Service of cutting protective films for finished patterns on a cutting plotter

Re-Mark Studio Children’s Center provides a service of cutting self-adhesive polyurethane anti-gravel films and films to protect salon elements. The cutting is performed according to professional digital patterns of Premiumshield on a roll cutting plotter. The service is provided to individuals and legal entities for cash and settlement.

The work of customers, as well as an anti-gravel film acquired directly from Re-Mark Studio, are accepted into the work.

Re-Mark Studio Children’s Center is the official PremiumShield installation center and sells the same name for this brand wholesale and retail.

What is the benefit of the plotter cutting of the protective film?

To cut car protective films, the company is used by the professional Japanese Plotter Graphtec. This machine cuts off short and long fragments (more than 2 meters) with high accuracy.

Plotter is used for cutting exclusively polyurethane anti.gravel films. Now Re-Mark Studio uses for its own needs and accepts applications for cutting films from masters of other companies and motorists-enthusiasts.

Plotter cutting helps to bookly book complex elements of body kit type, while making the gateway of the desired length. Smooth edges of the protective material significantly improve the aesthetics of installation.

Answer to the post “Principal relative” ⁠ ⁠

The comrade has a car repair shop, probably 15 years already, from scratch he opened himself. Periodically repaired. Yes, and somehow he himself managed to work for a couple of months (coronavirus, all things). He used to be adequate, he took from me cheaper as for his. But the last time he made him doubt his adequacy. I came to him with the problem of the car pulls, the check is on fire. And he has no time, he gave me his professional scanner “on, you know how to use it himself”, but what, I worked, I know. In general, I revealed the problem, it turned out one of the coils failed, drove into the store, took an instrument from him, he replaced everything himself. I went back to give the tool, well, to pay. And so it turned out that there was no money on the card, only cash, I got it, in parallel I ask how much from me, and you know what he answered, such a scoundrel, “well, he removed the money, a fool or something completely”, I “well, what are you” what are you “what BROTHER, things are not done, your money is worth it somehow “. In general, no matter how I tried to take it any. Previously, I dropped him by bankrupt what he would say, and he clearly spoke the amount with a discount, so I transferred him how much he said and plus from myself from 200 or more, depends on work. Here is such a comrade, I wish everyone such.

The appearance of the latest KamAZ rift bus is disclosed!⁠ ⁠

The appearance of the latest KAMAZ-KAMAZ bus for oil workers and gas workers is disclosed thanks to the publication “Autoreva”. Colleagues published images of promising KAMAZ development-an all-wheel drive bus with a frame-panel body and pneumatic suspension. According to preliminary data, the new bus will be designed for 32 passengers, the chassis will be unified with KAMAZ-43502, and diesel and methane engines will be written under the hood.

Rumors that Kamaz is developing a comfortable bus of increased ability in January. Currently, companies mining minerals use trucks with shift superstructures for the transportation of passengers, so the novelty does not actually have competitors. posts: https: //

Historically, it happened that the optimal design of the car is one in which four wheels are located along the edges of its body (frame, base). Of these, two, less often four, are leading and, accepting traction, drive the car in motion. However, not all agreed with this principle in the world automotive industry.

Some engineers believed that the third axis with another pair of wheels was an indispensable thing. Mainstrom, such projects, of course, did not become, but of course, they deserve attention. We will talk about them today.

Immediately make a reservation that in this article there will be no army or freight developments. all six.miles here belong to light civil transport, although some modifications, of course, come from there. We also note that due to the huge abundance of six-wheeled machines in history, this material is dedicated only to those cars that were equipped with the third axis for the sake of increased patency.

Of these, the first such model is considered to be a 1921 Peugeot car of 1921. However, this misconception has nothing to do with the truth. in this model, the “reserve” is only trimmed in the center of the body, which, if it was spinning, then only in the place of a suddenly damaged wheel.

However, in the early 1920s, the French really produced three-axle cars. During the development of French equatorial Africa (1910-1958.) The notorious Louis Renault established the transport company Compagnie Générale Transsaharienne, which performed passenger transportation along the Niger River. Since the local landscape was difficult and not suitable for the operation of civil cars, it was decided to significantly modify the lineup. So the six.wheeled version of the passenger Renault 10CV with two rear leading bridges appeared.

Following for travel and distant transportation along the Sahara sands, the Renault 20CV Type OX bus was significantly modified. it was lengthened by the wheelbase and added another leading axle. At the same time, sleeping places were provided in the back of the machine, and the roof design made it possible to install a machine gun turret in case of attacking warlike natives. In total, by 1930, about 1800 Renault cars of various types worked on African land transport lines.

Another significant precedent in the development of six.wheeled transport was the transcontinental mileage from the alger to Timbukta through the Sahara Desert, initiated by Andre Citroenon. Especially for this, the second serial model of the brand, Citroeon Type B2, was equipped with a caterpillar engine.

This event was important in the history of the brand. So, none of the Europeans managed to overcome such a dangerous route: for example, a similar throw, undertaken by the military in 1916, ended tragically: almost all its participants died on the way, although their route was much shorter (from Algeria to Niger). Against this background, the successful completion of the expedition would strengthen the importance of a young automobile brand and would serve as a serious promotion of Citroeon in the European market. Therefore, all the cars participating in the run received serious technical training and even their own names and individual logos.

There were five of the total three.axle Citroeon Type B2 at the caterpillar: “Golden Skarabay”, “Silver Crescent”, “Flying Skopakha”, “Bull Apis”, “Creeping the Caterpillars”. Each car was equipped with a 20-horsepower 10CV volume of 1.5 liters launched by an electric starter. All cars were built on a steel frame with a power plant, on which a wooden frame of oak or ash, sheathed with sheets of metal was installed.

The 1922 Sahara raid became a sensation. Since a significant part of Africa at that time was a French colony, the whole progressive society with a bated breath listened to the details of the expedition transmitted on the radio. And since the modified version of Citroeon Type B2 showed outstanding off-road qualities (although the cliffs of linen-resin caterpillars still happened), the mileage ended with a complete triumph.

Two years later, Andre Citroon took a more daring transcontinental mileage. The expedition, called the Black Raid, started from the Algerian city of Beshar and ended in Madagascar. Unusual miracle machines with honor withstood the most difficult track with a length of more than 20 thousand km. “The camel is dead, but Citroone is not!”. wrote newspapers at that time. The head of the French brand rubbed his hands with satisfaction, as he knew that the Type B2 models played a role, taking Mark into the elite of the world automobile industry.

The company Mercedes-Benz, oddly enough, also produced a three-axle car, and in the factory mode and without connecting some third-party studio. So, the G4 model in the back of W31 was collected by a brand from 1934 to 1939. Yes, this car with a 6×4 wheeled formula was intended for the Wehrmacht staff needs, like most of the other products of the German automobile industry of those years.

New Nissan Z GT4, “burning” Sorento/Sportage and the Citroone logo ⁠

What you may have missed is in the bamper selection.By

Kia Sorento and Sportage found the ability to spontaneous combustion

For this reason, the brand advised American owners of these models not to park them inside the buildings. The manufacturer also initiated a response campaign for more than 70 thousand crossovers of 2014-2022. The fact is that on machines with a traction device there is a risk of ignition of the wiring harness: for unexplained reasons, moisture falls on its surface, which can lead to a short circuit and fire.

The National Road Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that the owners of Sportage and Sorento with the original traction-comprehensive device KIA will have to be unscheduled. So far, there are so far about the three cases of the fire of the traction-linked device on Sorento crossovers, and the fire can begin even with the ignition turned off.

KIA representatives, together with NHTSA, are investigating every case of fire: before the response campaign, the owners of Sorento and Sportage of the last two generations received official recommendations to park away from the buildings. The dealers will be sent lists of defective cars on November 9, and customers will begin to notify from November 14. Sales of traction-linen devices for crossovers are stopped until the reasons are clarified.

The Toyota plant is closed in St. Petersburg

The Toyota company in the village of Shushary (St. Petersburg) has passed from the downtime regime to close-this information has already been confirmed in the Ministry of Industry and Trade to a simple plant since the beginning of March, all this time the management has tried to resolve the issue with the supply of components. However, it was not possible to do this, and now the company will be mothballed.

With a high degree of probability, the plant will be sold. Employees and office employees will offer increased compensation. from 12 salaries. At the same time, the decision to close the plant will not affect the work of the dealer network and after.sales service of the brand cars.

The laying of the first stone of the future Toyota plant occurred in 2005, and the launch of car production in 2007. Subsequently, Nissan and Hyundai factories also appeared in St. Petersburg. From March to the present, both enterprises are idle.

As for the production volumes of the St. Petersburg site Toyota, the Camry and Rav4 models popular on it gathered on it. The capacity of the plant was designed for the annual production of 100 thousand cars.

Citroeon changed the logo and slogan

So, the key element of modified symbolism again became the logo that was used by the French more than a century ago. The same “double chevron”, from which the brand began its journey in the automotive industry in 1919, enclosed in an oval, will again show off on the hood of future cars. Recall that in 1959 this oval changed the situation, and in 1985 he was completely excluded from the design of the logo.

The current change of corporate identity is already a tenth in a row from the moment Citroeon. From the first original logo, the new one has wider curved stripes, as well as using only one black color. In addition, now under the oval there is an inscription with the name of the brand, which was first added to the emblem in 1966. Together with an updated logo, a new slogan made his debut: “Nothing moves us like Citroone so much”.

It is curious that the new logo, following modern trends, is deprived of three.dimensionality. As noted in the company, this contributes to more convenient perception primarily on the screens of mobile devices, including when activating “dark” modes. Such a logo is read faster on outdoor advertising, and the lack of chromium makes its object perception more suitable for processing.

Thus, the emblem will be used both in the digital environment and on all elements of the Citroeon company style, including signs on buildings, promotional materials, merchandise and, of course, cars. The first bearer of the new nameplate will be the concept that the brand will present at the end of September.

film, exactly, methods, using

Nissan introduced the new NISMO Z-series car

The Japanese brand, in collaboration with the NISMO division, unveiled a new version of the cult sports of the Z-series, called GT4. over, engineers prepared a racing specification based on a serial model.

Tool for professional work with film

Here is a short tour of the working s of the master of the wisher, who will answer the question: “What is the player in the bag”?

Tool for pasting a car with a film is relatively not expensive. Manufacturers understand this. A tool that does not break is worth a penny. Consumption: fluid for removing glue, fishing fishing line, knife blades. What breaks or ends in the first car. costs money.

Part of the layout tool is sold in China, another part in specialized American stores. Pops inventory and accessories are sold here, in some useful and irreplaceable things I found in stores for hookahs and dentists. I will tell in detail this in this article.

Company 3 m released a rocket with cross.line ribs of stiffness. Rakel is sure, as glued, lies in his hand. Does not slip at the first opportunity. The prisoner is a pleasure to work with this rocket: the correct unbalancing and the optimal stiffness for vinyl films.

But they, in 3M, miscalculated. When you roll the film in the area with this rocket, it cuts micro risks. And the car owners do not like any risks. We came up with how to get rid of it. So to speak, the rocket was touched. We glue a special shock absorber from Alcantara. The properties of the rocket do not change, and the risks and scratches do not remain. This is a rocket in a skirt!

Sharp Rakel is useful when fingering a film on the roof under the upper sealing gum of the windshield and in complex corners. But he also has features. It is hard to work on thick polyurethane films with this rocket. It is thin, so bends. We use only on vinyl.

They didn’t think for a long time with the nickname. Took root right away. pizza. Similar. No one argues.

This contraption is an interesting shape. a knife for flat cutting in length.

The design of the knife is such that when cutting the film fixed with magnets, the varnish remains in safety, The snail has a base sole. Cutting itself occurs inside the knife, where a dangerous Soviet razor is fixed. Which it becomes more difficult and more difficult to buy. Progress, damn it

How PROFESSIONAL editors use CLOSEUPS to make BETTER edits! (What Drives the Cut Part 1)

The official name of these plastic clogging neither I nor other masters of pasting in the studio remembered. We call them in our own way. The one that is smaller, to pushing the film under hard sealing gum was nicknamed your. The one that is larger, to pull the film under complex corners in the places of connection of metal elements of the body. mother. Your and mother distant relatives of the phrase “Your mother”.

If “your mother is shouting in the studio. Give my mother “, this means only one. The master broke, perhaps the thin rocket was bent, now, turned on the brain, and will do everything right. In science.

Rubber rocket is always black. I saw rubber rocals of other colors several times to sales, but for some reason we always have black.

The best rockets for forming polyurethane, thick film. Glide well and do not scratch. There are no complaints about the size: they are optimal for forming complex films.

The size of the rocket does not allow the film to form the film with sweeping movements, which is not necessary. The master spends phrases more time on pashing with polyurethane than to overlay vinyl.

These are my favorite knives for cutting vinyl and polyurethane film. The knives are heavy. You feel them in your hand. With experience, the ability to cut the film under its own weight of the knife, without additional effort. With such cutting, the blade cuts out the film and stops in the adhesive layer and does not cut out the varnish.

Differences of knitting knives. One knife with sharpening at 60 degrees for cutting even areas. The second with sharpening 30 degrees for the “artistic” cutting of complex and crooked sections. For example, depressions of fog, the contours of parking sensors and other areas with complex geometry. Pseudonyms invented his knives himself. Sounds great. Sometimes the idea of ​​opening these champagne in a hussar is attended by the idea. So far I hold back

I bought them in some kind of dentist store. How and why the story turned out to be so silent. I will only say that it is not of my own free.

I don’t remember the terrible names of this tool. Just penny. Without them, it is not possible to slip vinyl or polyurethane film in extreme places when pasting.

The SCOTT organizer was bought for 19 at 19 at the FELLERS store. The guys in the studio immediately began to call her “Colin Scottin” not grateful. Envy.

I don’t work without a bag. Once the time was cutting off. With a bag on the belt, the glue film is 30-40% faster. I don’t run a hundred times for rockets and knives. Nothing falls. No need to put the tool on the client’s car. Nothing is lost. Comfortable. I advise everyone.

As soon as we do not call this lighter. And, removing Gazprom, they called it “Millertim”, and “Zhiga”, and “Fire”.Left. Gorynych. The thing in the pasting is not profile, but indispensable.

Local heating of the vinyl film for antichrom and molding of the film in other complex areas is needed on every machine. It is not always possible to turn around with a technical hairdryer. He does not crawl everywhere. And if you turned off the electricity, the work gets up. Just not with Gorynych.

film, exactly, methods, using

What is Smart Cut?

Translated from English, Smart Cuts. this is about the master who will do the work on pasting.

A good specialist immediately sees:

On average, the price for complex pasting is formed as follows: the price of a film that will go to work plus 50%.

When working with clients of any level, it is important to attract them with the correct pricing, therefore, in our baby-center, the amount of material that is consumed with complex pasting is calculated precisely.

Our masters know everything about vinyl films:

  • how the material stretches for each manufacturer;
  • how many times it is necessary to bend vinyl when pasting a certain element;
  • where it is worth leaving the reserve;
  • And how smart cutting helps to reduce the consumption of material, on average, to one or two linear meters.

Reasons for increasing value

Our customers often have questions to our pricing. To make them less, we will tell you what affects the cost of pasting complex forms:

  • Motivation and level of knowledge. The right choice of planes, incisions in the right places, the formation of inserts. all this requires more time in comparison with other types of work. Before performing the work, the master first in his own head draws up a layout plan. The work is started when the process of applying vinyl film was worked out in theory. In this case, the saying “measure seven times, cut one” seven times “.
  • When working with complex forms, additional hands are often needed, which also need to be paid. For the time spent by the masters to study the technology of high.quality pasting the client and pays money. As a result, he receives a vehicle without “jambs”.
  • Removing elements and their mandatory installation. These works are not included in the spectrum of the duties of the salary, so often for dismantling and re.installation of elements they cause special trained people who will do everything quickly, but ask for money. Some of our masters perform these works without involving people, but spend on this time, which, as you know, money.
  • The consumption is greater. So that the film holds without problems, the edges are additionally smeared with a primer. It is designed to enhance the action of the glue that is on the film. Playing a car without complex elements practically does not require a primer consumption, so it is not taken into account in the final cost. When working with a complex form, the composition of the composition increases significantly, so its price and consumption are laid in the cost of work.
  • The experience of the master. A good master has no interruptions with work. He is always busy. A quality specialist appreciates himself and time, so takes it expensive, because automatically he guarantees a quality work.

You can independently glue the film in the garage, but without knowing the nuances of the work, you can easily damage the paintwork, ditch expensive materials and your own nerves.

A professional master will be able to paste a car so that from a distant distance no one will know that this is a vinyl film. A good specialist does not fall off after the first sink, because he knows what, where and how to glue.

Savings on quality always result in problems with subsequent operation. If you decide to paste a car with a vinyl film, then it is worth choosing a baby-center, in which high-level experts work.

film, exactly, methods, using

Of course, the wrapping with a protective film of the front passes much faster and does not require as much time as processing complex forms. Therefore, a small percentage of masters is taken up to work with a complex form. And if you are ready to fulfill it, then the price will be appropriate time spent.

Basic rules for using food film

A thin and slightly sticky material copes with the task of air.proper packaging and is sold in any household stores. In retail outlets for the film, it is installed in a special device, which simplifies unwinding and a cut of the right amount, but at home it would be difficult to have such a device.

Firstly, it is quite bulky, and secondly, it looks little aesthetically pleasing. And at home it is quite problematic to find the place of the film cut to use it quickly.

The usual storage temperature of the material from.30 to 40 degrees, but it is the heat that makes the film unavailable and loving, which causes a lot of inconvenience when using.

Methods that will help to quickly unwind roll

The hostesses often have a problem how to quickly cut off the desired piece from the roll and which tool is easier to use. Many use an ordinary sharp knife and simply cut off the desired size on a cutting board. this is the simplest option.

It can also be done by weight, when the product is already packaged, pull part of the film and cut.

If you are a supporter of maximum convenience and like this packaging material, then you can consider the option of buying a roll with penetration, which is very convenient and does not require special efforts and tools for a cut.

How to cut a tissue roll

Film in the roll, without unwinding the film to cut this roll, the film is too wide, how and what it is done.

In the production for cutting almost any roller materials, these machines are used,

You can cut off on guillotine for cutting paper, such a guillotine can be found in the nearest printing house.

If we are talking about cutting the roll at home, then the options are as follows:

You can cut off with such a pendulum saw,

If these options are not available, then you can try to cut the roll with an electro-lobder and a wood saw with a small tooth to it.

I cut the film in manual mode without power tools, there are also several options, this is a hacksaw on a tree with a small tooth, a disc knife for cutting, a knife.haired woman.

Of all these options, the highest quality cut turned out to be a hacksaw for metal.

I also tried a corner grinding at low speeds, but the edges of the film “burning” are disheveled.

If you stop on a hacksaw for metal, then you need a flat horizontal surface (table for example).

Next, markings, you can roulette from the edge of the film to the place of the cut, make the revenue and then connect the reinstanding line by a solid line according to the diameter of the roll.

You can lay one size with a tape measure and stick the island along the roll diameter, then make the marking along the island.

Instead of island, you can use paper (dense).

That is, the main task, to give a well.prominent (I made marking) fishing line for a trimmer in diameter of the roll.

Next, lay the roll on the table and begin to cut with a hacksaw according to the marking.

There will be a lot of time to cut, but if you do not rush, then the edges will be even and neat.

It is not difficult to cut the bobbin on which the film is wound (dense cardboard of bobbin) is wound).

How to cut it quickly and a lot of fabric?

Today I would like to touch the topic, how to quickly and efficiently cut the fabric, and so that finished products are one to one?

Since ancient times, people from fabric produce clothes and household items (bedding, tightening furniture, tablecloths, napkins, and so on). Until some time, the cutting of the fabric was manually produced, then saber knives, disc saws and many other tools for fast cut were invented. Using these devices, cutting along the tissue flooring is made, first the pattern is tolerated using a cardboard pattern to the fabric and cutting is manually carried out. At the moment, this method of cut of fabric is “antique”. And specifically in this article I will tell you why I think so.

With the advent of CNS laser machines on the market, the life and work of the openers was greatly simplified. After all, it is enough to transfer the patterns into an electronic form and the laser machine itself covers the fabric from the roll, over the entire length of the roll, and the program that comes with the equipment has the function of automatic layout for the entire length of the roll, and also has the function of automatic optimal layout on the material, with minimal retreats. This all allows first of all to save the material, in the second, greatly simplifies the life of the opener who does not need to think about how to correctly decompose the patterns so that everything is fitted in the right amount, the car does this on the machine, and taking into account shared.

Large production allows themselves to buy European cars for hundreds of thousands of euros, but how to be small production, which, for example, are sewn, do individual sewing of a particular type of clothing?

Everything is very simple, recently, quite affordable and hardy laser machines for cutting the fabric of Chinese manufacturers have appeared on the market. They have identical abilities that Europeans are only an order of magnitude lower (moreover, an order of magnitude lower, this is not an exaggeration). Assembly quality and components that are installed specifically on ElixMate machines, I will show below in the photographs. I’ll tell you about the machine itself.

Machines have work fields 1600×1000 mm., 1600×3000 mm., 1800×3000 mm. and 2000×3000 mm. In the basic configuration, the machine is equipped with a conveyor ribbon and one cutting head, a rolon.unit (I will talk about it a little later), on machines from 1600×3000 mm., Pneumatic attaching the fabric to the desktop is installed. As additional options, the machine can be equipped with two cutting heads, a camera for automatic scanning of the working surface and cutting (video how the scanning system works), you can strengthen the drive by putting the servo, strengthen the power of the laser tube, for the fastest laser cutting.

TOP-10 of the main jamb when pasting a car with a protective film

How to take a car and where to look, what can happen to the film in the next couple of days, that the master is obliged to eliminate, what jambs appear through your fault.

The main problems of poor.quality pasting: gateway, joints and cuts, bubbles, stretch marks, grains of sand. Where to look for them, how to check, how to fix and why they happen.

What can happen in the next few days? Who is guilty? How to fix bubbles, what to do if the film has peel off, which is why the film exposes the edges.

A lot of photos of other people’s jambs with a description of the problems and reasons for their appearance. See, compare and draw conclusions.

We are tired of remaking someone else’s hack! If you are a beginner, inexperienced captor. read three times more carefully and do not thank.

We glue yachts, boats, motorcycles, tricycles, ATVs, furniture, equipment, individual interior items and cars of all sizes and stripes.

We glue a lot of cars, every day: one, two, and sometimes three. We glue separate zones, individual parts or glue completely. We glue with vinyl film, glue with a transparent, polyurethane film, glue two at once And each time we spread out on a maximum with each machine, with each client, so that you are once again proud of our work and keep the quality and name of the studio at a height. We succeed.

To write an article about the possible jambs of pasting with protective films I was prompted by customers who check the flashlight “how well” their car is pasted and checked not there and not what it would be necessary to check.

I do not blame such customers, I do not take care of their meticulousness, I am not annoyed because of their sometimes stupid questions. They pay money and have every right to look anywhere and ask any questions so that their inner voice says: “Everything is in order. Let’s go home.””

This article is for such customers, for you. If your car has just been pushed, if you had any problems with pasting, if your car is glued right now. The article will be useful to you. Read it to the end and you will learn how to check the quality of the pasting of your car. You will know where to look and what to look for there.

You can determine when dishonest prisoners hang noodles on your ears. You can instantly determine what a problem has appeared, who is to blame and how to fix it. You will understand what questions should be asked first of all when choosing a studio for pasting your car.

“The main task of the film is to protect the paintwork from the negative effects of the environment and careless operation. The film does not perform an aesthetic function “(C). Kevin Ronald. SUNTEK official to the question of the frequent cases of marriage in casting.

Upon examination

We are looking for grains of sand, check the corners and gateways, look out for stretch marks, control the quality of joints and incisions, give in a tambourine for each found bubble.

Sandstones under the film-the main stumbling block in the relations of the master and customer masters.Sandstone. This is the only thing the client is able to find from jambs without having theoretical preparation, and every time he carefully searches for.

In themselves, neither dust nor grains under the film do not conceal any danger that the film will break through in this place or lose its protective properties. Sand grains under the film affect exclusively aesthetic properties. the appearance of the car.

There will not be a single sandstone if the film is glued in medical conditions: without drafts, on the floor with an worthless coating, without rummaging with your feet and in painting robes. Now you understand that pasting without sandstones is utopia. If you were told that your car is pasted without grains of sand, then you are not our own or there are really few of them.

This is not enough? One, two for the whole car.Although up to five grains of sand on details with a large area (bumper, hood) is considered the norm, if they are not located heap, objectively do not spoil the appearance and are not striking. There should not be on small details of the grains of sand.

The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath 1 episode (comedy, directed by Eldar Ryazanov, 1976)

If you counted more or exactly five, but all in one place is hack. Demand completely the part, though on your side. If you are poured that these are all not sandstones, but craters. lie. Stand on your own. Refuse to re.amend. do not pay money.

Crater on film. not a jamb. A crater is a recess in a film that, after pasting, looks like a grain of sand, and in fact it is a bursting bubble of air at the time of casting of the film at the factory. The technology for the production of polyurethane films, according to the manufacturer, allows the formation of up to 2 craters per 1.5 kV/m film. If there are more permissible craters, this is a marriage. The master should not glue such a film on your car. The master must report the first about all the craters on your car.

How to look for grains of sand under the film? As well as you are looking for chips on an unprotected car: if something is critical, he will immediately catch your eye.

Look at the hood and the bumper at different corners, draw on them without pressing the back of the brush or fingertips. If the light is not enough, then do not break your eyes and do not mix anyone with a flashlight. Ask to turn on the light, put the spotlight or overtake the car to where you will have a full opportunity to inspect the quality of the pasting. Tip: look at the pasted hood and a bumper against the light source, catch the reflected rays from the surface, and do not try to “shine under the nose”.

This frame is staged. I made it specifically because the camera cannot focus on 1-2 grains of sand. I had to generously pour and show you how they look. You are unlikely to ever see so much sand under the film.

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