered from memory, just in case I took to the maximum))) but in general thanks, helped to decide, I begin to collect the tool.

Newzubok wrote: In the way, the boys decided somewhere to combat the poor.

Then it is better to corner grinding in the crossbars of the castle.Change anyway.Vzhik-and ready.

Newzubok wrote: In the way, the boys decided somewhere to combat the poor.

Non-e-e, it seems, a person was jammed by an old Soviet castle. There were such turnkey cylinder with three beards. I was slightly too lazy to grease the Rigel and this miracle of engineering thought wedges to death to death. No matter how it turned out that bolts with spherical heads are not holding a lock, but just a decorative or armority.

Koroviev wrote: jammed an old Soviet castle

Yeah, to the very point))). Only the key in the profile is a cross.Shaped profile, and they did not lubricate for exactly ten years. But the bolts that I want to cut off do not hold the castle, but the inner bolts from above-pier in a large gate, the lock closes the gate in it.

Cut down with a chisel, cut off the slot with a corner grinding in the head and cut down, can be cut off with a cruiser if there is no electricity

This weekend it was not possible to do this weekend, I continue to pretend the options, I found a photo of these very gates, this is just the lower corner, if anything is snow below)))

These 3 bolts (and 3 on top) and I want to cut it down, maybe someone will have new ideas from clarity)). I would be grateful for tips like “In your place, I would have done so. “

How To Cut Through Metal and Remove A Bolt Head

Recently, at the garage itself, such a castle jammed. The abundant watering is first a village, then with some kind of butter for atomatic transmission (the key stupidly jumped into a jar of butter and stuck into the well) for an hour solved the problem. The gate is true everything is in oil, but these are already trifles. According to the estimates, the castle did not see human affection and lubrication of about 8 years.

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How would I try. If there is no electricity, I drilled with a shur. It may turn out manual after the battery in Shurik sits. Before Shurikov, our fathers manageed manually somehow, although it was dreary. It is enough to flaunt, and then rest against the center with a punch and try to knock out, perhaps in an thinned place will tear. Or wait for neighbors (this is GSK?) with electricity and corner grinding. And also knock out inside. Even if the traces remain, they will not hurt the gates at all, IMHO

Kerner, electric screwdriver and two good metal drills (first.Thin, the second. A little more than the body of the bolt). For half an hour. An hour.

I hope that of course there are any initial skills, but I rarely do such works (I don’t remember the last time), so I find out the secrets of skill suddenly, I don’t know what I did. Thanks for the advice!

ABC. Good expensive drills are the key to success, or to sharpen in the process not very good water with soap water so as not to overheat the drill.

If there is electricity, you can start with a corner grinder, finish the drill, or if there is a drill with a small cutting disk, then it hid the hat almost to zero and knock it out inside.

Help the castle to be built. Pour a mixture of kerosene with butter through a tube there.

ABC wrote: only the key in the profile of the cross.Shaped

Well, the attackers open such locks with a goal with a cross made of strong steel. So first you can try with kerosene with butter, and then crank your own key, holding it in a vise or ticks, will not help. Turn off with a powerful cross.Bolt with ticks. Will not help. Then take up the bolts.

Recommendations when working with a corner grinder

Recommendations concern primarily the safety of work. It is forbidden to use the device in case of a number of faults:

  • Cable and fork damage;
  • Failure in the operation of the power buttons and latch;
  • Brushes sparkle;
  • Lubricant flows from the gearbox;
  • The appearance of a characteristic of burning isolation of smoke or smell;
  • Too loud knock, vibration or noise;
  • The appearance of cracks or a breakdown of a protective shield, body or handle;
  • Damage to the nozzle.

In any of these cases, you need to turn off the corner grinder, remove the fork from the outlet, fix the defects, and after that you can work further.

You can’t even try to cut the corner grinding with soft, elastic and viscous materials. For example, wood, rubber or clay. It is important to objectively evaluate the danger, and not hope that the injury will pass by. Special tools are designed for cutting soft materials.

Successfully cut a corner grinding of solid materials. A few simple tips for their processing:

  • Cutting thick.Walled parts or blanks is carried out exclusively straight. Rounding is cut out by sectors.
  • Working with long corners, profiles or pipes, it is necessary to cut off the hanging edge. The cut between the supports leads to the deflection of the workpiece and the jamming of the disk. You need to try to place the blanks so that they do not have to move during operation.
  • After cutting profiled sheets (sheet corners), metal tiles or metal siding (metal.Bending), the edges must be treated with an anti.Corrosion coating.
  • Paving and tiles, paving stones, concrete are well cut only by special (diamond) discs on stone. The tile is first cut into a small depth with light pressure, the next passage is already a full cut. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to cut these materials with a disk for the metal. But it is important to understand that it will be enough for only a few tiles or a couple of meters of a concrete wall.
  • When cutting gas cylinders, care must be taken. They explode easily, so you need to reliably make sure that gas and condensate are completely removed from the cylinder. In general, it is better not to carry out such work at home.
  • Highly waterproof wheels in ceramics are suitable for cutting glass or mirrors.
  • Wave and flat slate cut through stone discs without unnecessary effort. Then it is possible to avoid chips and it turns out even cut.

When working with any materials, you must first make an accurate markup, determine the action plan, and only then proceed to cutting.

Corner grinder is an indispensable assistant in the household and at large construction sites. With its help, you can process any solid material by spending a minimum of time and effort. In order to gain initial experience and subsequent successful work, the tool should follow simple security tips. The main thing is to observe safety requirements at all stages of work.

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